18 Best YouTube Ad Blocker For Android, iOS & Web Browsers

Read this review to compare and select the best YouTube Ad Blocker for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and various web browsers:

YouTube is an amazing video streaming site where you will find endless good quality videos on almost any topic on earth. But Ads are its vice.

You can take the premium membership to avoid the ads, but they ruin your experience of the free account. And of course, not everyone wants to spend a fortune on a premium YouTube account.

This is where Ad blockers come in. In this article, we have listed some YouTube Ad Blockers along with their features, prices, and where you can get them.

Let us begin!!

YouTube Ad Blocker For Android And Other OS

YouTube Ad Blocker

Market Trends: The first extension of the ad blocker was introduced in 2002 by Henrik Aasted Sørensen. According to Adobe and Pagefair reports, today approximately 144 million users use ad blockers actively. Today, most web users are using ad blockers.

Here are some reasons:

Adobe and Pagefair reports

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Expert Advice: Pick the ad-blocker that not only prevents your system from annoying ads but also keeps you safe from tracking, malware, and other harmful links. And make sure if you really need the premium membership before making the payment. If a free tool can do the same job, why not use that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) How do I block ads on YouTube?

Answer: There are many ad blockers like AdGuard, AdLock, Adblock, Adblock Plus, etc that you can use for blocking ads on YouTube.

Q #2) Is there an ad blocker that works on YouTube?

Answer: You can use AdBlock or AdBlock Plus to block ads on YouTube. You can also use AdGuard or AdLock.

Q #3) Why is YouTube putting ads on my videos?

Answer: If you have monetized your videos, YouTube will put ads on your videos for that. However, sometimes, it happens even when you haven’t monetized your videos. It could be because you don’t own the necessary rights to the videos and the rights owner might have chosen to place ads on your videos.

Q #4) How can I watch YouTube without commercials?

Answer: You can use YouTube Ad Blockers to watch videos without commercials. Or, you can get a premium account.

Q #5) Are ad blockers safe?

Answer: Adblockers from reliable sites are always safe. Make sure you check the ratings and reviews before using them.

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List of the Best YouTube Ad Blockers

Most popular ad blockers for YouTube list:

  1. TotalAdblock
  2. AdLock
  3. AdGuard AdBlocker
  4. AdBlock Plus
  5. AdBlock
  6. Adblocker for YouTube
  7. AdBlocker Ultimate
  8. Ghostery
  9. AdBlock Stick
  10. uBlock Origin
  11. Fair AdBlocker
  12. StopAd
  13. Ad Muncher
  14. Video Ad Blocker Plus
  15. Luna

Comparing Top YouTube Ad Blockers

Best forAvailable ForPriceOur Rating
TotalAdblockEliminate unwanted ads and intrusive notifications.Windows, Mac, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera.Free plan available, $29/year premium plan.4.8
AdLockBlocking ads, pop-ups, flash banners, and all sorts of adsWindows, Mac, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari1Month- $3.5/mo, 1Year- $2.28/mo(billed yearly), 2Years+3Months Free- $1.52/mo(billed every 27 months)4.8
AdGuard AdBlocker Offers Parental ControlWindows, Mac, Android, iOSPersonal- $2.49/mo(billed annually) or $79.99(lifetime), Family- $5.49/mo(billed annually) or $169.99(lifetime)5
AdBlock PlusFiltering malware and blocking ads for a safer and better browsing experienceChrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, Yandex, Android, iOSFree4.9
AdBlockBlocking ads and malware filters on popular browsers and social media sites.Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, iOS, AndroidFree4.8
Adblocker for YouTubeBlocking all kinds of ads, pop-ups, flash banners, malware, etc on YouTube.ChromeFree4.5

Detailed review:

#1) TotalAdblock

Best for instantly eliminating unwanted ads and intrusive notifications from your browser.

Total AdBlock

TotalAdblock is a comprehensive YouTube adblocker Chrome. It takes just a few clicks to remove ads, unwanted notifications, and trackers from your Chrome browser. This ad-blocker also comes with an award-winning antivirus for all-around protection. You can customize which ad to block. It is also available for many major browsers.


  • No need to download it.
  • Blocks Youtube video ads, Facebook ads, and ads from other sites
  • Eliminates trackers
  • Customize settings
  • Available for all major browsers

Verdict: TotalAdblock allows you to control your online browsing experience by blocking unwanted ads and eliminating trackers.

Price: $29/year

#2) AdLock

Best for blocking ads, pop-ups, flash banners, and all sorts of ads.


