15 Best YouTube Subtitle Downloader to Download Subtitles

Select the best YouTube Subtitle Downloader per your requirements to download Subtitles from YouTube from the tools reviewed here:

Multimedia has made things easier as now you can easily find a visual explanation for your questions and queries in an instant.

Suppose, if any of your assignments or homework is pending, you can go to YouTube and search for the required video and quickly learn the topic to complete the pending tasks.

But sometimes, users cannot match up with the video’s pace, or the video is available in some other language, making it tough to comprehend. So, subtitles are used to avoid such issues as they make it easier for the users to check subtitles in their native language and download YouTube subtitles.

YouTube Subtitle Downloader

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When users upload their videos on YouTube, they are asked to submit a video transcript, and based on the Transcript; YouTube can generate subtitles. These subtitles come in handy when users try to understand a video in another language, and users cannot understand it at all.

So in such instances, YouTube Subtitle downloaders are helpful as they allow users to download videos in various formats, qualities and download YouTube subtitles.

Market Trends: People face many issues in categorizing the central theme of the video. Recently Infra Nodus Labs introduced an interactive graph that allows users to enter subtitles and, based on it, the graph and linear representation of categories are available.

Subtitles make it easier to check the content genre and improve SEO and engagement on the channel.

infranodus.com graph

Experts advice: It would help if you kept a few things in mind when you plan on investing your money in a YouTube subtitle downloader, so the helpful tips are listed below:

  • Money is a significant issue, so you need to compare it with other tools plans before you buy a premium license.
  • Some tools do not provide multiple language subtitles, so make sure that the tool you choose provides subtitles in various languages.
  • Before buying premium, you need to make sure that your tool is compatible with both Mac and iOS versions.
  • Some extra features can always prove helpful so that you can look out for video conversion and different video quality download features.

FAQs About Downloading YouTube Subtitles

Q #1) Can I download YouTube videos with Subtitles?

Answer: Yes, you can download videos from YouTube with subtitles if the video has subtitles, and you can download the video from third-party applications.

Q #2) Can you download the SRT file from YouTube?

Answer: You can find various listed subtitles in captioned YouTube videos. You can easily choose the SRT (SubRip Subtitle) file, copy the Transcript in Notepad, and save it as an SRT file.

Q #3) How do I download a transcript from YouTube with subtitles?

Answer: Follow the steps listed below:

  • Open the video on YouTube and make sure that it has the CC button enabled, click on settings and allow subtitles.
  • Then you need to click on three dots near the subscribe button and click on Open Transcript.
  • Please select all the text in Transcript and press Ctrl+C from the keyboard, paste in notepad and save it with .srt extension.

Q #4) How can I merge subtitles with video permanently?

Answer: The best way to merge subtitles with video are:

  • By pasting the SRT file in the same video folder.
  • Then open the video with the VLC media player, right-click on the screen, and click on subtitle.
  • Then click on Add Subtitle file and select the SET file in the directory.

Q #5) How do I get YouTube to auto-generate subtitles?

Answer: Some videos have subtitle files, whereas YouTube also has autogenerated features you can activate in Settings>Subtitles> Auto-generate.

Q #6) How do I download SRT subtitles?

Answer: There are two ways to download or create subtitle files.

  • Open Transcript copy subtitles and paste them into a notepad file.
  • To use third-party tools to download subtitles for videos.
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List of the Top YouTube Subtitle Downloaders

Popular platforms to download YouTube videos with subtitles:

  1. Wondershare UniConverter
  2. YeetDL
  3. Aimersoft
  4. WinX Video Converter
  5. DownSub
  6. Savesubs
  7. 4K Download software
  8. YouSubtitles
  9. DVDVideoSoft
  10. VidPaw Subtitle Downloader
  11. Click Downloader
  12. iTubeGo
  13. YouTube4KDownloader
  14. Checksub
  15. Softorino
  16. MiniTool

