Top 10 Best Knowledge Management Systems In 2021

List Of The Best Knowledge Management Systems With Comparison:

Knowledge management software is an application that is used to store, retrieve, and share the information.

We can also say that Knowledge management software is a sub-category of the enterprise content management system. It is for sharing the information and in turn, helps employees, managers, agents, and customers by making the knowledge available.

KM Softwares

Introduction – Knowledge Management Software:

Many knowledge management software is cloud-based and hence they are platform-independent. It can be accessed on mobiles and tablets. Thus You can read the information anywhere, and at any time. The advanced or intelligent search feature of these software saves a lot of time that is involved in searching for information.

With the help of this software, companies can also share important information or FAQs with their employees and customers. As the information is easily available through knowledge management software, people can work more effectively.

Knowledge management software is used by companies for creating white papers, user manuals, articles, and business processes.

Role of knowledge management software
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The most prominent features that knowledge management software should have include powerful search, collaboration, and integration with the other systems. Knowledge management software will be more useful and will save more time if it is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Hence it should be available on tablets and mobile devices.


  • You can easily update the information.
  • Accuracy and consistency.
  • You can quickly find the required information, hence it saves a lot of time.
  • It helps in training new employees.

This article will explain all about the top Knowledge Management tools in detail.

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Top 10 Knowledge Management Systems Worldwide

Enlisted below are the top Knowledge Management Software that is most commonly used worldwide.

  1. Document360
  2. ProProfs Knowledge Base
  3. ClickUp
  4. LiveAgent
  5. Knowmax
  6. Zendesk
  7. Zoho Desk
  8. Confluence
  9. ServiceNow Knowledge Management
  10. Guru
  11. ComAround Knowledge
  12. Inkling
  13. KnowledgeOwl
  14. KBPublisher

Comparison Of Knowledge Management Software

KM SoftwarePlatformRatingsVerdictPrice

Document360 Logo
Web-based5 StarsEasy to use with good functionalities.
Can be integrated with Intercom, Freshdesk, Microsoft, Zendesk etc.
Supports International languages and third-party Integrations.
Free Trial
Start at $49 per month.
ProProfs Knowledge Base

ProProfs Knowledge Base Logo
Web-Based4.9 StarsEasy to use and feature-rich.
Helps you build a public and private knowledge base.
Integrates with popular tools like Zendesk, Google Analytics, Slack, and many others.
Forever Free plan,
Essentials: $0.30/page/month,
Premium: $0.50/page/month.

ClickUp Logo
Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Web-based.5 StarsClickUp Docs will keep all your documents in one place.Free plan, Free trial, The price starts at $5/member/month.

Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS, Web-based.5 StarsThe price to value ratio is great.Free,
Ticket: $15/agent/month.
Ticket+Chat: $29/agent/month
All-inclusive: 439/agent/month

Knowmax - Logo
Web-based5 Stars360-degree coverage through omnichannel communication and AI-based intent for customer support services.Knowledge Trees: $14.99 / month (billed annually)
Knowledge Suite: $ 32.99 / month (billed annually)

5 StarsThe system is good.
It performs all the required functions and is worth for the price.
Starts at $89.
Zoho Desk

4.5 starsIt is a cloud-based system.
Ticket tracking is easy.
The overall system is also easy to use.
It is free up to three agents.
There are two more plans:
Professional - ($12 per agent/month) Enterprise - ($25 per agent/month).

4.5 starsKnowledge and document sharing is easy.
It provides many useful features like exporting to PDF and copy & paste of images etc.
The price for upto 10 users will be $10 per month.
For 11 to 100 users, the cost will be $5 per user/month.

Let’s Explore!!

#1) Document360


Document360 is the Knowledge base software that helps you to create a self-service knowledge base for your customers and internal users (public or private knowledge bases). A powerful search module is a must-have feature for any knowledge management software.

Document360 comes with a powerful AI-based real-time search. This helps your customers to find solutions for their problems instantaneously using the AI-powered search.

Also, it comes with robust features like uncompromised authoring experience, rich theme, built-in analytics, and enterprise-grade restore, back-up and versioning functionalities, etc.

