15 Best Android Games Now in 2023 [Popularity Ranking]

Want to know about the hottest games for Android devices? Check out this detailed review of the Best Android Games to help you in the selection process:

The video game industry has come a long way since such games were first developed for home consoles in the early 1970s. Today, video game companies are publishing titles on a variety of platforms such as gaming consoles, computers, and even mobile phones.

Mobile phone gaming in particular has grown especially popular over the years due to the ever-increasing processing and graphical power of smartphones. Such devices can now run games that were once considered cutting-edge on consoles a decade ago.

If you have recently purchased an Android phone, you might be wondering which Android games to download for your device. With hundreds of great titles to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know which ones are worth your time. To make this search process easier, we have compiled a list of the best games for Android devices.

TOP Android Games – Popular List

best android games

Market Trends: According to the report by Newzoo, the mobile games market is worth $92.2 billion in 2022. This is half the value of the entire video games industry.

The below image shows the Global Games Market Per Segment, in 2022:

Mobile Games Market Size

Expert Advice: You should choose Android games based on your phone’s graphics capabilities, processing power, and storage space.

FAQs on Android Mobile Games

Q #1) Is Android good for gaming?

Answer: Android platform is better than iOS for gaming. This platform offers a wider selection of games than iOS does. These games also have lower hardware requirements than iOS games, which are optimized for high-end Apple iPhone and iPad hardware.

Q #2) Are Android games free?

Answer: Some Android games are free, while more premium titles must be purchased. However, there are hundreds of fantastic free and paid Android games currently available on the Play Store.

Q #3) How much RAM do you need to run Android games?

Answer: The amount of RAM required to run an Android game smoothly will vary depending on the game. Some titles require only a few hundred megabytes of RAM, while others may need a full gigabyte to run well.

The good news is that the vast majority of Android phones released in 2022 have a minimum of 4GB RAM. This makes them more than capable of running most high-end Android game titles smoothly.

Q #4) What Android game has been downloaded the most times in 2022?

Answer: Garena Free Fire, from the Singaporean video game developer, Garena, has been downloaded over 1 billion times as of August 2022.

Q #5) Can Android games compete with console and PC games?

Answer: Android games will always lag behind console and PC games in terms of graphics due to the limited hardware capabilities that smartphones possess. However, the best Android games are still considered just as fun as the best console and PC games.

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List of the Best Android Games

A popular list of best games to play on Android:

  1. PUBG Mobile/PUBG New State
  2. Call of Duty
  3. Minecraft
  4. Dead Cells
  5. Stardew Valley
  6. Pokemon GO
  7. Among Us
  8. Monumental Valley
  9. Dicey Dungeons
  10. Alto’s Adventure
  11. ScourgeBringer
  12. Exploding Kittens
  13. Dead Effect 2
  14. Hitman Sniper
  15. Mini Metro

Comparison Table of Top Games For Android

Game NameBest ForAge RatingPriceRatings
PUBG MobilePlayers interested in a mobile Battle Royale game with great graphics.17+FREEStar_rating_5_of_5
Call of DutyPeople seeking a fast-paced action-packed first person shooter.17+FREEStar_rating_4_of_5
MinecraftPeople seeking a sandbox video game with procedurally generated worlds.10+$7.49Star_rating_4_of_5
Dead CellsAnyone seeking a well-rounded roguelike-Metroidvania game.16+$8.99Star_rating_4_of_5
Stardew ValleyPeople seeking a simple no-nonsense farming game.12+$4.99Star_rating_4_of_5

Detailed reviews:

#1) PUBG Mobile

Best for players interested in a mobile Battle Royale game with great graphics.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG has become a household name since its initial release in July 2016. The battle-royale-style game has amassed millions of downloads on the PC. Lightspeed & Quantum Studio released a mobile version called PUBG Mobile on Android in March 2018.

The game’s premise is pretty simple. You play as a character who parachutes onto an island alongside 99 other players. Once you land, you must scavenge the area for weapons, armor, and ammo while eliminating any other players who cross your path. Every player’s goal is the same: To be the last person left standing.

PUBG Mobile retains many of its PC counterpart’s qualities. It has seven excellent maps, each with its own distinct type of terrain. This is definitely one of the best FREE battle-royale games on the Android platform.

Verdict: PUBG Mobile is as enjoyable to play as its PC counterpart. There’s never a dull moment as you try to scavenge for supplies and battle your way to victory.

Price: FREE

Website: PUBG Mobile

#2) Call of Duty

Best for people seeking a fast-paced action-packed first-person shooter.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty has been one of the leading first-person shooter games on console and PC devices for over a decade. Activision has since attempted to break into the Android games market with the release of Call of Duty Mobile in October 2019.

