Top 9 BEST Flvto Alternatives To Convert YouTube Videos To MP3

Flvto is a Free YouTube To MP3 Converter. This Article Includes a List of The Top Flvto Alternatives Along with Their Features, Pricing, and Comparison:

There has always been a need for video to mp3 converter for many reasons. It could be converting video to any format that you desire, for the conversion of video to audio if you don’t find one, or convert it into audio in a different language.

Professionals, Videographers, Online streamers, Internet surfers always require a converter for video editing, adding background music, tuning into the format required for presentation, etc.

Best Flvto Alternatives

Why Do We Need Online Video Conversion?

  • For watching videos on all devices, especially older ones, they do not support high format videos. You can optimize videos according to your phone specs to play it whenever you want.
  • For conversion of video to audio, many video editors or professionals or any common user couldn’t find the audio they heard while watching the video.
  • Saving videos from Social Media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.
  • Online is better as you only need an internet connection, work from any device, without any installation, and no risk viruses.

What Is Flvto?

Official Website: Flvto

Flvto is a free YouTube converter that allows the streaming of videos to mp3 online without any installation or signup. Also, the converter works on every platform including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. You just have to paste the URL of your media into the download box and download the high-quality tracks.


Steps Of Using Flvto:

  • Paste the link of your YouTube media file into the Flvto download box.
  • Select and click the file format that you want.
  • Click the “Convert” button.
  • Download your desired mp3 file.

See, how simple was that. You can even download the audio in mp3 320kbps or any other format to listen to your music from anywhere. Flvto not only converts video from YouTube but also downloads and converts files from websites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Facebook, and many others.

Flvto Features

  • It provides browser extension for converting the videos directly to mp3.
  • It also offers a convenient mobile app for getting your mp3 very quick.
  • Converts a full playlist into mp3 from YouTube at one time.
  • Download videos in high-resolution formats such as 720p, 1080p, and 4K.
  • It allows downloading videos from different sites other than YouTube.
  • It converts multiple videos and audio formats including MOV, Avi, mp4, etc.
  • The online platform is ad-free hence you will never get irritated or redirected to any other website.
  • You can also send links to your friends through mails to convert video to mp3.

Flvto Pricing

Flvto is a completely free YouTube video converter software. It also has a mobile app and browser extension that is free.

Why Do We Need Flvto Alternatives?

  • One of the major drawbacks is that it always gets started with Windows whenever you turn on your PC. The program starts functioning without any permission.
  • The Flvto Chrome extension comes with several unwanted programs and performs aggressive advertising to redirect users.
  • The application does not get removed completely from your computer even if you uninstall and delete all the files.
  • Flvto is very risky to download from any third-party apps as many suspicious apps might get installed on the PC.
  • Potentially an unwanted application just for downloading and converting videos online.

Pro Tip: The only tip for selecting the right tool is that look for the software that either works online without any installation or if the installation is needed then your PC should not get affected.

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List of the Best Flvto Alternatives

Enlisted below are some of the top alternatives to Flvto. You can choose from the following list according to your requirements.

  1. By Click Downloader
  2. 4K Video Downloader
  3. Leawo Video Converter
  4. SnapDownloader
  5. WinX HD Video Converter
  6. Dirpy
  7. Apowersoft Free Video To MP3
  8. Freemake Video Converter
  9. ClipGrab
  10. FlashGot
  11. TubeOffline
  12. YouTube-dl

Comparison Of Flvto And Its Competitors

BasisUnique ForPlatform SupportedPricingBest For
FIvtoSending links of download.Windows,
Linux &
Mac OS.
FreeFast and easy conversion of videos to MP3 online.
By Click DownloaderDownloading videos in all qualities from more than 40 sites. WindowsFree,
Premium: $4.99
Backing up videos from any platform.
4K Video DownloaderUnlimited channels download.Windows,
Mac OS &
The one-time payoff of $15.Smart mode feature & in-app proxy setup.
Leawo Video Converter2D to 3D converterWindows & Mac$29.95/year & $39.95/lifetime.All-in-one video converter.
SnapDownloaderSupporting more than 900 websites. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. It starts at a $ 19.99-lifetime license for 1 computer.The high-speed download of videos.
WinX HD Video ConverterAdvanced video conversion features & support for more than 1000 video streaming sites. Windows & Mac$29.95Fast downloading of 4K/1080p and AV1 video from YouTube and other sites.
DirpyID3 metatags and real-time conversions.Web-basedFreeConverting all types of media files.
Apowersoft Video to MP33 different ways of converting videos.Windows, &
Mac OS.
FreeConversion of video to audio using API.
Video2MP3Converting videos into audio files.Web-based,
Windows &
Mac OS.
FreeConverting in 20 different languages.

