Coin Master Free Spins: How To Get Free Coin Master Spins

In the Coin Master game, players build their own castles across multiple levels. Here we will guide you to get Coin Master Free Spins:

The best way of earning Coin Master free spins is by inviting friends via Facebook to play the game, playing the game or spinning, participating in the in-game events, sharing free spins with friends, and then using the daily links.

Free spins for the Coin Master game are great if you are unwilling to fork out cash for a regular spin as you enjoy the addictive game. By taking advantage of these free spins for Coin Master, you also increase the speed of progressing throughout the addictive gaming experience.

Coin Master Free Spins

Coin Master Free Spins

This tutorial is about how you can get these free Coin Master Spins. We have then added actual links through which you can get the free spins Coin Master safely. Also, we will give an introduction on what it is, where, and how to get the spins for free.

Coin Master Free Spins Links

September 10

September 9

September 8

September 7

What Is Coin Master

Coin Master is a mobile game that allows users or players to build their own castles across multiple levels. You make your own village with the help of a slot machine. Anyone can play the game given its simplicity.

As you build up the village, you get different rewards for the building levels. You can also add on other rewards by attacking or raiding villages built and owned by other players, or when you shield your own village from attacks. Also on offer are free coins from slot machines.

In building, you can either use free resources like free coins and spins. However, you can buy buildings, pets, and other things using coins. You can also upgrade the properties by spending coins.

To attack other player’s villages, raid, or win coins from slot machines, you need spins. They can be bought or won for free. The pins are performed on the slot machine. On this machine, you will see the number of spins left on you. When they are over, you refill them.

The slot machine has five items or icons, which mean:

  • Bag of coin: You get more coins from this.
  • Hammer: This means you are eligible for attacking other villages and earn coins from them.
  • Pig Bandit: This means you raid the current coin master.
  • Shield: To shield your village and avoid losing coins.
  • Energy capture: Means 10 more spins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Do coin master free spins links expire?

Answer: Yes they do. If you get the daily links included on this page, they will expire three days after. Therefore, you must look for relevant links from two days before the present date.

Q #2) Are there any chances to win a reward of 50 coin master free spins available in the game?

Answer: Of course you can win the reward, especially during Coin Master game events. One type of event from where you can get 50 spin rewards is those that reward you with free spins for raiding villages belonging to other players. You also can get this from daily links, including those on this page.

Q #3) Are there 60 Coin Master spins given for free in Coin Master?

Answer: Yes, but it does not appear so often from the daily links. We recommend you search for these rewards by participating in daily events. You can also get this amount of rewards by following Coin Master on social media.

Q #4) Does the Coin Master game give 70 spins for free?

Answer: There is no such reward as 70 free spins Coin Master on daily links from this game. However, you can get 70 Coin Master free spins by participating in special events. If aiming for this reward, play the game daily and follow the social media accounts to get a wind when an event that could give you the spins is planned.

Q #5) Are there 100 coin master spins available for free in Coin Master?

Answer: This level of rewards can also not be earned by following or clicking on the daily reward links. It often appears during in-game events, especially those involving raids and PvP battles.

Q #6) Will you get any 400 spins in Coin Master for free?

Answer: Yes, we can get but not in the daily links. You can get this amount of coins for free as a reward in in-game events. Play regularly and follow the Coin Master’s social media pages to get wind on when you could likely have an event appearing.

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Where To Get Coin Master Free Spins

CoinMaster Free spins

There are hundreds if not thousands of places where you can get Coin Master free spins online. Multiple websites share links on a daily basis through which you can earn free spins from this game.

From your mobile phone, you can search for websites that provide free spins links. However, from mobile phones, you can also download apps, install them, and visit the apps to earn free spins. The app refreshes daily with free links and you avoid keeping searching the links online.

Links are also shared by Coin Master developers daily via emails. Therefore, you can rely on the email inbox after signing up. You can also subscribe to Coin Master’s social media pages – Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. They do share links through which you can get free spins.

Earn Coin Master Free Spins – Ways

Coin Master website

The major disturbance and interruption of the Coin Master game is the message: “Your Spin Is Over”. But there are many ways of getting free spins on the game.

These are listed below:

#1) Inviting Facebook friends: The Coin Master mobile game will add 40 free spins to your account whenever you invite a friend to the game.

