Top 11 ARK Servers: ARK Server Hosting Review And Comparison

This tutorial enlists the top ARK Servers with features, pricing, and comparison to help you select the best ARK server hosting available:

The ARK: Survival Evolved game boasts a captivating array of mysteries and multi-player challenges, from taming supernatural beasts to riding dinosaurs and battling for survival.

You will get to select your protagonist in ARK: Survival Evolved and gradually work your way up to become one of the game’s best players. When you earn experience and level up, you will activate new tools, guns, skills, and materials, much like in any other experience-based game.

If you want to play ARK: Survival Evolved, select Get ARK survival evolved server hosting to play and compete with your family and friends online.

ARK Servers

Top ARK Servers

Since ARK is such a resource-intensive game, it often runs better with its custom servers, which have functionality and hosting modes that a standard web host does not. As a result, we have put together a list of the best ARK server hosting tools to help you play with other players faster and with less latency.

Fact Check: In 2019, the global video game industry was estimated at USD 151.06 billion with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.9 percent forecast from 2020 to 2027.

The below image shows the top countries for ARK Server Hosting:

Top Countries for ARK Server Hosting

[image: source]

Pro-Tip: When searching for the right ARK server hosting, you will discover that there are a plethora of options available to host the ARK server. However, there are a few things you need to look for in an ARK server to get your hands on the best ARK server hosting available. These include device compatibility (ARK server should be compatible with your Xbox, Ps4, or PC device/platform), location of the hosting provider, fast hosting speeds, automated backups and server updates, and an easy-to-use control panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Is it possible to play ARK offline?

Answer: Yes, it is possible. You can play the game without an Internet connection. If you want to improve your gameplay, you can compete with the computer in the offline game mode.

Q #2) What is the best ARK server host?

Answer: There is no straightforward answer to this. However, you will find the right ARK server host for your device on our list. If you decide to use a server other than the one on our list, make sure it follows the suggestions mentioned under our pro-tips section.

Q #3) Can you host your own ARK server?

Answer: Yes, you can host your ARK server. In many cases, you can quickly build your ARK server for free using the hosting provider’s control panel. Hosting your ARK server is now simpler than ever.

Q #4) Are dedicated servers expensive?

Answer: Yes, indeed. Renting a dedicated hosting server to play the game is an expensive proposition. Although prices vary depending on the slot, you should be able to find a reliable server for about $20 per month.

Q #5) Is it any good to play ARK in the Single-Player game mode?

Answer: There is so much stuff to do in the game that it can be enjoyable to play alone. However, inviting your buddies to compete with you and join your ARK server will bring another layer of enjoyment to the game.

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List of the Best ARK Server Hosting Providers

Here is the list of the top ARK Survival Evolved Servers:

  1. ScalaCube
  2. ChicagoServers
  3. Citadel Servers
  4. HostHavoc
  5. Nitrous Networks
  6. PingPerfect
  7. GameServers
  8. DatHost
  9. ServerBlend
  10. Shockbyte
  11. Fozzy Game Servers
  12. Sparked Host
  13. Survival Servers
  14. Nitrado
  15. Nodecraft
  16. Rule The ARK
  17. Low.MS

Comparison Table of Top ARK Servers

Tool NamePriceServer
ScalaCubeStarts at $19/month.3Star_rating_4_of_5
ChicagoServersStarting at $15/month2Star_rating_4_of_5
Citadel ServersStarts at $0.85/slot/player.9Star_rating_4_of_5
HostHavocStarts at $15/month.10Star_rating_4.5_of_5
Nitrous NetworksStarts at $13.81/month.20Star_rating_5_of_5
PingPerfectStarts at $22/month.8Star_rating_3.5_of_5
GameServersStarts at $29.90/month20+Star_rating_4.5_of_5
DatHostStarts at 12.90 euros per month. 2Star_rating_4.5_of_5
ServerBlendStarts at $18/month13Star_rating_4.5_of_5
ShockbyteIt starts at $14.99 per month.4Star_rating_5_of_5
Fozzy Game ServersThe 3-Day money back guarantee and DDoS protection6Star_rating_4.5_of_5
Sparked HostStarts at $8/month9Star_rating_4.5_of_5
Survival ServersStarts at $12.42/month.7Star_rating_5_of_5

Let us review the ARK survival evolved servers below.

#1) ScalaCube

Best for gaining complete control over your server via ScalaCube’s control panel, which allows you to manage, restart, and adjust settings.