AdLock is an effective and powerful YouTube ad blocker Safari. You can also use it as an extension for Chrome or download it on your devices. Along with blocking ads on YouTube, it is also effective for other sites. It also blocks malware and internet bugs, thus securing your privacy and making your web surfing safe and pleasant.


  • Blocks ads, pop-ups, flash banners
  • Filters malware, and harmful links
  • Hide data and personal information
  • Blocks spyware and bugs
  • Saves battery and mobile data

Verdict: AdLok is indeed an amazing YouTube ad blocker for your devices because, along with blocking ads, it also keeps your system safe from malware and bugs.

How to use AdLok: (Windows Screenshots)

1) Click on Free download or Get it Now.

Free download

2) Click on Download Again when prompted.

3) Follow the instructions.

4) Click Install and the Finish.

5) AdLock will launch automatically.

6) Customize and use it.

Launch AdLock

Price: 1Month- $3.5/mo, 1Year- $2.28/mo(billed yearly), 2Years+3Months Free- $1.52/mo(billed every 27 months)

#3) AdGuard AdBlocker

Best for ad blocking and parental control for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS.


AdGuard is a robust subscription-based ad blocker for YouTube. It offers a highly configurable choice for tracker blocking, ad blocking, and content control. It also has options for parental control to restrict adult content and is one of the best YouTube adblocker for Android. You can also use it as a VPN browser extension.


  • Ad Blocking
  • Privacy protection
  • Security of browser
  • Parental control
  • Powerful encryption

Verdict: AdGuard is an effective and powerful YouTube ad blocker that can block ads throughout the internet. And you can also use it for content control. That’s why it is a popular adblocker.

How to Use AdGuard: (Windows Screenshots)

1) Download the ad blocker for your respective OS and select the location of the download.

Download the ad blocker

2) Run the installer.

3) Click on Install.


4) Launch AdGuard and click on ‘Let’s Do It’.

Launch AdGuard

5) Click on Proceed after every customization.

6) Select Finish when you are done.

7) You can see how many ads, trackers, and threats it has blocked till now.

protection enabled

Price: Personal- $2.49/mo(billed annually) or $79.99(lifetime), Family- $5.49/mo(billed annually) or $169.99(lifetime)

#4) AdBlock Plus

Best for filtering malware and blocking ads for a safer and better browsing experience.

AdBlock Plus

Adblock Plus is a Firefox YouTube ad blocker that also works well with all major browsers like Chrome, IE, Safari, Edge, Yandex, Opera, etc. You can install it as an extension of your browser. It is extremely easy to set up and works amazingly well.

Not just YouTube, it can block ads from any site and also filter malware to make your browsing safe and secure. You can customize the filter and whitelist sites. Adblock Plus is by far one of the best YouTube ad blockers for Chrome.


  • Available for all the major browsers
  • Customizable settings
  • Filters malware
  • Safe and secure
  • Free and open-source

Verdict: AdBlock Plus is a go-to YouTube ad blocker for iPhone and for all major browsers. You can also download it to Android devices and that is the cherry on top.

How to use Adblock Plus: (Chrome Screenshots)

1) Click on Get AdBlock Plus for Chrome.

2) If you have other browsers, click on Download AdBlock Plus for another browser.

AdBlock Plus1

3) You will be taken to the respective store (Chrome Playstore in this case).

4) Click on Add to Chrome.

Add to Chrome

5) Click on Add Extension.

6) When the extension is added, click on the puzzle icon on Chrome.

7) Click on the Pin icon next to AdBlock Plus.

Add Extension

8) Click on the AdBlock Plus icon and slide it on for the website you want to block ads on

Price: Free

Website: AdBlock Plus

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#5) AdBlock

Best for blocking ads and malware filters on popular browsers and social media sites.


AdBlock is one of the most popular YouTube ad blockers on Safari and other major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. It has a preset filter list that makes blocking ads easy. It also has social media buttons and a malware filter.

And if you want ads from certain websites or advertisers, you can whitelist them as well. AdBlock is an ideal YouTube ad blocker for Android and other streaming services.


  • Decreases page loading time
  • Protects privacy
  • Removes ads, pop-ups, video ads, banners, etc
  • Allows acceptable ads
  • Allows you to customize the blocklist and whitelist

Verdict: Looking for a YouTube ad blocker for Android and iOS? Install AdBlock now. One of the best so far for browsers because it decreases page loading time and protects your privacy.

Price: Free

Website: AdBlock

#6) Adblocker for YouTube

Best for blocking all kinds of ads, pop-ups, flash banners, malware, etc on YouTube.

