Xbox Controller Keeps Disconnecting: Useful Tips

Wondering why your Xbox controller keeps disconnecting? Here we will see some troubleshooting tips to fix the issue:

If you are a console gaming addict, you must own an Xbox. The Xbox wireless controller in the fourth generation console offers a premium gaming experience. However, like all wireless devices, one problem gamers face with a wireless controller is a stable connection. If your Xbox controller keeps disconnecting, you are in the right place.

Here, I am going to answer the question you have been asking yourself- ‘why does my Xbox controller keep disconnecting?’ And then, I will give you some troubleshooting tips to try, will fix the issue.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Why Do Xbox One Controllers Keep Disconnecting

XBOX Controller Keeps Disconnecting

First, a little history.

Over the years, the design, and performance of the Xbox controller have improved significantly. The original controller was wired. Then came the controller of the Xbox 360. It was both wired and wireless. Microsoft made the controllers entirely wireless, starting with Xbox One, that you could connect using a USB cable.

Initially, the console and the controller were connected by using Microsoft’s own protocol. However, with the latest version of the controller, they also started including Bluetooth.

Now to your question – why does my Xbox controller keep turning off?

Here are some reasons:

  • The battery of your controller is low or dead
  • You have put too much distance between the controller and the console
  • The firmware is outdated
  • The driver is outdated

Now that you know why your Xbox controller randomly disconnects, let’s talk about fixes.

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Solutions With Useful Tips

Here are some things that can help you fix the Xbox controller that keeps disconnecting:

Change the Batteries of Your Controller

xbox changing batteries

[image source]

Yes, it can be as easy as that. A low or dead battery will keep turning off your controller. Hence, it will keep disconnecting. You can check your controller’s charge status on the Xbox One home screen. If it shows low or dead, change or recharge it. Check your controller. You will either have a AA battery that you can replace or a built-in battery that you can recharge.

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Update the Firmware

Regular updates from Microsoft ensure that performing your controller improves. If you haven’t updated your controller’s firmware in a while, that could be the reason why your Xbox One controllers keep disconnecting.

To update the firmware:

#1) Turn on your Xbox

#2) Sign in to Xbox Network

xbox live

[image source]

#3) Press the Xbox button on your controller

press xbox button

[image source]

#4) Select Profile & System

#5) Go to the Settings

xbox profile & system

#6) Select Devices and Connections

#7) Go to Accessories on the right panel of your screen

xbox - device & connection

[image source]

#8) Select your controller

#9) If there’s an update pending, click on the update

xbox one wireless controller

[image source]

You can also update the firmware from your Windows laptop.

For that:

#1) Open Microsoft Store

#2) Download the Xbox Accessories App

xbox accessories app windows 010

[image source]

#3) Connect your Xbox controller to your PC with a USB

#4) Open the App

#5) It will automatically detect the controller

#6) Click on the three dots menu below the configuration option

xbox wireless controller

[image source]

#7) You will see the firmware version and update option on the left

#8) Click on update and wait for it to finish updating


Update Your Console

Every device needs to be updated, even your Xbox console. Here’s how to update your console:

#1) Turn on your console

#2) Press the Xbox button on it

press xbox button on console

[image source]

#3) Select Profile & System

#4) Click on Settings

xbox profile & system

#5) From the left panel, select System

#6) From the right panel, select console Info & Updates

console info & updated

[image source]

#7) Wait till your console checks for updates and installs it

Reduce the Distance Between Console And Controller

All wireless connections have a range limitation, whether Microsoft’s own protocol or a universally used Bluetooth connection.

One reason why your Xbox One controller keeps disconnecting could be that it keeps going out of range. So, try bringing your controller closer to your console. Also, make sure there are no obstacles between them. This should strengthen the connection between the two.

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Restart Your Console

This is the most common solution to most problems of any type of device.

To restart your console:

  • Make sure it is turned on
  • Long press the Xbox button on your console for 10 seconds
  • Wait for it to shut down
  • Wait for 15 seconds
  • Long press the Xbox button again

This should restart your console.

Reconnect Your Console and Controller

If you are still wondering why does my Xbox controller keep turning off, you can try disconnecting your controller from the console and reconnecting it. You will find the pair button near the USB port. Press and hold it until the controller’s Xbox button starts flashing. Long press the pair button again. Release only when you see the light on the Xbox becoming stable.

Factory Reset Your Console

Factory resetting a device gives it a fresh start. Here’s how to factory reset your Xbox:

#1) Press the Xbox button on your controller

#2) Select Profile & system

#3) Go to the Settings

#4) Navigate to the System menu on the left panel

#5) Now, from the right panel, select Console info

#6) Click on Reset Console


[image source]

#7) Pick whether you want to remove games, apps, and games data or not

reset console confirm

[image source]

Wait for the console to finish resetting.

Use USB Cable

You can always use your controller with a USB cable if nothing works. It will not fix the Xbox controller keeps disconnecting issue but bypass it.

If you can use the controller flawlessly with the USB cable, it means there is a hardware problem with the wireless part of either your controller or console. You can keep using your controller with the USB cable to take it to the authorized Microsoft service center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Why does my Xbox controller keep disconnecting even though it’s on?

Answer: Here are some reasons why your Xbox controller keeps disconnecting even though it’s on:

  • Outdated firmware
  • Too much distance and obstacles between your console and controller
  • Low batteries
  • Pending updates
  • Hardware issues

Q #2) What is the lifespan of an Xbox One controller?

Answer: According to Microsoft, the lifespan of your Xbox One controller should be around 7-10 years, even longer.

Q #3) Can you overcharge Xbox One controller?

Answer: Most Xbox One controllers come with overcharge protection. So, your controller is safe from the damage of overcharging.

Q #4) How often should you clean your Xbox One controller?

Answer: You should clean your controller every 3-6 months, or whenever you feel the need. If your controller is exposed to dust and dirt, clean it every week.

Q #5) How long do Xbox controller battery packs last?

Answer: The battery life of an Xbox controller is 30 hours per charge.


Here, I have answered your question about why does my Xbox controller keep disconnecting. Many of my Xbox owner readers have been flabbergasted by this issue.

I have talked about why it could be happening and how to resolve each issue. These basic troubleshooting methods will keep your controller from disconnecting. If nothing works, you must take it to a certified Microsoft service center.