Some Interesting Software Testing Interview Questions

This Article Answers Some of The Most Frequently Asked Software Testing Interview Questions. Read This Post to Prepare for Software Testing Interview:

In this post, I am going to answer some of the questions asked by one of the readers Srinivas M.

Interesting Software Testing Interview

Q #1) In an application currently in production, one module of code is being modified. Is it necessary to re-test the whole application or is it enough to just test functionality associated with that module?

Vijay: Well, the answer is both. You will have to test the functionality of that module as well as the other modules. It also depends on the module you are modifying.

All the modules should be tested because new changes might have an impact on the other modules as well. You can, therefore, differentiate by the stress given on the module which is to be tested.

I think this scenario will explain the answer to your question well.

If Module A is modified, Module B is depending on module A, and Module C is a general module independent of module A.

In this case, you will first test the module A in depth. Your next stress will be on the module B. But what about module C? This module will be tested as well but with less stress, because module C does not depend on module A for its functioning, rather it depends on module B.

If you are a white box tester, you must be knowing which modules are to be tested and which ones can be affected. But in case you are a black box tester, you will be required to do Regression Testing as well.

Regression tests should be carried out on only those modules associated with the modified module.

Q #2) What is the most challenging situation you have faced during testing?

Vijay: A very good question indeed! A few years back, when I had switched my job, I had been asked the same question by my interviewer. A perfect answer to this question usually depends on the challenges experienced by an individual.

Software Testing has a lot of challenges both in the Manual as well as in Automation.

Discovering a bug that was difficult to be found out could be the answer to this question. It was quite challenging for me. Fixing these un-reproducible bugs can be difficult but is often possible.

Always keep in mind that whenever you are answering such a question, be realistic and don’t stress. Do not let anyone dull your sparkle. Just be yourself.

Q #3) What are you going to do if there is no Functional Spec or any documents related to the system and developer who wrote the code does not work in the company anymore, but you have a system and need to test?

Vijay: It is, unfortunately, one of the typical situations in Indian companies because of the high attrition rate.

In this case, you need to do the Exploratory Testing of the product. It is about exploring, finding out about the software, what it does, what it doesn’t do, what works and what doesn’t work.

In this testing, you will come to know about the system and its basic workflow. In Exploratory Testing, you can also discover ‘blocker’ bugs that are harmful to your system and therefore, protect your system from being crashed.

If you are a white box tester, the next step is to look for different module codes. By this, you will be able to analyze the test cases for different modules and their relations.

If you have any further questions please comment below.

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  1. I am an IT professional for the past 4 years, I’m eager to get into software testing to branch out and grow in my career. I’ve already looked at applying for the ISTQB foundation level course but I wanted to ask you what other courses or self study practises I can do to grow further in this new career turn I want to take.

    I’m tired of being in the same level and want to branch out and since I have a background in quality (ISO 9001) I wish to pursue and grow in quality assurance/testing.

    Reading the comments above, I guess you all must have been here at some point. So waiting for your advice and suggestion as to how I can move from this stagnant point.


  2. Hi Vijay,

    I am working on Manual Testing and want to switch in Automation Testing.I have 3 Years experience but in companies they are asking for hands on experience in automation Testing.If i learned automation Tool and without any hands on experience,can i switch?Please guide me.


  3. Hello Sir,
    i am an MCA passed out in 2014.I have 1 year experience in software developement field.Now i want to move in to Software Testing.Could you please help me to choose which certification is good for me?And how to get a job in testing?
    Plz can some one help me.

  4. if today is the delivered date of product and you come to know that there are so many bugs in major functions and u have to deliver the product today in this situation what will you do?

  5. “Let’s say you log a bug that you find while executing 1 of your tests cases. But the developer comes back and says that this is not a valid bug. How would you tackle this situation and what would be your next steps?” Provide a thorough and complete answer to this interview question

    • Try out the following steps,
      Ensure that the defect is a valid defect that it does not have any logical loopholes.
      After the first level of verification, make sure the defect is actually a deviation from the expected software behavior that should conform to business requirements
      When convinced from your side, communicate with the developer demanding the reason for marking the defect as invalid and validate his explanation to correctnes
      Also look for the possibility to verify whether the defect is reproduceable and capture the test evidence in the form of screenshots
      Produce the evidence to the developer and ask him to rerun the test and if the test is verifiable then it should be fixed
      If not, make sure whether the system is down for deployment or if it there could be a potential technical glitch or technical snag
      It is also worth giving a try on checking the system log files along with the developer to zero in on the issue

  6. Its very useful questions for mainly,those who are preparing fro the interview.
    i have a question for 3 year experience,scenario is when customer buy a product in one mall with scanning the product in barcode reader.
    for this scenario how to test and how to test database cases.
    pls replay the answer!!!!!

  7. Hi, friends

    I am trying in software Testing Field by putting 2+ years of fake experience. I am very much worried about interview questions “what HR will ask in interview . Can you post me or send me interview questions and answers,
    please tell me and help


    • Hi Hussain,
      For some products there will be versions
      The test case which is taken from old version is said be used case…
      The test case which is prepared by ourselfs by knowing the requirements of the product is known as test case

  8. hello,

    The only question m failing in every interview is

    “your application is in production and there is an issue found in live, what is the next step you do?” (issue is realted to your field)

    it will be glad if you could answer this and help me out.

    please do the needfull, thanks!

  9. I m having interview with jp morgan chase as qa analyst. can anyone help me what kind interview question they will ask me?
    I never work in It field before


    • hello, dear
      I am Mr. Salman from Pakistan. I just want to ask you a question related to the interview on how to build our speaking while we are getting interviewed for the job so please anybody here to help me with this it would be a nice job for me.

  10. I have a few questions-
    1. You have tested a mobile app and it is live now and clients are using it. But then you find there’s a data leakage bug in the app. You notify the management regarding this and developers fix it. But client is still using the old version. So how will you make sure client uses updated version?

    2. What are the challenges faced while testing mobile app as compared to web app (in terms of functionality)?

  11. I am taking testing coaching.after completing td I HV to keep fake exp.
    So in which way I have to prepare as an experienced
    Place help me out guys…

  12. I am taking testing coaching.after completing td I HV to keep fake exp.
    So in which way I have to prepare as an experienced
    Place help me out guys…


  13. hello, dear
    I am Mr. Salman from Pakistan. I just want to ask you a question related to the interview on how to build our speaking while we are getting interviewed for the job so please anybody here to help me with this it would be a nice job for me.

    • Hi,

      I am from commerce background.
      Can I switch my career to software manual and automation testing by taking course.
      I am interested in software testing.

      • U can become. As Manual testing is easier and u dnt need to take up course,..u will need to concentrate over automation which may need to take up with courses. So i suggest you to start with learning Automation testing tools like – Seleuim, Tosca, Test Complete. These tools are wide scoped in market.

  14. Hey!!! This article is nice. Helping and meaningful information which is simple and easier to understand too. Thanks for the detailed answers and ideas as it helped me alot.


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