10 BEST Nintendo Switch Games in 2023 (TOP RATED)

Here is the review and comparison of the Top Switch Games to help you select the best Nintendo Switch Game that is available in the market:

While the gaming world seems to be consumed by the ongoing console war between Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation, the OG of gaming continues to thrive with an entirely different niche it has carved out for itself.

In this article, we will shed light on some of the best Switch games you must try before finally kicking the bucket. The list has been carefully curated after considering the overall reception the games had upon release, the replay factor, and their popularity even after being in the market for a long time after release.

Nintendo Switch Games

Top Nintendo Switch Games

You have to be living under a rock to not know what or who Nintendo is.

The company that revolutionized the gaming industry all those decades ago is still astonishingly relevant today. The games and the characters it introduced to the world still enjoy the fanfare that they did during the peak of Nintendo’s success. From Mario to Link, and Bowser to Donkey Kong, Nintendo was, and still is, a very fond part of many childhoods around the world.


Fast forward to 2022, Nintendo is not only ahead of the curve, but in an entirely different league of its own, releasing one phenomenal game after another on its latest console – the Nintendo Switch. Although initially receiving a lot of criticism for its hardware design, Switch has quickly earned a loyal fan base thanks to a portable gaming system and a plethora of exciting and fun games in its kitty.

Nintendo with both its original Hybrid Switch and the recently released handheld-only Switch lite, harbor some of the best single-player and multi-player games of the past decade. If you are a gamer who doesn’t own a Nintendo Switch, you have no idea the experiences you are missing out on. So how do we find out the best switch games in 2022?

Pro–Tip: The very first thing to look for when buying a game is to check out its trailer online. You will have some idea of what you are getting into, the genre of the game, and whether it is your cup of tea. Study the reception the game enjoyed upon release. An overwhelmingly positive reception is what we are shooting for. Remember, most of these games operate on a narrative structure. So try to stay away from spoilers while researching online about the game.

Fact Check: According to Statista, the handheld-only Switch Lite device sold a whopping 800000 units in the United States alone in the third quarter of 2019. Consecutively, it sold 540000 and 390000 units in Europe and Japan, respectively.

Switch Lite device

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) How many Play Modes does the Nintendo Switch offer?

Answer: There are three play modes to choose from in Nintendo Switch. You can opt for the TV mode that allows you to play the game on your TV, The handheld mode that allows you to play the games on the Switch portable screen, and the Tabletop mode that allows you to rest the device on a desk like a tablet or a Laptop.

Q #2) What is the Battery Life of Nintendo Switch?

Answer: The console’s battery life ranges from 3 to 6 hours depending on your usage. Moreover, it will take you a total of 3 hours to fully recharge the device.

Q #3) Can one play Nintendo Switch with a traditional controller, instead of the Joy-Con?

Answer: For $70 extra, you can purchase the Pro controller that gives players a more traditional playing experience. The controller comes with features like a gyroscope, HD rumble, and accelerometer.

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List Of Best Nintendo Switch Games

Here is the list of the best Nintendo Switch games that are available in the market:

  1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  3. Super Mario 3D all-Stars
  4. Luigi’s Mansion 3
  5. Pokemon Sword and Shield
  6. Hades
  7. Celeste
  8. Super Mario Odyssey
  9. Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
  10. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Comparing Some of Top Switch Games

NameGenreOriginal Release DateRatingsFees
Animal Crossing: New HorizonsLife Simulator20 March 2020Star_rating_5_of_5$47.99
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Open World Action Adventure3 March 2017Star_rating_5_of_5$47.99
Super Mario 3D All StarsEnglish Subtitles Download Site for Movies and TV ShowsSept 18 2020Star_rating_4_of_5$49.95
Luigi’s Mansion 33D Action Adventure 31 October 2019Star_rating_4.5_of_5$59.98
Pokemon Sword and ShieldRole Playing15 Nov 2019Star_rating_4_of_5$57.90

Let us move forward and review the best games for Nintendo Switch.

#1) Animal Crossing: New Horizon

Genre: Life Simulator

Animal Crossing: New Horizon

In many wonderful ways, Animal Crossing’s new horizon capitalizes on the fascinating premise of its predecessor. It does so by populating this colorful, juvenile world with a plethora of fun activities that are bound to keep you hooked to your console for hours.

It is an addictive experience when trying to catch bugs, finding clothes to wear, interacting with your eccentric neighbor, or planting trees. New Horizon has tons of things for you to do. You can now spend your time collecting creatures, building a museum, or collecting funds for your shop.

After all the choirs, when you are finally able to build the tropical island of your dream, words don’t do justice to the feeling of self-affiliation one has the pleasure of experiencing with this game.


  • Tons of creatures to collect
  • Free in-game bonuses
  • Craft tools to build your island
  • Share your progress with friends online

Verdict: Animal Crossing is a fun little escapist adventure, which lets you briefly forget your real-life woes and indulge in a vibrant fantastical simulation of your own creation. It is engaging, fun and above all a very rewarding experience.

