12 Best Root Apps For Android Phone In 2023 [Updated List]

Here we will review the features and compare the top Root Apps For Android Phone to guide you in your selection:

Root access to an Android phone is similar to gaining administrator privileges in Windows. You will have more control over your phone when you root your device. It will allow you to change the system theme, back app data, and boost battery and CPU performance.

Don’t know about the safe and effective Android root apps? 

Don’t worry! In this blog post, we will review the best apps for rooting android phones.

Rooting Apps For Android Phone

Best Root Apps for Android Phone

Fact Check: Android was first launched in 2008. Android mobile operating system has about 72 percent market share as of April 2021.

The below image shows the Global Android Market Share [July 2020-July 2021] of mobile operating systems:

Global Android Market Share

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Pro-Tip: Back up your device before using an Android root app. In case something goes wrong while you root your android phone, you can restore it from internal memory. You can back up your device using internal settings or using an app such as TWRP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) How to root an Android phone?

Answer: You can root your Android phone by patching the boot image. Manually patching the boot image is complex and risky. You can easily patch your phone with less risk by using one of the android root apps reviewed in this article.

Q #2) Is it safe to root your phone?

Answer: Remember that rooting a phone makes the phone vulnerable to risks. Android software, unlike Windows, has been designed with priority to security. The security model prevents harmful apps from installing. Rooting the phone to install third-party apps can make your phone vulnerable to malware, adware, and other types of risks.

Q #3) Can I unroot my phone after rooting?

Answer: You can unroot your phone after rooting. Most Android root apps have options to unroot the device and restore the phone to default settings.

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Q #4) Can my phone be rooted without me knowing?

Answer: No. It is not possible to root Android devices remotely. A phone can only be rooted if your phone is connected to a computer and Android Debug Bridge (ADB) software.

Q #5) What are the disadvantages of rooting?

Answer: Rooting your Android phone will void the manufacturer’s warranty. It will also make your device vulnerable to viruses and online attacks. If instructions are not followed, your phone can turn into a useless brick.

Note: We claim no responsibility for any loss due to using any of the Android rooting app reviewed in this blog post. You must follow instructions carefully to safely root your device.

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List Of The Top Root Apps For Android Phone

Here is the list of popular Android Rooting Software:

  1. Dr.Fone-Root
  2. Magisk Manager
  3. Framaroot
  4. KingRoot
  5. Odin
  6. SuperSU
  7. RootMaster
  8. Firmware.mobi
  9. AdAway
  10. One-Click Root
  11. iRoot
  12. Baidu Root

Comparison Of The Best Apps For Rooting Android

Tool NameBest ForTypeFeaturesRatings *****
Dr.Fone-Root Root and unroot Android devices without voiding the warranty for free.System exploit•Supports 7000+ devices
•Compatible with Android 2.1 and later
•Using the app won’t void the warranty
•Unroot device
Magisk ManagerSystemless root of Android devices for free.Systemless root•Hide rooted status
•Continue to receive OS updates
Framaroot One-click root of your Android device without a computer for free.Multiple system exploits•One-Click download
•Multiple exploits
•Unroot device
KingRoot Root Android devices from 2.0 to 5.0 for free.System exploit•Prevent Samsung Knox detection
•Close Sony_RIC
•Unroot device
OdinAndroid ROM flashing of Samsung devices for free.Rom Flashing•Auto-reboot
•Flash lock
•Nand erase


Android root software review:

#1) Dr.Fone-Root

Best for root and unroot Android devices without voiding the warranty.


Dr.Fone-Root is one of the best Android root software. The developers claim the app is 100 percent safe and secure which won’t void the warranty. It supports numerous old and new Android devices.


  • Supports 7000+ devices.
  • Compatible with Android 2.1 and later.
  • Using the app won’t void the warranty.
  • Unroot device.

Verdict: Dr.Fone-Root is by far the best app for rooting Android devices. It supports almost all Android devices. You can also unroot your device to restore your phone settings.

Price: Free

Website: Dr.Fone-Root

#2) Magisk Manager

Best for a systemless root of new and old Android devices for free.

Magisk Manager

Magisk Manager is an open-source Android rooting software as it allows ‘systemless’ root of your phone. The benefit of this approach is that it will allow you to continue receiving operating system updates. The app hides the status of the rooted device that makes it compatible with Netflix and other financial apps that rely on Android’s SafetyNet feature.


  • Systemless root.
  • Hide rooted status.
  • Continue to receive OS updates.

Verdict: Magisk Manager is one of the best Android root apps. You can use the software to root your device and enhance the phone experience. The app will root your phone without changing the core code.

Price: Free

Website: Magisk Manager

#3) Framaroot

Best for the one-click root of your Android device without a computer for free.


[image source]

Framaroot allows you to root your device easily. You can root most Android devices using the app. It allows you to root the device without having to write any ADB commands. The app also allows you to unroot your device if you want to restore the settings.


  • One-Click download.
  • Multiple exploits.
  • Unroot device.

Verdict: Framaroot can root almost all Android devices. You can also unroot your device whenever you want.

Price: Free

Website: Framaroot

#4) KingRoot

Best for rooting Android devices from 2.0 to 5.0 for free.


KingRoot uses system exploits to root Android devices. The root app works with older model Android operating systems. It can root Samsung and Sony devices without tripping SONY_RIC and Samsung KNOX security features.


  • Prevent Samsung Knox detection.
  • Close Sony_RIC.
  • Unroot device.

Verdict: KingRoot is a great app for rooting older model Android devices. The app can apply the right system exploit from the cloud based on the device model. This is a recommended app if you want to only get root access without flashing third-party Recovery into the device.

