10 BEST YouTube Looper In 2023 [TOP SELECTIVE]

Do you want to keep watching the video on a loop on YouTube? Review this tutorial to compare and select the best YouTube Looper:

YouTube is full of new videos to watch. But sometimes, you need to keep watching one video repeatedly for any reason. It could be because you are trying to learn a new skill, or maybe you want a particular video to keep playing time and over again in an event.

So you have a replay button for that. But wouldn’t it be easier if you don’t have to keep pressing the replay button every time?

In this article, we will give you a list of a few amazing loopers for YouTube, along with their features and other relevant information. It will help you understand which one will be better suited for your requirements.

Let us begin!

Top Looper for YouTube

YouTube Looper

Market Trends: According to a study by Pew Research, 51% of YouTube viewers visit the site to learn something new while 28% just pass time. While the rest are there for product reviews or understanding what’s happening in the world.

study by Pew Research

Expert Advice: YouTube video looper can come in extremely handy in many situations. Pick one for yourself depending on what you need and compare it to what they offer. Are you more like a mobile YouTube user or do you need a looper for YouTube as a browser extension?

FAQs About YouTube Video Looper

Q #1) How do you use YouTube Looper?

Answer: In the app, you can loop the video from the settings of that particular video. Just tap on the video, select settings, and turn on the loop. However, for the web, use LoopTube, InfiniteLooper, YouTube Loop, etc.

Q #2) Does looping YouTube videos increase views?

Answer: No. watching a video from the same device multiple times will not increase its view. This practice was stopped by YouTube a long time ago.

Q #3) Can you repeat a song on YouTube?

Answer: Yes, you can. Use the looper to keep the song on repeat for as long as you like. You can keep the loop on if you want to repeat the same video every time you watch it or turn it off after one time.

Q #4) What happens when you loop a video on YouTube?

Answer: When you loop a video on YouTube, the video will keep playing automatically until you close it or turn the loop off. You don’t have to keep tapping the replay button to review it.

Q #5) How do I loop YouTube videos into my browser?

Answer: You can use looper YouTube extensions for your browser to loop YouTube videos in your browser.

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List of the BEST YouTube Looper

Popular and useful YouTube video Looper list:

  1. VEED.io
  2. LoopTube
  3. InfiniteLooper
  4. Youtube Repeat Button
  5. YouTube Loop
  6. YouTube Repeat
  7. Vidami
  8. Looper for YouTube
  9. ListenOnRepeat
  10. Youtube Video Looper

Comparing Some YouTube Infinite Looper

NameKey FeatureSection LoopingVideo Speed ControlOur Rating
VEED.ioEdit video before loopingYes--4.5
LoopTubeSimple user interfaceYesNo5
InfiniteLooperOne-click loopingYesNo4.9
Youtube Repeat ButtonEasy to useYesYes4.9
YouTube LoopWorks with multiple YouTube videosYesNo4.8
YouTube RepeatVideo sharingNoYes4.8

Detailed reviews:

#1) VEED.io

Best for editing the video before looping.


VEED is a free tool that you can use to loop YouTube videos. Like most sites we have checked, you can use this one straight from the browser as well. We checked it on various browsers and it works perfectly well with them. For the best part, you can save the looped video as an MP4 file.


  • Easy to use.
  • Add the link to the video as many times as you want to loop the video.
  • Download video clips.
  • Loop the entire video or just a part of it.
  • Video editing before looping.

Verdict: We have found that VEED is your go-to tool for editing and looping videos. However, it is troublesome to keep adding the link as many times as you want to loop the video.

Price: Free, Basic – $25/user/mo ($12/user/mo billed annually), Professional – $38/user/mo ($24/user/mo billed annually), Enterprise – Available on contact

#2) LoopTube

Best for looping the videos infinitely and taking notes with keyboard shortcuts.


LoopTube is an online tool that you can use for free to play any YouTube video on repeat. It has an extremely simple user interface and you can loop full or just a part of any video. This site comes in extremely handy if you want to learn a specific skill by watching a certain part of the video time and over again.


  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Select any video by pasting its URL.
  • Infinitely loop the entire video or just a part of it.
  • Easy controls with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Take notes easily with keyboard shortcuts.

How to Use LoopTube:

  • Go to the website.
  • Paste the URL of the YouTube video.
  • Hit enter.

Hit enter

  • Use the controls at the bottom to select the section you want to loop and take notes.

Use the controls

Verdict: LoopTube’s simple user interface and easy controls make it one of the best web-based YouTube infinite looper. If you are not a fan of extensions or downloading apps, this is one of the best options for you. On top of it, you don’t have to wonder how to use looper for YouTube.

Price: Free

Visit LoopTube Website here

#3) InfiniteLooper

Best for looping the videos in one click.


InfiniteLooper is yet another straightforward looper YouTube for video looping. You can loop in the entire video or select a time frame for looping. It has an extremely simple user interface and its only purpose is to loop the video you want with just a click. We found it to be one of the simplest and easiest YouTube infinite loopers among those we tried.


  • One-click video looping.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Easy to use
  • Free
  • Search option to find the video you want to loop.

How to Use InfiniteLooper:

  • Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to loop.
  • Open the website.
  • Paste the URL inbox.

paste the url

  • Hit Enter.
  • If you just want to loop a section, drag the slider below the video and adjust the timings.

adjust timings

Verdict: InfiniteLooper is an extremely simple tool for looping a YouTube video. You will find it easy and appealing as we did without unnecessary buttons and options. And it does the job well.

Price: Free

Visit InfiniteLooper Website here

#4) Youtube Repeat Button

Best for looping the videos automatically with the repeat button in all your YouTube videos.