AdBlocker for YouTube

Adblocker for YouTube is a reliable YouTube ad Blocker Chrome. You can find it in Chrome’s store and install it as an extension to your browser. You don’t need to download it or configure it. It improves the speed of the browser and page loading by blocking malware and unnecessary ads on YouTube in Chrome.


  • No configuration needed
  • Blocks all pre-roll YouTube ads
  • Blocks banner and text ads
  • Lightweight
  • Improves browser and page loading speed

Verdict: If you are a Chrome user, Adblocker for YouTube will enhance your video-watching experience.

Price: Free

Website: Adblocker for YouTube

#7) AdBlocker Ultimate

Best for protecting privacy and avoiding online threats for browsers, Windows, Android, and iOS.

AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate is one of the best YouTube adblockers on the iPhone. You can also use it on Windows and Android devices or use them as browser extensions. It can block all pop-ups, display ads, video commercials, etc.

You can curate your own whitelist of websites you trust. It also secures your personal data from online trackers and protects you from phishing websites and malware.


  • Blocks all kinds of ads
  • Allows you to customize your list
  • Protects your privacy
  • Avoids online threats
  • Can be installed as a browser extension

Verdict: AdBlocker Ultimate is an ultimate YouTube ad blocker for Opera, Chrome, and other major browsers, since it can block all kinds of ads and disable any tracking activity.

Price: Personal Security- $2.49/mo (billed annually), Family Security- $4.99/mo (billed annually)

Website: AdBlocker Ultimate

#8) Ghostery

Best for removing advertisements from webpages in Mozilla Firefox.


Ghostery is a powerful Firefox YouTube ad blocker that also removes ads from websites. It clears the web pages from the clutter, thus reducing the loading time. By removing all unwanted ads, malware, and other harmful elements, this tool makes your browsing experience more fulfilling, enriching, and immersive.


  • Customizable settings for ad blocking
  • Anti-tracking for enhanced privacy
  • AI-powered filtering and intelligent blocking
  • Constant updates
  • Enhanced security and protection

Verdict: If you are a Firefox user, Ghostery is the best YouTube ad blocker for you. It removes unwanted ads and harmful elements like malware. Also, its AI-powered filtering and blocking keep you safe over the internet.

Price: Free

Website: Ghostery

#9) AdBlock Stick

Best for blocking ads and malware without downloading the application.

AdBlock Stick

Unlike other apps, AdBlock Stick is the USB ad blocker that supports Windows7 and above. It looks like a USB but is not meant for storage. Instead, it is designed as hardware that blocks ads, viruses, and malware.

This hardware also boosts your connection speed by 40% by removing ads and malware. Just plug the stick into your USB drive and it will install the drivers automatically.


  • Plug and Play hardware
  • Blocks all types of ads, banners, pop-ups
  • Removes malware and viruses
  • Supports multiple devices
  • Protects from phishing attacks and optimizes pages

Verdict: AdBlock Stick is the most versatile portable YouTube ad blocker for Windows devices. And it is extremely easy to use.

Price: 1 Year Home- $59.95, 2x Adblock Stick- $99.99, 3x Adblock Stick- $109.99, 4x Adblock Stick- $119.99

Website: AdBlock Stick

#10) uBlock Origin

Best for blocking the content of a wide spectrum efficiently.

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is not just a Firefox YouTube ad-blocker. It is but a lightweight but efficient content blocker of a wide spectrum. This open-source Firefox extension comes with an out-of-the-box approach with a few certain lists that are pre-loaded and enforced.

These lists blocks ads, tracking, and malware. You can block Java scripts through the simple process of point-and-click.

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  • Free and open source
  • Lightweight
  • Blocks ads, tracking, malware
  • Point-and-click for blocking content and Java scripts
  • Pre-curated and enforced list

Verdict: uBlock Origin is a gem of a YouTube ad blocker for Firefox users that allows users to block ads, malware, and tracking in the most efficient way. And it is free.

Price: Free

Website: uBlock Origin

#11) Fair AdBlocker

Best for light and fast ad and pop-up blocking in Chrome.

Fair Adblocker

Fair AdBlocker from Stands is a Chrome plugin for fast and light ad-blocking. It not only blocks ads and pop-ups but also disables tracking. You can control and specify the ads you want to block, including video ads, YouTube ads, expanding ads, flash banners, Facebook ads, and so on. You can also create your whitelist to allow certain ads.


  • Blocks all kinds of ads
  • Control and customization of blocklist and whitelist
  • Fast, secure, and private browsing
  • Lightweight
  • No need to download

Verdict: Fair AdBlocker is a boon to Chrome users. It is one of the best YouTube ad blockers because it allows you to specify the kinds of ads you want to block or see.

