A Real Software Testing Interview – Questions with Answers Mainly for Onsite Tester + Coordinator Position

I recently had this unique experience of coaching a QA (10 years experience) to attend a client software testing interview with a leading Entertainment company in Los Angeles. The site to be tested was a simple customer facing website (sort of like an online TV channel) that had both Web and Mobile components.

The situation was: A consulting company was projecting profiles to this client for an onsite tester + coordinator position but none of them was making it through the testing interview process. So they decided to collect the QA interview questions from the previous attendees and they gave me a questionnaire. They wanted me to give the answers to the next candidate and coach that person to be successful in the testing QA interview.

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When I got the list of questions, I was surprised and ‘not-surprised’ at the same time. Surprised- because the questions were really basic and a 10 year experienced QA should have been able to answer them easily.  Not so surprised because QA is the field of IT that has most weeds in my opinion – but let’s not get into it.

After being done with the exercise, I thought it would be nice to share this experience with the STH readers. For beginners, this will be a good live exposure. For others, it will be a friendly reminder of how important fundamentals are no matter how experienced we are.

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Here goes…..

9 Most Common QA Software Testing Interview Questions for Beginners as well as Experienced Candidates:

Q1. What is the Process for creating a test script?

Step 1 – is to get a thorough understanding of the AUT –
a) This could be by reading the requirement documents thoroughly
b) In absence of docs, we could try to understand any point of reference that we have – a previous version of the application or wire-frames or screenshots

Step 2 – After understanding the requirements, we make a list of what are the areas in this application that will have to be tested. In other words, we identify the test requirements. The focus in this step is to identify “What” to test. The outcome of this step is a list of test scenarios.

Step 3 – Once we have the test scenarios, we concentrate next on “How” to test them.  This phase involves writing detailed steps about how to test a particular feature, what data to enter (test data) and what is the expected result.

Once these 3 steps are done, we are ready for testing.

Q2. What are the fields in a bug report?

Following important fields should be included in a good bug report:

  1. A unique ID
  2. Defect description – a short describing what the bug is
  3. Steps to reproduce – details about how to arrive at the error, exact test data, the time at which defect was found(if applicable) environment – any information that will help re-encounter the issue
  4. Module/section of the application (if applicable)
  5. Severity
  6. Screenshot
  7. Responsible QA – in case of any follow-up questions regarding this issue

Q3. How to test a customer facing software?

With any application that we test, we are trying to see if a certain set of requirements are met by the application or not. But when it comes to a user-facing site, apart from concentrating on functionality, we also have to look into few the usability features, may be performance and security aspects also to a certain extent.

The first level of testing is – Does the site satisfy its functional requirements. Example: if it is a loan management site, we need to look at – are the new customer able to apply for a loan, are the existing customer able to access their loan info, is the interest % applied to the loan amount correct, etc.

The next level of testing is – how easy is it to use the site, do the options make a logical sense and meet the expectations of the user or not. For example, if the user has to be pass 3-4 screens to submit the basic information they are going to be annoyed, so such issues have to be addressed. Another example, after entering username and password, the user might click on tab- which means the control should go to “Sign in” button, instead if it’s going to cancel, the user is going to be really annoyed and the experience of using the site is going to be compromised. Such issues have to be caught.

Performance testing to the complete extent might not be in scope but simple situations like, how long does the search results take to be displayed and how much time does it take for the system to retrieve a customer info at the peak hour – these are some example of the kind of things we would want to keep an eye on.

Security – for sites where there is a secure login to access the site, the minimum functionality around it has to be tested. For example, if I leave the site idle for more than 10 minutes, is it auto logging out or not. Something as basic as that should be focused on.

Q4. How to overcome the challenge of not having input documentation for testing?

IF the detailed standard documentation like BRD and FSD are unavailable, the tester will have to depend on some point of reference.
a) Screenshots
b) A previous version of the application
c) Wireframes …etc

Another factor that helps immensely, is to talk to the developers or the business analysts (when available) to get a confirmation on our understanding or clarifications in case of doubts.

