How To Watch Blocked YouTube Videos In Your Country

Here you will find easy methods to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos in your country and learn to unblock Youtube videos:

Today, YouTube has become a massively popular site where you can watch almost everything. News, videos, movies, it has an array of content for catering to its audiences. It is available in over 80 languages across 100 countries and has over 2 billion users each month.

However, one of the most annoying things you might encounter here is blocked videos. A specific user group might sometimes choose to block the video, making it unavailable for a certain geo-location. In this article, we will tell you why certain videos are blocked sometimes and how to bypass the YouTube country block and watch that video.

Watch Blocked YouTube Videos

How to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos

Why Are Certain Videos Blocked

Here are some reasons some videos might be blocked, preventing you from watching them:

#1) Licensing Rights

This is one of the basic and very important reasons behind blocked YouTube videos. Licensing restrictions on any content means copyright laws or other laws governing content distribution have restricted it to a certain country or region.

#2) Censorship

Many countries apply censorship on the content that is available online. In some countries, YouTube is blocked entirely, while in some, selective content is blocked. These are usually the content that conflict with their moral codes and local laws.

#3) Network Blocks

Sometimes, YouTube could be blocked because of the Network blocks on schools or offices. The organization usually puts these blocks in place to prevent employees and students from wasting their time or watching negative content.

It is common for schools to impose Wi-Fi restrictions to stop students from watching adult content and watching videos in class. And offices impose these restrictions to increase productivity.

Methods To Unblock YouTube Videos

If you want to watch YouTube unblocked, here are some methods and tools you can adopt. Some blocked videos are easier to unblock, while others might take a while, depending on the restrictions they have imposed on them.

Method 1: Use A VPN

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This is perhaps the easiest way to watch YouTube blocked in the country. A VPN masks your IP address, thus enabling you to hide your IP address effectively and bypass the region lock in a jiffy.

They give you access to different geo-locations from where you can pick one where the content is not blocked. For that area, your IP will appear as the local one, browsing from the same area. VPN also encrypts your connection to make it secure and private.

There are many VPN options you can use. IPVanish VPN is one of the best options that provinces end-to-end network encryption. You can access the YouTube blocked in your country from over 75 countries for $3.75/mo paid annually.

Here’s how to watch blocked videos in your country using IPVanish VPN:

  • Go to the Google Play Store.
  • Search for IPVanish.
  • Click on Install.
  • Select Open.
  • Click on Signup for creating your account or enter UserID and Password.
  • Select Login.

Use a VPN

  • New users can watch tutorials or select Skip.
  • In the quick connect screen, select a country.
  • Pick a city.
  • Select a server.
  • Tap on Connect.
  • Click Ok on the pop-up screen.

You should be able to open the blocked video.

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#1) Add VPN Extension on Chrome

Here’s how you can add any VPN to your Chrome. We have worked with ExpressVPN in this article.

  • Launch a browser.
  • Click on the menu, which is the three vertical dots.
  • Go to the More Tools options.
  • Go to Extensions.


  • Click on the Extensions menu on the left-hand side.
  • Select Open Chrome Web Store.

Open Chrome Web Store

  • In the search bar, type ExpressVPN or any other VPN you want.
  • Click on ExpressVPN.


  • Select Add to Chrome.

Select Add to Chrome

  • Click on Add Extension.

Click on Add Extension

  • On your browser, click on the Extensions icon.
  • Click on the pin icon beside ExpressVPN to pin it on the toolbar of Chrome.

pin it on the toolbar of Chrome

  • Click on the ExpressVPN icon.
  • Go to the Get ExpressVPN option.

Get ExpressVPN option

  • It will take you to the payments page.
  • Pick a plan.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Enter payment details.
  • Click on Join Now.
  • You will get a system-generated password. To accept it, click on Continue with this password.
  • Else, click on Create My Own Password.
  • When your account is activated, click on the ExpressVPN icon again.
  • Select a location.
  • Open the blocked YouTube link.
  • If you still can’t play it, pick a different location and try again.

#2) Add VPN Extension in Firefox

  • Launch the browser.
  • Click on Addons and Theme.

Click on Addons and Theme

  • Click on Extensions.
  • Type ExpressVPN in the search bar.
  • Hit Enter.
  • It will open a new tab.
  • Click on ExpressVPN.


  • Click on Add to Firefox.

Add to Firefox

  • Click Add.
  • Select Okay.
  • Click on the ExpressVPN icon.
  • Select Get ExpressVPN.

Get ExpressVPN option

  • Make your account.
  • Set a password.
  • Log in to the VPN.
  • Select a country.
  • Try running the blocked YouTube video.

#3) Add VPN to Edge

  • Launch Edge.
  • Click on the menu icon.
  • Select Extensions.

