Top 10 BEST Phone Spy Apps For Android And iPhone In 2023

A comprehensive review of the popular Cell Phone Spy Apps with features, comparison, and pricing. Select the best Spy Phone App from this list:

The word spy alone screams scandal. In a time where illegal hacking and camera access have made many IT experts and big entrepreneurs apprehensive, it is quite normal to feel a little cynical about digital spying.

However, as with everything, the use of phone spying apps can be both ethical and unethical, depending on an individual’s preferred use.


Why Use Spyware Apps

There are a plethora of legitimate reasons as to why one would want to use a spy phone app. You can use these apps to track your stolen or lost phone, monitor your child’s cell phone activity, or track incoming and outgoing SMS and phone calls.

Today there are a variety of options at hand when it comes to choosing such apps. So the prospect of choosing the best phone spy apps can be daunting. We are here to help you at ease in your decision-making process.

spy-apps for mobiles

In this tutorial, we will acquaint you with some of the best spy phone apps that are available in the market today, and share insights on their performance, features, and price. Meanwhile, we will also give you a few recommendations of our own personal favorite spyware apps in the process.

What are Phone Spy Apps

Phone spying apps are basically smartphone surveillance applications that help you track the activity of a smartphone device that you wish to track. You can monitor a phone’s incoming & outgoing calls, SMSs and track the phone’s location in real-time. These apps are undetectable and go unnoticed by the end-user.

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Pro-Tips: Before opting for a phone spy app, become privy to the laws that are applicable to the region you are operating in. There is a chance that your government does not allow the use of such applications in your region. Secondly, check the overall reception of the app you select, it should have an overwhelmingly positive response from its user base. Choose an app that is devoid of a complex interface, and is convenient to use.
Fact Check: In a study conducted in the UK and US, a sizeable population of people was asked whether they would spy on their children’s phones. The results ranged from absolutely not to only if they were worried for their child’s safety. Although it is ok for parents to spy on a minor’s phone, and they are not allowed to spy on adult children as repercussions for it can be serious.

Stats on monitoring Child's phone

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The same sample population was also asked whether they would spy on their spouse’s phone. The result was substantially in the negative.

Stats on monitoring spouse’s phone

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Are Phone Spy Apps Legal?

Answer: It is only legal if being used to track a minor’s phone activity or to track your own phone. Installing such apps in another individual’s device without their knowledge or consent is highly illegal and can result in heavy fines and jail time if caught. We only advise you to use such apps for legitimate reasons only.

Q #2) Can Such Apps be installed on another device without physically touching that device?

Answer: Yes, these apps can be remotely installed on another device without coming into physical contact with them. Of course, this feature varies from app to app.

Q #3) Is it possible to find out whether your phone is being spied upon?

Answer: Yes, you simply have to keep an eye on suspicious looking apps or notification on your device. You can also install powerful anti-virus software to detect and eliminate spyware, malware, or ad-ware of any kind from your device.

Our TOP Recommendations:

mSpy LogoXNSPY LogouMobix LogoSpybubble Logo
• Keylogger
• Screen recorder
• Works in Stealth mode.
• View Call Logs & Text Messages
• WhatsApp Messaging Apps Tracking
• Record Calls & Device Screen
• View Call history
• Real-time GPS location
• Keylogger
• Geofinder
• Keylogger
• App restricter
Price: $48.99/month
Trial version: Available
Price: $7.49/month
Trial version: Available
Price: Reasonable price
Trial version: Available
Price: $42.49 monthly
Trial version: Demo Available
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List of the Best Phone Spy Apps

Here is the list of the most popular Spy Apps:

  1. mSpy
  2. XNSPY
  3. Spynger
  4. Phonsee
  5. SpyBubble
  6. Cocospy
  7. uMobix
  9. Hoverwatch
  10. eyeZy
  11. Spyera
  12. FlexiSPY
  13. pcTattletale
  14. Spyic
  15. Minspy
  16. Spyier
  17. MobiStealth
  18. iSpyoo
  19. iKeyMonitor
  20. Highster Mobile’s Spy App
  21. SpyFone

