FIX: How to Disable Restricted Mode on YouTube

Here you will find the answer to your concern: YouTube Restricted Mode Won’t Turn Off. Also, learn how to Disable Restricted Mode on YouTube:

YouTube restricted mode helps you control what your kids watch by filtering out any videos that might contain adult themes or violence of any kind. With this mode enabled, mature content is screened out.

However, we have often heard people having trouble with it, and their YouTube restricted mode won’t turn off.

Whenever they try to play a video, they get an error message saying ‘to watch the video, disable the restricted mode’ or ‘YouTube restricted mode turned on by admin.’ No matter how many times you try, the same glitch hogs you to the point of getting annoyed and wondering, “why can’t I turn off restricted mode on YouTube?”

So, here we will help you understand why the restricted mode won’t turn off. Then, we will take you through ways to fix this glitch. So, let’s begin now, shall we?

But, first, let me tell you how to turn on the restricted mode on YouTube.

YouTube Restricted Mode Won't Turn Off

Enabling Restricted Mode on YouTube

Here’s how to enable the restricted mode on YouTube:

  • Open YouTube.
  • Click on your profile picture.
  • Click on the Restricted Mode option at the bottom.

restricted mode

  • Slide the button beside Activate restricted mode to turn it on.


Why Restricted Mode Won’t Turn Off on YouTube

Here are the reasons why YouTube restricted mode won’t turn off :

  • Router DNS settings are restricting YouTube content.
  • Browser add-ons are forcing the restrictive mode.
  • Your browser cache and cookies have retained the old settings even after you changed them.
  • Your web security software might be restricting YouTube content.

There could also be other reasons you can’t turn off restricted mode YouTube. So, work through every possible reason one at a time to see which one works.

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How to Disable Restricted Mode on YouTube

If you have tried disabling the restricted mode and yet it won’t turn off, follow the options below:

#1) Restart Your Device

When you are wondering why can’t you turn off restricted mode on YouTube or ponder on other similar problems, this is the first thing you do. It often fixes the issue. The temporary errors in your device can offset specific matters like this one. So, try rebooting your laptop or smartphone and see if it works.

How to reboot your device:

  • Press Alt+CTRL+DEL keys simultaneously.
  • Click on the power icon.
  • Select Reboot.

How to Reboot Your Device

After you have restarted the system and you are still facing the same issue in restricted mode, YouTube won’t turn off. Try turning off the restricted mode again.

#2) Disable or Remove New Browser Add-Ons

Did you recently installed a new browser add-on? Did the issue start after the installation? If the answer is yes, or not even sure, that might be the reason for YouTube’s restricted mode not turning off. You can try disabling or removing the add-on.

How to Disable or Remove an Add-on:

  • Click on the icon for the extension.
  • Select the three dots beside the add-on you want to disable or remove.
  • Select Remove extension.

remove from chrome

  • Close the browser and relaunch it.
  • Open YouTube and see if the issue is resolved.

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#3) Check Your Network Restrictions

You can check content restrictions on YouTube to see if it’s DNS or HTTPS restrictions and take action accordingly. This is a major reason YouTube’s restricted mode won’t turn off on Android and desktops.

Check Your Network Restrictions

  • If you are using an ethernet cable to connect to the modem, disconnect it and use Wi-Fi instead.
  • Set your DNS servers to Google’s DNS and, or set it to automatic.
  • Reset your router from the start.

This should resolve your question, “how do I disable restricted mode on YouTube?”

#4) Clear Browser Cache

To turn off restricted mode on YouTube, you can try clearing the cache in your browser. After you clear the cache, restart your browser and try opening YouTube again.

How to Clear Browser Data (Chrome):

  • Open Chrome.
  • Click on the three dots menu option.
  • Select Settings.


  • Go to Privacy and Security.

privacy and security

  • Click on Clear Browsing Data.

clear browsing data

  • Select Cookies and other site data along with cached images and files.
  • Click on Clear Data.

clear data

#5) Clear the YouTube App Cache

If you are still asking how to turn off restricted mode on YouTube, you can also try clearing the YouTube app Cache.

How to Clear YouTube App Cache:

  • Go to your phone’s settings.
  • Click on Apps.


  • Select Manage Apps.

manage apps - disable restricted mode on youtube

  • Select YouTube.

youtube - disable restricted mode on youtube

  • Click on Clear Data.

clear data - disable restricted mode on youtube

Restart your phone again and try to view the video again to see if it works. If it still doesn’t work, reinstall the app. Cache is also one of the main reasons YouTube’s restricted mode won’t turn off the iPhone.

#6) Check Account Restrictions

Suppose you are using a system from a public institution like your school, college, university, or public library. In that case, they might have enabled the restriction you can’t disable on your own.

Also, if your Google account is connected to the Family Link App, your parents can control your YouTube account and activate the restricted mode. That might be why YouTube’s restricted mode won’t turn off Windows10. In such cases, you will have to ask the administrator to turn off the restricted mode.

You can also try installing the updates, logging out, and logging back into your Google account to turn off the restricted mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Why can I not turn off the restricted mode on YouTube?

Answer: If you are not the administrator of the YouTube account and restricted mode is turned on, you can’t turn it off. Ask the account administrator to turn off the restricted mode on the YouTube account.

Q #2) Why is restricted mode turned on by the network administrator?

Answer: Restricted mode allows administrators to prevent users from watching disturbing or sensitive content. Usually, parents and administrators of public computers use this option to keep the kids from watching adult content.

Q #3) Can a 12-year-old have a YouTube channel?

Answer: No, only kids aged 13 years and above are allowed to create their own channels and accounts.

Q #4) What age does Family Link end?

Answer: You can use the Family Link until the child turns 18.

Q #5) Can Family Link be seen incognito?

Answer: Children can’t use incognito mode in Family Link. Parents can manage their Chrome settings and what they can see on their browser and limit the permissions they can grant a website.


In this article, we have taken you through the ways on how to turn off YouTube restricted mode. You can try them one by one and see which one solves your problem. You can create a new Google Account and use YouTube if nothing works. This will help you understand if this is the account or the browser problem and proceed accordingly.