10 Best Software Testing Companies in UK [2023 Review]

Check out this detailed review of the top Software Testing Companies in the UK to hire the best agency for your testing requirements:

The procedure of analyzing the usefulness of a software app is to specify any flaws and to examine if the application fulfills the goal of the corporation. This is called software testing and is needed by companies to protect the performance and quality of their software applications.

As software development corporations are joining the market, the demand and role for profitable quality security and testing assistance companies are also rising, making it hard for IT corporations to collaborate and identify the best assistance providers in the business.

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Software Testing Companies in UK

10 Best Software Testing Companies In UK (2)

Market Trends: As per GMI report, the software testing market is anticipated to boost at a CAGR of more than 7% from 2021 to 2027. The technological advancements in machine learning AI, cloud computing, automated testing, and CI/CD in the IT industry will be responsible for the growth of this domain.

software testing market

With a large number of software testing corporations in the UK fulfilling the requirements of international and national customers, the task of opting for the right software testing agency could be very confusing and time taking.

To ease the job, we have evaluated each factor and reviewed the best software testing agencies in the UK.

Expert Advice: While choosing a software testing agency, you must consider the types of automated testing the agency provides. Choose a software testing company that is experienced, reputed, and offers testing services at an affordable price.

What is Software Testing


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It is the procedure of examination to assess whether certain software or application fulfills the specified and needed requirements. The whole process of QA and software testing are enforced along with the improvement process. Also, making software mistakes and software testing services with no bugs, enables industries to provide quality products.

Importance of Software Testing

Here is why software testing is crucial for every industry and the significance of investing time and money in software testing and QA services:

a) Your corporation’s internal business procedures influence the product quality

Periodically, the dealing of a corporation’s in-house QA specialists with its creators is influenced by delivery-related requirements and deadlines. On-the-fly temporary solutions are then utilized as alternatives for full-value bug-fixing findings.

The investment of the QA & testing company would exclude this method without a settlement on the time-to-market because of a high number of QA specialists operating on the company’s project.

b) Your in-house committee has a problem in setting the proper testing preferences

It is always crucial for a QA squad to concentrate on a product’s main functionality and the effectiveness that makes your item noticeable from the pack. Lesser skilled QA squads often fail to commit so.

As a regulation, a developed provider of software testing assistance hires many skilled QA engineers who have handled both tight deadlines and extremely complex products. These QA specialists understand how to prioritize their actions. They will enhance the product quality and facilitate a more-expeditious time-to-market.

c) Limited QA skills that may influence the item’s time-to-market

It is tough for small- and mid-sized startups and corporations to discover locally and maintain a particular type of QA skill that may be needed for the perfect testing of their items. Their in-house QA units may test their items less thoroughly than an external QA service provider would.

Hiring such an external QA service provider for assistance would enable you to employ testing creators who will utilize not only their knowledge but also a proper range of techniques and tools to enhance your product quality.

If you are searching for software testing agencies, then below mentioned is a list of the best software testing companies in the UK, with functional hubs across the world that provide the best quality maintenance and quality assurance assistance.

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List of the Top Software Testing Companies in UK

Popular service providers list in the UK for Software Testing:

  1. Qualitest
  2. TestDel
  3. nFocus Testing
  4. AscentiQ Solutions
  5. Edge Testing
  6. Testrig Technologies
  7. TatvaSoft
  8. QA Mentor
  9. ImpactQA
  10. Performance Lab
  11. TestingXperts

Comparison of the Best Software Testing Service Providers

Software Testing CompaniesUK OfficeFounded inBest for Revenue
QualitestLondon, Bristol, Preston, Belfast1997Large-sized businessesabout $200M
TestDelHarrow, UK2005Small and large-sized enterprises and businesses$5 Million
nFocus TestingShropshire, UK2000Medium and small-sized businesses$15 Million
AscentiQ Solutions Ilford, UK2012Medium-sized enterprises$5 Million
Edge Testing North Lanarkshire, Scotland2007Large-sized businesses$67 Million
Testrig Technologies London, UK2015Medium-sized businesses <$5 Million