Comparing Best Cell Phone Spying Apps

NameBest ForCompatibiltyFree TrialRatingsFees
mSpyParental Monitoring ApplicationAndroid and iOSDemo5/51 Month: $48.99/month,
3 Months : $27.99/month,
12 Months: $11.66/month.
XNSPYOnline and Offline Phone Tracking.iOS and AndroidNone5/5Basic: $4.99/month,
Premium: $7.49/month.
SpyngerKeyloggingAndroid and iPhoneNone4.5/5Annual: $10.83/month, Quarterly: $26/month, Monthly: $45.49/month
Phonsee24/7 Customer support and quick set-upAndroid and iPhoneDemo Available4.5/5Annual: $8.85 per month, 3 Months: $24.79 per month, Monthly: $42.51
CocospySimple Remote Smartphone MonitoringAndroid and iOSDemo5/5Android Premium – 9.99/month, Basic – 39.99/month, Family – 69.99 (when purchased annually)
iOS: Premium 10.83/month, Basic – 99.99/month, Family – 399.99 (when purchased annually)
uMobixReal-time monitoring of activities on smartphone & tablet.Android OS 4+ and iPhones & iPads. Yes5/5 It starts at $29.99.
Mobilespy.atBest Smartphone Tracking App with real-time features.Android and iOS7 Days5/5 Monthly plan: $19/month
Quarterly Plan: $13/month
Half-Year PLan: $13.00/month
HoverwatchMobile phone tracker with hidden tracking capabilities.Android, Windows, and Mac OS X.No5/5It starts at $6.00 per device per month.
eyeZyAI-Driven MonitoringAndroid and iOSDemo5/5$9.99 for 12 months, $27.99 for 3 months, $47.99
SpyeraPC and Phone SpyingWindows, Mac, Android, & iOS.No5/5It starts at $49/month.
FlexiSPYAdvanced and Expansive Spying Features.Android and iOSNone5/5 Lite: $29.95/month, Premium: $68/month, Extreme: $199.
pcTattletaleRunning invisibly in the background.Windows, Android, & Kindle.Yes5/5It starts at $99.
MinspyPhone and tablet Activity MonitoringiOS and AndroidNone4.5/5Premium: $9.99 / month for 1 Device,
Family: $69.99 / month for 3 devices.

Let us review these spyware apps in detail:

#1) mSpy

Best for Parental Monitoring.

mSpy Dashboard

mSpy is another one in the great lists of phone spying apps. What really separates it from others on the list is the fact that it is primarily used as a parental monitoring app.

It is a feature-rich platform and contains capabilities like cell phone monitoring, location tracking, multimedia file monitoring, online activity tracking, etc. It allows remotely controlling apps and programs on a planted device.


  • Social Media Monitoring including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.
  • Recovering of deleted messages,
  • Remote blocking of websites/apps/contacts, etc.
  • It has a screen recorder.

Verdict: mSpy is a great tool and offers all the features required for parental control. It lets you monitor every keystroke & tap and social media chats & shared pictures. It provides all these monitoring features without being detected.


  • 1 Month – $48.99/month,
  • 3 Months – $27.99/month,
  • 12 Months – $11.66/month.
  • Demo available.

Visit mSpy Website >>


Best for Online and Offline Phone Tracking.


XNSPY is perhaps one of the most popular phone spying apps on this list. In fact, it can be deemed as an industry leader when it comes to spyware apps. It can be a great surveillance tool to keep tabs on your children as well as your employees.

It comes jam-packed with over 30 advanced features that allow you to track incoming/outgoing phone calls, and keep a tab on SMS in real-time. Plus, you also get to track the phone’s GPS location, which comes in handy while trying to track your children’s location or finding a lost phone.

The app has introduced more advanced features in recent years like WIFI logs and WhatsApp monitoring. The app is constantly evolving and getting better with each passing day.


  • Monitor Phone Calls and Messages
  • Access Messenger Chats
  • Keylogger
  • Track GPS
  • Monitor Online Activities

Verdict: XNSPY combines advanced features, affordable price, and robust customer support to deliver one of the best phone spy apps available today for both Android and iPhone users. Its consistent evolving nature alone makes it worth a buy.

Price: Basic: $4.99/month, Premium: $7.49/month.

Visit XNSPY Website >>

#3) Spynger

Best for Keylogging.


With Spynger, you get an easy to use and feature-rich application that can help you spy on an Android and iPhone device. The tool offers a ton of interesting features, each performing its function phenomenally well.

Keylogging is perhaps one of its most prominent and invaluable features. The tool monitors every keystroke registered on the phone you are spying on. The tool is also great at finding the real-time location of the phone you are tracking. You get detailed call and SMS logs, which can be helpful in finding who and when someone was called via the phone you are spying on.