It may take some time for most console and PC gamers to get used to this mobile first-person shooter’s controls on their Android device. However, moving around and firing your weapon is a thrill once these controls become embedded in your muscle memory.

This game notably lacks a campaign mode, but it makes up for it with its fantastic multiplayer modes. This includes the incredibly popular “1 vs. 100” mode, which is a battle royale style game where it’s every player for themselves. Many users report that this game feels like a condensed version of Call of Duty: Black OPs 4 Blackout mode.

Call of Duty Mobile is completely free to play, and you have the option of purchasing credits to spend on cosmetic items such as weapon skins. Consider checking out this title if you’re looking for a fast first-person shooter to play on the go.

Verdict: Call of Duty Mobile can’t replicate the experience its console and PC counterparts provide. However, it should help scratch your first-person shooter game itch when you are away from home.

Price: FREE

Website: Activision

#3) Minecraft

Best for people seeking a sandbox video game with procedurally generated worlds.

Minecraft - Android Games

Mojang’s Minecraft needs a little introduction. The sandbox video game took the world by storm when it was first released in 2011. The game has developed a massive online community and has become part of popular culture.

Mojang then released Minecraft: Pocket Edition for mobile devices in late 2011. The game’s simple graphics enabled it to run well on early 2010s Android devices. The publisher updated the game many times in the years that followed and the current Android version is known simply as Minecraft.

Minecraft is a 3D sandbox video game that allows you to explore a procedurally generated world filled with caves, water bodies, and different biomes. You can mine different types of materials and use them to build various structures and items.

You must also defend yourself from various creatures that inhabit this world as well as other players. The game has four modes: Survival, Creative, Adventure, and Hardcore. Minecraft has stood the test of time, and it’s safe to say it’s one of the best Android titles available on the Play Store.

Verdict: Minecraft offers a unique world of possibilities. You can play however you wish and never get sick of its procedurally generated world.

Price: $7.49

Website: Minecraft on Play Store

#4) Dead Cells

Best for anyone seeking a well-rounded roguelike-Metroidvania game.

Dead Cells - Android Games

Dead Cells is an award-winning roguelike-Metroidvania game initially released for console and PC in 2018. The game’s studio, Motion Twin, ported the game over to Android in August 2019.

In Dead Cells, you play as a decapitated prisoner that has been reanimated by a mysterious force. You must run through procedurally generated levels to progress and collect items along the way. If you die, you will still get to retain the items you have collected.

One of Dead Cells’ biggest strengths is its skill tree system. You can die over and over again, but will eventually progress once you’ve enhanced your character with the right skills and weapons. This gives the gameplay an addictive quality that few other Android titles can match.

Verdict: Dead Cells’ procedurally generated levels keep you on your toes while its skill-leveling system rewards your persistence. This game sets the standard for roguelike-Metroidvania Android games and is definitely worth its hefty price tag.

Price: $8.99

Website: Dead Cells on Play Store

#5) Stardew Valley

Best for people seeking a simple no-nonsense farming game.

Stardew Valley

[image source]

Stardew Valley was initially released for the PC in 2016 before being ported to consoles. The game’s developer, ConcernedApe, then released the game on Android in 2019. Prior to this, the Android game market was saturated with subpar farming games that lacked good content and were designed to extract money from players.

Stardew Valley changes all that by presenting a no-nonsense farming game with excellent in-game content. You play as a young player tasked with rebuilding their grandfather’s farm by growing crops and looking after livestock. There are also plenty of exploration opportunities as you scour beaches and look through dungeons.

If that wasn’t enough, Stardew Valley is chock-full of many interesting townsfolk, each of whom you will need to win over with your skills. This farming game is one of the top games for Android and you definitely don’t want to miss out on it.

Verdict: Stardew Valley offers far more content than other Android farming games. Its tasks never feel tedious and there is always something new to explore.

Price: $4.99

Website: Stardew Valley

#6) Pokémon Go

Best for people who enjoy combining outdoor exploration with video games.

Pokemon GO

The Pokémon franchise took the world by storm when video game studio, Game Freak, released the first Pokémon games on the Gameboy device in 1996. The franchise has produced many games for handheld devices since. However, their foray into the smartphone gaming market with Pokémon GO has been their most unique outing to date.

“Outing” is the perfect word to use here because Pokémon GO encourages players to go outside and catch Pokémon, also known as “Pocket Monsters”. It uses your Android phone’s GPS to track your location and help you find and catch Pokémon. You can then use your smartphone’s camera to visually seek out Pokémon and throw Pokéballs to trap them.

