Client Server Testing, Web Testing & Desktop Testing GUIDE

Learn what is Client Server Testing, Web Testing & Desktop Testing and how to test these types of applications:

This tutorial will give you the answers to the above questions in detail along with simple examples for your easy understanding.

In real-time, each tester performs testing on Desktop applications, Client-Server applications, or Web applications, or may work on multiple applications in parallel with different projects.

So testing is performed on different types of applications as mentioned above and the way we perform testing in different environments also varies.

To overcome the confusion and get a better understanding related to each type of application testing, the purpose of each application testing, what are the merits and demerits, etc let us learn the same today in this tutorial.

Let’s get started!

Projects are broadly divided into two types of:

  • 2 Tier Applications
  • 3 Tier Applications

Client Server Testing

What is Client Server Testing?

As the name suggests, the Client-Server application consists of two systems, one is the Client and the other is the Server. Here, the client and server interact with each other over the computer network.

In Client-Server application testing, the client sends requests to the server for specific information and the server sends the response back to the client with the requested information. Hence, this testing is also known as two-tier application testing.

Few client-server applications are Email, Web Server, FTP, etc

The picture below depicts what the Client-Server application looks like:

Client-server computing

This type of testing is usually done for 2 tier applications (usually developed for LAN). We will be having Front-end and Backend here.

Applications launched on the front-end will have forms and reports which will be monitoring and manipulating data.

For Example, applications developed in VB, VC++, Core Java, C, C++, D2K, PowerBuilder, etc., The backend for these applications would be MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, and Quadbase.

Client-Server Application is a Two-Tier Application:

This has forms & reporting at front-end (monitoring & manipulations are done) [using vb, vc++, core java, c, c++, d2k, power builder etc.,] -> database server at the backend [data storage & retrieval) [using ms access, SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, quad base etc.,]


  • In the Client-Server applications, ‘.exe’ file is available on each client machine whereas the application is loaded on the server machine.
  • Internet connectivity is required to work on the Client-Server.
  • The GUI feature is available on both client and server-side machines.

Types of Testing to Perform

Below are the different testing techniques to be performed:

Merits & Demerits


  • All the data is located at the central location (Server), hence data is protected easily by providing access to authorized users.
  • Data can be accessed efficiently even if the server is located away from the clients.


  • If multiple clients send requests to the same server in parallel, it leads to congestion in the network because the server may get overloaded.
  • Due to any reason, if a server fails then none of the client requests can be fulfilled and this leads to the disruption of the client-server network.
  • The cost of setting up and maintaining the server is high.

What is Web Testing?

Testing Web Applications is a bit different and complicated when compared with Desktop Application testing and Client-Server application Testing.

As the name hints, any application which is accessed over the internet through a browser is known as a web application. Testing performed on these applications is known as Web Application testing. Web Applications are launched using a URL in a browser. Web testing is performed on different browsers and in different operating systems.

Here browser sends the request to the web server and the web server sends the same request to the database and the database sends the response to the web server and the web server redirects the same response to the browser. Hence, this is also known as three-tier application testing.

Few Web Applications are Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The picture below depicts what the Web application looks like:


This is done for 3 tier applications (developed for Internet/intranet/xtranet). Here we will be having Browser, web server and DB server.

The applications accessible in the browser would be developed in HTML, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, etc. (We can monitor through these applications).

Applications for the webserver will be developed in Java, ASP, JSP, VBScript, JavaScript, Perl, Cold Fusion, PHP, etc. (All the manipulations are done on the webserver with the help of these programs developed)

The DB server would have Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, etc. (All data is stored in the database available on the DB server).

Web Application is a Three-Tier Application:

This has a browser (monitors data) [monitoring is done using HTML, Dhtml, XML, JavaScript] -> webserver (manipulates data) [manipulations are done using programming languages or scripts like adv java, asp, JSP, VBScript, JavaScript, Perl, ColdFusion, php] -> database server (stores data) [data storage and retrieval is done using databases like Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL].


  • Internet connectivity is required to work on the web.
  • The GUI feature is available on Web Applications.
  • Can be accessed from anywhere with no location constraints.