  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Keylogger
  • Screen Recording
  • Social App Tracking
  • Call and SMS monitoring

Verdict: East to set up and use, Spynger is a great phone spy app that you can use to keep tabs on your spouse or children without their knowledge. The tool is filled to the brim with features and offers multiple affordable pricing plans.


  • Annual: $10.83/month,
  • Quarterly: $26/month,
  • Monthly: $45.49/month

Visit Spynger Website >>

#4) Phonsee

Best for 24/7 Customer support and quick set-up.


Phonsee is yet another feature-rich phone spying app that works well on both iPhone and Android devices. The tool arms you with a neat and easy-to-navigate interface that lends you complete visibility over your target device’s activity.

You can use the tool to accurately pinpoint the real-time location of a GPS device. You can set up virtual boundaries with an alert sent to you as soon as a phone leaves or enters a set geographical zone on the map. The tool also helps you monitor detailed calls and SMS logs along with everything that’s transpiring on social media apps installed on an app.


  • Geofencing
  • Call and SMS Monitoring
  • Social App Tracking
  • Keylogger
  • Automated Screenshot capture

Verdict: Phonsee is undoubtedly one of the finest phone spying apps available in the market today. From tracking real-time location to monitoring call and SMS logs, Phonsee covers all aspects of what it takes to track cell phone activity. The tool is perfect for parents who wish to keep an eye on their children.


  • Annual: $8.85 per month,
  • 3 Months: $24.79 per month,
  • Monthly: $42.51

Visit Phonsee Website >>

#5) SpyBubble

Best for Phone Tracking for Mac, Windows, and iOS.


SpyBubble is a very easy spying app to use and is an even easier spying application to install on the device you want to monitor. It is a cloud-based application that deploys all of the features that one has come to expect from cell phone spy apps of this nature.

The device works spectacularly well on stealth mode. So the user of the phone isn’t even aware as their calls, messages, location, and online activity are tracked and reported to you remotely. The app can also activate a smart phone’s camera and take pictures without the concerned person noticing.

All the recorded information is sent and can be accessed from a secure web-based account.


  • Record Calls
  • GPS Tracking
  • Stealth Mode
  • Screenshot Capture
  • Remote Camera Access

Verdict: SpyBubble gives you full control of the device it is planted in, by silently operating on it without anyone noticing. As such, the application is extremely intuitive and is very easy to use.

Price: 3-day free trial, Personal plan – $24.95/month, Professional Plan – $ 49.95/month.

Visit SpyBubble Website >>

#6) Cocospy

Best for Simple Remote Smartphone Monitoring.


Cocospy is a cross-compatible phone spying app that is easy to install and use. It can be set up and installed within 5 minutes and works in complete stealth mode, thus not allowing the phone user to be aware of its presence on the device. The app can be used to monitor almost everything happening on the target device in real-time via a comprehensive dashboard.

You can check call logs, track sent and received SMSs, and monitor online browser history without a hassle. The app also allows you to track a person’s real-time location either via SIM card or through GPS technology.


  • Geofence Alerts
  • Call Tracker
  • Social Media Spy
  • Track Browser History
  • Stealth Mode

Verdict: Cocospy’s simple installation and easy-to-navigate spying dashboard have earned it high praise from several users worldwide. No smartphone activity can remain hidden with this app installed and running discreetly in the background. The app works fine on both iOS and Android phones, without the need to jailbreak or root any devices.


Android: Premium – 9.99/month, Basic – 39.99/month, Family – 69.99 (when purchased annually)
iOS: Premium 10.83/month, Basic – 99.99/month, Family – 399.99 (when purchased annually)

Visit Cocospy Website >>

#7) uMobix


uMobix is the only app that grants full access to a person’s Instagram and Facebook accounts. Users can enter anyone’s Facebook and Instagram, click on any button there, which means managing accounts, adjusting settings, adding friends, or deleting followers.

uMobix is the only app that works perfectly well on both iOS and Android. It means you can install it without any hurdles on the way and monitor it with no bugs occurred.

uMobix doesn’t require you to jailbreak iOS devices, unlike many other competitors. You just provide iCloud iD and password and start monitoring as soon as the backup is performed.

The app provides absolutely innovative features, like online status indicator (track when the user is online), real-time reporting for Androids, Youtube monitoring, app activity tracking, etc.