When none of these situations works, we can just conceptualize the application based on our previous IT application experience and create the basic set of test scripts. When testing phase comes up, we can set up a portion of test cycle time and do some test case management (make the already created scripts perfect) so we have the doc for the next phases.

Q5. How to get maximum productivity from an offshore team?

The key is to make sure that all the testers know about all the modules and that there is no knowledge concentration in one place. Involving everyone in test script peer reviews, defect meetings and KT sessions is going to ensure that everyone is aware of the application to the best extent possible.

Also, by encouraging the concept of teamwork we can have the team members collaborate, help and aid each other for better productivity.

Regular follow up meetings also help the process very much.

Q6. What are the Roles and Responsibilities of an onsite coordinator? Does he/she test too?

The onsite coordinator is a point of contact for the offshore team and to the client for any information regarding the testing engagement.

This job includes:

  • KT from and to offshore and clients
  • Getting the environment to test all ready
  • Sanity testing, smoke testing
  • Testing – the key functionality.
  • Bug review – found by the offshore team
  • Bug assigning to the respective dev
  • Presenting metrics
  • Providing sign off

Yes, even an onsite coordinator has to test.

Q7. Inconsistent bugs – Why onsite can find it but offshore can’t and vice versa – How to handle this situation?

Every bug has to be noted and analyzed – whether it is encountered at onsite or offshore, whether repeatable or not. A real value-add to a tester’s job is when we involve ourselves in the Root Cause Analysis process for a bug rather than simply reporting it.

Some of the ways we can handle this situation are:
#1. All the onsite and offshore team members should follow a guideline that screenshots had to be taken for every error that we encounter – repeatable or not

#2. If there are logs, system files or anything like that, that might help us find any evidence of the issue- we should try to find it

#3. Despite all these steps, if we still can’t tell why and when the problem occurs- we should report it to the developer all the same – with as much information as we can.

Q8. Video/audio related testing – What does this include?

How to test an application having video or audio?

Here are the important points to consider:
– Access levels (restricted or not – password controlled)
– Different kinds of environments
– Browser compatibility
– Screen resolutions
– Internet connection speeds
– The specific options on a video – like play, stop, mute etc.
– Video by size
– Response to the videos – comments (limitations on the comment length and number of comments it can take)
– Video responses to the videos
– Interface with social networking sites – interoperability
– Buffering speed
– Embedding the video

Q9. Mobile Application Testing – What does it include briefly?

Mobile App Testing Important Test Scenarios:
– Check if the app works well with multiple carriers and multiple devices
– Usability of the features in a mobile screen
– Testing it on different mobile platforms – like Android and iOS
– Installations, uninstalling, launching the app with network and without network, testing functionality
– Network connections –WiFi, 2G, etc.
– Logs at  iOS iPhone configuration utility  for Android Monitor.bat can be used for debugging

That was it. Now, wasn’t that simple.

As a final note, I reiterate the philosophy at STH – know the basics well, the rest automatically follows.

I conclude, hoping that this effort will be beneficial and meaningful to our readers. Please let us know below in the comments section how we did.

Author: This post is written our STH team member Swati Seela.


#1 Kirti R

thanks for the detailed answers. one more question:
what is the testing process you follow on your project?

what we need to include while answering this question?


Thanks for sharing this piece. As QA Testers we should always brush up our knowledge. We need to constantly update our knowledge base.

#3 Sudhir Kamat

great answers.
can you share your thoughts on follwoing question
How to handle a situation when you don’t have time for complete testing

#4 Jafar

It helps. I would say that its not normal to have all kind of testing appear in life of a tester. Most of us are working as Functional Tester mainly. But keeping the testing fundamentals in mind, it helps to find more new things at.

