Soft Skill for Testers: Advanced Unix commands with examples

This article will guide you on some advanced Unix commands. Also, comprehensive guide is provided for each command for its use giving examples. The topics covered in this article includes advanced Unix commands with examples, Difference between symbolic and hard links and Unix variables guide.

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Thanks Meenakshi for sharing this article for our readers.

If you have missed the previous article on “Unix basics for tester” series, you can see the basic Unix commands article here.

If you are good at Unix operating system then you can share some more ‘useful Unix commands with examples’ in the comment section below.

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#1 balaji


Thanks for your valueble info on Unix advance command. Could you please provide me the follwing details like shell scripting and how we can use shell programming in software testing.

Thanks & Regards

#2 Justin

Good command list. I am waiting for articles on more soft skills for testers like resume building and interview preparation as u mentioned in some previous posts.

#3 Shabeena

Good article!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to know is it necessary to learn more commands? if yes, then how many commands should we learn, so that we can write in our domain as unix in our technical skills…….

#4 Rakesh Kamaraju

Very Good Article.

I would like yo to start database testing article – practical approach.

#5 pradeep

thank u for ur valuble information.

#6 Manjunath


THe commands are really good ,Hope to make use of them
Also If you can give a list for shell scripting that should help.

#7 Vishal Chhaperia

Hi All,

Can I install UNIX with dual boot.
If any of u have any idea then pls reply.
Pls mention the whole method to install also if we can download whole UNIX OS from internet
Also forward the link.

call : 09830704327

mail :

#8 Norman

Iam not able to understand what is this APACHE AND TOMCAT SERVER is all about..are they different ?
Some say they are not and they are called as webapplication servers.By the way do application server and web server reside on the same machine or in different machines.How they are configured.
How a application server contacts webserver or vice versa..again are they configured on differnet machines .I am totally confused please help me understand this.Respond me to this e mail with your answers

#9 Chethan

I am chethan. I am currently persuing 3rd Semester BSC – IT (Information Tehcnology) . Just i want to make my carrier best in Testing department so i want to know what are the Courses i need to finish, and what is the minimum percentage required for entering in Software company . And also i need some suggestions from any one related to the IT side. Hence please help me out I don’t have any idea what is the courses i need to finish and which are the skills i need to develop. Hence please anyone reply this and help me out.

#10 Chethan

And reply your answers for my mail – id

#11 ps goutham

soft skills

#12 madhu


#13 Abhishek


Presenlty i am working as a Sr QA Eng. I am looking for change. Could you please tell me, how much extent database knowledge is required for testing person.

Thanks in Advance.

#14 rajatha

hi all,
can anyone clarify my doubts.
1. why test engineers need to know Unix or Unix commands.

if a Test engineer involved testing of application on unix platform then those Test engineers need to know about unix so this is what i assume.
but everywhere in interviews they ask about unix.
so tell me why v shud know unix.

2. why v need to know Database concepts, queries.
how its useful for they make use of database concepts.

waiting for ur answers,

#15 rajatha

plz anyone clarify my doubts posted here.

#16 Jayant

Hi Rajatha

Lookign at the complexicity of teh applicaito being developed and mainly on web based applications there is lot of information exchange as well transfer of data taking place mainly in case of C/s or OLTP kind of applications. Further to test these applicaitons thoroughly and ensure te integrity of the modules it is desired to have the database knowledge first, and secondly knowledge on UNIX is comonly been asked since the cross platform applicaitons expectd good knwoledge of communiction protocols as well that helps better understandign and the effective test planning as well cases for expected results.

#17 rajatha

thanks for ur reply jayant

but tell me one test engineers write queries to check updates in the database or directly will go and check for updations in the database.

waiting for answers
thanks in advance,

#18 rajatha

how to write script in winrunner to open mozilla firfox and open the particular url say


#19 thilak

Hi all
i too have the same questionas rajatha. thanks rajatha. can anybody clear ours


#20 swetha

hello…. why softskills are necessary for call center jobs. could u pls tel me how to improve softskills

#21 swetha

hello its very useful thank u.

#22 selvam

Hi Friends,

Currently i am working in Non-IT field and planned to switch my career to testing.I had learned the basics of testing,and now i am very eager to learn testing practically with real time projects.
If any one interested to teach testing personally with real time projects , i will be more grateful, or else show me the right place in chennai.
Thanks & regards

#23 sreekumar

thanks alot meenakshi

#24 Nani

Hi Rajatha,
by using following script you can open any web browser in winrunner.


if you have any queries abt automation fell free to mail..

#25 Nani

Hi Rajatha,

try this one also..

win_activate “window name”- Activates a window.

#26 devendra jadon

hi i am engineering 3rd year student and i need a summer internship in it MNC any whair in india .
please help me..

#27 Abhishek Kumar

How much it is needed to know the UNIX language as the Software Test Engineer to get the job quickly in Software Testing as a Career.

#28 Abhishek Kumar

How much it is needed to know the SQL language as the Software Test Engineer to get the job quickly in Software Testing as a Career.

#29 Abhishek kumar

What is the difference between Test Cases, Test Scenario, Test Script, Test Strategy & Test Plan. Plz give me example for each & describe well.

#30 kushal


#31 Rajkumar

Hi , “ls” command not working in my login, could you please any one help?

#32 Sandy

Hi Abhishek,

Test cases- To test, verify and validate actual result and expected result.

Test scenario:-test scenario is a description of test cases that ensure that a business process flow, applicable to the customer, is tested from end to end

Test script:-The script generated from any automation tool.

Test strategy:- The method or flow of different task, different company uses different method like first ad hoc testing, functional then performance testing ,automation etc.,

Test plan:-A test plan is a description of the scope, approach, resources, and schedule of intended testing activities.

#33 ashok

i have read every thing.i could understand one a tester should possess not only testing skills but also other skills like programming,networking and also must an idea about operating systems…then why many people are feeling testing is very easy than all….but according to my analysis..a tester is a multiple skiller but not like others..i need to expect some more suggestions from any real time guy’s …

#34 ashok

hi….please inform me best institute for testing tools in bangalore…which institute can teach like a real time experience…..can you please pass the details to my mail………..

#35 ashok

please assist me in this matter….i will indebt to them…because i am new to bangalore….please…please…please…..

#36 Arshad

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experience level is above 2 years.
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#37 preeti

please guide me as to how much in depth knowledge of Unix is required to be a good tester, same for SQL. Thanks.

#38 Rajesh

I want to know how to configure APACHE and TOMCAT servers.Please mail the procedure.

#39 priya


#40 Hassan

what the following commands can bring about
ls ux*.(700,300)
ls -a-
ls -a -filename

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