All in all, uMobix offers the most value for its price, being among the most affordable spy apps on the market today.

Price: Starts from $29.99, Free trial.

Visit uMobix Website >>


Mobilespy is a very feature-rich spy app. It is the only Smartphone Tracking App with real-time features like live access to GPS, Camera, Photos, Call-Recordings, Calls Notifications, Social-Media Messages (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Vkm, SMS, etc), and everything else that you could ever want.

Because the platform is very modern and easy to use, even beginners will have no trouble using this Spyapp.

There are over 42 unique features and you can test them on Live-Demo for free, so you can verify yourself if they fit your needs.


  • Futuristic Real-Time Dashboard
  • Location Tracking
  • Access to GPS, Photos, Videos, and Calls
  • Comprehensive online activity tracking

Verdict: is perfect for Parents and Businesses alike who are looking to get the most advanced Spyapp that money can buy.

Price: 7-Day free trial, Monthly plan: $19/month, Quarterly Plan: $13/month, Half-Year PLan: $13.00/month.

Visit Website >>

#9) Hoverwatch

Best for mobile phone trackers with hidden tracking capabilities like recording location, SMS, call audio, internet activity, etc.


Hoverwatch is a mobile phone tracker and a hidden tracking application with capabilities for recording location, SMS, call audio, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. It lets you monitor internet activities. It supports Android, Windows, and Mac OS X. It works in stealth mode and becomes invisible to the user of the target Android device.


  • Hoverwatch can record incoming and outgoing calls on the target device.
  • It tracks Facebook messages, SMS, etc. and lets you view the phone’s internet history.
  • It has tools such as WhatsApp Spy, Snapchat Spy, Viber spy, etc.
  • It has many more capabilities like tracking phone location, android screenshots, detecting SIM Card change, tracking to-do list, tracking calls, etc.

Verdict: Hoverwatch mobile tracker remains completely invisible and has capabilities of SMS tracking, call recording, social media tracking, geolocation, etc.

Price: Hoverwatch offers the solution with three pricing plans, Personal (Starts at $24.95 per month), Professional (Starts at $9.99 per month per device), and Business (Starts at $6.00 per month per device). You can sign up for free.

Visit Hoverwatch Website >>

#10) eyeZy

Best for AI-Driven Phone Monitoring.


eyeZy is an easy-to-use phone monitoring app that facilitates parental control on all phones, irrespective of what device you are using. eyeZy allows you to monitor your targeted phone without the use of the device noticing. The app allows you to spy on everything from text to browser history and all activities performed on your target device.

What really sets eyeZy apart is the Artificial Intelligence it comes equipped with. Thanks to its superior AI, you don’t have to constantly glue yourself to the app. In fact, the app will alert you when the targeted phone is being actively used. You can also rest assured as eyeZy features bank-grade encryption to protect data valuable to you and your loved ones.


  • Track every keystroke registered on a targeted device.
  • Monitor text and social media activity. Even unearth deleted texts.
  • Wi-Fi Network Analysis and Geo-Location Tracker.
  • Find the multimedia files saved on the target device and view them remotely.
  • See and block websites visited by users of your targeted device.

Verdict: eyeZy is a feature-rich phone monitoring app that will allow you to track every single activity transpiring on the device you wish to spy on. This is a great app to facilitate parental control. It’s remarkable AI is just the cherry on the top. This one is definitely worth trying as it is easy to set and run on both iOS as well as Android devices.

Price: $9.99 for 12 months, $27.99 for 3 months, $47.99

Visit eyeZy Website >>

#11) Spyera

Best for PC and Phone Spying.


Spyera is an award-winning app that enables spying for both PCs and smartphones. It offers remarkable spying features that perform impeccably well. The features that it is best known for include monitoring cell phone and computer activity of employees or children, location tracking, and much more.

It offers a plethora of features that can come in handy to both monitor and control the activity of your target. The tool is undetectable and can be used across multiple platforms irrespective of the operating system.


  • Cellphone and Computer Monitoring
  • Track online activity in real-time.
  • Location tracking
  • 10-day money-back guarantee

Verdict: The app is incredibly smart and performs all of its spying features impeccably well. It is very confident in its abilities, so much so that it offers the users a 10-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the tool. This alone makes the app worth a look.

Price: Smartphone – $89/month, Tablet – $69/month, Computer – $49/month, All-In-One – $479/month.