Do you want total control over your server via the host control panel? Then ScalaCube is without a doubt the best ARK server host for you. You can not only make modifications to it, but you can even adjust and restart it without difficulty.

Even the base server program may be installed or reinstalled, and it will immediately upgrade to the latest version. To make the game more fun, you can install new plugins and maps. You can use a file manager to handle passwords and view program files. They provide a safe environment for your server by preventing attacks and ensuring high availability.


  • Instant deployment of server
  • Custom launch parameters
  • Change maps and server settings
  • Free domain
  • Full FTP access
  • DDoS protection
  • SSD drive

Verdict: ScalaCube offers greater game speeds and a range of ARK hosting server options. However, they must look to increase their server locations. The current server locations are currently limited to Europe and North America, which is simply not enough.

Price: Starting at $19/Month

ScalaCube pricing1

ScalaCube pricing2

 ScalaCube pricing3

#2) ChicagoServers

Best for Powerful control panel that gives you full control over your servers.

ChicagoServers - Ark

ChicagoServers is a leading ARK server hosting provider for one reason alone – its control panel. Choosing their services basically means getting acquainted with a control panel that gives you complete control over your servers.

You can easily manage server files, configure restarts, install mods, and do a lot more with ChicagoServers’ TCAdmin v2 control panel.

You can host your own ARK server within minutes with ChicagoServers by your side. They support all mods that enhance the experience of playing ARK. Moreover, you can install this mods directly from the control panel with just a single click.


  • Built-in Workshop MOD Installer
  • Free Layer 7 DDoS protection
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Server Clustering Available

Verdict: With ChicagoServers, you get premium DDoS-protected ARK servers hosted in Chicago. Thanks to the powerful control panel, you get complete control over your ARK servers. This, along with a built-in Workshop MOD installer, makes ChicagoServers an ideal option for those seeking reliable ARK servers.

Price: Starting at $15/month. Free 24-hour trial.

#3) Citadel Servers

Best for Instant Setup and Support for Multiple MODS.

Citadel Servers

Citadel Servers has been providing hosting solutions to tons of gamers around the world since 2012 and is widely recognized for its advanced game control panel. They offer a wide selection of over 100 games with one of them being the famous ARK. You can get started with ARK using Citadel Servers’ hosting solutions in virtually no time.

With Citadel Servers as your hosting provider for ARK, you can install mods straight from the steam workshop with a single click. The hosting provider supports all DLC, expansions, maps, and mods associated with ARK. Moreover, you can schedule automatic mod and server updates whenever you like.


  • ALL DLC, Expansions, and MODS supported.
  • One-Click MOD Install
  • Advanced Game Control Panel
  • ARK API supported
  • Multi-Server Clustering support

Verdict: With a fully configurable game control panel to boast, Citadel Servers is definitely one of the best ARK server hosts out there. They are one of the very few hosts that support ARK server API.

Price: Starts at $0.85/slot/player

#4) HostHavoc

Best for top-of-the-line game servers for the PC version of the ARK or those operated via the Steam/Epic Games systems.


HostHavoc’s top-of-the-line gaming servers allow you to get the best out of your game and level up quickly. It allows you to choose any mod, map, and free clusters, ensuring a seamless game experience. It comes with high-performance hardware and simple setup instructions to help you get your game up and running fast.

They ensure network coverage of up to 99.9% via in-house networks and industry-leading data centers with secure uplinks. You will also have File Transfer Protocol (FTP) access to the server, as well as perks like 24/7 customer service and full control over the server.


  • Niche provider
  • Support for all modifications
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • DDoS protection
  • Guarantee of 99.99% uptime

Verdict: Despite being a newer entity than the others on this list, HostHavoc has built a solid reputation of being a provider of high-quality ARK servers. The availability of 10 servers and affordable pricing make it highly recommended.

Price: Starting at $15/month

HostHavoc pricing

#5) Nitrous Networks

Best for high-quality hardware and customizable control panel.

Nitrous Networks

You would do well to utilize Nitrous Networks’ high-performance servers for the ARK. They have now served over 136k clients all over the world.

As opposed to the more sophisticated game hosts on the market, using the game host is relatively easy. It is also really easy to set up. You just need to choose a bundle to pay for it. It includes POP filtering on a global scale. As a result, it protects you from any malicious attacks when you play.