#5 Kiran

STH Team, you simply rocks…

#6 masthanaiah

good … these questions with answers are very useful…
thanks for giving…

#7 Susan

I think it’s grerat to see what you know written down concisely so that you can show in interviews what you know. Thank you. How did the QA person get on with the interview after you coached him/her?

#8 Swati

@Kriti R: The best way to answer the question “Explain the testing process in your project” is to go over, point by point, how you tackle the QA project from the start- explain what the roles and responsibilities of the team members are- the day to day activities- deliverables etc. The important aspect is that you try to compare the process at your project with the standard STLC. I hope this answer helps!

#9 Swati

@Sudhir Kamat: Risk based testing can come in handy when we have aggressive time lines. In short, this means concentrating on the most important features and then following an exploratory approach for the rest.

#10 Swati

@Susan: I’m glad to know you found the post interesting. The candidate did make it through the interview :)

#11 Devi

Thank for the Testing Process and detailed answers. I want to know the testing proces in Telecommunication domain. Please help me by explain about any module in Telecommunication industry. It is so helpful.

#12 rameshwar

Being a tester I m exploring my way testing and its helping me out

#13 aarti

Nice article Swati..Thanks for the info..

#14 Jatin

Excellent Refresher!

#15 Amandeep Singh

One very important point which could be added to the question about the roles and responsibilities of an Onsite Tester/Co-ordinator could be test estimations and negotiations which happen with the onshore client TMs, PMs, Product Owners and Scrum masters.

This could be done completely by the onsite resource on his own or could only be a review of the version done by the offshore team…

#16 anusha

I would like to join in this course. After I complete this QA testing course(with most demanding
testing tools exposure) Will I be able to get into Entry level QA jobs in CA, USA with out any prior experience from reputed company? I have seen couple of job portals, they are looking for QA. candidate with minimum 2 years experience. So Please just share your suggestions.


#17 balaji honrao

i m balaji compeleted BE CSE.i have ask one question in my
interview.why did u choose testing plz give the perfect answer for
this question.

#18 Sachin


It is really Thought Provoking article..

According to me, during the Interview Session it is not that much difficult to answer the Conceptual based (STD) questions.

The main phase is to answer personal (Experience Related) questions –

Below are some examples of Questions, Please answer them all as you are the Candidate, and Kindle let us know what are the Points to be consider while answering Such Diplomatic questions (in fact Diplomatic Answers :) )

Let Say Question are –

1. What is the Best Moment in Your Testing Life ?

2. Do you remember your Manager appreciate you for your work. tell me any short incident ?

3. How you performed as a Trouble shooter in your Last Job..any event you remember ?

4. Which is the Best Module you ever Tested ? The Best ? and Why ?

5. Have you helped your Team in Risk Management ? How ? any Example ?

6. Tell me which one the Most Critical Bug you find in your Life ? What was the Severity ? How it influenced.

7. Which one the Best Work around you have suggest to solve big trouble for few time, that provided some relax to your Project Team (Does not delay the Release) ? Is it happen any Time ? If yes can you share it with Me ?

These are only few Questions ..But still if you can give answers of them with quite Elaborative manner it will really Help All of the Readers .

Please provide special Tips additionally ( I hope You have some)

Waiting for your Reply !!


#19 ella

good questions and answers.
And I have questions to ask:
1.How to handle the low frequency issues during you testing ?
2. How to coach a newer beginning in testing scope?
3. How to improve skills designing test cases and make sure high coverage rate?

#20 ella

More important question: what should I prepare before interview then pass it?
I mainly do manual testing for function , but I want to join automation testing, how should I prepare? I have performanced automation testing with QTP before,and I have begun to write testing frame with VBS. So what should I do another ?

#21 Seema sulthana Shaik

Good Morning Sir,
In Exploratory Charter

· I discovered that, no input limits for all the fields in the create account page.

Whats the meaning of this and in login page Forgot Button and Create New order Button missing then to defect i want to write in Exploratory Discoveries how i should i write this sir please reply me.