Let’s Explore!!

#1) By Click Downloader

By Click Downloader

By Click Downloader is an easy to use video downloader. It will let you download YouTube music to mp3 and mp4. It supports all sites for downloading such as YouTube, Facebook, etc. You will be able to download YouTube playlists and channels. By using By Click Downloader you can download multiple videos at the same time.


  • By Click Downloader provides recommendations.
  • You can download the videos in 720p, 1080p, 4k, and 8k quality.
  • You will be able to convert the videos in various formats such as Mp3, Mp4, 3GP, etc.
  • By Click Downloader allows you to download private videos from YouTube and Facebook.

Pricing: By Click Downloader offers a free edition. Its premium plan is for $4.99. You can upgrade it for 2PCs with 50% off for $2.99.

Verdict: By Click Downloader is the tool for backing up your videos from any platform. It has a one-click download mode that will make it easy to use.

It provides a facility to track downloads. The major difference between By Click Downloader and Flvto is that By Click Downloader is a desktop application & Flvto is an online tool.

#2) 4K Video Downloader

4kvideo dash

[image source]

4K Video Downloader is a free video downloader and mp3 conversion app that allows downloading videos, channels, playlists, and even subtitles from various popular sites.

The software supports Windows, Mac OS, and Ubuntu platforms and has a great client list including Tech Advisor, Life Hacker, Product Hunt, and others. It helps you to get 4K quality videos for iOS and Android devices.


  • Unlimited playlist download, unlimited channels download, no advertisements, and unlimited subtitles download.
  • Includes feature update, 4K Stogram, 4K YouTube to mp3, channel subscription feature, etc.
  • Free video downloader, extract YouTube subtitles, direct transfer to iTunes, supports all video sites, etc.
  • Download YouTube playlist and channels, 3D video download, and 360-degree video download.
  • Smart mode feature, in-app proxy setup, and speaks more than 10 different languages.



4K Video Downloader offers one free plan and two premium plans:

  • 4K Video Download Personal License: One-time fee for 3 computers ($15).
  • 4K Video Download Bundle Personal License: One-time fee for 3 computers ($20).

Verdict: 4K Video Downloader is an incredibly fast, powerful, and easy to use platform that supports 3D as well as 360-degree videos.

#3) Leawo Video Converter

Leawo Video Conv.

Leawo Video Converter is a tool for converting videos & audio to more than 180 formats with 6X faster speed and 1:1 quality. It helps you with video and audio conversion for all portable devices like iPhone, iPad, etc. It has a user-friendly interface. It provides facilities like adding subtitles, selecting an audio track, user-friendly interface, etc.


  • Leawo Video Converter has an internal video editor that will let you personalize the output.
  • It provides the facility of setting video and audio parameters freely.
  • It performs video and audio conversion with 6X higher speed.

Pricing: Leawo Video Converter has two licensing options, a 1-year license ($29.95 per year) and a lifetime license ($39.95/lifetime). A free trial is available for the tool.

Verdict: Along with playing the role of video file converter, it can be used as a photo slideshow video creator. Various settings are available with the tool like setting output video effect, adjusting the photo order, setting background music, etc.

#4) SnapDownloader

SnapDownloader Dashboard

SnapDownloader is a tool for downloading videos from more than 900 websites. It will let you download videos in 8K, 4K, QHD, 1080p HD, etc. This video downloader & converter provides a high download speed. It has functionalities to convert videos to MP4 orMP3 formats and for extracting audio.

It is an easy to use tool that will let you download the videos in three steps, pasting of video link, selecting quality & output format, and downloading the video.


  • SnapDownloader has features of scheduling downloads so that the videos will get downloaded at a specific time and date.
  • It supports the downloading of VR videos.
  • It will let you download YouTube Playlists and channels.
  • It contains the features of proxy setup.

Pricing: SnapDownloader is available in two editions, Personal License ($ 19.99-lifetime license for 1 computer) and Family Edition ($ 39.99-lifetime license for 3 computers). You can try it for 24 hours for free. It offers a 30-days money-back guarantee.