To win these free spins on each friend invited, they will have to accept the invitation, download, open the game, and register with the same account through which they received the friend request.

Keeping on inviting friends ensures you can get multiple spins over and over.

#2) Gifting spins among your friends: While inviting your Facebook friends earns you free spins on Coin Master mobile game, you can continue to gift each other spins and coins with these friends.

On each friend, you can share 100 spins per day, and that gives you a lot of free playtime on the game.

#3) Through hourly rewards: This game award rewards by default as you continue to play the game. You will be given about 5 free spins every hour. You can decide to spend the spin immediately or stock them up for spending later.

To not lose this opportunity, you need to play the mobile game every 2 to 3 hours. You do not get more free spins if you stock 50 of them.

#4) By watching video ads: Video ad watching is an excellent way of keeping your free play alive. By watching each video broadcasted on the game, you get limited spins.

These free spins Coin Master are awarded via a button named “spin energy button” placed on the bottom right. Tap the button and watch these ads and you get the free spins. Otherwise, there are no free spins if no button appears.

#5) By participating in events: Coin Master organizes events from time to time. At any given time, you get an event on Coin Master, which means you have multiple chances to win Coin Master spins.

You can earn up to 50,000 for free by participating in these events. Bigger rewards are due to you if you do not make any mistake in completing the event tasks. From the game too, you can check on which events are planned and upcoming in the future.

Here are some examples of the events:

  • Village Mania: The event gives players multiple Coin Master free spins. You get a discount on building your village. You either get 20% off your entire Village item or 65% of all the levels on the last item.
  • Coin Craze: By increasing the craze of coins, you can collect more coins than you would normally have received when taking part in this event. The event adds a multiplier to your coins and makes the spin button gold. In the latter case, you multiply coins by spinning, raiding, and attacking other players’ villages. The event ends with the button return to normal.

Coin Craze

  • Sea of fortune: The Sea of Fortune sees you collecting more coins by sailing in the sea. You get four boxes of wood, three with different rewards and the fourth with ‘Greedy Octopus’. Look out for the latter because that means a blockage to play, and you must pay coins your way out or end the game.
  • Viking Quest Rewards Event: This particular event awards you with free spins, gold cards, pet potions, XP, and other awards. Each stage of the multiple stages comprises a reward. The only drawback is that you need enough coins to play this event.

#6) By boosting the village level: Leveling up your village is challenging when playing the Coin Master. To do this, buy a new building on behalf of gold. The other thing is to improve the building.

During the first levels in the building of the village, you get 10 Coin Master free spins. More difficult levels award more coins.

#7) Follow Coin Master on Social Media: Moon Active, who is the Coin Master developer, provides links every day, which you can follow and get Coin Master spins. This is a simple way to earn a steady stream of free spins.

Coin Master social

#8) Sign up for email gifts: Links are being shared every day to the signed-up emails, and following these links on your phone earns Coin Master spins. They announced gifts on social media tools.


#9) Spinning: You can also earn free spins by spinning. If the spin energy symbols appear in a row, you get more free spins.

#10) Just by waiting: Every hour, the game offers five spins for free to users. These can be held up to 50 in number and which you must use to get more.

Tips And Tricks

Follow these tips and tricks while playing Coin Master for free spins:

  • Spend coins when you can afford it to defend your village from raids. This is because raids will take away a substantial amount of held coins.
  • Hoarding coins may not be the best option always. Spending is also good because you reduce the number of coins. Having an enormous amount of coins makes you an easy target to raids, which will take away a substantial amount of coins.
  • Save your spins for raiding rich players. Do not favor multiplying spin bonuses by raising your bet amount.
  • Use only maximum bets on rich coin masters. This can earn more in a short time.
  • Collect as many cards, including the lower level cards in the lower building levels, because these become harder to collect your way up the levels. Otherwise, you will have to spend more to buy the missing common cards from what you have collected.
  • Never activate your pet’s bonuses if you cannot dedicate the next four hours to play the game. That’s because the bonuses are only active for four hours.


There are multiple ways through which you can earn Coin Master spins online. Many people get links from blogs that they follow. Multiple sites and blogs share these links on a daily basis and expire after two to three days.

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We suggest you also play regularly because that too earns you free spins and coins. You can also invite friends and ask to share free spins with them.