Price: Free

Website: KingRoot

#5) Odin

Best for Android ROM flashing of Samsung devices.


Odin allows you to install firmware on Samsung devices. The app can flash different versions of Android, including Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jellybean, KitKat, Lollipop, and Marshmallows. You can use the device to install a custom ROM after you have rooted your device using an Android rooting app.


  • Auto-reboot.
  • Re-partition.
  • Flash lock.
  • Nand erase.

Verdict: Odin app can install a custom ROM after rooting your Android device. It is only available for Samsung devices. You should use the app after you have rooted your Android phone. Before using the app, it is recommended to copy the Stock ROM of your device available at Sammobile.com.

Price: Free

Website: Odin

#6) SuperSU

Best for the root access of Android devices for free.


SuperSU is a great root access management tool developed for Android devices. The app is root-only software that helps you manage app permissions on your rooted device. Using the app allows you to protect your device from harmful apps after rooting.


  • Root access management.
  • Mount namespace separation.
  • Multi-user root access.
  • Protect app after root.

Verdict: SuperSU protects your Android device after a root. You can manage access to apps to protect your device. It allows you to manage apps that have control over the core layers of the Android operating system.

Price: Free

Website: SuperSU

#7) RootMaster

Best for Root Android devices using one click for free.

Root Master 3

RootMaster is a great app to easily root an Android device. You can root your device using just one click. The app allows you full access to the root without the use of any third-party software.


  • Root devices without connecting to PC.
  • One-click root.
  • Unroot device.

Verdict: RootMaster is a fast Android root app. It has been developed by experienced programmers at XDA. The app is lightweight and easy to use on Android devices.

Price: Free

Website: RootMaster

#8) Firmware.mobi

Best for installing stock firmware images on Android devices.


Firmware.mobi is an app for installing stock Android firmware images. You can also use the app to create a CF-Auto-Root package. In addition, you can add custom images saved in Dropbox. You can select from a list that shows file sizes, SHA-1, and MD5 hashes.


  • Find stock firmware image.
  • Customize the CF-Auto-Root package.

Verdict: Firmware.mobi is suitable for advanced users who know technical details regarding Android phones. We do not recommend it for users who don’t know about complex rooting processes.

Price: Free

Website: Firmware.mobi

#9) AdAway

Best for blocking Ads on rooted and unrooted Android 8.0+ devices for free.


AdAway is the ideal Android root app for blocking ads on smartphones. It has an extensive list of ad IPs that ensures that most ads are blocked. You can also add your custom IPs for blocking and whitelisting ads.


  • Block ads on rooted and unrooted Android devices.
  • Download predefined blocker lists and ads.
  • Block custom IPs.
  • Log DNS requests.

Verdict: AdAway is a great app to block unwanted Ads. The app runs at startup and continues to monitor the network connection. It may slow down the phone since it takes resources to monitor and block ads.

Price: Free

Website: AdAway

#10) One-Click Root

Best for rooting Android version 1.5 to 7.0 for free with just one click.


One-Click Root is an easy-to-use Android rooting application. You can root your Android device with just one click of a button. The rooting app does not require you to connect to a computer. You can root your device directly from the Android operating system.


  • Support Android 1.5 – 7.0.
  • Online support.
  • No technical knowledge needed.
  • Reversible process for a fee.

Verdict: One-Click lives up to its name as it allows you to root your device with just one click of a button. You can safely root your device through live chat support with the devs. It is an ideal app for newbies who want a simple way to root their Android devices.


  • Basic: Free
  • Unlimited customer support: $11.65 per month
  • Remove Ads without Rooting: Starts at $29.95
  • UnRoot device: $39.95
  • Brick Repairs: Starts at $49.95

Website: One-Click

#11) iRoot

Best for rooting almost all versions of Android devices for free.


iRoot is yet another great Android app software. The app allows you to flash custom ROMs and Kernel to change the skin and also install the latest Android apps. The app can root all popular Samsung, HTC, and other handsets.


  • One-click root app.
  • Flash custom ROM & Kernel.
  • Remove ads in apps.

Verdict: iRoot is a free Android app that is easy to use. You can root your device with just one click. Once you root your device, the app allows you to boost app performance, remove ads from the phone, and more for free.

Price: Free

Website: iRoot

#12) Baidu Root

Best for rooting Android devices version 2.2 to 4.4.

Baidu Root

Baidu Root is made by a Chinese company, Baidu Inc. The app can root almost any type of Android device. It can root popular handsets with Android operating software. The integrated intelligent root engine monitors malicious activity protecting your handset after rooting.

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  • Supports 6000+ handsets.
  • Compatible with Android 2.2 – 4.4.
  • Intelligent root engine.
  • Monitor malicious behavior.
  • Improved boot from Kai.

Verdict: Baidu Root is an easy-to-use and simple Android root app. A drawback of the app is that it is only available in the Chinese language. You will use an online manual written in English to know how to root your Android device using the application.

Price: Free

Website: Baidu Root


Dr.Fone-Root is the best app for rooting and unrooting your device without voiding the warranty. If you want systemless rooting that allows apps that rely on Android SafetNet to continue working, consider Magisk Manager. In case you want to install a custom ROM after rooting, try Odin.

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Consider Baidu Root if your device is not compatible with other Android rooting apps reviewed here. The app is in Chinese, but you can find manuals in English online that let you navigate through the menus to root your device.

Research Process:

  • Time taken to research this article: It took us 9 hours to write and research the article on the best apps for rooting android phones so that you can select an android root app that meets your requirements.
  • Total tools researched: 24
  • Top tools shortlisted: 12
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