Comparison of the Best Tools to Download YouTube Subtitles

NameBest ForPricingRating
Wondershare UniConverterThis YouTube subtitle downloader allows you to edit and add subtitles to videos.Annual $ 39.99
2-year $ 55.99
Perpetual (one-time) $ 79.99
YeetDLIts premium service benefits, making it easier for users to work accordingly.Year $14.99
Lifetime $29.99
Multidevice lifetime $39.99
AimersoftDownloading videos quickly and efficiently.1-year $19
Lifetime $29
Multiple devices lifetime $72.50
WinX Video ConverterDownload 4K YouTube Videos$19.95 per year, $29.95 for lifetime subscriptionStar_rating_4.5_of_5
DownSub This subtitle downloader helps you download in various formats.FreeStar_rating_5_of_5
4K download softwareThis tool is compatible with all platforms, including Mac, Windows, and Linux.Personal $15
Pro $45
VidpawThis subtitle downloader allows the user to download the entire playlist with subtitles.Monthly $6.96/device
Yearly $20.96/ 2 devices
Mini ToolThis subtitle downloader is the best one for personal use.FreeStar_rating_4_of_5

Detailed Review:

#1) Wondershare UniConverter

Best for editing videos and adding subtitles to them.


Wondershare UniConverter has provided top-notch services to its users and has made a reputable place in this industry. Wondershare UniConverter offers various options in its subtitle downloader tool, allowing users to download subtitles for their videos in multiple formats and languages.

This tool also contains a few video editing features and downloading the videos.


  • Download subtitles in various formats.
  • This tool supports multiple audio tracks.
  • Edit and burn videos.

Verdict: This is a handy tool with many features that provide complementary services.


  • Annual $ 39.99
  • 2-year $55.99
  • Perpetual (one-time) $79.99

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#2) YeetDL

Best for its premium service benefits, making it easier for users to work accordingly.


This tool is straightforward because of the detailed icons available at the UI. The tool has a beautiful blue and light blue texture, making it appealing for users. Also, it allows users to edit and download videos in various languages, which makes the video comprehendible.


  • This tool provides subtitles in various languages based on the native location.
  • This tool has a great user base, making downloading the required video easier.
  • Download a video in various qualities and formats.

Verdict: This tool has a compatible interface, making it easier for the users to work on it. Furthermore, this tool allows downloading in various languages, so overall, it is conducive.


  • Year $14.99
  • Lifetime $29.99
  • Multidevice lifetime $39.99

#3) Aimersoft

Best for downloading videos quickly and efficiently.


This valuable tool has allowed users to download videos in various qualities and formats, making it easier to work with numerous applications. This tool is straightforward to use as it has a user-friendly interface.


  • Provides high-speed downloads to its users.
  • Download the entire playlist at once.
  • Edit and make changes to the video.

Verdict: This is a valuable and reliable tool, but better tools are on the list for downloading subtitle videos.


  • 1-year $19
  • Lifetime $29
  • Multiple devices lifetime $72.50

#4) WinX Video Converter

Best for Download 4K YouTube Videos.


WinX Video Converter may not be ideal for downloading subtitles from YouTube videos. However, it is still very effective in downloading videos in 4K and FHD resolution. All you have to do is copy-paste the URL of the YouTube video you wish to download, choose the output format, and hit the download button.


  • De-Interlacing Engine
  • Auto-Copy Tech
  • Basic Video Editing Capabilities
  • Audio Extraction
  • Video Compression

Verdict: WinX Video Converter is a tool we would recommend for downloading YouTube videos, especially those that feature 4K resolution.

Price: You can use the tool for free with limited capabilities. The Full version will cost you $19.95 per year. There is a lifetime plan as well that’ll cost you $29.95.

#5) DownSub

Best for downloading files in various formats.


This tool is handy because it has a navigable design, making it easier for users to download subtitles for their video. Further down sub turns out to be relatively reliable and excellent, as it provides quick and efficient downloads.

This website allows you to download files in various formats depending on your requirements.


  • This website allows you to download subtitles in various formats, like SRT (Sub Rip Subtitle) and TXT (Text Document).
  • The website is easily navigable, making it easier for users to find the required section.
  • This website contains subtitles for almost all videos.