Best Features

  • Multiple knowledge bases – It supports numerous projects or documentation websites so that you do not have to look anywhere else when your product list expands.
  • Best-in-class Markdown editor for efficient and structured writing.
  • Security at the category level – In addition, advanced security access at multiple levels to cover all your scenarios. You can provide access to your Readers at different levels.

Price: Price plans start at $49 per month. You can also Try Document360 free trial.

Verdict: The knowledge base is easy to use with good functionalities. It has the facility to define roles and access. Also, you can restrict access via IP address as well. It can be integrated with Intercom, Freshdesk, Microsoft and Zendesk, and many more. It supports International languages and third-party Integrations.

#2) ProProfs Knowledge Base

ProProfs Knowledge Base Software

ProProfs Knowledge Base is a simple yet powerful, carefully-designed to boost your customer support and internal team collaboration. It helps you build a self-service knowledge base for your customers and an internal knowledge base for your employees.

It is easy to set up and use, with no coding skills required at your end. You can get started right away with its 40+ templates that make content creation fast and easy.

Whether you are a startup, small business, or enterprise looking to create a knowledge base for your customers, support staff, HR department, or any other team, ProProfs Knowledge Base is the right fit.

Best Features

  • MS Word-like editor for effortless writing and editing.
  • Insightful reports to measure and improve article performance.
  • AI-powered search that gives quick and relevant answers.
  • 40+ free knowledge base templates.
  • Roles and permissions to help teams work in collaboration.
  • Single sign-on and password control system.
  • Page and folder level restrictions.
  • The tool supports over 90 languages.


The tool offers three pricing plans:

  • Forever Free
  • Essentials: $0.30/page/month
  • Premium: $0.50/page/month

Verdict: It is easy to use and has got the best-in-class features. It also offers great value for money.

#3) ClickUp

ClickUp Dashboard

ClickUp is an all-in-one platform for project, process, task, and time management. It is a feature-rich platform and contains a lot of capabilities like collaboration & reporting and Docs & Wikis. You can create knowledge bases, docs, and wikis. Teams can leave comments and collaborate in real-time.


  • ClickUp has functionalities for assigning comments and tasks from the docs themselves.
  • You can set the custom permissions for viewing, commenting, and editing the document.
  • It has multi-player editing capabilities to collaborate efficiently.

Price: ClickUp offers the solution with four pricing plans, Free plan, Unlimited ($5 per member per month), Business ($9 per member per month), and Enterprise (Get a quote). A free trial is available for Unlimited and Business plans.

Verdict: ClickUp Docs will keep all your documents in one place. It will let you import the work from external applications.

#4) LiveAgent

LiveAgent KMS

LiveAgent is a great knowledge base software that gives you the option to create multiple stunning knowledge bases as a part of your self-service solution.

The software is equipped with a powerful WYSIWYG editor that lets you create and fully customize articles, forums, feedback & suggestion boxes, and FAQs. The software is ideal for teams of all sizes and industries.

Best Features

  • LiveAgent gives you the option to create multiple internal and external knowledge bases complete with articles, forums, and FAQs.
  • In addition to knowledge bases, LiveAgent is equipped with powerful ticketing software, a native live chat, a built-in call center, and advanced automation & reporting features.
  • The software offers endless customization options, and easily scales and adapts to your business needs.
  • LiveAgent offers concierge data migrations and implementation of the software.
  • 24/7 support
  • The software is offered in more than 40 language translations.

Price: All LiveAgent plans include knowledge base capabilities. The cheapest plan costs $15/mo per agent, but you can get all that LiveAgent has to offer for just $39/mo per agent.

Verdict: The price to value ratio is great.

#5) Knowmax


Knowmax is an enterprise-grade knowledge management software that helps in omnichannel knowledge distribution.

Knowmax consists of actionable modules including decision trees, visual how-to guides & a central content & document management that helps in the creation of actionable content. Powered with AI-backed intent-based search, it helps in the delivery of contextual knowledge at the right channel all the time.

With empowering agents with the next best step & easy collaboration, Knowmax helps in driving a culture of knowledge sharing and transforming your contact centers into resolution centers while promoting customer self-service.