Detailed reviews:

#1) Qualitest (London, UK)


Core Services AI Testing, Performance Testing, Test Automation, Security Testing, Accessibility Testing, Blockchain Testing, SAP Testing, Salesforce Testing, IoT Assurance, Drone Assurance, Big Data Testing, DevOps Transformation, Medical Device Testing, PoS Testing, Game Testing

Qualitest is the world’s largest, independent managed services provider of AI-led quality engineering and testing solutions. Qualitest help brands make the transition through every stage of the digital assurance journey, from moving beyond functional testing to adopting new innovations such as automation, AI, and crowd-sourced UX testing.

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Qualitest delivers solutions that leverage deep, industry-specific knowledge for a variety of sectors, including technology, telecommunications, healthcare, finance, defence, media, utilities, and retail.

#2) TestDel (Harrow, UK)


TestDel has expanded its assistance for corporations wanting to outsource all or a part of their software quality actions so they can attain testing efficiencies and lessen executive responsibilities related to in-house QA squads.

The company specializes in assuring issue-free applications. They need the users to retain a frictionless experience. The company offers a comprehensive range of completely managed test assistance from their UK and India-based test labs.

They are specialists in automated and manual testing for cross-platform software solutions, cloud, mobile, desktop, and web solutions. They ensure outlets are tested fully within budget and on time to enhance how the software helps the individuals who utilize it.

Their team of highly qualified and experienced professionals from prestigious management and technology organizations is domain specialists from many industries, including Banking, Utility, Aviation, Telecom Retail, and IT.

Founded In: 2005

Locations: Middlesex and Chandigarh

Employees: 11-50

Core Services:

Pricing Information: Contact for quote

Website: TestDel

#3) nFocus Testing (Shropshire, UK)

nFocus Testing

nFocus Testing is the longest established UK-owned software testing agency and the only company to be two-time victors of the reputable Leading Vendor reward from the European Software Testing Awards. It is ideally positioned to offer software testing assistance.

They can enable overall quality assurance and software testing strategy by evaluating the health of the methods and giving a roadmap for developments. Having functioned with many UK companies, the company not only knows the best method but also knows how to enforce it to obtain the most from the stake.

As the longest inaugurated independent software testing agency in the UK, the company has been acknowledged with an expanse of awards, including a prestigious Worldwide Microsoft Partner of the Year, Leading Vendor from the European Software Testing Awards, and listed in Test Magazine’s 20 Top Providers.

Founded In: 2000

Locations: Shropshire, London, Norwich

Employees: 51-200

Core Services:

  • Testing Health Check
  • Penetration Testing
  • Mobile App testing
  • Performance and Load Testing
  • UAT
  • Test Resourcing
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Test Consultancy
  • Automated Testing

Pricing Information: Contact for quote

Website: nFocus Testing

#4) AscentiQ Solutions (Ilford, UK)

AscentiQ Solutions

AscentiQ Solutions is an IT company based in the UK, founded with the sole goal of offering quality and excellent solutions in assistance. AscentiQ provides services in a creative way with a consumer-centric approach and operates collaboratively with its customers.

They deliver assistance at a fixed rate. AscentiQ Solutions provides a detailed range of IT lifecycle assistance across main areas, including assurance, compliance, data, and digital.

The company tests its customer’s web applications to assure end-to-end quality and traceability for the features and user stories. They enable their customers to automate testing procedures to assure more quality in less effort and time. Their automated testing assistance is the ideal supplement to their manual testing assistance.

Founded In: 2012

Locations: Ilford

Employees: 11-50

Core Services:

Pricing Information: Contact for quote

Website: AscentiQ Solutions

#5) Edge Testing (North Lanarkshire, Scotland)

Edge Testing

Edge Testing, founded in 2007, has developed rapidly to become the leading software testing corporation in the UK. They are delighted by their talented crew, which encompasses some of the premier testing experts and leaders, who enable them to provide outstanding assistance to their customers in economic assistance, media & telecommunications, utilities, the public sector, and retail.