Types of Testing to Perform

Below are the different testing techniques to be performed:

  • GUI Testing (UI Testing)
  • Functional Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Load Testing (Back-end Testing)
  • Performance Testing
  • Interoperability Testing
  • Browser Compatibility Testing
  • Storage and data volume testing

Merits & Demerits


  • Platform independent.
  • Improves user experience and makes sure all functionalities are working fine.
  • Ensure a high-quality web application as an end result.
  • Can be accessed by multiple users at a time.


  • Internet connectivity is required.
  • Browser dependency.
  • Applications can’t be accessed if the server is down.

What is Desktop Testing

A Desktop Application is a software program that is used to run on a personal computer, machine, or laptop. Required applications or software are installed on a stand-alone machine and the installed application is accessible by only one user at a time. Hence, desktop application testing is also known as stand-alone application testing.

Few desktop applications are MS-Office, Calculator, Adobe Acrobat Reader, etc.

The image below depicts what the desktop application looks like:



  • These applications are highly-developed to execute the applications on particular operating systems.
  • No internet connectivity is required to work on desktop applications.

Types of Testing to perform

Below are the different testing techniques to be performed:

Merits & Demerits


  • Doesn’t require any internet connection.
  • Can be accessed very quickly.
  • Hacking these applications is impossible because of high security.


  • Confined to only one user to access the desktop application at a time.
  • It is not possible to share the data.
  • High maintenance is required as these applications need some storage to install.

Difference Between Desktop, Client-Server, and Web Application Testing

Desktop Application:

  • Application runs in single memory (Front end and Back end in one place)
  • Single user only

Client/Server Application:

  • Applications run in two or more machines.
  • Applications are menu-driven.
  • Connected mode (connection always exists until logout).
  • A limited number of users.
  • Less number of network issues when compared to the web app.

Web Application:

  • Applications run in two or more machines.
  • URL-driven
  • Disconnected mode (stateless)
  • Unlimited number of users.
  • Many issues like Hardware Compatibility, Browser Compatibility, Version Compatibility, Security Issues, Performance Issues, etc.

As per the difference in both, the applications come from where and how to access the resources. In Client-Server, once the connection is made, it will be in the state on connected, whereas in case the web testing HTTP protocol is stateless, then there comes logic of cookies, which is not in Client-Server.

For Client-Server application, users are well known, whereas for web application any user can log in and access the content, he/she will use it as per his intentions.

So, there are always issues of security and compatibility for a Web Application.

Comparison Table

Desktop Application TestingClient-Server Application TestingWeb Application Testing
Applications which are installed on single machine Applications which are installed on both client and server Applications which are URL -driven and executed on different web browsers
Desktop applications are accessed by only one userClient-Server applications can be accessed by multiple users but limited numberWeb applications can be accessed by any number of user without any limit across the internet
Testing is performed on stand-alone machine or single machineTesting is performed on 2-tier applicationTesting is performed on 3-tier application
Testing environment is DesktopTesting environment is intranetTesting environment is web browsers
No authentication required as only one user is accessing the applicationClient-Server applications access restricted to limited users hence username/password is provided to access the applicationWeb applications can be accessed by all users
Examples of Desktop applications: MS Office, AutoCAD Examples of Client-Server applications: Email, Web Server, FTPExamples of Web applications: Facebook, Twitter

Further Reading => What is the difference between website & web application


Hope you have a better understanding now after diving deep into each testing type and understanding the difference between desktop, client-server, and web application testing.

Almost every tester might be involved in testing in any one of the testing categories like Desktop application, Client-Server application, or Web Application Testing.

So understanding the differences and the approaches is needed when testing these three important applications aids testing teams compose effective test cases, which finally results in the thriving application.

Keep in mind that though the difference exists in these three environments, the basic Quality Assurance and testing principles remain the same and apply to all.

Please share your thoughts on this tutorial in the comments section below!

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  1. Hi Vijay,
    I am working on desktop applications since last 2 years and now learning web application testing basics side by side..
    am very eager to work on web projects..let’s see when i will get the chance.. thanks for providing useful info here..

  2. Thanks VijayD for u r great help…

    1)Is all web based application is always 3-tier?plz explain

    May god bless you.