Pokémon GO was one of the top Android games when it was first released in 2016. The game still has many devoted fans, as the game’s publisher, Niantic, Inc., still regularly releases updates for it. Check out this game if you’re looking for a unique augmented reality experience that encourages you to explore the world around you.

Verdict: Pokémon GO offers a special opportunity for gamers to go outside and seek out virtual prizes. This adds a new level of fun to the world of Android gaming.

Price: Free

Website: Pokémon GO

#7) Among Us

Best for people seeking a unique multiplayer game to play with their friends.

Among Us

Innersloth released their highly successful game, Among Us, for smartphones and PCs in June 2018. The PC version costs $5 while the Android version is completely FREE.

In Among Us, you play as one of the crewmates on a spaceship. Each player must run between rooms and complete simple tasks. However, anywhere from one to three players are actually “imposters” who are tasked with stealthily killing each crewmate on the ship without revealing their identity.

The crewmates can call for an emergency meeting whenever a dead body is discovered, and that’s when the real fun starts. The crew must then deduce who the imposter is and then vote them out of the game, which entails releasing them into the vacuum of space.

Among Us is an incredibly fun party game you can play with up to ten players online. It combines the thrill of a puzzle solver with a whodunnit murder mystery, resulting in many hours of sneaky and exciting entertainment

Verdict: Among Us has a simple premise, but it promises many hours of fun with your friends.

Price: Free

Website: InnerSloth

#8) Dicey Dungeons

Best for people seeking a great roguelike dungeon-crawler game.

Dicey Dungeons

Dicey Dungeons is a unique deck-building dungeon crawler game. It was created by a game designer named Terry Cavanagh in 2019. The game was ported over to Android in July 2022.

In Dicey Dungeons you play as a game show contestant that has been turned into a dice and must crawl through dungeons to earn your freedom. You can choose between six player types, each of whom starts with different equipment that defines their specialties.

You will then need to traverse dungeons, fight monsters, unlock treasure chests, obtain health items, and upgrade your character. The combat is turn-based, so you can play it at whatever pace you would like. However, your attacks will always depend on a dice roll, which adds an air of unpredictability to battles.

Verdict: Dicey Dungeons is one of the most enjoyable deck-builder roguelike games for Android. The setup is great and its progression system keeps you glued to your Android device.

Price: $5

Website: Dicey Dungeons

#9) Alto’s Adventure

Best for people who love snowboarding games.

Altos Adventure - Android Games

If you’re into endless runner snowboarding games, Alto’s Adventure should be right up your alley. This game was originally created for iOS devices and was released on the Android platform in September 2015.

The game follows your player as they traverse procedurally generated landscapes on their snowboard. You can tap your screen to jump and perform tricks to get points. The game also includes 180 goals such as snowboarding a minimum distance or jumping across large gaps.

Playing Alto’s Adventure is a thrilling experience supplemented by memorable in-game environments. Many snowboarding enthusiasts rightfully believe this is one of the best games to play on Android.

Verdict: Alto’s Adventure should satisfy anyone craving a side-scrolling snowboard game. Its evolving environment and day-night cycles make each gaming session a fantastic experience

Price: Free

Website: Alto’s Adventure on Play Store

#10) ScourgeBringer

Best for people seeking an exciting roguelike platformer with great mechanics.


The Android platform has seen no shortage of roguelike platformer games over the years. However, SourgeBringer takes the cake as one of the best entries in recent memory. The game’s developers, Plug in Digital, originally released it on PC and console in October 2020. They ported the game over to Android in September 2022.

This platformer excels in a wide range of areas. You get to utilize various satisfying air-dash maneuvers to leap from one platform to the next. There is also an extensive skills tree to help you upgrade your character once you have collected enough loot.

The game also features basic combat mechanics that would have otherwise been tedious to perform using touchscreen controls. Luckily, the developer has worked around this issue by implementing an auto-attack feature whenever your character gets close to any enemy. Check out this title if you’re sick of sub-par roguelike platformer Android mobile games.

Verdict: ScourgeBringer may be one of the higher-priced games on our list, but it offers great mechanics and level design that make it well worth the cost.

Price: $6.99

Website: ScourgeBringer on Play Store

#11) Exploding Kittens

Best for people seeking a comedic take on a Russian Roulette card game.

ExplodingKittens - Android Games

The internet has taken its love of cat-centered humor to the extreme in multiple ways. However, few things can compete with the Exploding Kittens’ comedic absurdity.

This Android game was originally pitched on Kickstarter and broke multiple records with the amount of funding it received. This is thanks to the game’s over-the-top concept and card designs.