Warm Regards,


#22 p

hi, I find this article very useful.

Thanks for sharing….

#23 Swati

@all: Thank you for all your questions and of course, your readership. We appreciate all the feedback we receive. Taking into account the many question submitted in the comments, we are going to come up with a follow up article answering them all. In case of any more questions, please keep them coming.

#24 Kinal

Hi Swati,

Thanks for sharing, most of us follow same process everyday for every single project but still find difficulty in expressing it.This blog helps us to get exact answers without pausing.

Thanks again Swati great work.

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Really valuable Article.


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#32 k narayana swamy

I need to get the answers posted questions by sachin

#33 Swati Seela

@K narayana swamy: We have posted a follow up article to this one here: https://www.softwaretestinghelp.com/14-interesting-software-testing-interview-questions/

all the questions have been answered. :)

#34 Rahul

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#36 Mrudula

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#37 AutomationFreak

I can’t explain how Useful this Website to me, as an non experience person, it will be so sky talk when i asked about real job scenario, like what do you first do when you have test cases, I’ve been Taking multiple Interview, never afraid of telling Personality or conceptional and Automation Technical Questions , but always got stuck on real job thing,maybe they think im too young to start this career. because my Trainer had to put fake Exp on my Resume, i don’t know same situation and struggle people out there ,you may say dont put fake exp there*(yea,sure), but this is the fact, i just want to say , im hard working , but struggling, if you out there have same struggle , keep on going .

Limitless Creadit to STH Team!!!!!!!

#38 Syedibs

A tester found a major bug at last minute of deadline and he reported it to the developer. Developer asking 4 hours extra time for fixing that particular bug.
Now, what should the tester will say to manage the client about this delay and what will the tester do on that 4 hours of time period?

This is the question which is asked to me in an interview? please someone give me the exact answer to this questuon.

#39 Om Prakash Pathak

Hello Friends’
Thanks to all share your knowledge.

#40 Neharika

Thank You Swathi and the team involved in writing this article. Very useful and helpful for attending interviews.

#41 ravi

I dont see any questions answered. Could you please answer all questions

#42 Best

can you please tell me what is different between….
QA and Senior QA?

and one more….

What is System Testing?

#43 Deepthi

1. What is the Best Moment in Your Testing Life ?

ANS: we can describe the best moment as the day wen product gets released to customers and we get to know its a gud success and our managers appreciate the testers for timely and bug free product

2. Do you remember your Manager appreciate you for your work. tell me any short incident ?

ANS:wen t regular person who was testing a particular component goes on long leave and u take t ownership to learn to test it urself and complete testing on time’

3. How you performed as a Trouble shooter in your Last Job..any event you remember ?
ANS: not much idea on this.. :P

4. Which is the Best Module you ever Tested ? The Best ? and Why ?
Best module cud be told as a component that is newly added to ur product and which i highly expected to be a success

5. Have you helped your Team in Risk Management ? How ? any Example ?
no idea..

6. Tell me which one the Most Critical Bug you find in your Life ? What was the Severity ? How it influenced.

ANS:a bug that is a major blocker cud b mentioned in this case, this differs based on wt u r testing

#44 saba

Hi All,

Is any one searching job for manual testing?, I have 4 years of experience in manual testing and am searching for job, i need to discuss some topics..If you are also searching for job and want to study with me and discuss testing topics then please contact me on my mail id

#45 govind

Hi i am into banking domain i had been to technical round of an reputed company where i was asked ” tel me 5 functional test cases don’t take your application as example”???? though i said test the functionality of webedit box web button etc etc he shouted telling i dont need test cases of your project….
can any1 tell what might be the answer he might be expecting ???

#46 Aruna kanwar

Hi ,

The Interview experience shared in this blog is really awesome,the fourth question (how do we test an application when there are is no proper documentation) is the most frequent question asked for me in my previous interviews,the answer provided here is very apt

Appreciate the STH team for providing Very valuable information in QA domain .