  3. Hi Vijay,

    I have aroung two years of exp. in testing wherein i am doing only functional testing that is also for manual.
    Many tester in company are using Mercury Quality Center, i just want to knaow what is all about , is ita tool or just to track the status of testing.

    Pls explain me also if i can get demo version of Mercury Quality Center.


    Call: 09830704327

  4. @Bibek,

    Could be n-tier applications as well.

    Eg, following are the different tiers you can see,

    1) Presentation GUI -> HTML, Windows forms, etc.
    2) Presentation Logic Tier -> The Web Server Side – IIS (VBScript,JScript, Web Forms, C#,, etc) Produces: (HTML, XML,

    WML, DHTML, etc), Proxy Tier (SOAP, CORBA, RMI, DCOM, etc).
    3) Business tier -> Business Objects and Rules, Data Manipulation and Transformation into Information, Could be deisgned in a stateful manner.
    4) Data Access Tier -> Interfaces with the Database, Handles all Data I/O, Made to scale, usually stateless.
    5) Data Tier -> Storage, Query & Storage Optimization, Performance (Indexing, etc).


  5. @Vishal,

    Quality Center can be used to Track the Following Integrated Testing Process:

    1) Specifying Requirements: Identify and validate the functional and performance requirements that need to be tested

    (Requirements Planning).
    2) Planning Tests: Plan and confirm which tests need to be performed and how these tests must be run (Test Plan).
    3) Running Tests: Organize test sets, schedule their execution, perform test runs, and analyze the results of these runs

    (Test Lab).
    4) Tracking Defects: Add defects that were detected in the application and track how repairs are progressing (Defects

    5) Generating Reports: Module Specific Report or General report can be generated any time during the testing process from each Quality Center module, using default or customized settings (Dash Board).

    1) Requirements:
    Requirements describe in detail what needs to be tested in your application and provide the test team with the foundation on

    which the entire testing process is based.In Qualtiy Centre you can:

    a) Define and View Requirements:
    You can Add Requirements, Child Requirements and additional child Requirements which can be viewed in the Tree View and Grid

    View and apply Filters. You can zoom in and out of the requirements tree and also display or hide numeration.

    b) Modify and Track Requirements:
    You can drag drop, rename, change properties and delete a requirement.

    c) Convert Requirements:
    Once Finalised Requirements can be converted into Tests using Automatic conversion Method.

    d) Link Requirements:
    You can Later link Requirement to Tests and Defects.These Links can be Direct and Indirect.

    2) Test Plan:
    Test Plans in QC can be used to outline the testing strategy for achieving your goals .
    After you have determined your testing goals you can use QC to :

    1) Build a test plan tree:
    A Test Plan tree hierarchically divides your application into testing units, or subjects. You define tests that contain

    steps. Each test step, specifies the actions to be performed on your application and the expected result.

    2) Automation:
    Once decided on which test to automate you can generate a QTP or a Winrunner script ,Upload it and Link it to the

    Corresponding Manual Test case. The Various stages of Automation are tracked in QC are as the follwing ‘Automation Status’ :
    a) Suitable \ Not Suitable: The manual Testers mark a Test case as Suitable if it can be Automated.
    b) Design: Going through Automation.
    c) More Info Required: Some Details for Automation Missing .
    d) For SME Approval: Automated and Waiting for SME’s Go Ahead for Execution.
    e) Operational: Ready for Execution, Automated.
    f) Reject: Descoped while Automation.
    g) Repair: Maintainence of a script in case of changes.

    3) Create and View Requirement Coverage:
    In the Test Plan module or in Requirements module, you create requirements coverage. A test can cover more than one

    requirement, and a requirement can be covered by more than one test. Use the Coverage Analysis view in the Requirements

    module to analyze the breakdown of child requirements according to tests coverage.

    3) Test Lab:
    Running tests is the core of the testing process.

    1) Define Test Sets:
    Group the Various Tests into Sanity Tests, Normal Tests, Positive checks test, Negative tests, Advanced Checks, Smoke Tests

    and Regression Tests.