Verdict: If compared to Flvto, SnapDownloader is a rich in features platform. It will let you download the videos in 8K resolutions. It offers functionalities such as setting up the proxy and schedule downloads.

#5) WinX HD Video Converter

WinX HD Video Converter

WinX HD Video Converter is a GPU accelerated 4K video converter. It is also an online video downloader and converter. It supports Windows and Mac platforms.  For downloading the videos it supports YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.  You can save the online videos in Mp4 and Mp3 format with the help of this tool.


  • More than 370 input and more than 420 output formats are supported by WinX HD Video Converter.
  • It will let you download 8K, 4K, or HD videos and audios from 1000+ video streaming websites.
  • It is a feature-rich platform and offers many more features like allowing you to import videos from any device and source, Mac screen & Camera Video Recorder, photo slideshow creator, etc.

Pricing: A free trial is available for the tool. It offers a 30-days money-back guarantee. WinX HD Video Converter is available at $29.95.

Verdict: WinX HD Video Converter is a rich in features platform and contains a lot more features than Flvto. Flvto supports a very limited output format as compared to the WinX HD Video Converter. Also, WinX HD Video Converter supports more than 1000 video streaming sites.

#6) Dirpy


Dirpy is an online and advanced Digital Video Converter (DVR) for converting all the media files that you like. Not limited to this, the tool also allows you to record your favorite media that is available online for free.

You can use Dirpy as a YouTube converter or any other media converter that you wish to use. Moreover, it records and converts your media files in HD quality too.


  • It provides access to real-time conversations.
  • Offers ID3 metadata tags and offsets.
  • Supports high-quality formats or HD formats.
  • Converts all freely available media on the internet.
  • Completely free to use as an online converter.

Pricing: This is a free alternative to Flvto. You can use it online or download the software for all freely available media on the internet.

Verdict: Dirpy is legal to use and is not affiliated with either YouTube or Google. Hence, you can use the tool whenever you want.

Official Website: Dirpy

#7) Apowersoft Free Video To MP3


Apowersoft is a free video to mp3 converter that allows you to do the conversion in three simple ways: Firstly, by converting videos online by pasting URL in the download box. Secondly, by converting videos locally from your device and thirdly, by searching for videos in the search box.

The tool is compatible with web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. They also provide some free giveaway if you complete a given task.


  • Convert any files for easy playback, and save ideal videos for PSP, DVD, iPhone, and iPad.
  • Customize your videos by trimming, adjusting video size, changing effects, and adding watermarks.
  • Wide range of resolutions ranging from 144p to 1080p and converts video files at fast speed.
  • Fast, totally legal, and online with no limitations in just a click.
  • Simplest interface for converting video to audio using API service. Convert local videos from your device and also search for videos.

Pricing: The software is completely free to use for converting videos online.
Verdict: Apowersoft is simpler and more compatible as it provides three different ways to convert your videos with ease.

Official Website: Apowersoft

#8) Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter claim that they are the #1 YouTube downloader in the market for the past several years and always give the best quality. It downloads and saves videos, playlists, and channels in HD, 3GP, AVI, MP4, MP3, etc. from YouTube and over 10,000 other sites.

With Freemake, you get instant downloads with no ad preview, no video emailing, and no downtime.


  • Download videos from YouTube and other 10,000 sites in any format with original quality.
  • It helps you to save any YouTube content online and provides 4K and full HD videos without re-encoding.
  • Save full playlists, allows you to choose the video quality, use proxy and parental control.
  • Allows you to limit download speed by curbing the bandwidth used by the software and upload your files to Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Fastest YouTube video downloader as it takes only 4 mins to download full-length HD video.

Pricing: Freemake Video Converter is absolutely free to use.

Verdict: There is no better tool than Freemake if you are looking for faster downloading of a clip as well as converting it into the format of your choice.

Official Website: Freemake Video Converter

#9) ClipGrab


ClipGrab is a software that downloads videos from popular websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion, etc. and convert them into mp3, mpeg4, WEBM, WMV, and other formats for free.

Besides, ClipGrab supports many websites unofficially through automatic site recognition, hence you don’t need to worry about any video download. It supports Windows, Linux, and Mac OS platforms.


  • Free download of videos from any top popular websites.
  • Supports many different types of formats that you wish to convert.
  • Download videos in high quality that you want.