Because of the high-quality hardware Nitrous Network uses, you get outstanding stability and zero latency. They also have a NITROPRO control panel, which is a personalized control panel. You can play on the host server without any problems by using the server.


  • High-quality hardware
  • Large gaming board
  • Multiple payment options
  • SSD storage
  • Quick support time

Verdict: To maintain greater stability and lower lag, Nitrous Networks use specialized and high-quality hardware as well as Tier-1 providers. You can easily control your servers using an easy-to-use control panel. All this makes Nitrous Networks great for ARK survival evolved server hosting.

Price: Starting at $22/month

Nitrous Networks pricing

#6) PingPerfect

Best for setting up server instantly


Thanks to its instant server configuration, free 1 GB portion of web hosting for connecting with users, flexible pricing, and marketing your game server, Ping Perfect is among the best ARK server hosting solutions out there.

With a list of game resources and a file manager, the control panel is easy to use and straightforward. You can also opt for a debranded web-server to upgrade the interface and render it your own.


  • Global server locations
  • Simple configuration with advanced functionality
  • A full backup system
  • A full FTP connection
  • Area to quickly switch games
  • User-friendly and robust control panel
  • High-performance CPU
  • Debranding options

Verdict: Ping Perfect’s functionality and pricing aren’t as straightforward as the competition’s, but it does have a variety of options, allowing for a more convenient experience.

#7) GameServers

Best for unlimited, premium features for hosting and gameplay.


With GameServers’ instantaneous activation systems, you can get an ARK server up and running in a matter of minutes. Their customizable control panel makes managing the server, including customization and setup, a breeze.

It is easy to add more administrators, upload an infinite number of files via free FTP access, and change server locations. You can easily add and upgrade modifications. Intellectual gamers created the global network of GameServers. It provides multiple redundant server locations from which you can choose the one that is closest to you for lag-free gaming.


  • Large game catalog
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Customizable support panel
  • Worldwide availability of servers
  • Great customer support

Verdict: If you want an ARK server host that allows you to connect from anywhere and play the game without lagging, GameServers is undoubtedly the best option out there.

Price: Starting at $29.95/month

GameServers pricing

#8) DatHost

Best for One-Click Mod Installation.


With DATHOST, you get a user-friendly settings manager that makes configuring an ARK server considerably simple. They provide you with all the tools you need to tweak over 200 different elements of an ARK server with just a single click.

Perhaps the best part of DATHOST is the fact that you don’t have to manually download or install MODS. Just enter the MODS steam workshop ID, and DATHOST’s team will take care of everything else… from updating to installing.


  • Unlimited Slots and Usage
  • No Lags and Latency
  • Auto-Updates and Backups
  • DDoS protected servers
  • Custom-built control panel.


DATHOST is more than capable of taking care of all your ARK server hosting requirements. From MOD installation to auto updating and backup, DATHOST is a cut above the rest. Plus, you get excellent uptime and ping times at a reasonable price.

Price: Starts at 12.90 euros per month.

#9) ServerBlend

Best for Powerful hardware and DDoS protection.


With ServerBlend, you get to rent a state-of-the-art Ark Survival Evolved server for your PC. Server hosting plans being offered benefit from powerful hardware and impeccable DDoS protection. You also have a seasoned technical staff to provide you with instant support whenever needed.

What really makes ServerBlend’s server phenomenal is the ability you get to switch to another game’s server if you are bored with Ark. Furthermore, you get access to a large suite of mods that can be easily configured with a user-friendly Ark server panel.


  • Configuration editors
  • High-performance dedicated servers
  • DDoS protection
  • Cross-Ark Travel
  • Special technical support

Verdict: Bolstered by a powerful hardware and servers available worldwide, ServerBlend offer Ark servers on rent so you can have the best gaming experience. It is easy to set-up and the control panel is simple to use.

Price: $18 per month for the standard plan and $30 per month for the premium plan.

#10) Shockbyte

Best for efficient hardware and a range of features at an affordable price.


It is a well-known game hosting firm that has housed over 100,000 game servers since its inception. All of this has been made possible by the fantastic services and outstanding customer care rendered. You can ask for a refund at any time within 24 hours if their services do not meet your needs.

Shockbyte’s hardware is up to date and extremely powerful. As a result, players rarely lament about the game lagging. At just $0.40 per slot, the price of ARK server hosting is very reasonable.