    2) Add Tests to a Test Set :
    A One Step Process to Associate Tests to a Test Set in the Test Lab Module. A Test Set In QC has the following Properties:
    a) Details: This property can be used to list the details of a Test set.
    b) Attachments: Documents, reports and Files for a Particular Set can be attached.
    c) On Failure: Set rules for automated runs in case of Failures.
    d) Notification: Mails can be sent to the concerned User Groups in case of Different Types of Failures.

    3) Schedule Test Runs Automatically:
    A Test Set can be scheduled for a Specific Day, a Specific Time and on a Specific Machine. Unattended Runs can be scheduled

    and results later Analyzed.

    4) Defects:
    Locating and repairing defects is an essential phase in application development.

    1) Tracking Defect:
    In Quality Center project defect is tracked through these stages: New, Open, Fixed, and Closed. A defect may also be Rejected

    or it may be Reopened after it is fixed.

    2) Add Defect:
    A Defect can be assigned the following Significant Properties on QC:
    a) Details: The Various Detailsa as to which Project,Component and Phase does the Defect belong to.
    b) Assigned to:It can be directly assigned to a user, who gets notified throgh a mail.
    c) Severity: Categorize the defect as Urgent,High,Medium,Low.
    d) Attachments: Attach snapshots, logs or other files specific to that defect.
    e) Comments: Add comments as and when a defect moves from one stage to other and add Resolution Details.

    3) Emailing Defects:
    Defects can be mailed to the User whom it is raised by, the user whom its assigned to and the other e-mail I.D’s.
    4) Linking Defects:
    Defects can be linked to various Tests and in turn to requirements.
    Reports, Graphs and Dashboard:
    You can generate reports and graphs at any time during the testing process from each Quality Center module, using default or

    customized settings.

    5) Generating Reports:
    Module Specific Report or General report can be generated any time during the testing process from each Quality Center

    module, using default or customized settings.

    1) Generating Graphs:
    Graphs of the following types can be generated:
    a) Summary.
    b) Trend.
    c) Progress.

    2) Generating Live Analysis Graphs:
    You can create Live Analysis graphs to provide a dynamic quick visual overview of all the tests in a test subject folder, or

    test sets in a test set folder.

    3) Filters and Sorts:
    Apply filters and sort conditions, and display information according to your specifications,Save your settings as favorite

    views and reload them as needed.

    4) Dashboard:
    a) Support for all QC platforms (Solaris, Linux, WL, WS)
    b) Support for clustering and load balancing
    c) Support for QC and QCD on the same machine

    Hope this helps.


  6. Thanks Vijay:-)

    How can i get demo version of MQC

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  7. Hi Vishal Chhaperia, I read ur query now. U can hav the demo version from Google itself. Just search “HP Quality Center software Flash demo”. Then in the navigated page u will have a form to fill. Then after submitting it, u can view the demo. Bye…..

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  14. Hello Vijay,

    Please categorize the following by providing some examples.

    1)System Based Application
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  23. Testing can also be categorized based on how it is executed. Execution could be in the form of verification or static analysis or it could be validation or dynamic analysis. Verification and validation can be categorized further according to how it is done.

  24. Testing can also be categorized based on how it is executed. Execution could be in the form of verification or static analysis or it could be validation or dynamic analysis. Verification and validation can be categorized further according to how it is done.

    Written an submitted by lakshmikanta reddy

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  30. hi all,
    Is there any need to perform security testing on client server based application.
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  31. There are numerous differences in Client-Server and Web application architecture. As a tester if you are testing Web applications, it is important to understand what Client-Server architecture is and how Web is different from traditional Client-Server architecture.

    Web is a specialized version of client server network, but it has got noticeable differences. In client server network, computing resources are conserved by delegating complex and time consuming task to powerful, expensive computers called server. These server machines are much more powerful in terms of large storage and computing power. They do all the computing and delivers result back to the machines called client over a communication path. Thus client-server architecture comprises of server, client and communication path connecting them.

    If you see at the lower level, client server architecture is not that simple. In order to connect two computers, you need network level protocol, you need proper software at client side and server side to send and receive data over network. You need to take care of data loss during transmission, bandwidth issues, dropped connectivity etc. Most of these issues are already addressed by protocols like TCP/IP, UDP, ARP etc. and developers face very little problem in implementing them. These protocols are backbone of the client server architecture.

