Top 11 BEST Video Game Consoles To Look For In 2023

Looking for the best-selling video game consoles? Read this review and comparison of the Gaming Consoles that offer the ultimate entertainment:

Gone are the days when video game consoles were just used to be dedicated gaming machines. Consoles manufactured prior to 1995 did only one thing, i.e. play games.

But with the advent of CD-based consoles such as PlayStation 1, Gaming consoles have become home entertainment machines.

Video Game Consoles

Gaming Consoles

Video Game consoles today let you play games, listen to music, watch movies, view pictures, stream games, and much more.

Here you can read our review of the 11 best gaming consoles available in the market today. If you are new to gaming, you can start by reading commonly asked questions about gaming consoles. Casual gamers can skip to the console review section.

Fact Check: The video game console industry in 2020 was valued at $34.27 billion in 2019. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of %5.3 between 2021 and 2027. The video game console market size is projected to reach $51.15 billion by 2027.
Video Gaming Consoles
Gaming Console Estimated Market Size 2019 – 2027 [2020]
Pro-Tip: While buying video game consoles you should first decide what games you want to play. Different gaming machines target a particular age group. You should also consider whether you want to play games inside the comfort of your home or on the go. Again, you will find a video game console that meets your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is a Video Game Console?

Answer: A video game console is a home entertainment electronic device. Consoles offer the ultimate entertainment experience for people of all ages. Millions of people all over the world play video games to pass time.

Q #2) What are the features of Gaming Consoles?

Answer: All video game consoles play games. But some have more advanced features than the others. Basic features in home consoles include gameplay, movie player, image viewer, and controller vibration. Features you can find in high-end gaming consoles include video streaming, 4K/HDR display, hepatic feedback, and virtual reality.

Q #3) What is the difference between Handheld and Home consoles?

Answer: Handheld consoles allow you to play video games on the go. Home consoles can play games on HDTVs and PC monitors. Both have their pros and cons.

Handheld consoles provide greater mobility in gaming. In contrast, home consoles allow you to experience the glory of gaming on large screens with higher resolutions.

Q #4) Is playing video games harmful to health?

Answer: Like all good things in life, moderation is important to avoid adverse effects. You will likely not experience any harmful effects of playing video games. But it is important to limit playtime to one hour on weekdays and two hours on weekends, according to experts.

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List Of Top Video Game Consoles

Here is the list of the most popular video gaming consoles:

  1. Nintendo Switch
  2. Sony PlayStation 4
  3. Xbox One S
  4. Sega Genesis Mini-Genesis
  5. Sony PlayStation Classic Console
  6. HAndPE Retro Classic Mini Game Console
  7. Mademax RS-1 Handheld Game Console
  8. LONSUN Classic retro Game Console with 620 Games
  9. Oriflame Classic Game Console
  10. MJKJ Handheld Game Console
  11. Atari Flashback 8 Gold Console HDMI

Comparison Of Best Gaming Consoles

Tool NameBest ForCategoryPlatformPriceRatings
Nintendo Switch ProPlaying HD quality games on TV and mobile screen.Mobile and TVNintendo$435.00Star_rating_5_of_5
Sony PlayStation 4 ProPlaying HDR/4K quality games, watching Blue-Ray movies, and streamlining online videos.TV consoleSony$349.99Star_rating_5_of_5
Xbox One S Playing 4K/HDR quality games, streaming games, watching UltraHD Blu-ray movies, and online streaming apps such as YouTube, HBO NOW, Spotify, ESPN, and many more. TV consoleXbox$379.99Star_rating_5_of_5
Sega Genesis Mini-GenesisPlaying retro Sega Genesis games.TV consoleSega$49.97Star_rating_4.5_of_5
Sony PlayStation Classic Console Playing classic PS games on TV.TV consoleSony$74.99Star_rating_4.5_of_5
HAndPE Retro Classic Mini Game Console Playing classic NES games on TV.TV consoleNES$26.60 Star_rating_4_of_5

Let us review each video game console in detail:

#1) Nintendo Switch Pro

Best For: Playing HD quality games on TV and mobile screen.

Nintendo Switch Pro

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Nintendo Switch is a feature-packed console with lots of entertainment options. The console is perfect for the whole family. Both adults as well as kids will enjoy playing on the console. It is a must-have for people who have grown up playing Mario, Zelda, and other Nintendo games.


