How to Delete Telegram Account: Steps to Deactivate Telegram

This hands-on tutorial explains how to Delete Telegram Account on PC, iOS and Android. Explore the steps to export data before deactivating Telegram account:

Telegram is a messaging app that has become extremely popular off-late. It was launched in 2013 and has gained over 500 million active users since then. But there have been issues with it that are making its users switch to other messaging apps.

However, Telegram doesn’t offer a one-click delete option, but that doesn’t mean you can’t delete or deactivate your Telegram account.

In this article, we are going to discuss possible reasons for switching your messaging app from Telegram. And we will also describe in detail how to delete the Telegram account or deactivate it on various Operating Systems.

Deactivate Telegram

How to Delete Telegram Account

Although Telegram comes with some pretty amazing features, it is not a perfect app.

Here are some reasons why you might want to delete or deactivate your Telegram account:

#1) You want to shift to another messaging app

One of the simplest reasons could be that you have found another app that best suits your need and interest. So, you want to switch from Telegram to that app.

#2) Your friends are shifting

This is one of the most common reasons for people to shift their messaging apps. When the people you know are using some other app, it’s obvious you would too, to keep in touch with them effortlessly.

#3) It’s policies bother you

Telegram has an open policy, and it doesn’t use end-to-end encryption. Also, it offers security to secret chats only. It has also been claimed that it is a place for many illegal activities and that it hosts channels where you can download new movies or tracks illegally, for free. Truth or mere rumors, these talks might bother you enough to shift your messaging platform.

These are just a few common reasons you might think to delete the account telegram.

Exporting Data Before Deleting Telegram Account

Like most apps, Telegram also gets rid of all your data and chats when you delete your account. And you can’t retrieve anything after you have deleted your telegram account.

However, if you have built channels and groups, they will continue functioning. If you have an admin, that person will retain the control. If not, Telegram assigns the admin privilege to a random active member. And you cannot create a new Telegram account with the same number for at least a few days. And you can’t revive the account.

But you can export all your chats, contacts, and data before you move forward with the Telegram delete account. You can only do it using Telegram Desktop.

Here’s how you can export your data:

  • Launch Telegram.
  • Click on the three horizontal lines at the top left corner.

horizontal lines

  • Go to Settings.


  • Go to Advanced.


  • Click on Export Telegram Data.

export telegram data

  • Select Export.


And now all you have to do is wait till Telegram exports all your data. Once it is done, you are ready to delete the Telegram account.

How to Delete Telegram Account


Unlike other apps, Telegram doesn’t offer an easy Delete My Account option under settings. So, you will have to use the browser and go to the Telegram deactivation page to do it.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to My Telegram.
  • Enter your phone number with your country code in International format.
  • Click Next.

My Telegram

  • You will receive a confirmation code on your Telegram app.
  • Open the Telegram messenger.
  • Tap on the message from the telegram.
  • Copy the Code.

Copy Code

  • Enter the code below.
  • Click on Sign in.

Confirmation Code

  • Click on Delete Account.

Delete Account

  • Enter the reason for your leaving.
  • Click on Delete My Account.

Delete Your Account

  • Click on Yes, Delete My Account.


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On iOS

As we have mentioned earlier, there is no easy way to deactivate Telegram or delete it. And if you don’t want to open your browser and go through the steps of deleting your Telegram account, here’s how you can do it on your iOS device.

  • Open Telegram app.
  • Go to the Settings.
  • Tap on Privacy and Security.

Settings iOS

  • Select If Away For the option

If Away iOS

  • Pick a time period from the drop-down.

Now leave your account inactive for that specified period and your telegram account will be deactivated automatically.

On Android

The process is the same for Android as it is for iOS. Here’s how you can permanently delete your Telegram account on Android:

  • Go to the Telegram app.
  • Click on the three horizontal lines.
  • Select Settings.

Settings Android

  • Tap on Privacy and Security.

P&S Android

  • Go to If Away For the option.

Away If Option

  • Pick the time period.


Now, leave your account idle for that period of time and it will delete your account after that.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) How can I deactivate my Telegram account?

Answer: There are two ways to deactivate. You can go to My Telegram on your browser, enter the number on which you will receive a confirmation code, and enter the code. Select the Delete my Account option and state the reason for your leaving. Hit delete my account and confirm your choice.

Or, you can go to the Telegram app on your Android or iOS device. Go to settings and then to privacy and security. Tap on the If Away option and select a time option. Now, if you leave your Telegram idle for that time, your account will be deactivated automatically.

Q #2) How can I delete my Telegram account in one minute?

Answer: Open your browser and search for My Telegram. Click on it, you will be taken to My Telegram web page. Enter your number on which you will receive a confirmation code, and enter the code. Select the Delete my Account option and state the reason for your leaving. Hit delete my account and confirm your choice.

Q #3) How can I delete my Telegram account without a phone number?

Answer: You will have to log in to your Telegram account. From there, you can choose the option to delete your account if it stays idle for a time period of your choice.

Q #4) Can you recover a deleted Telegram account?

Answer: You can’t recover a deleted telegram account.

Q #5) What happens if I uninstall Telegram?

Answer: Uninstalling Telegram will remove the app from your device, but your account will remain accessible once you reinstall the app.


So, now that you know how to export your data and delete your account through your browser and through the app, you can swiftly shift to a new messenger. However, remember that once you delete the Telegram account, it will be beyond recovery. So, think it through. Pick on a messenger service you want to move to before deleting your account.