Visit Spyera Website >>

#12) FlexiSPY

Best for Advanced and Expansive Spying Features.


FlexiSPY is another very popular phone spy app that finds itself frequently being counted amongst the best applications of its nature. Its expansive and intuitive list of features further aids in cementing its legacy as one of the best apps in circulation to monitor a device remotely.

The app can be used for something as basic as call and message monitoring, or something even more advanced such as camera hacking and keylogging. The app performs all the features it offers spectacularly well and requires no effort from the user in its impeccable functioning.


  • Call monitoring and recording
  • Social Media monitoring and recording
  • Environment Recording
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Keylogger

Verdict: FlexiSPY boasts of packing more features than any other spying app on this list or in the market today. It works perfectly on Android and iOS devices and will satisfy the users with the need for an expansive phone spying experience. However, it is extremely expensive to unlock its advanced features.

Price: Lite – $29.95/month, Premium – $68/month, Extreme – $199.

Visit FlexiSPY Website >>

#13) pcTattletale

Best for running invisibly in the background and recording everything in movies and keystrokes.


pcTattletale is an employee and child monitoring application with functionalities for parents and employers to monitor.

It provides tools for the management of remote teams. It stores recorded data on secure, online cloud along with AES encryption SSL techniques and technologies. It can keep the recorded data for a year. You just have to install the pcTattletale on the workstation and there is no need to maintain any server or infrastructure.


  • pcTattletale has a powerful monitoring tool, Click-Count Chart, that you can scan to find out the most active times of the day or night.
  • Activity reports help you to understand your staff’s workday.
  • It lets you know about the websites and app usage by your team.
  • Its child monitoring solution will let you monitor where they are going, their social media, and many more activities on the phone.

Verdict: PCTattletale provides one central location to monitor your staff’s screens. It can record every click through the advanced keylogger. It provides a screen recording of everything that is done on the target device. It is compatible with Windows, Android, and Kindle.

Price: pcTattletale offers a free trial. There are three pricing plans, Family ($99), Family Plus ($147), and Business ($297). All of these prices are for annual billing and three devices.

Visit pcTattletale Website >>

#14) Spyic

Best for Parental Monitoring of Smartphone.


Spyic sells itself as primarily being an app that allows parents to monitor their cell phone activity, both online and offline. Spyic performs this task with great efficiency and thanks to the features it offers its users. The spying features although basic is everything you need to monitor your child and keep them safe.

You can monitor their incoming/outgoing calls and messages. The tool offers a location tracking feature to know where your child is in real-time, as well as monitoring their online activity and social media presence to know of anything salacious happening on such platforms.

The tool is also very easy to use. You simply download the app on your android and iOS device, select the target device you want the app running in, and click install. Once the app is installed you can log in to the control panel and start monitoring the device remotely.


  • Call and SMS tracking
  • Online monitoring
  • Browser history
  • GPS Location tracking
  • Geo Fencing

Verdict: Although Spyic doesn’t offer much in the features department, it is still a good app to have around if you have children. Whatever feature it does offer, it performs it with impeccable finesse. It can however be very expensive, especially if you are thinking of spying on multiple devices.


  • Android: Premium – $9.99/month for 1 Device, Family – $69.99/month for 3 devices.
  • iOS: Premium – $10.83/month for 1 device, Family -$399.99/month for 25 devices.

Visit Spyic Website >>

#15) Minspy

Best for Phone and Tablet Activity Monitoring.


Minspy is a secure, intuitive and above all an easy to use spyware application that makes the task of monitoring a phone or tablet device 10 times more convenient. Minspy allows you to spy on any computer, smartphone, or tablet device via a web browser i.e. you don’t have to be near the device to track it.

Minspy does not require you to tinker or jailbreak a particular device to get the app installed in it. You need no technical knowledge at all to get the app to monitor the device you want.

Apart from that, it can perform all the necessary functions like tracking GPS locations, monitoring calls, online activity, and SMS’s that are expected from applications of its nature.


  • Call and Message Monitoring
  • Stealth Mode
  • GPS tracking
  • Online Social Media Monitoring

Verdict: Minspy is a convenient phone spying app that deploys all of the spying features you will ever need to efficiently monitor a device. It is spectacular to use and affordable to purchase.

Price: Premium – $9.99/month for 1 Device, Family – $69.99/month for 3 devices.

Website: Minspy

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#16) Spyier

Best for Secure and Stealthy Phone Monitoring.


