Top 13 Best Social Media Management Tools For 2023

Comprehensive Review & Comparison of Top Social Media Management Tools. Select the Best Social Media Management Software per your Requirements:

Do you want to boost your brand awareness, or substantiate your brand power? Do you dream of heavy traffic on your website? Do you wish for a more loyal customer base? The answer to such wishful thinking lies within the rich and crowded realm of Social Media.

Today, social media channels, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, are goldmines of prospective clients, customers, and potential revenue for any business. As such, it is imperative to learn how to exploit these platforms to gain maximum benefit. However, that’s easier said than done.

How exactly, do you harness the power of such platforms that harbor millions of users across the globe for your advantage?

Marketers have been designing and implementing strategies with varying degrees of success. Some entrepreneurs end up exhausting tons of money for no result whatsoever.

Social Media Management Tools

Thankfully, the solutions that couldn’t be found in conventional marketing strategies, are easier achieved with the help of a robust and advanced Social Media Marketing Tool.

What Are Social Media Management Tools?

Social Media Management tools are applications that facilitate the management of your business’s entire social media presence from one universal user interface. These tools allow users to effectively manage and use their social media channels for a variety of purposes like launching ad campaigns, monitoring reports, scheduling updates, and engaging with your audiences.

These tools can easily help to streamline all of your social media tasks, thus avoiding unnecessary chaos and also saving time and money.

Pro Tip: There are many great social media management tools available in the market. Settling for one can be a bit confounding and overwhelming. For the selection of tools, first, understand what you are trying to accomplish with your marketing efforts, the features you are looking for in a tool, and how much money are you willing to spend on the tool.

The tool you choose should be well within your budget and must-have features that are comprehensive to your social media team, and also it should be compatible with the size of your business operations.

Fact Check: The way people consume information across social media channels has changed drastically since the inception of their respective platforms. People have a shorter attention span, which goes on to explain the reason behind the sudden rise in popularity of Instagram stories.

You can see the sudden rise of users consuming Instagram stories from the graph below. Social media marketers need to capitalize on this trend if they want to succeed.

users consuming Instagram stories graph

[image source]

According to a report by HootSuite, 64% of marketers are already using Instagram stories to implement their social media marketing strategies.

As you can see from the figure below, Facebook and Instagram remain the major players even in 2021. However, there are other niche players like Tik Tok, which are quickly gaining popularity as well. Many B2B companies prefer LinkedIn for their social media activities, whereas the gaming community uses Twitch for the same.

Facebook and Instagram remain major players even in 2020

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FAQ’s for Social Media Management Software

Q #1) What are some of the best free Social Media Management Tools?

Answer: Many paid social media management tools come with a free version that only contains limited features. Some of the best free tools in the market today are:

  • TweetDeck
  • SocialOomph
  • Friends+Me
  • FollowerWonk
  • Crowdfire

Q #2) What is the purpose of social media management tools?

Answer: These tools allow users to manage all of their social media channels from a single user interface. It presents them with a tool that can help them engage better with their followers, spread brand awareness, launch and monitor ad campaigns, and generate viable leads.

Q #3) Do social media management tools support all social media platforms?

Answer: It depends on the tool. Some management tools allow for the exploitation and use of all social media platforms the business uses. Other tools are like Tailwind, which is specifically designed for Instagram and Pinterest.

Our TOP Recommendations:

monday LogoHubspotinflact
• 360° customer view
• Easy to set up and use
• 24/7 support
• Free CRM
• Best email automation
• Social Media Management
• Instagram Automation
• Content Scheduling
• Hashtag Generator
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Trial version: 14 days
Price: $45.00 monthly
Trial version: Infinite
Price: $54/month
Free Trial: $3 for 7 days
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List of Social Media Management Tools

  2. HubSpot
  3. Planable
  4. TikTok Ads Manager
  5. Inflact
  6. SocialBee
  7. Sprout Social
  8. Buffer
  9. Hootsuite
  10. Sendible
  11. AgoraPulse
  12. Tailwind
  13. Post Planner
  14. MavSocial
  15. CoSchedule
  16. MeetEdgar
  17. TweetDeck
  18. eclincher