Price: $59.99

Website: Animal Crossing: New Horizon

#2) Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Genre: Open World Action Adventure


Nobody could’ve imagined an open-world adventure on Switch until Legend of Zelda proved them wrong. To this day, this game is considered being one of the best open-world games of all time. It is beautiful to look at, incorporating the myth of this already popular franchise and taking it into new uncharted terrains.

Perhaps the best part about this game is the freedom it gives players over its narrative. Unlike other open-world games, Legend of Zelda actually gives you the freedom to approach the game in any way you wish. You can just cut your way to the final boss anytime in the game and beat him.


  • Customize Link with new weapons and armor
  • Find hidden gifts
  • Choose your own path, and consequences
  • Solve dynamic puzzles in multiple ways

Verdict: The combat is satisfying, the story is solid, and it doesn’t restrict its players with pre-established rules as other open-world games do. Games like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are rare. If you are an avid gamer, this title alone is worth buying the Switch console.

Price: $46.99

Website: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

#3) Super Mario–3D All Stars

Genre: 3D and 2D Platformer


Super Mario 3D All-Stars is the perfect nostalgic trip for gamers who grew up playing the extremely popular Mario games. This is basically a package containing some of the best Mario games of the past. You will find games like Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario Sunshine, all in one.

It is the collection fans have been clamoring for, ever since the console was launched. Sure, these games are old, and their age shows in the clunky controls and outdated graphics. However, it is still hard to argue against the fact that they are uncompromisingly fun from start to finish.

If you already own the game, there is a good chance there will be more old Mario games launching in the future as DLC’s. Let’s hope that happens sooner rather than later.


  • 3 Classic games in one
  • Over 175 iconic Mario tunes to listen.
  • Play in refurbished HD resolutions.

Verdict: Super Mario 3D is for those fans who feel a special connection with this flagship Nintendo character. It is also the perfect gateway for non-fans to get acquainted with these classic games and check out what all the hype is about.

Price: $49.95

Website: Super Mario 3D All Stars

#4) Luigi’s Mansion 3

Genre: 3D Action Adventure


At first glance, Luigi’s Mansion 3 feels like a typical ghost hunting game with the same old tropes such games are known for. However, Luigi’s Mansion 3 reinvents the genre and arguably becomes the best in this long series of ghost hunting games by Nintendo.

The game spices things up by allowing you to control two characters this time around. You get to control both Luigi and his spectral companion, Gooigi. You explore the labyrinth that makes up the haunted mansion of King Boo with a bunch of really cool ghost-slaying weapons and tools.

The game is filled to the brim with amazing combat and hands down some of the best boss fights in Nintendo’s entire gaming library.


  • Two Playable characters
  • New moves like a slam, burst, and suction shot to take out enemies
  • More tools at your disposal

Verdict: Luigi’s Mansion 3 is one of the best games Nintendo launched in 2019, and it will go down in history as Nintendo Switch’s best game of all time. The game is beautiful to look at, has sleek combat, and an overall great gameplay mechanic that makes one come back for more.

Price: $59.98

Website: Luigi’s Mansion 3

#5) Pokemon Sword and Shield

Genre: Role Playing

Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield keeps the wheels spinning for this worldwide phenomenon that has garnered an unwavering die-hard fan base over the years. The game has everything you’ve come to expect from this celebrated series of role-playing games.

You get to capture Pokemons, train them, battle other trainers, explore the world and do all sorts of other exciting things that make it so addictive. The game possesses some of the most dynamic environments we have seen in Pokemon games so far. It is simply breathtaking to look at.

There is also the addition of the new Dynamax battles that allow you to modify your Pokemon giant with new moves in order to indulge in intense, huge stakes battles. There are also a ton of features that really amplify your online social experience with the game.


  • New Dynamax battles
  • Open World Type Wild areas
  • Enhanced Social online features
  • Collaborate with other players to participate in epic battles

Verdict: Pokemon Sword and Shield is a great addition to a strong line of Pokemon games that keep the original spirit of these RPGs alive with some welcome changes and innovations. The enhanced online social feature alone makes this game worth buying for both old fans and new players alike.

Price: $57.90

Website: Pokemon Sword and Shield

#6) Hades

Genre: Action Adventure


One of the Switch’s most cherished titles; Hades was an instant hit among gamers upon release. It replicates the roguelike action gameplay to perfection with an experience that is both punishing and extremely rewarding at the same time.

The new spin on Greek mythology is enough to propel you through its gameplay. However, it is a game that constantly surprises its players with new challenges and abilities throughout its main campaign. Although punishing, the game is also gracious to new players and provides them with options that make the game go easy on them.


  • Character-driven narrative
  • Meet new characters along your journey
  • Fluid combat
  • Brimming with vibrant colors and amazing animations

Verdict: Hades is a triumph of storytelling in gameplay, and further proves why games are one of the best mediums to experience new and unique stories today. Add to that, a fluid combat system and you have the perfect experience a gamer could ever want.