Verdict: This website is a free website with a large user base, making it easier for the users to find subtitles for the required videos.

Price: Free

Website: DownSub

#6) 4K Download software

Best for its compatibility with all platforms, including Mac, Windows, and Linux.

4K Download software

The tool has an interactive UI, and it can be downloaded directly into the system, making it easier for users to use it on their system. This tool allows users to download videos in the highest possible quality of 4K HD. This company also has various supporting tools, making it easier for users to edit videos efficiently.


  • Download videos at various quality levels.
  • Download subtitles in various languages easily.
  • Download subtitles for videos on various platforms.

Verdict: This tool is easy to use as it is compatible with all the platforms, and also it allows users to download videos from various platforms.


  • Personal $15
  • Pro $45

Website: 4K Download software

#7) VidPaw Subtitle Downloader

Best for allowing the users to download the entire playlist with subtitles.


This is a simple yet valuable tool, as it has a basic UI that users can use efficiently. The tool works in both browser mode and tool mode. In the tool mode, the users can download videos and subtitles in various formats and languages.

So it is a good tool that makes it easier to download high-quality videos.


  • Download websites in various formats.
  • Download multiple playlists in an instant.
  • Provides enhanced speed for downloading videos instantly.
  • This website provides subtitles in various languages.

Verdict: This website is helpful because it allows users to download videos in bulk, making it easier to download playlists of the required quality and download closed captions from YouTube.


  • Monthly $6.96/device
  • Yearly $20.96/2 devices

Website: VidPaw Subtitle Downloader

#8) MiniTool

Best for downloading high-quality videos from YouTube and respective subtitles.


The MiniTool is mainly used for downloading high-quality videos from YouTube and subtitle files for those videos. This tool supports various formats and quality of videos, making them compatible with multiple applications. This tool also allows you to convert audio to different formats, and the features work effortlessly.


  • This tool is free to use with no advertisements.
  • Download videos and playlists at a faster speed.
  • Download subtitles and videos in various formats and quality.

Verdict: This tool is rather convenient and free to be an excellent use for entertainment purposes.

Price: Free

Website: MiniTool

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#9) Savesubs

Best for allowing you to share the subtitles too.


Savesubs is a browser-based subtitle downloader that allows users to work efficiently without downloading the tool on the system. Also, the tool ensures the users get to download the required subtitles most efficiently, and for the same, they keep providing updates almost every month.

This is a free service, so users can always donate an amount to this organization to keep it active.


  • This website releases the latest updates, making it easier to download subtitles.
  • The users can download videos from multiple websites other than YouTube.
  • This website also has a sharing feature, making it easier for users to download subtitles.

Verdict: This website is handy because it has features like sharing subtitles and downloading them quickly by pasting the link.

Price: Free

Website: Savesubs

#10) YouSubtitles

Best for downloading YouTube video subtitles in multiple formats and languages, including SRT.

adstera network

This tool has a simple UI, making it easier to use even by a novice. With a massive subtitle database, it is one of the most popular subtitles downloader tools available in the market. Using this tool, the users can achieve the desired file quickly and effortlessly. This is a browser-based tool, so you can easily download subtitles without downloading the tool on your system.

YouSubtitles is an easy-to-use platform that has made downloading subtitles directly from the web more accessible.


  • This website has a vast database making it easier to look for many videos.
  • The subtitles provided on this website are well arranged.
  • This website allows users to download subtitles in SRT format.

Verdict: This website provides you with subtitles in the SRT format, and the subtitles are well-formatted, making it easier for users to understand.

Price: Free

Website: YouSubtitles

#11) DVDVideoSoft

Best for downloading subtitles for a specific section of a video.


Using this tool, users can directly download the subtitles for their videos, and all they need to do is paste the link of the videos in the text bar and click on Download. The website will look for all the possible subtitles of the video. The best thing about this tool is that it allows you to download subtitles for a specific section of the video.


  • Download videos from various platforms.
  • This tool is free to use and provides SRT files for your videos.
  • This tool provides subtitles with timestamps, making them easier to comprehend.