  • Mobile gaming
  • Joy-Con controller with accelerometer and gyroscope.
  • Parental control
  • IR motion camera
  • 32 GB memory card

Verdict: Nintendo Switch is a combination of a Handheld and a TV console. You can play the games on the big screen as well as on a 4-inch mobile screen. It offers the best experience of both worlds.

Price: $435

Website: Nintendo Switch Pro

#2) Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

Best For: Playing HDR/4K quality games, watching Blue-Ray movies, and streamlining online videos.

PlayStation 4

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is the bestselling 8th generation console that supports HDR/4K quality video output. Announced on February 20, 2013, the console has hundreds of blockbuster titles.

Most gamers gravitate to PS4 due to its exclusive games such as Unchartered series, The Last of Us, Spider-Man, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and more. To play multiplayer games, membership of PlayStation Plus is required.

The annual cost of PS Plus is $59.99 per year (or about $4.99 per month). You can download loads of free PS4 games by subscribing to the online membership.


  • 4K/HDR output
  • Stream movies – YouTube, Netflix, and others.
  • Blueray player

Verdict: PlayStation 4 Pro is the best console for you if you have grown up playing PS console games. This best-selling video game console is an entertainment machine that allows you to watch movies and play games.

Price: $349.99

Website: Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

#3) Xbox One S

Best For: Playing 4K/HDR quality games, streaming games, watching UltraHD Blu-ray movies, and online streaming apps such as YouTube, HBO NOW, Spotify, ESPN, and many more.

.Xbox One S

X-box One S is the ultimate gaming machine that lets you play HDR quality games. You can experience real-looking games with bright colors, high dynamic range, and true visual depth. There are a large variety of games that you can download online or play using a disk.

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Some of the exclusives you can play on Xbox One S include Halo, Gear of War, etc. The Xbox Games Pass costs between $9.99 and $14.99 per month and allows you to get unlimited access to free and low-priced games. You can also play multiplayer games with the Xbox game pass.

The online game pass also allows you to purchase downloadable content (DLC) that enhances and adds to the gaming experience.


  • HDR/4K display
  • BlueRay
  • Streaming apps – YouTube, Amazon Prime, HBO NOW, ESPN, Netflix, Huli, Disney+, Spotify, etc.
  • Dolby Atmos sound

Verdict: Xbox One S is a solid gaming console on par with the PS 4. There is little difference between the two gaming consoles. But the PS 4 has an upper hand when it comes to exclusive blockbuster games.

Price: $379.99

Website: Xbox One S

#4) Sega Genesis Mini-Genesis

Best For: Playing retro Sega Genesis games.

Sega Genesis

Sega Genesis Mini is made by the iconic video game developer SEGA. The gaming console has an HDMI output that displays high-quality games on the TV. You can play all the classic games including Sonic, Earthworm Jim, Virtua Fighter 2, and Contra Hard Cops.


  • Over 42 SEGA Genesis games
  • 2 wired controllers
  • HDMI output
  • SD card support

Verdict: The console made by the iconic video game developer has thousands of positive online ratings. The cable is long, i.e., it allows you to play the games far from the TV. You can also plug the controllers into a PC and Windows will recognize it.

Price: $49.97

Website: Sega Genesis Mini-Genesis

#5) Sony PlayStation Classic Console

Best For: Playing classic PS games on TV.

Sony PlayStation Classic Console

Sony PlayStation Classic is a wonderful console to relive the golden classic era games. You can play most of the popular PS games including Final Fantasy VII, GTA, Tekken, Resident Evil, and Crash Bandicoot. The mini replica of the classic game console has a save/load feature.


  • 20 classic PS games
  • Save/load games
  • Save game stats

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Verdict: Power cord is not included with the product. You need to buy a separate US plug to power the console. Moreover, this is a replica emulation device for the PS console. You cannot play your old PS games with the console.

Price: $74.99

Website: Sony PlayStation Classic Console

#6) HAndPE Retro Classic Mini Game Console

Best For: Playing classic NES games on TV.

HAndPE Retro Classic Mini Game Console

HAndPE Retro Classic is a mini replica of the original NES gaming console. You can find over 600 games of yesteryears. The gaming console has AV output. It also comes with two wired controllers.


  • Over 620 games
  • AV output
  • Dual controllers

Verdict: A good mobile gaming console for kids and those who want to relive the classic 80s era games. However, you may have to buy a separate adapter if the TV does not have an AV input.

Price: $26.67

Website: HAndPE Retro Classic Mini Game Console

#7) Mademax RS-1 Handheld Game Console

Best For: Play retro games on a handheld device.