Pricing: ClipGrab is a free YouTube to MP3 converter. They never ask you for pricing but you can donate some amount if you wish to.

Verdict: ClipGrab is simple and intuitive with a clean interface and a perfect tool for just downloading videos in all formats.

Official Website: ClipGrab

#10) FlashGot


[image source]

FlashGot is a free and open-source software that is specially designed for handling single or massive downloads with several external download managers.

Some of the external download managers include BitComet, FlareGet, FlashGet, Internet Download Manager, Aria, Axel Download Manager, FatRat, iGetter, JDownloader, and many others. FlashGot provides support to every download manager for Firefox.


  • Provides free add-on for Firefox and Thunderbird.
  • Offers free build gallery for synthesizing media galleries in one page.
  • Comes with bug fix tool, Fixed built-in download manager, and Custom download manager.
  • Support for full encryption, Compatible and Complete generic URL parameter redirector.
  • Batch download support, Added private mode support and Added Folx4 & 3 support.

Pricing: FlashGot is free to use and download and they never offer any pricing plans rather they ask you to donate some amount if you wish to.

Verdict: FlashGot is a free and open-source software suitable only for Firefox and Thunderbird users.

Official Website: FlashGot

#11) TubeOffline


TubeOffline is considered to be the oldest and one of the most popular free video downloaders with no signup and no installation required. It helps you to convert a video to an MP4 or FLV file and download it so you don’t need to buffer online. Moreover, TubeOffline has officially claimed that their site works best with Google Chrome.


  • Download videos from all popular websites like Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, etc.
  • Completely free with no signup or installation required.
  • Just enter the URL, pick the correct converter, and there you are.
  • List of downloaders for identifying the source of the video.
  • Download videos directly from sites if the downloader does not work for some reason.

Pricing: Like FlashGot and ClipGrab, TubeOffline also offers free service with a pricing plan and asks you to donate to help to keep the service live and free.

Verdict: TubeOffline is best for those who don’t have high-speed internet as it converts videos in MP4 format and allows you to download and watch videos without any buffering.

Official Website: TubeOffline

#12) YouTube-dl


[image source]

YouTube-dl is a type of software that works on a command-line program for downloading videos through and other websites. Moreover, the software has released Windows executable that includes python, hence YouTube-dl should work well in the Unix box for Windows & Mac OS platforms.

Moreover, the platform is free and open-source which supports channel or playlists download, resuming downloads, adding custom title, proxy, etc.


  • A completely free and open-source platform that works on the command line.
  • Windows Executable that works on Python for faster results.
  • Executable is released on the public domain by allowing you to modify it, redistribute it, or use it any way you like.
  • With YouTube-dl, you can download, develop, customize, and use the software to download your favorite YouTube videos.
  • Integrated YouTube search, download full HD videos and convert videos to MP3 and other formats.

YouTube-dl offers one free plan for all the users but for keeping the site alive and free they have introduced one pro plan for $1.49 per month.

Verdict: YouTube-dl is a great tool for downloading videos from YouTube and other sites that are not platform-specific.

Official Website: YouTube-dl

#13) Video2MP3


Video2mp3 helps you to convert and download a high-quality mp3 file up to 192kb/s. The tool is available for free and requires no registration. Just directly enter the URL of the video and hit the Convert to mp3 button and there you are. Or you can download the software on your desktop for free. It only converts audio files from YouTube.


  • The service is faster, reliable, free to use, and requires no registration.
  • Convert videos in high-quality mp3 audio.
  • No registration is required and directly starts your conversion work.
  • High-speed downloads without any captchas.
  • The platform can be used in 20 different languages.

Pricing: Video2mp3 is a free YouTube to mp3 converter.
Verdict: Best tool if you need to convert only YouTube video to mp3 as there is no registration required.


There are many online videos to mp3 converters other than those listed above but these are the top among them all. We have selected the tools that are reliable and safe alternatives to Flvto. Otherwise, many tools can infect or cause viruses in your PC and crash your system.

Among the tools listed above, Dirpy, Apowersoft, Video2MP3, TubeOffline are the free tools for converting videos into mp3. Tools like FlashGot and YouTube-dl are open sources that allow you to modify, redistribute, and use them in any way you wish to.

For a wider variety of features 4K Video Downloader, Freemake Video Converter, and Apowersoft are the best options. As discussed above, the tools must be selected based on requirements and how effective they are.

Have you chosen the best Flvto Alternative from the above list?

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