  • 360-degree coverage through omnichannel communication.
  • Complete suite for entire contact center workforce.
  • AI-based intent for customer support services.
  • Cognitive decision trees


Knowledge Trees: $14.99 / month (billed annually)
Knowledge Suite: $ 32.99 / month (billed annually)

#6) Zendesk

Zendesk reporting

Zendesk provides an open, flexible and extensible platform for the knowledge base. It will help you in creating self-help customer service. It offers solutions to small, mid-size, and large companies. This software supports more than 30 languages.

It is best for Help Desk, Customer Support, SaaS, Customer Community, and Customer Service.

Best Features

  • It will allow you to interact with customers through phone, email, chat, social media, etc.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to scale and implement.
  • It has a ticketing system and a community forum.

Price: Starts at $89.
Verdict: The system is good. It performs all the required functions and is worth the price.

Official Website: Zendesk

#7) Zoho Desk


It is the Context-aware help desk. With the help of this, you can manage all the customer support activities. It can be used on iOS and Android. Zoho Desk is best for small and mid-size companies. It provides advanced features for interacting with agents through VoIP and social media.

It also provides data analysis capabilities to know more about customer interactions and SLAs.

Best Features:

  • Agent, manager, and customer-specific features.
  • You can collaborate with the Companies wide.
  • It has a ticketing system.
  • Detailed reports will help in improving the team’s performance.

Price: It is free up to three agents. There are two more plans i.e. Professional ($12 per agent/month) and Enterprise ($25 per agent/month).

Verdict: It is a cloud-based system. Ticket tracking is easy. The overall system is also easy to use.

Official Website: Zoho Desk

#8) Confluence

[image source]

Confluence is a content collaboration software by Atlassian. The system can be used on Android, iOS, Linux, Windows. It is a cloud-based system. This will help you to publish, organize, and access knowledge from one place.

Creating a document, providing feedback, and iterating to update the document is easier with the help of this tool.

Best Features

  • With the help of this software, you can collaborate on a project level.
  • You can create documentation.
  • You will be able to access and publish information at a centralized location.
  • It can be integrated with Jira.

Price: Price up to 10 users will be $10 per month. For 11 to 100 users, the cost will be $5 per user/month. You can try the software for free for 7 days.

Verdict: Knowledge and document sharing are easy. It provides many useful features like exporting to PDF and copy & paste of images.

Official Website: Confluence

#9) ServiceNow Knowledge Management

service now knowledge management

This tool will allow organizations to maintain a knowledge base, department wise. It allows customizing workflows department wise.

It is for customers, employees, and agents. Agents can create a knowledge base while resolving the issues. The system can be accessed from desktop and mobiles. It will help in improving productivity by solving issues and documenting answers.

Best Features

  • Agents can search and create information.
  • The system can be integrated with service portals.
  • You will be able to import the word document.
  • You can customize the search.
  • It allows for creating versions of the articles.
  • It has contextual search and extended search capabilities.

Price: Contact them for more pricing information.

Verdict: The system provides good features and functionalities. It is easy to use. Supported languages include English, German, Spanish, Japanese, French, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese.

Official Website: Service Now Knowledge Management

#10) Guru


Guru is a cloud-based system. It can be used through all the major browsers. It can be used on tablets and mobiles.

This system is for customer-facing teams. The tool will give you a reminder for updating the knowledge base. Reports and analytics will give you information about the knowledge base like which knowledge base is mostly used, etc.

Best Features

  • You can define roles and groups.
  • The tool provides recommendations for content.
  • It has a web application as well as a browser extension.
  • The browser extension is for many browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.
  • You can find, record, and share knowledge while chatting with your team.

Price: Price plans starts at $380 per month.

Verdict: The system is easy to use with good functionalities. However, the Search feature is not that good, and it needs improvement.

Official Website: Guru

#11) ComAround Knowledge

Comaround Knowledge
[image source]

ComAround provides you the platform for creating a knowledge base and self-service solution. It is a cloud-based tool.