Comparison of Top Social Media Management Software

NameBest ForDeploymentFree TrialRatingsFees
monday.comSmall to large businesses for managing campaigns. Cloud-basedAvailable5/5It starts at $8 per seat per month.
HubSpotLarge enterprises with a huge marketing budget.Cloud-basedFree tools available5/5It starts at $45 per month.
PlanableMulti-level content approvalCloud-Based, SaaSAvailable5/5Starts at $11/user (billed annually
TikTok Ads ManagerAdvertisers and Businesses of all sizesCloud-BasedNA4.5/5Charged on a $10/CPM basis
SocialBeeSocial Media Post Automation.Web, Android, iOS14 days4.8/5Starts at $19/month.
InflactAI Based Instagram AutomationCloud-Based$3 for 7 days5/5Basic: $54/month,
Advanced: $64/month,
Pro: $84/month
Sprout SocialUniversal social media integration, Enterprises, Agencies, Digital Marketing ProfessionalsSaaS30 days5/5$99, $149, $249 per month plans
BufferSmall and medium businesses to create and manage visual campaigns on Instagram.SaaS14 days4.5/5Free, price range from $15, $99, $199, and $399 per month
HootsuiteManaging multiple social media accounts from one platformSaaS30 days5/5Free Plan, $29, $129, $599 per month
SendibleSpecifically for agencies with multitude of clients.SaaS30 days4/5$29, $99, $199, $299 plan per month
Agora PulseMultiple Social Media platform IntegrationSaaS14 days3.5/5$49, $99, $199 and $299 per month plan

Best social media management tools review:


Best for small to large businesses for managing campaigns. offers marketing management software that will let you plan the content and track the campaigns. It can provide Social Media metrics. It contains many more capabilities like blog planning, keyword research, competitor analysis, etc.


  • has a blog planning template that can be customized and executed.
  • It provides the features of Social Media metrics, content calendar, media coverage, and marketing calendar.
  • You will be able to easily plan your content through the social media calendar.
  • It provides the functionalities of content planning and competitor analysis.

Verdict:’s marketing management platform will give you valuable insights. You will be able to automate repetitive tasks by turning on autopilot. It allows you to integrate with the marketing tool of your choice and bring the data from various tools to

Price: offers four pricing plans, Basic ($8/seat/month), Standard ($10/seat/month), Pro ($16/seat/month), and Enterprise (Get a quote). A free trial available for the tool.

Visit Website >>

#2) HubSpot

Best for large enterprises with a huge marketing budget.


HubSpot is an all-in-one social media management tool that was specifically made to cater to the elite class. It ensures that all your marketing efforts are integrated into one universally used platform.

Functions like email monitoring, lead generation, SEO, and even customer relationships management are only some from its exhaustive list of features to enhance any business’s social media appeal.


  • Email tracking
  • Lead generation
  • Marketing automation
  • Robust analytics
  • Email automation

Verdict: HubSpot does so much more than just social media management that we can’t recommend it enough to entrepreneurs. However, it is an extremely costly tool and should only be used if you have a high marketing budget and enough resources to spend.

Price: Starter Plan – $35/month, Premium Plan – $560/month – $2240/month.

Visit HubSpot Website >>

#3) Planable

Best for Multi-level content approval.


As a social media collaboration and planning tool, Planable does a lot of things right. It features the impressive multi-level approval system that facilitates seamless, real-time collaboration. You get to work with four types of approval workflows. You can set workflow approval as none, optional, required or multi-level.

Besides approval, Planable is great at visualizing content as well. You get to view your created content in calendar, list, feed, or grid view. You also get to preview content exactly as it would appear on social media before publishing.


  • 4 Types of Approval Workflows
  • 4 Types of views to visualize content
  • Preview content before publishing
  • Store media in secure online database

Verdict: Planable ability to seamlessly integrate with platforms like Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and LinkedIn already make it a great social media management tool. However, it is the collaborative capability it grants digital marketers that earn it a high spot on this list.

Price: Free Forever plan available, Basic: $11/user, Pro: $22/user, Custom enterprise plan also available.

Visit Planable Website >>

#4) TikTok Ads Manager

Best for Advertisers and Businesses of all sizes.

TikTok Ads Manager

With its unique short form videos and a rapidly growing user base, TikToks Ads Manager has established itself as a powerful advertising platform. The tool offers an array of ad formats that can cater to a variety of campaign goals. This diverse selection helps advertisers create an engaging and immersive ad experience that perfectly aligns with their branding mission.


  • Comprehensive Account Dashboard
  • Advanced Audience Targeting
  • Holistic Measurement Solutions
  • Integrates with many third-party tracking tools

Verdict: TikTok Ads Manager is an excellent platform for both advertisers and businesses who wish to reach and engage with a massive audience base. The sleek interface, diverse selection of ad formats, and robust reporting make this one of the best social media management tools out there when it comes to advertising.