YouTube Repeat Button

One of the most amazing YouTube loopers we have come across in our conquest is this one. You can use it in so many ways. You can use the URL or search for the video and use it for looping. You can also get a repeat button for your browsers for YouTube and use them to loop your videos automatically.


  • Cutting, cropping, and infinite looping.
  • Looping the YouTube playlist.
  • Automatic full-screen viewing.
  • Control on the video speed.
  • Available on all OS platforms.

How to Use the YouTube Repeat Button:

  • Copy the URL of the YouTube video and paste it into the search bar.

copy url

  • Play the video.


  • Go to the URL of the YouTube video.
  • Change the T in the YouTube to x.
  • Hit Enter.


Verdict: There’s so much you can do with this YouTube video looper. You can manipulate the speed, watch the video on full screen, and customize the video title and thumbnail as well. It is easy to use, and that makes it an incredible tool. We absolutely loved it.

Price: Free

Visit Youtube Repeat Button Website here

#5) YouTube Loop

Best for looping multiple videos.

YouTube Loop

Apart from a few annoying ads, we found YouTube Loop to be an impressive looper for YouTube. It works with HTML5 compatible browsers. It is easy to use and you can control the videos. You can use a playlist and run infinitely loop the entire or parts of the videos.


  • Works with multiple YouTube videos.
  • Loop entire or part of the video.
  • Video control.
  • Search YouTube videos.
  • Easy to use

Verdict: We found that the interface of YouTube Loop is a little intricate. However, the looping function is extremely easy to use. If you want to control the video you are looping, you will find this website more to your liking.

Price: Free

Visit YouTube Loop Website here

#6) YouTube Repeat

Best for controlling video quality and playback speed.

YouTube Repeat

This is one of the simplest YouTube loopers we came across in our quest. One look at it and you will know how to use it and what to do. You can bookmark it for Internet Explorer and Firefox and add a repeat button for Firefox Greasemonkey and Chrome Tampermonkey. Its clean interface might seem boring but is incredibly easy to use.


  • Play and Pause video
  • Full-screen option
  • Control of video quality and playback speed.
  • Video sharing
  • Clean interface

Verdict: The only thing we missed on YouTube Repeat is that you can’t loop just a section of the video. You will have to loop in the entire YouTube video. Other than that, we think it is fantastic.

Price: Free

Visit YouTube Repeat Website here

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#7) Vidami

Best for page-turning and scrolling the tab.


Among the websites, we found hardware that you can use to loop and control your YouTube videos. With just a push of a button, you can loop a section of the video instantly and control its speed.

With its wireless version, you can also turn pages, scroll through the web page, and control your digital audio workstation as well. However, it’s not free like most options.


  • Instantly looping a video or just a section across over 35 compatible video learning platforms.
  • Speed control
  • Play and pause
  • Page-turning and tab scrolling.
  • Digital Audio Workstation control.

Verdict: We love the hands-free option of looping the video in and you can do it with just the push of the button. Ease of controlling impressed us. The expense can be bothering, but it’s just a once-in-a-lifetime of ease.

Price: Vidami: $149.99, Vidami Blue: $229.99

Visit Vidami Website here

#8) Looper for YouTube

Best for looping videos using a browser extension.

Looper for YouTube

If you are a fan of browser extensions, we have found something you will love. Looper for YouTube is a Chrome extension that you can use to loop YouTube videos instantly. The best part is you don’t have to leave the YouTube website. With this extension installed, you get a loop button under your YouTube player.


  • Uses less memory.
  • The keyboard shortcut to start the loop.
  • URL editing for looping as many times you want and adding start and stop time to loop a section of the video.
  • Allows you to stay on the YouTube page.
  • Allows you to set the default auto-loop on all videos.

Verdict: We loved the extension. It’s simple, easy, and you don’t have to leave the YouTube video page to loop it. A few small additions to the video URL and you can loop in as many times and whatever section you want.

Price: Free

Visit Looper for YouTube Website here


Best for finding and listening to music.

Listen on Repeat

LISTENONREPEAT is a lot more than just the YouTube looper. It is a community of videos, music, and YouTube fans. You can listen to music, radio, and podcasts as well. You can use its site or install it as a Chrome extension.


  • Access to Music Podcasts and radio.
  • Playlist creation
  • Disabling repeat video.
  • Discord chat option.
  • Available as an extension.

Verdict: We found navigating on LISTENONREPEAT a little complex, but the features it offers more than makeup for it. If you are a music buff, you will love being on this site. If the interface is too much for you, just install the extension and get done with it.

Price: Free

Visit LISTENONREPEAT Website here

#10) Youtube Video Looper

Best for loping video in Firefox browser.

YouTube Video Looper

We understand that not everyone uses Chrome. We have a little something for Firefox users as well. You can use this looper for YouTube on your Firefox browser. It also works with Facebook.


  • No need to leave the YouTube website.
  • Repeat Button on the player.
  • Works with Facebook.
  • Notifies you whether the looper is on or off
  • Easy to use.

Verdict: Finally, there is something for the Firefox browser. It is simple to use and easy to install.

Price: Free

Visit YouTube Video Looper Website here


Now, with a YouTube looper, you don’t have to keep clicking on the play button to keep the video playing over and over again. You can also loop just a section of the video if you don’t want the entire video on repeat. LoopTube, YouTube Repeat, and InfiniteLooper are the simplest of them all.

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If you are interested in extensions, go for Looper for YouTube or Youtube Video Looper. You can opt for Vidami if you want an easier but a little expensive option. Take your pick after considering every facet of YouTube looping.

Research Process:

  • Time Taken To Research And Write This Article: 12 Hours
  • Total YouTube Looper Researched: 25
  • Total YouTube Looper Shortlisted: 10
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