Spyier is a favorite app amongst parents to keep track of their children’s online activity. As such it has found praise amongst millions of its users all around the world. The tool is not only great for parents but also fantastic for employers and individuals in relationships.

The tool offers all the basic features you need from such an application. You get to monitor calls, messages, online activity as well as track the location of your stolen phone or the phone of an individual you are spying on.

The tool operates on a secure stealth mode that offers 100% protection to the users using this app. The end-user will never notice anything suspicious when this app is running and sending information to a secure web-based account.


  • Call and message monitoring
  • Browser history
  • Stealth mode
  • Location tracking
  • Online activity monitoring

Verdict: Spyier offers users an easy and robust application that makes smartphone spying very convenient. It also boasts of top-notch customer support that only adds to the user experience.

Price: Premium – $9.99/month for 1 Device, Family – $69.99/month for 3 devices.

Website: Spyier

#17) MobiStealth

Best for 24/7 Phone Monitoring.


Here is another app that sells itself as being a major parental spying app; however it can be used for a variety of business and personal purposes. The tool provides the most basic spying features to offer the most basic benefits a spying application can provide. In that department of austerity, it is great.

The tool allows you to monitor cell phone activity, track messages, snoop into your target user’s social media activity, and track their phone location. The app can go undetectable while it relays information to your web-based secure account regularly 24 hours a day.


  • Call and SMS monitoring
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Location tracking
  • Stealth mode
  • Browser history

Verdict: MobiStealth does not offer any advanced features that many modern spying applications offer. However, its basic features are just enough to offer a satisfying user experience to its users.

Price: Pro plan – $59.99, Pro X plan – $69.99

Website: MobiStealth

#18) iSpyoo

Best for easy Smartphone and Video Monitoring for Android and iOS.


iSpyoo is a great app for businessmen and parents who like to spy on their employees and children respectively. It is a powerful and easy-to-install software that makes smartphone spying spectacularly easy.

Perhaps the feature that really makes this app stand out is its ability to monitor video calls on popular platforms like Viber and Skype. This can have great business benefits for employers. You can use the app to track 3 different devices at once in real-time.

Other features like message reading, call recording, location tracking, multimedia monitoring, etc. can also be easily done via this intuitive application.

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  • Video Monitoring
  • Call recording and monitoring
  • Message reading
  • Multimedia file monitoring
  • Location tracking

Verdict: iSpyoo is a phenomenal tool, especially if you want to monitor and record your target’s Skype or Viber video calls. This alone makes the tool worth buying. Plus it is extremely affordable.

Price: 48 hour free trial, Basic – $19.99/month, Premium – $23.99/month, Gold – $25.99/month.

Other Great Spyware Apps

#19) iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is a fantastic app designed for Android and iOS devices. It allows parents to track their child’s cell phone activity that includes call monitoring, message reading, and location tracking. The app is undetectable, allows remote access, and is very easy to install with very little or no technical knowledge at all.

Price: Free Plan, Premium Plan – $ 29.16/month

Website: iKeyMonitor

#20) Highster Mobile’s Spy App

Highster offers a very simple tool to monitor any device you like remotely from your connected device. All basic spying features like call monitoring, browser history checking, location tracking, etc. can be performed via this web with phenomenal ease.

You simply have to download and install the app and enter the number of the device you want to monitor, and the device will start relaying all the information you need in real-time.

Price: Basic Plan – $29.99 one-time payment, Pro Plan – $69.99 one-time payment.

Website: Highster

#21) SpyFone

SpyFone is best known for its panic mode feature that allows you to quickly track your lost phone and the reverse lookup feature that allows you to identify the owner of the phone number you are tracking.

Apart from that, the spying app offers a plethora of features that make monitoring both Android and iOS devices very convenient.

Price: Free

Website: SpyFone


Cell Phone Spy Apps can become extremely useful when used by parents who want to protect their children from all the dark things the internet can unleash on them, as well as by businessmen who want to protect their interests. These are the only legitimate reasons to use such apps.

Any other use can ruin your relationships, or worse…land you in jail. So choose your reasons wisely. As for our recommendation, for an advanced and affordable spying experience, we recommend you try XNSPY or FlexiSPY. For an austere user experience, mainly for parental reasons, you can go for the basic mSpy instead.

Research Process

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  • Total Phone Spying Apps Researched – 30
  • Total Phone Spying Apps Shortlisted – 15
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