Their portfolio also comprises the Edge Academy and profitable Technology Centers. Their developing Global Technology and UK Regional Technology Centers offer on-demand remote testing assistance for industries in digital entertainment, apps, enterprise, e-commerce, and the Internet of Things.

The team operates closely with customers’ development squads to provide testing rules that are both efficient and economical.

Founded In: 2007

Locations: Glasgow, Birmingham, London, Manchester

Employees: 201-500

Core Services:

  • Software Testing Tools
  • DevOps Service
  • Cyber security
  • WinRunner
  • QuickTest Professional
  • QTP
  • Test Automation
  • LoadRunner
  • Performance Testing
  • Load testing
  • Quality center
  • Test management
  • Test consultancy
  • Testing services
  • HP partner
  • Quality Assurance
  • Software testing

Pricing Information: Contact for quote

Website: Edge Testing

#6) Testrig Technologies (London, UK)

Testrig Technologies

As a leading software testing corporation in Texas, Testrig provides software testing solutions all over the globe with the genuine craft in Automation testing, Mobile Application, and Web Application Testing. Testing Technologies is proud of itself for providing high-quality items.

This company is a globally acknowledged Top QA and software testing corporation which boasts of high-quality and timely delivery. They offer the best QA Outsourcing testing assistance to variations of customers from various companies.

From Fortune 500 corporations to new technology start-ups, over 100 happy customers across various enterprises have utilized their software testing and QA services. They have developed and marked their existence in various continents by offering Bespoke software development assistance to all main Industry Domains.

Testrig-QA Company incorporates the goodness of affordability and quality in their combination of software testing and Quality assurance (QA). They specialize in offering custom-tailored and cost-effective quality software testing solutions.

Founded In: 2015

Locations: London, Dallas, and Pune

Employees: 51-200

Core Services:

  • Regression testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Android App Testing
  • Cloud Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • iOS Application Testing
  • Mobile Automation Testing
  • Web Automation Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • Web Application Testing

Pricing Information: Contact for quote

Website: Testrig Technologies

#7) TatvaSoft (London, UK)


TatvaSoft is a Consummate Custom Software Development corporation providing wonderful industry IT Solutions and similar assistance to customers across the world.

Their development assistance is directed by their passionate and dedicated squad to offer the best industry methods incorporated with business domain knowledge and technology expertise to lead digital transformation. Their knowledge in understanding industry challenges and experienced competence enables them to create an improved experience for our consumers.

As a leading custom software development corporation, TatvaSoft has shown its international existence with headquarters in five nations, including India, Canada, UK, US, and Australia, with experienced software engineers working in various technologies.

The company, as a Custom Software Development Corporation, is dedicated to offering end-to-end customized solutions to their international clients and dealing with the technology problems confronted by industries.

Founded In: 2001

Locations: London, Dallas, Ahmedabad, Sydney, Melbourne, Toronto

Employees: 1,110

Core Services:

  • Mobile Apps
  • E-commerce
  • Product Development & Maintenance
  • Dedicated Development Center
  • Web Development
  • Custom Software Development

Pricing Information: Contact for quote

Website: TatvaSoft

#8) QA Mentor (New York, USA)

QA Mentor

Based in New York and established in 2010, QA Mentor is a multi-award achieving top independent software testing corporation.

With 300 international QA resources in 6 diverse nations providing over 30 QA Testing Services and encompassing all time zones, the company is an international leader in Testing Space and Software Quality Assurance. Assisting 437 customers from startups to Fortune 500 in 28 nations and helping applications in 9 diverse businesses.

With different items recommendations from a crowdsourcing outlet with a supply of 12,000 crowdsourced testers to a test managing outlet, economical and unique assistance offerings, and QA education from corporate training and e-learning, QA Mentor proceeds its footprint, expansion, and growth around the world to become the best and the top Software Testing Agency in the globe.

Founded In: 2010

Locations: New York, London, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Florida, Paris, Toulouse, Cherkassi, Kharkiv, Haifa, Bucharest, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Chennai, etc.