Exploding Kittens is essentially a card game you can play with friends in multiplayer mode or with strangers online. Each player must take turns drawing cards until someone draws one of the dreaded “Exploding Kitten” cards. If the player in question doesn’t have a “Defuse” card in their possession, their kitten will explode.

This game isn’t for everyone, but it can be plenty of fun if you’re into its absurd humor style.

Verdict: Exploding Kittens draws you in with its comedic take on Russian Roulette card games, but will quickly become one of your go-to party games.

Price: $1.99

Website: Exploding Kittens

#12) Dead Effect 2

Best for people interested in a zombie first-person shooter game.

Dead Effect 2

The first Dead Effect game was a successful Sci-Fi zombie first-person shooter game when it was released in 2013. Its publisher, App Holdings, released the sequel Dead Effect 2 in 2015.

The game follows your player boarding a colonization spaceship that has experienced a virus outbreak known as the “Dead Effect” which turns people into zombies. Your goal is to secure evidence surrounding this outbreak before other soldiers enter the ship and eliminate anyone and anything that can reveal the truth.

The game’s controls follow that of many other Android first-person shooters. You can control your player’s movements using a virtual joystick on your screen’s left side and aim by dragging your fingers across the screen. The game has a brutal yet thrilling feel to it as you shoot enemies that charge at you in different areas of this ship.

Dead Effect 2 might be seven years old, but it still retains the enjoyment of modern first-person shooters.

Verdict: Dead Effect 2’s unsettling creature designs and thrilling first-person shooter style make it one of the best FREE first-person shooter games out there.

Price: Free

Website: Dead Effect 2 on Play Store

#13) Hitman Sniper

Best for anyone who enjoys stealth assassination games.

Hitman Sniper - Android Games

The Hitman video game series has been wildly popular since it started in the early 2000s. Square Enix released Hitman Sniper for Android devices in 2015.

The game’s premise follows you, a hired hitman, who is tasked with assassinating high-value targets and any guards or civilians that stand in your way. As a professional hitman, you are expected to perform each kill in a stealthy manner to avoid drawing unwanted attention and jeopardizing your mission.

The game invites you to explore different shooting sites and zoom in on your target at the right times to make the perfect kill. You can upgrade your weapons as you earn money from successful missions. The game does get repetitive after a while, but it still offers a great experience for anyone who enjoys stealthy assassination gameplay.

Verdict: Hitman Sniper might not be the best game in the Hitman series, but its stealthy gameplay offers an enjoyable experience on Android devices.

Price: $1.99

Website: Hitman Sniper on Play Store

#14) Mini Metro

Best for people interested in a creative subway simulator game.

Mini Metro

Looking for a unique puzzle game with a city-planning feel? The Mini Metro is a title you definitely need to check out. This game was released on Android in October 2016 and has drawn plenty of attention over the years.

This puzzle strategy game invites you to build an efficient rail transit network in an ever-expanding city. You get to choose a major city as your starting map before starting the process of designing a rail network for it.

You must then consult your budget and draw lines connecting different stations together. However, this can get complicated very quickly. Mini Metro can shift from being a tranquil puzzle game to a tense route management dilemma after just a few moves. This game will definitely push your planning skills to the limit.

Verdict: Mini Metro is a simple but effective puzzle game that tests your ability to manage an ever-increasing rail network. This Android game is a must-have for any puzzle-solving enthusiasts.

Price: $0.99

Website: Mini Metro on Play Store

#15) Monument Valley

Best for people seeking a calming puzzle game with a gorgeous art style.

Monument Valley - Android Games

Looking for a calming game with a charming art style to keep you busy on the go? Then Monument Valley is the best game for Android to consider. Indie game developer and publisher, Ustwo Games, released this title in November 2017.

In Monument Valley, you are presented with an isometric view of different architecture-based puzzles. You will need to interact with such puzzles in the form of impossible objects and optical illusions to discover hidden passages. Your goal is to create a pathway for a princess character to progress.

The game consists of ten gorgeous levels enhanced by a soothing and colorful art style. Each level also relies on a unique mechanic to present a fresh challenge each time you progress.

Monument Valley feels like a cerebral experience for those who would like to take a break from fast-paced action games. Its tasteful look and easygoing pace are perfect if you’re looking to destress and play something that invites you to stop and smell the roses.

Verdict: Monument Valley is a gorgeous and calming experience that shows off the strengths of simplicity in indie games. It is well worth the $3.99 price tag.

Price: $3.99

Website: Monument Valley


As you can see, there is no shortage of excellent games on the Android platform. Each of the titles mentioned above stands out in its own unique way.

So be sure to look up each game based on your video game genre preference. However, you shouldn’t shy away from trying titles from other genres too, as these titles stand as the best in their respective categories.

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