What Are Vulkan Runtime Libraries And Do I Need To Remove It

Here we will learn what are Vulkan Runtime Libraries, their uses, advantages, and method to remove Vulkan Runtime Library from your system:

Gaming has become one of the most popular and important activities that a user can perform on his/her computer. It has even been recognized as one of the most prestigious sports to be played on electronic devices.

Many companies have nowadays started developing completely gaming-oriented devices like gaming PC and gaming laptops, which are loved by most gamers.

Besides developing gaming hardware, many companies have also started developing software that makes it easier for the users to use multiple devices with the system at the same time. In this article, we will talk about one such software, Vulkan, and will discuss what is Vulkan Runtime Libraries. We will also learn how to remove the Vulkan Runtime Library from your system.

What Are Vulkan Runtime Libraries

Vulkan Runtime Libraries


For a random viewer, the name Vulkan might be new, and he/she may interpret it as a file or software, but no, Vulkan isn’t any file, software, or virus but is rather a graphic standard.

Let us discuss Vulkan:

Vulkan is the new generation graphic and computes API which contributes to providing users with an enhanced and efficient gaming experience. Vulkan helps its users in connecting various console devices to the system and hence helps in managing them efficiently.

Vulkan not only connects various devices to your system and calibrates them but also makes sure that the graphics work efficiently, thereby making the gaming experience utilized to the maximum.

Its portability feature allows users to fix the fragmentation with the various devices by the layered implementation. This makes it easier for the Vulkan applications to run on various devices. The drivers present in the libraries make it even easier for the users to connect various devices to their system and use them to the best.

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Use Of Vulkan Runtime Library

Vulkan is an advanced platform for graphic standards as it allows its users to target increased performance and also attract the calibration of various console devices to the system. It makes it easier to use various console devices, but also enhances the graphic performance of the system.

There are numerous other advantages, which are enlisted below:

  1. It supports countless numbers of platforms that are beneficial for the users as they need not look for a new API for every console.
  2. It supports batching that makes it easier to enhance the CPU performance which saves the time for the users.

Vulkan supports many games. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Doom
  2. Doom3 BFG
  3. Doom Eternal
  4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  5. Mad Max
  6. F1 2017
  7. Roblox
  8. Serious Sam VR: The First Encounter
  9. Serious Sam VR: The Second Encounter
  10. Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope
  11. Dota 2
  12. Vainglory

Advantages Of Vulkan Libraries

There are many advantages of Vulkan Libraries. Some of them are listed below:

  1. It is a single API for the PC as well as for the mobile game graphics. Previously, there were two APIs OpenGL and OpenGL ES, respectively.
  2. It offers more balanced CPU/GPU usage compared to OpenGL API.
  3. Vulkan can distribute work across multiple GPUs efficiently, thereby making it beneficial for the developers.
  4. It also offers parallel tasking and lowers CPU usage.

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Steps To Check Presence of Vulkan Files In System

It is very important to make sure that the Vulkan files are present in the system.

Follow the steps mentioned below to check the presence of the Vulkan files:

#1) Press the “Windows” button from the keyboard and then click on the “Settings” on the left bar as shown in the image below.

Shortcut: To open settings directly, press Windows+I from the keyboard, and it will open the settings directly.

Settings - Vulkan Runtime Libraries

#2) After opening the Settings, a window will open as shown below. Now click on the “Apps”.

Apps - Vulkan Runtime Libraries

#3) After clicking on the “Apps”, the new screen will appear as shown in the below image. There will be a search bar on this screen. Type “Vulkan libraries” to see if the Vulkan libraries are present or not.

If they are present, the Vulkan libraries icon will appear as shown in the image below.

Vulkan libraries - Vulkan Runtime Libraries

If they are not present, then the message “We couldn’t find anything to show here. Double check your search criteria” will appear as shown in the image below.

Vulcan library not present

Remove Vulkan Runtime Libraries

The doubt might arise: What is the need to uninstall Vulkan from Windows?

Some users have complained about the abnormal working of the Windows Defender after the installation of the Vulkan runtime library. Therefore, Windows allows its users to uninstall Vulkan from Windows by following the steps mentioned below.

#1) Click on the start button and search for “Control Panel” and click on the icon as shown in the image below.

Shortcut: Press Windows + X and from the list of options click on “Device Manager”.

Control Panel - Vulkan Runtime Libraries

#2) Click on “Uninstall a Program”.

Uninstall a Program

#3) Right-click on the Vulkan file from the list of options available and click on the “Uninstall/Change” option as shown in the image below.


#4) Uninstall wizard is displayed as shown below. Click on the “Uninstall” button.


A process bar will be displayed and the Vulkan file will be removed from the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Do I need Vulkan runtime?

Answer: The need for Vulkan runtime depends completely on the demand of the user. If the user needs to play games and enjoy the enhanced graphic experience, then the user can install Vulkan Runtime Library on their system.

Q #2) Can I delete VulkanRT?

Answer: The answer to this is yes. If a user wishes then he can delete Vulkan Run Time, but there is no need of deleting it as it is not an infected file or malware, so it won’t harm your system.

Q #3) Do I need to install Vulkan?

Answer: Vulkan provides its users with an enhanced and improved experience, so it is beneficial for the user to install Vulkan to utilize the maximum gaming experience on your system.

Q #4) What is Open AL and why do I need it?

Answer: Open AL is a cross-platform audio API (Application Programming Interface) that allows its user to gain maximum audio performance from the gaming platforms. The Open AL provides its users with the 3D Audio experience and amazing sound effects.

Q #5) Are Vulkan libraries detected by antivirus?

Answer: Some antiviruses give a warning for the presence of Vulkan libraries in the system, but we can ignore those warnings as they will not cause any harm to the system.


In this article, we talked about the API which helps gamers to enhance their graphic experience. We also discussed in detail the Vulkan API and also talked about Vulkan Runtime Library.

We also had a detailed discussion on what is Vulkan Runtime Libraries in Windows 10, the issues faced by the users, and learned the ways to remove them.