Price: You’ll be charged on a $10/CPM basis.

Visit TikTok Ads Manager Website >>

#5) Inflact

Best for AI Based Instagram Automation.


Inflact is a platform that leverages AI to yield organic followers. It is a platform that can be used to automatically manage your content curation and publishing on Instagram. Inflact arms you with all the tools you need to automatically schedule posts months in advance. Moreover, you can publish unlimited number of stories, videos, and images with this software.

Besides this, Inflact can be used to engage with customers with the help of intuitive CRM features and Chatbots aided with auto-replies. Inflact also helps you find suitable influencers on Instagram to promote your product. Furthermore, you can use Inflact to analyse an Instagram profile to get an idea of the engagement rate, post per day, user activity, and other important metrics.


  • Growth Analytics
  • Hashtag Generator
  • Influencer Search
  • Stories Viewer
  • Content Automated Scheduling

Verdict: Inflact is a great marketing tool for Instagram. It can help you create content for the platform, analyse profiles, gauge the performance of your own posts, and interact automatically with potential customers on the platform.

Price: Inflact can be used for 7 days with $3 trial plan. Its premium plans are as follows:

  • Basic: $54/month
  • Advanced: $64/month
  • Pro: $84/month

Visit Inflact Website >>

#6) SocialBee

Best for Social Media Post Automation.

SocialBee Dashboard

SocialBee arms its users with tools that allow them to plan their posts more effectively. You can organize and schedule your posts to have yourself covered for weeks to come. Each post you create can be assigned to a specific category, thus making post organization and scheduling considerably simple.

SocialBee also allows you to personalize your post. In fact, you get to edit multiple posts at once if they belong to the same category. This obviously saves you a lot of time. You can simply pause the scheduled post at will or set an expiry date on which the post will automatically end. Furthermore, the platform’s integration with tools like Canva only adds to its appeal.


  • Automated Social Media Post Scheduling
  • Category Based Scheduling
  • Bulk Post Editor
  • View Post in Calendar view
  • Supports integration with Canva for hassle-free SM post creation.

Verdict: SocialBee is a social media management software that automates the task of scheduling and publishing content on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. SocialBee is a tool we would recommend to freelancers, digital marketing agencies, small businesses, or anyone who wishes to acquire greater control and transparency over their social media activity.

Price: Bootstrap Plan: $19/month, Accelerate Plan: $39/month, Pro: $79/month. 14 Day free trial is also available.

Visit SocialBee Website >>

#7) Sprout Social

Best for universal social media integration, Enterprises, Agencies, Digital Marketing Professionals.

Sprout Social

Similar to its predecessor on this list, Sprout Social also integrates multiple social media platforms under one tool. It allows for the management of your social media channels with functions like post-scheduling, report monitoring, ad performance analysis, etc.

Sprout Social is also one of those rare tools that also have a CRM integrated into it. We have already mentioned how social media is a goldmine of prospects. A social media management tool, with a CRM feature, allows you to build a strong customer profile as well as lays the seeds for building lucrative relationships with them.


  • Perform social media analytics
  • Social engagement
  • Social Automation
  • Publishing of content
  • Social listening tools to better comprehend social media strategy

Verdict: What stands out about Sprout Social is its ability to make impeccable reports. Many managers and digital media professionals have high praise and trust in the reports produced by the tool. This alone makes the tool worth opting for your requirement.

Price: $99, $149, $249 per month plans with a 30-day free trial.

Visit Sprout Social Website >>

#8) Buffer

Best for small and medium businesses to create and manage visual campaigns on Instagram.


Buffer is an intelligent social media management platform that streamlines important social media content to gain lucrative results and increase follower engagement. Ever since its inception, the tool has been the favorite of brands, businesses, agencies, and professionals alike.

Buffer allows you to publish content constantly and facilitates analysis of your published social media campaigns. It is considered as the best when it comes to visually plan and schedule content, measuring and analyzing social media campaign reports and it also helps in building a strong Instagram community.

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  • Stories planner
  • Hashtag planner
  • Shop grid
  • Include the first comment when scheduling post
  • Stories and post analytics

Verdict: What is appealing about this tool is its clean and attractive user interface. The navigation system is seamless and has one of the best customer support systems in the industry. It is especially good when it comes to building a strong community on Instagram

Price: Free, paid plan price varies from $15, $99, $199, and $399 per month with a 14-day free trial.

Website: Buffer

#9) Hootsuite

Best for managing multiple social media accounts from one platform. It is extremely beneficial for small and medium businesses.