Madmax RS-1 Handheld

Mademax RS-1 Handheld Game Console features a bright 4.5-inch screen. This mobile console has over 400 classic games. It comes with an RCA cable that can connect to the TV. The gaming console runs on 3 AAA batteries.


  • Over 400 classic games
  • 3 AAA batteries included
  • 2.5’’ LCD screen
  • AV output

Verdict: This handheld gaming console will keep you entertained for hours while on the go. But one thing you should remember is that there is no save/load feature. All progress will be lost once you play a new game.

Price: $17

Website: Mademax RS-1 Handheld Game Console

#8) LONSUN Classic Retro Game Console with 620 Games

Best For: Playing retro NES games on TV.

LONSUN Classic Retro Game

LONSUN Classic Retro game console is a great console for playing classic NES games. The shape of the console is similar to the US version of the Nintendo Entertainment System, but it is a miniaturized version of the original.

The console has over 620 classic NES games that are great for the kids. It has an AV output for connecting to the TV screen.


  • Classic 80s and 90s retro NES games.
  • AV output
  • Over 620 classic games.

Verdict: LONSUN Classic Retro gaming console is great for kids. The console will also allow adult gamers to relive their classic games on TV. A drawback with the console is that the plugs are rather short, so you will need an extension cord.

Price: N/A.

#9) Oriflame Classic Game Console

Best For: Playing retro NES games of the 80s on TV.

Oriflame Classic Game Console

Oriflame Classic Gaming Console contains hundreds of retro NES games. The video game console comes with two wired joysticks. There are over 821 different games that are suitable for kids. The console comes with an AV and HDMI output.


  • Built-in NES games of the 80s
  • HDMI output
  • Over 821games

Verdict: While most found the console to be fun-filled and entertaining, some reviewers have complained about the no save option of the console. You can’t save and load the game as you can on modern consoles. But gamers who want the authentic experience of the NES console won’t be too bothered about the lack of a save/load feature.

Price: $49.99.

Website: Oriflame Classic Game Console

#10) MJKJ Handheld Game Console

Best For: Mobile retro gaming, eBook reader, image viewer, music player, and sound recorder.

MJKJ Handheld Game Console

MJKJ is a good quality mobile retro gaming device. The handheld gaming console has a 4.2 inch clear TFT screen.

You can find dozens of classic games of the 90s including Super Mario, Pokemon, Snow Brothers, Street Battle, and others. You can also download games in the required format (GBA/GB/GBC/NES/NEOGEO/SFC) to play on the device.

The device also supports 720p HDTV output that allows gaming on large screens. Other notable features of the entertainment device include an eBook player, music player, image viewer, and digital recording.


  • 4.3 inch TFT screen
  • Built-in retro games of the 90s
  • Entertainment device – music, eBook, image, digital recording.
  • 720p TV output
  • Rear camera

Verdict: MJKJ is an entertainment device that supports a lot more than just gaming. You can relive the classic games of the 90s, listen to music, record your voice, read eBooks, and much more with this device.

Price: N/A.

Website: MJKJ Handheld Game Console

#11) Atari Flashback 8 Gold Deluxe Console HDMI

Best For: Retro gaming on the TV.

Atari Flashback 8 Gold Deluxe

Atari Flashback 8 has hundreds of Atari console games that can be played on an HDTV. The Atari Flashback 8 gold version comes with two wireless joysticks shaped exactly like the original Atari 2600.

The gold deluxe version also comes with wired paddle controllers that are required for certain games like Warlords. The console has a save/load feature thereby allowing you to pause the game and resume it from the same spot the next day.


  • 120 Atari games
  • 720p quality output
  • Pause/save/load games
  • Two joysticks and two paddle controllers.

Verdict: Atari Flashback 8 video console is perfect for people who love the classic Atari games. It will allow many senior gamers to relive their memorable gaming years.

This console is also great for children since the gameplay is fun, simple, and engaging. The only drawbacks are the button-shaped switches on the consoles that are different than the original Atari console.

Price: $80

Website: Atari Flashback 8 Gold Console HDMI


We have reviewed the 11 different gaming consoles that you can go out and buy for all ages. If you want to buy a video console for your kids, you can buy a Nintendo Switch, Atari Flashback 8 Gold, Sega Genesis, and other mini NES consoles.

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For adult gamers, the best-selling video game consoles include PlayStation 4 and X Box One S. You can also wait for the latest 9th generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox X consoles that are expected to be released in November 2020.

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