Add VPN to Edge

  • Click on Extensions.
  • Select Get Extensions for Microsoft Edge.

Get Extensions for Microsoft Edge

  • Type ExpressVPN.
  • If you don’t find it in the results, you can get it from Chrome Store.
  • Or you can use another VPN like HOXX.

You can also download the ExpressVPN app or use a free VPN extension like Hoxx to mask the geo-location of your IP address and watch the video blocked in the country. You can also use NordVPN or SurfShark.

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Method 2: Use A Proxy

Proxy works very much like a VPN. It also changes your IP address to make you appear to be in a different location and allow you to watch blocked YouTube videos. But unlike VPNs, Proxies are not secure and they don’t encrypt your Internet traffic and can introduce insecurities and risks.

#1) Connect to Proxy Server in Chrome

Follow these steps:

  • Open Chrome.
  • Click on the Menu icon.
  • Go to Settings.

Use a Proxy

  • Click on the Advanced Settings option.
  • Go to System.
  • Click on Open your computer’s Proxy Settings.

Click on Open your computer’s Proxy Settings

  • Click on LAN settings.

LAN settings

  • Check the box beside Use a Proxy Server for your LAN.
  • Click Ok.
  • Click Apply.

Use a Proxy Server for your LAN

#2) Connect to Proxy Server in Firefox

Follow these steps:

  • Launch Firefox.
  • Go to Menu.
  • Click on Settings.


  • Go to Network Settings.
  • Click Settings.

Network Settings

  • Select Proxy Settings.
  • Click OK.

Proxy Settings

#3) Connect to Proxy Server in Edge

Follow these steps:

  • Launch Edge.
  • Click on the Menu option.
  • Go to Settings.

Launch Edge

  • Go to System.

Go to System

  • Go to Open Your Computer’s Proxy Settings.

Open Your Computer’s Proxy Settings

  • Click on LAN Settings.

LAN Settings

  • Check the box beside Use a proxy server for your LAN.
  • Click OK.

LAN Settings

  • Click Apply.

Method 3: Use Tor Browser

Website: Tor Browser

Tor, short for The Onion Router, was originally developed by the US Navy for protecting sensitive communication. Over time, it has evolved substantially and today Internet users use it to increase their privacy online and provide access to the deep web.

It relays the traffic through a minimum of 3 servers before it delivers the content to the final location, thus masking your location.

  • Go to the website.
  • Select your Operating System (Windows in this case).

Select your Operating System

  • Click on the downloaded file to install it.
  • After installation, the browser will launch automatically.
  • Click on Connect.
  • Type the link of the blocked YouTube video and hit enter.

You should be able to watch the video now.

Method 4: MiniTool uTube Downloader

You can also download the blocked video through MiniTool uTube Downloader

  • Go to the download link of MiniTool.
  • Select MiniTool uTube Downloader.
  • Click on Free Download.
  • Install the app.
  • Launch MiniTool.
  • Copy the YouTube link of the blocked video.
  • Paste it into the app.
  • Click on the download arrow.
  • Watch the video now.

MiniTool uTube Downloader

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) How can I watch YouTube videos that are blocked everywhere?

Answer: You can try VPN like HOXX, ExpressVPN, or any other that you prefer. You can add them as extensions to your browser or download their app. Pick a country and open the blocked YouTube video. If it doesn’t work, try another. Or, you can open it in the Tor Browser.

Q #2) How do I make YouTube videos not blocked?

Answer: VPN is the best way to unblock a YouTube video. Find a VPN extension for your browser, add it to your browser, select any country, and try opening the video. They mask your IP address, making them appear like they are from the country you have picked. This helps you bypass any geological restrictions that a particular video might have.

Q #3) How do I unblock YouTube on my phone?

Answer: Google Play Store has hundreds of VPN that you can install and use to unblock YouTube on your phone. Go for a trusted VPN like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Cyberghost, Hoxx, etc. Search for the VPN in the Google Play store, install it, create an account and switch to any other country apart from your location. Open YouTube now, it should be unblocked.

Q #4) How do I unblock a site?

Answer: You can use a Proxy server or a VPN to unblock a site. Or, you can try opening the site in the Tor browser.

Q #5) Why is my YouTube video blocked?

Answer: Sometimes, due to licensing rights, owners choose to make available their videos in selected regions. Or, governments in some countries might ban a video due to censorship, like contrasting with their culture and belief.

Often offices and schools ban YouTube to prevent employees and students from watching videos during their work hours to increase productivity.


Blocked YouTube videos are not a problem anymore, especially with VPNs. There are many VPNs available that you can download or install as browser extensions. Switching countries can allow you to view YouTube videos with geo-location restrictions.

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For anything else, you can try using the Tor browser. It removes any restrictions there are to sites and YouTube videos.