The system can be integrated with your existing tools. It provides the articles for Windows, Outlook, Office, Apple, and Adobe. It can be integrated with ComAround Connect. Important features provided by this tool include language translation, Screen recording, and multiple searches.

Best Features

  • The system can be integrated with Business applications, Incident management systems, and service management tools.
  • Articles can be translated into any language.
  • Facility to record the video.

Price: Contact them for more pricing information. The price depends on the company size, user volumes, and subscription term.

Verdict: It supports including images and videos in the article. The system is easy to use.

Official Website: Com Around

#12) Inkling


Inkling is a system for front-line employees. The system is for Restaurants, Retail, and Enterprise L & D. It works on Mobiles. It will provide you one platform for content creation, storing and distributing0 the knowledge. It also has a collaboration tool that can be used on mobiles.

In order to improve performance, the tool will help you to create training. There is a personalized library for every user from where he can search and find the information.

Best Features

  • Intelligent search.
  • Simple and automatic content updates.
  • Interactive training can be made available on mobile as well.

Price: Contact them for more pricing information.
Verdict: System with good functionalities. It only supports the English language.

Official Website: Inkling

#13) KnowledgeOwl


KnowledgeOwl helps in creating a knowledge base. It supports customization. It is a customer support software. With the help of this tool you can build sites, manuals, knowledge base, and much more.

You can also create FAQs for the application or website. It provides an open API to create your own integration. It allows you to create a PDF for the complete knowledge base. While creating this PDF, you can exclude private articles and videos.

Best Features:

  • APIs can be used for several different purposes using the methods GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE.
  • For content creation, the tool provides a WYSIWYG editor.
  • Using third-party tools, you can include videos.
  • You can set access permissions.
  • It provides many other features like auto-save, levels and hierarchy, and PDF format for download, etc.

Price: There are three pricing plans, i.e. Solo ($79 per month), Team ($99 per month), and Business ($299 per month).

Verdict: Easy to use. Good features and functionalities. Good customer support. 5-star rating.

Official Website: KnowledgeOwl

#14) KBPublisher


This knowledge management software helps you to create articles, white papers, user manuals, and business processes. It can be accessed from mobiles and tablets. It is a web-based application. It will help you to share the information with customers, employees, partners, and colleagues.

It helps you in creating a customer self-service knowledge base, thereby saving a lot of your time of answering phones.

Best Features:

  • It has a full-text search.
  • You can add hyperlinks, images, and videos to your content.
  • You can define roles and groups for security purposes.
  • It supports automated processes for reviewing, approving and publishing articles.
  • For the content, it has spell-check, word variation, and partial-word recognition features.

Price: Pricing starts from $198.
Verdict: It is a web-based application. The system is easy to use. It only supports the English language.

Official Website: KB Publisher

Additional Knowledge Management Software

#15) Freshdesk:

It is a customer support software that is available for free.

It allows you to collaborate with other teams. It has a ticketing system and many other features like helpdesk reports, portal customization, and automatic solution suggestions, etc. For more advanced features, you can select paid plans. The pricing plans start at $19 per agent per month.

Website: Freshdesk

#16) Bloomfire:

Bloomfire provides a solution for knowledge sharing and customer insights. It is knowledge management as well as collaboration software. It has an intelligent search that makes use of Scarlet. It can be integrated with popular online storage devices. It has multiple levels of categorization.

You can schedule the posts and set reminders for updating or reviewing the knowledge base.

Website: Bloomfire

#17) Elium:

Elium is for consulting firms and industries. It allows you to share information easily and you can take information from any source. It is for employees, customers, and partners. It has mobile applications, search and filter options, content tagging, and many more features. It also allows you to use multiple filters.

Website: Elium


Zendesk can be used by any sized company and it supports more than 30 languages. ProProfs Knowledgebase provides nice features with affordable pricing plans. Zoho Desk is good for customer support activities. Confluence can provide advanced features as content collaboration software.

Inkling provides good features for content creation as a collaboration tool. KnowledgeOwl provides good features, functionalities, and ease of use at an affordable price. All the other tools that are mentioned in this article also have some unique features and functionalities.

Hope this article will help you in knowing more about the top knowledge management software and indeed assist you in choosing the right one.

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