    WWW was developed on top of existing client server architecture. It came into existence as a replacement for FTP and email as a mechanism of sharing files and data. New development in servers to handle more requests, new client software to connect and browse resources on server; new development like HTTP, HTML etc fueled the growth of Web. Main component of the Web architecture is the Web Server, which can serve request from any client. Initially, web started serving static content and soon it was explored for the possibility of doing much more than just static content.

    Even though Web is built on top of client server, there are noticeable differences. For example

    Web is a special case of client server architecture in which fat clients are used to communicate with the server using variety of protocols and standards like HTTP, HTML, XML, SOAP etc.
    In client server architecture, both client and server exist within the walls of a single company, thus operates in a protected environment. Clients in that case become the trusted user. Web is different, since client can connect server from anywhere thus not a single connection can be treated as trusted.
    Because client server is typically within a company’s firewall, issues related to security are not as important as in Web applications.
    In client server architecture, clients are controlled as in who can access, how clients will communicate and use server’s resources etc. In Web, mostly anyone with a browser can connect to the Web.
    In client server architecture, every client is known; every request received by server will have information on who originated this request. In Web, users are anonymous thus pose a greater security risk.
    Web gives more opportunity to malicious users to tamper data at the client side as well as at the network level. Chances of data being tampered in the traditional client server architecture are much lesser as compare to Web.
    Number of clients that can be connected to the server is predictable and can be controlled in the traditional client server, but it can not be controlled in the Web.
    Clients are much more controlled in client-server. Which OS they will use, which platform they will run on, what browser will be used every thing can be controlled. In comparison to that, nothing can be controlled in Web.
    Because of the fact that both are different, testing applications in client server, or web will also be different. The main areas where the testing gets affected can be summarized as:

    Business Logic: Mostly in the cases of Client-Server client side business logic needs to be tested which is mostly not needed in for the web-based applications.
    Platform / OS Dependence: The web based applications are O/S independent; they just need to be tested on different browsers. The Client-Server applications depend upon the Platform/ OS used, which accentuate their testing on different Platforms and OS.
    Scalability: Web based Application have to be tested for performance against thousands of simultaneous users. This number will be considerably less for Client Server application
    Security: This forms an integral part of web based applications but it might be relaxed just a bit for Client Server applications. The reason for this relaxation is based on the fact that the in case of Client-server interaction is taking place mostly between the trusted/known sources which is not the case for web based applications.
    In a nutshell it can be stated that although web-based applications are a special case of client-server applications, yet their testing differ in many areas. All the areas identified above need to be addressed adequately in your testing, specially security since every client connected in the web environment is a potential threat to the system.

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    I an looking for job in SQT. I have done BSc(Maths) and Diploma in Computer Application Program. Due to some problem I had to work in a domestic call center. Now I am pursuing MBA from ICFAI University through distance learning and have knowledge of some of the SQT tools like WinRunner, Load Runner, QTP ect. But I cud not get a job as a Software Tester. How should I prepare myself for the interviews in this particular field. Should I do MBA in IT and pursue a diploma in SQT? Will that help to get a good job? Which institute is good for SQT course and of course job assistance is also important? Please help and reply me soon by e-mail as I am confused to take the right decision.

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    I am looking for job in SQT. I have done BSc(Maths) and Diploma in Computer Application Program. Due to some problem I had to work in a domestic call center. Now I am pursuing MBA from ICFAI University through distance learning and have knowledge of some of the SQT tools like WinRunner, Load Runner, QTP ect. But I cud not get a job as a Software Tester. How should I prepare myself for the interviews in this particular field. Should I do MBA in IT and pursue a diploma in SQT? Will that help to get a good job? Which institute is good for SQT course and of course job assistance is also important? Please help and reply me soon by e-mail as I am confused to take the right decision.
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    V.Hari Prasad Reddy,
    .H.NO 850 JP Nagar,
    12th Cross, 2nd Phase, E-mail: Bangalore-87. Mobile: +91 9886708586

    Career Objective: Seeking a position in an ever-growing organization to utilize my communication and
    Analytical skills, striving for excellence and innovation.


    ? M.C.A. from Sri Krishna Devaraya University, Anantapur
    80.3% (aggregate) during the year 2004-07.