Hootsuite, over time, has risen immensely in its popularity, and it is no secret as to why that is. It currently harbors over 15 million users and caters to more than 800 from the Fortune 1000 lot.

Hootsuite allows you to run social media campaigns, analyze your ROI, publish ads, and gauge user engagement among many other things. It is an all-in-one solution to every problem about social media management.


  • On-time scheduling of posts
  • Find, share, and manage engaging social media content and images
  • Promote your best performing content from the Hootsuite dashboard
  • Social media monitoring
  • Analyzing campaigns

Verdict: Hootsuite is among one of those all-in-one solutions that everyone seeks but seldom find. It enables to monitor your campaigns, schedule, and share engaging posts and also connect with over 35 social networks conveniently. Its plans are specifically designed to meet every business need, regardless of their operational scale.

Price: Free plan. Paid plans start from $29, $129, $599 per month with a 30-day free trial.

Website: Hootsuite

#10) Sendible

Best for agencies specifically with a multitude of clients.


Sendible was made to keep agencies with a high volume of clients in mind. Like Hootsuite and Social Sprout, it also allows users to integrate and manage social media platforms of multiple brands under one tool.

As Instagram’s marketing partners, Sendible allows agencies to schedule videos and posts that can create a stronger brand value for their clients. Perhaps its most attractive feature is how it enables users to customize their dashboard to attract more clients.


  • Customizable dashboard
  • Automated publishing of posts
  • Monitor and analysis of reports
  • Allows useful collaboration amongst team
  • Dedicated app for iOS and Android devices

Verdict: Sendible has integrated some great tools such as Canva and Youtube search, to make its functionality even more appealing. It also blesses users with one of the best automation systems when it comes to social media management tools.

Price: $29, $99, $199, $299 plan per month, with a 30-day free trial.

Website: Sendible

#11) Agora Pulse

Best for multiple social media platform integration, suitable for all types of businesses.

Agora Pulse

Just like Hootsuite and Social Sprout, Agora Pulse is also a tool that allows for the management of multiple social media platforms from one universal tool. It comes with the usual features that you will find in tools like this, for example, scheduling, reporting, and engagement features.

However, some unique features make the Agora Pulse stand out from its competitors. It allows users to conduct competitor analysis. It also has an in-built Facebook contest app that can be purchased at a very reasonable rate.


  • Real-time team collaboration
  • Social media engagement
  • Publishing of attractive posts, videos, and images
  • Measure and report social media performance

Verdict: Agora Pulse lets you do everything you would hope to accomplish from a social media management tool. It can be used by small, medium, or large enterprises alike and also possesses a comprehensive interface.

Price: $49, $99, $199, and $299 per month plan, with a 14-day free trial.

WebsiteAgora Pulse

#12) Tailwind

Best for Instagram and Pinterest social media management.


Tailwind is one tool that works seamlessly with social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. It was specifically designed to cater to these platforms. As such it can help users schedule posts, gauge results, and monitor conversations.

It automatically recommends users on how they can improve their performance on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, what content they should post when they should schedule it, and whom to target.


  • Schedule post and videos on time
  • 1-click Hashtag suggestions
  • Analytics for every Pin or Instagram posts
  • Create 10 pins in 1 click

Verdict: If you seek to grow your presence on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, then Tailwind has a lot to offer. Some of its best features include the Pinterest content promotion and Instagram content management.

Price: Free trial available for 100 Pinterest posts and 30 Instagram posts. Paid plans are $9.99 and $799 per month.

Website: Tailwind

#13) Post Planner

Best for finding good and engaging quality content to enhance social media engagement.

Post Planner

Post Planner was bought on this planet for one purpose – finding high-quality content, and it does that job phenomenally well. The tool is notorious in helping users find engaging high-quality content, plan when to publish the found content, and maintain that momentum by posting consistently without fail.

You can pick the time slots that you deem are perfect for posting, or select the content type for specific time slots and let Post Planner do the rest.


  • Find content easily
  • Schedule content posting on time
  • Plan scheduling calendar
  • Post-hands-free

Verdict: It is very easy to find content that is engaging with Post Planner. If you only seek content management from your social media management tools then this tool and its many attractive features will suffice.

Price: $3/month, $12/month, $24/month

Website: Post Planner

#14) CoSchedule

Best for scheduling and organizing social media content.


Apart from being a magnificent social media management tool in its own right, CoSchedule also happens to be a great tool for scheduling and organizing content conveniently across social media platforms. You can collaborate with your team to create posts, video/image content, events, and tasks.