Price: $24.99

Website: Hades

#7) Celeste

Genre: Retro Platformer

Celeste - best switch games

For a very long time, we thought the retro style platforming of yesteryear was long dead and gone. Celeste proved us wrong. Celeste is a brutal yet extremely rewarding experience wrapped in a compelling story that begs to be seen all the way through to its conclusion.

This single-player platformer is filled with over 600 screens to cross, each more challenging to surpass than the one before. You play Celeste a girl trying to uncover a devious secret on a journey through a treacherous mountain which is filled with dangerous enemies out to get her.

The levels are as brutal as they are mesmerizing to look at. Your screen is brimming with a slew of vibrant colors as you struggle to get Celeste through to the next level. The game also possesses a great soundtrack that only adds to the experience.


  • 600+ Screens of platforming challenges
  • Narrative driven gameplay
  • Unlock Brutal side missions
  • Great Soundtrack

Verdict: Celeste has a beautiful story to tell and makes you go through some most challenging platforms a gamer can experience. It is vibrant, satisfying, and ultimately captivating from start to finish.

Price: $19.99

Website: Celeste

#8) Super Mario Odyssey

Genre: 3D Platformer, Action-Adventure

Super Mario odyssey - best switch games

Super Mario Odyssey is arguably the most inventive Nintendo has ever gotten with their flagship character. The result is an expansive adventure that spans a plethora of brilliantly crafted worlds. Super Mario Odyssey is also one of the most creative of Mario’s games.

This time around you are partnered with a magical cap, fittingly named ‘Cappy’, with whose help you can seize control of other characters in the world. There are tons of secrets to unlock in this fascinating world as you traverse through one exciting level after another.

You can even warp into a wall to go back to the classic 2D gameplay of Mario that started it all. We were pleasantly surprised with how much content this game has to offer, even after playing through its main campaign.


  • Expansive Sandbox World
  • Use ‘Cappy’ to seize control of other characters in the game.
  • Collect Power Moons
  • Plethora of Hidden Collectibles

Verdict: Super Mario Odyssey is weird, charming, and ultimately a blast to play. There are tons of things to discover, unlock and experience in this wonderful game, which possesses the potential to stand the test of time even two decades down the line.

Price: $59.99

Website: Super Mario Odyssey

#9) Hyrule Warriors – Age of Calamity

Genre: Multiplayer Action Adventure

Hyrule Warriors – Age of Calamity - best switch games

Hyrule Warriors is a prequel to Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild and tells the story of how everything fell into chaos before the events of its companion game. While not as good as the game that spawned it, it is still a beautiful adventure in this world that we and many other gamers have fallen in love with.

The best part of this game is that you get to control many other characters in this world other than ‘Link’. You can play as ‘Zelda’, ‘Impa’ and many other characters. The game basically consists of teaming up with other soldiers or co-op players in this world, traveling to battle areas, and clearing the objectives assigned to you.

The combat is solid, especially when you are taking on hordes of enemies with your optional Co-op players. This is a game best experienced with friends.


  • Choose between multiple playable characters
  • Play co-op to take out overwhelming hordes of enemies
  • Arm your character with cool weapons and armor
  • Fluid Combat

Verdict: If you loved Breath of the Wild, then you will love this game. It is a fitting prequel that packs in a lot of action and fun in its beautifully crafted gameplay. It is a must-try for fans of Zelda.

Price: $59.99

Website: Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

#10) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Genre: Open World RPG, Action-Adventure

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - best switch games

The deliciously vile and relentless world of The Witcher 3 is now available on Switch, in all its glory. The Witcher 3 is considered by many to be one of the best games of the past generation. It won people over with its expansive map, captivating story, fantastic RPG elements, and of course a plethora of odd and compelling characters.

It has one of the best realized open worlds of any game in recent memory. The map of Witcher 3 is populated with great Side quests, tons of collectibles, and boatloads of blood and gore to entice fans of the dark fantasy genre.

It doesn’t lose any of its wicked charms as it translates seamlessly to the Switch console. It is of course not a family-friendly experience. So if you are squeamish, then there are other games on this list that will satiate your hunger for good gaming.


  • Narrative driven main campaign
  • Make your own choices and carve your own path
  • Customize your character and level up your weapons
  • Tons of side quests to enjoy

Verdict: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an experience every gamer should indulge in. It is quite unlike anything else and proves what the medium of games is truly capable of. It is a piece of art, which Switch players with a knack for story-driven games should try.

Price: $75

Website: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Nintendo continues to be one of the best companies with the Switch console and a colossal library of games that keeps growing with each passing day. There are fun adventures to be had; exciting stories to explore and an enthralling experience awaits those that are willing to explore the vast world of Nintendo Switch games.

All the games mentioned above are some of the best games on Switch. As for our recommendation, if you are a fan of open-world RPG’s then do not miss out on Legend of Zelda: Breath of the World. For a much more relaxing experience, we would highly recommend trying Animals Crossing: New Horizon.

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Research Process:

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  • Total Top Switch games Researched – 24
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