Love this site very much and hope to see such good articles in future.

#47 Ranjeet

Hi all members of STH,

The “9 Most Common QA Software Testing Interview Questions with Answers” are really awesome.

Thanks Swati for sharing this with us.


#48 Ankit Negi

Hey please give me testing material related to ecommerce domain. how to test Cart module, Coupons .
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#49 Sangeeta Mishra

Hi everyone ,

I have read this articles and its very much useful for me.me. Please put some more articles related to latest testing tools in market & how to improve the quality of software.

#50 anitha

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can u ex-plane deeply?

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#55 Sindhu

Hi, One of my friend faced this question in interview, Please tell me if the application is running successfully but unable to find in the google search…for example Facebook is my application but its not showing in google search then till me severity and priority of defect

#56 sateesh

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#57 Milinda

This is where risk based testing comes in. read more on it. If no time focus on functions or feature that has the most risks and likelihood of failure.

#58 rundeep

I m a beginner in testing field but I got good information about this comments it very use full to who r interested in testing.

#59 Deepty

I have been to an interview recently where I have been asked quite tricky questions like
1. if you have reported a bug and developer says he cannot reproduce it. what would you do?
2. If you have 2 hours to execute 30 test cases how would you do it.

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example of how you went about testing a web based application?

#65 Ramachandran

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#66 SUsil

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in today’s selinium very crazy..becz it is a open source

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There is a one page in that 1-100lines are present,how we will click 50th line?
There is a one home page how we will write xpath for all elements present in that home page dynamilly?

#70 lavanya

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#71 Latha

Question and Answers were gave good learning on the basics.

#72 Indrajeet singh

This is the basic question but very important and it was explained very well…. thanks for sharing

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#76 rohini

You can test first high priority test case and then if time remains then medium and low priority test cases means you can perform monkey testing.

#77 Prashant

Than you have to categories the test cases on priority basis and than perform testing from highest to lower


Difference between smoke and sanity testing and which testing need to perform first? smoke or sanity?

#79 Mukta


Excellent set of questions. Thank you for posting it! Though I have 2 questions:
1. what are test estimation techniques? Have you used/done any test estimation in your project?
2. If there is a bug which you missed to report and your product release date is near. And, you dont have time to do full regression. what will you do?
Could you Please tell me how to answer these question .

#80 Sagar Pandya

Can be more detailed, but good effort.

#81 Supriya

There are 3 piece of code to be tested.Code B is dependent on code A and code C is independent. Now code B is ready for testing but code A is not and code C is ready for testing. What approach will you follow to test it.

#82 Drew Henderson

My question is, I am a Manual tester, but want to take steps to be an Automation tester.
I am stumped as to where to start learning on this.

1. What will I need to be a successful Auto tester
2. What are the step by step actions that I need take, from the very basic.
3. I do not know a language (example: Java).

These are a few questions that I have.

Thanks much!

Any wisdom from a successful Automation tester would be super!

#83 Saurabh

I believe interview is an activity where we must be knowing that how to speak, what to speak. If we know the answers of questions but not able to speak than it won’t work out. Every-time it doesn’t possible that we know answers of all questions asking by an interviewer. But in this condition we must be know that how to tackle.
For me there are two words which always help me to crack an interviews.
“See” & “It Depends”, these two words usually help us to answer.

I hope everyone would be able to relate these words if any of the questions you got stuck or not able to answer.

All The Best!!

#84 sameer

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#85 teju

I wasn’t able to answer a few tricky questions during my interviews. This blog from you helped me in preparing answers for such questions, with the help of tips shared. Thank you so much.

#86 Srikanth

Q: If there is a bug which you missed to report and your product release date is near. And, you dont have time to do full regression. what will you do?
Could you Please tell me how to answer these question

A: Have to inform to client about the bug before itself and should ask client to release the pending bug in the next sprint

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