It has one of the best smart calendars among its competitors and hence has rightfully found its way onto this list. Its unique ReQueue feature allows users to automatically find convenient posting time, and fill your social media schedule with the best and most engaging post.


  • Real-time blog and social calendar
  • Real-time marketing calendar
  • Bulk schedule post
  • Integrate with WordPress
  • Full social media management

Verdict: CoSchedule has proved its mettle by being a full social media management tool. Its specialty of having the smartest scheduling calendar in the market is just like the icing on the cake. Several marketers have raved about how easy scheduling has become after they have started using CoSchedule.

Price: $20, $40, $60, $300/month plans with a 14 day free trial.


#15) MavSocial

Best for the management of multiple social media platforms.


MavSocial, on the surface, contains everything a marketing professional will need to handle social media channels efficiently. It empowers users to create posts, schedule it, and also analyze and report on their performance. What separates MavSocial from its counterparts is its focus on visual content.

It harbors one of the biggest libraries of multimedia that includes royalty-free images, that can be used to create engaging and creative social media posts. If you are willing to pay for its most expensive plan, then you will also be rewarded with the ability to manage your Facebook ads from MavSocial’s dashboard.


  • Create and curate content
  • Publish content on schedule
  • Social media report and analytics
  • Exhaustive multimedia library for stock images

Verdict: Users love MavSocial’s library of stock images and consider it to be a treasure trove of material for creating engaging content. Those with a penchant for the visually appealing should invest in MavSocial.

Price: $190, $780, $1990, $4990 per month with 14 day free trial.


#16) MeetEdgar

Best for scheduling, sharing, and organizing social media posts and content.


MeetEdgar has been hailed in the digital media circles as an innovative and path-breaking scheduling tool, and we will tell you why. No other tool introduces a creative way of sharing social media posts with such prudence before.

It gives users the freedom to create their libraries with a variety of content in various categories. Then it slows users to add time slots for that specific category. Edgar later automatically fills up those slots with stuff from your library.


  • Automated social media scheduling and posting
  • Unlimited content library
  • Continuous automated posting
  • Category based scheduling

Verdict: The way it automates social media post scheduling and creation has never been matched by other players in the field, and for this reason alone, MeetEdgar is the favorite of many social media management professionals. With a money-back guarantee option, you should give this one tool a try.

Price: $49/month with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


#17) TweetDeck

Best for managing and organizing of Twitter accounts.


TweetDeck is far better in managing tweets than the platform itself. Perhaps its bestselling points are its ability to schedule a day’s worth of tweets in less than 10 minutes. You can also track news very easily on these platforms. You can also push tweets through multiple accounts, thus allowing you to schedule tweets, add images, and send direct messages to other users.


  • Schedule tweets
  • News editor
  • A detailed snapshot of your twitter timeline
  • Schedule across multiple accounts
  • Customize information

Verdict: Tweet provides a great platform to help users manage and schedule tweets across multiple accounts. It shows all the information you need about your twitter account on one screen. This alone is a reason enough to give this tool a try.

Price: Free

Website: TweetDeck

#18) eclincher

Best for auto-posting with RSS feeds and smart queues.


Like most social media management tools mentioned in this list, eclincher performs all the tasks that are expected from a tool like this. It allows users to schedule, post, and analyze social media performance with great ease.

Perhaps its best feature is its ability to automatically post content with the aid of RSS feeds and smart queues. It also helps you find effective social media influencers to add a little goodwill to your brand.


  • Visual calendar
  • Smart publisher
  • Workflow management
  • Team collaboration
  • All–in–one inbox

Verdict: According to users, its auto-post features alone are its best-selling point. It also comes with a library of royalty-free images and thus sweetening the pot for those who would like to use this tool. It also comes with a free trial, so you can try it before you commit your hard-earned to it.

Price: $49, $99, $199 per month with a 14-day free trial.


Today, social media management tools have crowded an already oversaturated market. They come with an exhaustive list of features, sold at varying levels of cost. Choosing one can be overwhelming, but the above list eases your burden significantly so you can make the right choice. You can choose the tool that best suits your need and requirement.

If you are looking for an all-in-one social media management solution then Hootsuite or Social Sprout are great choices for you to opt-in. If you are looking for scheduling and post sharing solutions, then CoSchedule or the very affordable Post Planner will do just fine.

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Research Process:

  • We spent 9 hours researching and writing this article so you can have summarized and insightful information on what social media management tool will best suit you.
  • Total tools researched – 30
  • Total tools shortlisted – 12
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