    ? computer science from Sri Krishna Devaraya University, Anantapur
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    ? Intermediate from Board of Intermediate Education with
    69.8% (aggregate) during the year 1999-01

    ? S.S.C from Board of Secondary Education with
    66 %( aggregate) during the year 1998-99.

    Expertise and Exposure:

    Operating Systems worked on : Windows (XP, 2000, 98)

    Programming Language : C, C++, Java (core),
    Linux (basic commands)

    Database : Oracle 8i, SQL Server 2000.

    Testing : Manual, QTP, and Test Director.


    • Good knowledge in testing different types of applications like server client & web based applications.
    • Good exposure in SDLC & STLC.
    • Good knowledge in different types of testing like Build verification testing, Regression testing, Retesting & Adhoc testing, End to End testing.
    • Good exposure in test case preparation, bug tracking & reporting.
    • Thorough exposure in automated tool QTP

    Project Profile (Case Study):

    Project: 1
    Name : Corp Connector
    Duration : 4 months as a part of MCA final project
    Description : The project “Corp Connector” is an web based project. Higher-level institutions and colleges regularly plan to hire guest lecturers for their students. This project acts as intermediate between college, lecturers and students. Colleges inform the schedules of lecture to students and lecturers through E-mails and SMS.

    Role : I worked on the development of the application from requirements to
    deployment of the application.
    Front-End : C# 2.0, ASP.Net
    Back-End : SQL Server 2000
    Plat Form : Windows XP SP2
    Project #2:
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    Data base : SQL
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    Project overview: FMS software is used to provide the user with facilities to make online request & to give feedback about vehicle & driver. It is also mean to handle vehicle details & vehicle maintenance. This software provides flexibility and less complexity in traveling services for the employees.
    Role/responsibilities: Generation Test Cases for each specification in requirement specification Document corresponding to each module. Performed Bug Tracking, Analyzing and documenting defects using Test Director.
    Software Tools : Manual Testing, Test Director.
    Personal Profile:
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    This artical is really helpful to all thank you .
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    i need to load test a windows application by automation ,
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  46. Hi Vijay,
    i need to load test a windows application by automation ,
    i have a question whether is there any load testing tool to test if so please suggest the tools,,,,,urgent

  47. hi vijay

    could u plz tell me best testing tool for client-server based application?
    presently m doing manual testing and know i want to automate it.

  48. I want to take HP0-M19 certification for LoadRunner. Is there negative marking for this? Can u please provide some on line material?

  49. Hi friends, am graduate and i completed my testing course. Am looking for job in manual testing. I completed my graduation in the year 2002. Can i get job in manual testing? and also please help me regarding resume preparation.
    Please any one send me sample resumes.


  50. A multi-tier application is NOT depends of LAN or Web. You can create a multi-tier application on your desktop. Just encapsulate the business logic in few components. In this case the application will be created as a multi-tier application.

  51. i had approached for Security Testing of Web Applications but i am not satisfied about sever security testing. pl give me example

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    I’m back again, its been quite long time posting articles here. I am glad if I can help you guys.

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    i did testing types
    browser compatibility
    and usuability
    how to do volume testing using manual
    can you please send my reply
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    firstly,thanks for helping freshers like me.I have learned a lot from this website and could u please tell me how to write test cases for web based applications.
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  58. Hi Vijay,

    What kind of Testing you are going to perform in Webbased testing? So that it would be easy for me to guide to write the test cases. Should you have any questions, contat me through email.

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  62. hi swati u can just go thru the topics listed in this site. This is more than sufficient to take a seminar. I appreciate your thirst to get the topic from net as student.

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  65. Hi,
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    what is a product based and project based company.


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    your job is excellent.thank you.
    most of the testers are asking automation tool from others. isn’t the company provide these tools for automation testing?
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    I have done my software testing course an year back but now i am interested to go in the testing field. So kindly let me know is there any trusted center where i can get trained in a month .

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    i am join as software tester just for wed testing. can i shift from testing to devlopement(.net).
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    Congrats for this beautiful article.

    I was looking for this kind of information on ‘Web based testing’ from long time.
    Let me be very frank, It was very well explained and presented and I am really impressed by this information.

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    What is xtranet?