Employees: 313 employees

Core Services:

  • Mobile Testing
  • Static Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Database Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Automation Testing

Pricing Information: Contact for quote

Website: QA Mentor

#9) ImpactQA (New York, USA)


ImpactQA is the international ruler in next-generation QA consulting and software testing. The company enables SMEs and Fortune 500 corporations to provide technology and digital transformation services, facilitating worldwide 250+ customers to remain one step ahead of disturbance.

Their specialists redefine developing technologies and industry methods to exceed in sectors of containerization, engineering, automation, and digitalization. They have odd testing capacities across many businesses, such as Medical Device testing, real estate, logistics, media, e-commerce, BFSI, E-learning, healthcare, and more.

ImpactQA is a top pure-play testing corporation that utilizes a systematic automation methodology to help industries in boosting up their testing strategies. Several settings, third-party connections, and numerous user devices ensure detailed test coverage, long-term cost benefits, and high reusability.

Founded In: 2011

Locations: New York, London, Noida, Dallas, Munich, Chennai

Employees: 107

Core Services:

  • Performance Testing
  • IoT Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Mobile App Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Automation Testing

Pricing Information: Contact for quote

Website: ImpactQA

#10) Performance Lab (Santa Clara, USA)

Performance Lab

Performance Lab is a company of premier performance and load testing assistance for businesses in all industries. They provide expected significance to their customers by concentrating on strong methodology, experienced engineers, and tools.

The company excels in craft performance optimization and bottleneck localization guidelines. They have offered performance testing solutions globally since 2008, so it has built up prestige for trustworthiness.

The company analyzes software quality assurance assistance costs detailed and clearly, which implies no extra expenses for the customer after approving the deal. The team always comes up with crucial evidence of why their method is useful for the project.

The company operates with startups and small, large, and medium-sized industries. The company’s brand is famous among leaders in Zurich, London, Silicon Valley, and New York.

Founded In: 2008

Locations: Santa Clara, London, New York, Zurich

Employees: 500

Core Services:

  • Test Process Consulting
  • DevOps & Continuous Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Performance & Load Testing

Pricing Information: Contact for quote

Website: Performance Lab

#11) TestingXperts (London, UK)


This company is a next-gen software testing and QA service provider. It has headquarters in London with examination labs across Europe, the US, and offshore examination labs in India.

Their extensive suite of testing assistance covers Non-Functional, Functional, and Test Advisory specializing in IoT, Blockchain, RPA, AI/ML, Mobility, Web, Agile, DevOps, Digital, Automation, and Big Data. TestingXperts is leading the next-gen Continuous Testing methods with a squad of new testers concentrated on shift left methodologies, CI/CD, and test automation.

With the in-house testing remedies of this company, global delivery model, specialist testing approach, and international pool of skilled testers, TestingXperts is enabling its customers to convert their QA process to dramatically lessen production deficiencies, lower overall QA rates up to 60%, and lessen QA cycle times up to 80%.

Their supporters with prominent companies ranging from large enterprises to start-ups across many industries internationally to provide ‘ready for business strategies.

Founded In: 1996

Locations: Pennsylvania, New York, London, Texas, Amsterdam, Vancouver, Ontario, Dubai, Singapore, Durban, Noida, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, etc.

Employees: 1000

Core Services:

Pricing Information: $99 per month

Website: TestingXperts


The above-mentioned software testing corporations are not a detailed list, but it certainly includes some of the leading and forthcoming quality software testing corporations that are involved in quality maintenance and quality assurance services.

These corporations assist you in making your software compatible and more efficient with all operating systems and major platforms. By utilizing their assistance, you can attain the needed strong edge in the market by assisting your consumers effectively and efficiently.

However, our recommendation is TestDel, which is currently one of the leading software testing companies in the UK that is just amazing with its broad range of software testing services. Our next recommendation is nFocus Testing. It is another well-known software testing company in the UK that provides software testing services with its insight skill.

Nonetheless, as per your choice, you can select any software testing company in the UK reviewed above that is experienced and offers the services at an affordable price.

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  • Total sites researched: 20
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