Price: Free

Website: Fair AdBlocker

#12) Clario

Best for blocking annoying ads on YouTube and unsafe websites on macOS.


Are you looking to regain control of your online experience? Clario is your one-stop solution to safe, secure, and ad-free browsing. After installing Clario, you can view all your favorite content on YouTube without being bugged by advertisements. It also blocks harmful websites and tracking.


  • Blocks ads and harmful websites
  • Security from malware and harmful content
  • Increases page loading speed
  • Easy to use
  • Available as a browser extension for Chrome and Safari

Verdict: Clario is a reliable YouTube ad blocker for Android, Mac, iOS, Safari, and Chrome. Along with blocking ads, it also keeps you safe against malware and other harmful content.

Price: 1 month(3 Devices)- $12/mo, 12 months(6 Devices)- $5.75/mo

Website: Clario

#13) Ad MuncherStopAd

Best for ad-blocking on many popular websites, including YouTube.

Ad Muncher

Ad Muncher was first launched in 1999, thus becoming one of the oldest and most elite members of the ad-blocking club. You can download it and start using it instantly for blocking ads, pop-ups, and malware on almost all websites and browsers. It gives you plenty of customization options to make sure the app works just the way you want it to.


  • Constant updates
  • Fast and safe browsing
  • Blocks ads across all popular websites
  • Works on all major browsers
  • Easy to customize

Verdict: Ad Muncher is a reliable ad-blocker for Google and YouTube because it keeps getting constant updates. That’s why it remains fast and safe.

Price: Free (previously available for $29.95, + $19.95/ year following that)

Website: Ad Muncher

#14) Video Ad Blocker Plus

Best for blocking YouTube and videos ads and avoiding adult content anywhere on the web.

Video Ad Blocker

Video Ad Blocker Plus is a Chrome extension for blocking disruptive video ads on YouTube. You can now enjoy your video without annoying ads and avoid adult video content throughout the web with this tool.


  • Blocks all ads in YouTube videos
  • Works in the background
  • Warning for adult video contents
  • No need to download
  • Free to use

Verdict: If you are an avid YouTube video watcher and the ads annoy you, this is a good solution for you. It works in the background to keep your YouTube video watching ad-free.

Price: Free

Website: Video Ad Blocker Plus

#15) Luna

Best for blocking YouTube ads in Android and iOS.


Luna is a powerful YouTube ad blocker for mobile devices, both Android and iOS. It blocks intrusive ads and boosts your web surfing experience by consuming lesser data. You can use this app for blocking ads on many other apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and more.


  • Blocks YouTube ads on Mobile
  • Blocks ads on various other apps
  • Works on cellular data and Wi-Fi both
  • Compatible with major browsers and apps
  • Easy to use

Verdict: Luna is a boon for mobile users. It can block almost all types of ads on Android and iOS devices.

Price: Free

Website: Luna

Other Great YouTube Ad Blockers

#16) uBlocker

Best for fast, efficient, and most effective ad blocking.

uBlocker claims to be one of the best YouTube Ad Blocker Chrome. It is fast, efficient, and extremely effective. It can also block hidden and invisible ads that carry malware in them. This Chrome extension also prevents unsafe sources from accessing your private chats and passwords. And it doesn’t collect or use your data.

Price: Free

Website: uBlocker

#17) Comodo AdBlocker

Best for blocking unwanted tracking and malware along with YouTube ads.

Comodo AdBlocker is one of the best ad blockers for Chrome. This open-source Chrome extension prevents the display of annoying ads along with blocking malware and any tracking sites. It also boosts the speed of the browser by freeing CPU power consumed by ads and cookies.

Price: Free

Website: Comodo AdBlocker

#18) Hola ad remover

Best for blocking ads, malware, and anonymous tracking in Chrome browser.

Hola ad remover is yet another amazing ad blocker for Chrome. Go to the Chrome store, search for Hola and click on add as an extension. That’s all you have to do to take advantage of this ad blocker. It also blocks malware and keeps your personal data safe from tracking and phishing.

Price: Free

Website: Hola ad remover


Using the best YouTube adblocker will not only offer you a seamless watching experience of your favorite videos but will also keep your personal data safe. A good ad blocker also blocks malware and prevents tracking. Adblock Plus, AdGuard AdBlocker, AdLock, etc are some of the adblocking tools you should try.

We hope you really like one of the above-mentioned tools.

Research Process:

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  • Total YouTube Ad Blockers Researched – 45
  • Total YouTube Ad Blockers Shortlisted – 18
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