Verdict: This tool is convenient and compatible, and this tool also allows you to download subtitles with video stamps, so overall it’s a handy tool.

Price: Free

Website: DVDVideoSoft

#12) ByClick Downloader

Best for providing various features like editing and downloading high-quality videos.


This tool makes it easier for the users to easily edit and trim certain sections of the videos after downloading them in high-quality formats. ByClick smoothens the process of downloading videos and subtitles on your system. Furthermore, it allows you to merge videos and subtitles.


  • Crop particular sections of videos easily.
  • Download videos in various formats like mp4, mp3, etc.
  • This tool allows users to download subtitles in various formats and languages.

Verdict: This tool is easy to use. Its extra features make it easier for users to crop videos and download subtitles in various formats and languages, making it the best YouTube subtitle downloader.

Price: $19.99

Website: ByClick Downloader

#13) iTubeGo

Best for downloading YouTube subtitles and allowing the users to convert audio and video to multiple formats.


iTubeGo has been a great name in the market, allowing users to trust the services offered by this tool easily. The tool makes downloading videos and audio in the finest quality. Also, the tool will enable you to convert videos and audio into multiple formats.


  • This tool is the most trusted tool for downloading and converting videos.
  • This tool allows users to convert audio and video to various formats as per the requirement.
  • This tool allows you to download the entire playlist in one go.

Verdict: This tool is convenient because it allows the users to convert audio and video to various formats, making it easier to run them on multiple devices.


  • Month $9.95
  • Year $24.95
  • Lifetime $29.95
  • Family (2-5 devices) $39.95

Website: iTubeGo

#14) YouTube4KDownloader

Best for free and efficient subtitles and video downloaders.


This browser-based application makes it easier for users to search for videos just by opening this website. This tool is most suitable for downloading YouTube videos of different qualities, and you can download videos even in 4K. The process of downloading video and subtitles is straightforward, and all that users need to do is enter the link in the search bar.


  • This tool also comes in extension form, making it easier for the users to use it in their browser.
  • This tool provides a feature to convert YouTube videos into MP3 format.
  • This tool supports many websites, making it easier for the users to work efficiently.

Verdict: This tool is easy to use as it is available for extension form, which you can easily embed in the browser. Also, this tool allows users to download videos from numerous websites.

Price: Free

Website: YouTube4KDownloader

#15) Checksub

Best as it is free and allows you to download subtitles in SRT format.


This web-based tool makes it easier for users to download videos without watching annoying ads on the website. This tool has a simple interface, making it easier to navigate various features. Users can easily copy and paste the link in the textbox and click on Download to look for files to be downloaded.


  • This subtitle downloader is ad-free, which makes it easy to use.
  • This website allows you to download subtitles in both SRT and TXT formats.
  • This tool allows you to download a video and edit it in a free online editor.

Verdict: This tool is user-friendly because it does not provide any advertisements or popups, making it completely fit for use.

Price: Free

Website: Checksub

#16) Softorino

Best for downloading subtitles and editing videos for Mac and iOS.


This tool is handy for Mac users because this tool works more efficiently with Mac systems. The tool has various features that make it easier for users to download and edit videos as per their requirements.

This tool has allowed users to trim the video to the finished piece.


  • This tool is compatible with all known versions of Mac.
  • Download videos of various qualities.
  • Convert videos to different formats like mp3,mp4, etc.

Verdict: This tool is helpful, but it is a bit more expensive than the other tools on the list.


  • Monthly $9.95/mo
  • Annually $2.92/mo
  • One time $300

Website: Softorino


Subtitles play a significant role in video engagement and conversions, and the best example is anime. Most anime are in Japanese, and they do not have a dubbed version, so in such cases, subtitles come in very handy, and they receive massive engagement.

So subtitles constitute a more significant part of engagement and conversion. This article discussed some YouTube subtitle downloader that allows users to download subtitles easily.

Among all the mentioned subtitle downloader’s DownSub and 4K download software are among the finest tools that users can use to download subtitles and high-quality videos.

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