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    i have done my mca in 2009 and i want to make my career in software testing i have done one testing course from pure testing noida but i am unable to get the job yet may be because of i am not through out 60 %

    my marks is
    10 == 42.6
    12 == 51
    bcom= 46.75
    mca = 68.9

    if any one having knowledge for testing jobs in which i can appear for test
    plz forword to my mail id

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  83. Whats the difference b\w Client server application & Client Management application?


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    this article is very use full. am worked for 3 tier(web testing) since 3 mnth. but i ha doubt in testcases writing.
    my company is open source company. we just enhancing the applications. for that how can i write test cases. they dint give any training to me. but they asking for test cases. i read so many article. i dint get this. and how to test permonce testing to web application manually. Plz give information. am very struggling to do this.

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  88. It’s excellent guide lines to follow for security software testing.

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    Can you advise of any institute in india I can attend to attain this practical experience where I will have opportunity of working on a real life project. Currently based in the UK. Will appreciate your prompt response.

  97. Excellent stdy matrial for Freshers as well as Exprnce peoples

    thanks vijayD

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    how to data flow in 3 tier Application.?
    it will help more to the freshers..

  99. hi vijay,
    Thanks for giving documentation on QC,really it is helping to all , who want to know about QC.

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    iam senthil kumar BE(ECE) with 2yrs exp in hardware testing i.e pcb board level testing.iam now looking for s/w testing.i heard about vskills certification.will it help me get job?i know some can i go for web based testing and do
    Certified Software Testing Professional VS-1023
    Certified Selenium Professional VS-1083.
    or which skill set i need to have like qtp,qc etc?

    • @n.senthil kumar: Came across your post. I will recommend you to apply for Scientificgames Inc company. I have been working there for more than 8 yrs. Company is in Casino gaming domain. As you are having hardware testing exp. will be a great benefit for you due to the domain this company having. company has offices in Pune, Bangalore, Channai and all over world. Do check website and apply. You will get good package also.

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  104. This article is very helpful,can you please give us detail points ,what we test in server /client architectur and what other points we should keep in mind while testing client server architecture

  105. plz send me test case for online banking project and web testing documentation,

  106. Hi Vijay,
    Thanks for all your efforts ,its really proving to be helpful :).Your way of expressing the things is really nice i appreciate that.

    Vijay ,My query is regarding the automation testing ,I am in manual testing and want to learn automation ,which tool should i go for i.e Junit or sellenium .
    Is Junit used most by programmers not testers as it is used for testing classes .

    Which automation tool is most demanding in market .

    Waiting eagerly for your suggestion


  107. Hemant, if you want to learn Automation testing then go for Selenium tool as it is hot now-a-days. The Junit which you have mentioned is the framework used in Selenium. So, if you are learning Selenium tool then, you will definitely learn Junit also.

  108. Hi vijay,
    I want sugession from u.i m sandeep i hv done my B.E. in 2007 i have exp in telicomm sector dut due to 2G scam i have left my job.right now i did SQT course i want to go in manual testing.could u plz suggest me how i get the job in software testing.i dont have any exp in testing.plz help me.

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  110. hi….
    ,what we test in server /client architectur and what other points we should keep in mind while testing client server architecture other

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    gray box why fail when web site is multi ownership web site?

  112. Hi Vijay,
    Appreciate if you could list out good beta and user testing sites/links and also details about real time QA and testing carried out in an eLearning environment. Ex: the process, testing types and methods etc.
    Thanks and regards,

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    I have some query about automation tools like WINRUNNER , Rational Robot & Test Director.
    pls send me more information in detail.

  114. I tried to read most of the comments to see, if anyone gave example to Single Tier, Client server, Web based applications, so that it would be easy for readers to relate. Appreciate if someone can give details on application, front end languages, backend, database details.

    I have no idea and want to understand better with real time examples. Thanks

  115. Hello Vijay Sir,

    Are both Desktop applications and Windows based applications same ? If not what are the differences ? Looks confusing, is there any similarities between them? Could you please explain with real time examples.

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    Very informative article.
    Could you explain the difference between distributed application and enterprise application in java?
    Java Geek

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    Can anyone give example of client server application in our day today life..
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