  • Free sub-domain
  • Custom maps
  • DDoS protection
  • 100% uptime
  • Global server locations
  • Automatic mods and updates
  • Global server locations
  • Low latency

Verdict: Shockbyte lets you configure your server with its user-friendly control panel and access server files via FTP. It offers efficient hardware and plenty of options that support your gameplay. The best part is that all of this is available at a highly affordable price, making Shockbyte a great option.

Price: Starting at $14.99/month

5.Shockbyte pricing

#11) Fozzy Game Servers

Best for The 3-Day money back guarantee and DDoS protection.

Fozzy Ark Server

There are many reasons for me to include Fozzy in this list. Let’s start with the easy plugin and mod installation. Fozzy lets you install and activate mods from the steam workshop itself in just a few clicks.

The servers they offer you as gamers are incredibly powerful. The servers use the latest and most advanced 5 GHz processors. The game server automatically sets up just 10 minutes after you’ve ordered it. The hardware is also powerful enough to withstand all sorts of attacks and DDoS threats.


  • 5 GHz Processor
  • DDoS Protection
  • Automatic Set up
  • Responsive Customer Support

Verdict: With Fozzy, you get ark hosting servers that are powerful, safe, and exceptionally fast. There is a 3-day money back guarantee, which could tempt you to try Fozzy’s servers at least once.

Price: Starting at $10.98/month.


#12) Sparked Host

Best for Instant Setup and Enterprise-Grade Hardware.

Sparked Host

Sparked Host’s Ark Survival Evolved host is bolstered by a number of impressive features. The product you buy is supported by powerful-enterprise grade hardware that features a CPU of AMD Ryzen 5 5600X or equivalent, a DDR4 @ 2666MHz RAM, and a RAID 1 NVMe SSD.

You also get to choose between 9 premium locations to get the best gaming experience possible. There is also a server management add-on that you can opt for. This add on features a set-up of configurations, World/Save/Map uploads, Mods/Add-ons, etc.


  • Oxide Installer
  • DDoS protection
  • Unlimited player slots
  • SFTP Access

Verdict: If you seek a reliable and affordable Ark server host that is easy to set-up, supported by a powerful hardware, and secured with DDoS protection, then we suggest you look no further than Sparked Host.

Price: Starts at $8/month

#13) Survival Servers

Best for powerful ARK server hosting with all the features in one location.

Survival Servers

Survival Servers is a well-known name in the world of ARK server hosting. It includes all the necessary features to allow you to continue playing your game without disturbance. Whether you’re playing on a console or a computer, you’ll have instant access to the other. You will have a lot of control over the game thanks to the personalized game control panel.

The ARK game can be configured and customized using their in-house custom management panel. Steam workshop content, modifications, switch locations, conversion modes can all be installed with only a few clicks.


  • Steam workshop content easily
  • Automated updates
  • Easy update and mods installation
  • Customized game control panel
  • Instant setup

Verdict: Survival Server has been around for a long time, and they’ve spent the time perfecting their in-house custom control panel. Although they do not provide as many games as most other providers, they appear to have a high-end offering with their smaller portfolio, including excellent mod support. This makes Survival Server a great option for ARK server hosting.

Price: Starting at $12.42/month

Survival Servers pricing

Website: Survival Servers

#14) Nitrado

Best for affordable ARK server hosting featuring fully automated hosting applications.


Nitrado is a major player in-game servers’ field. They provide affordable ARK server hosting through a unique mechanism in which Nitrado game servers and other web hosting services are completely automated and dynamically controlled in the cloud through a complex process.

Without a minimum contract period, the variable prepaid scheme ensures easy management of all facilities. The services can be updated at any time during the process without creating any issues. For this purpose, each product comes with a detailed and free feature kit.


  • Prepay system to control costs
  • Easy management of services
  • No contract
  • Easy to switch between different services
  • Free SQL database
  • 7 server locations
  • ESL premium certified servers

Verdict: If you are looking for an affordable option for ARK server hosting that allows you to automate a lot of the game functionality, Nitrado is a great option.

Price: Starting at $13.99

4.Nitrado pricing

Website: Nitrado

#15) Nodecraft

Best for easy management of configurations and settings via the customizable control panel.


The Nodecraft control panel makes it easy to set up your server hosting for ARK in seconds. NodePanel is the name of their powerful control panel, which also allows you to conveniently monitor configurations and settings.

The ease with which this server hosting is performed makes it simple for everyone, including first-timers. As a result, they can easily begin playing and handling their servers. Despite its simplicity, it has optimized speeds and reliability for a great gaming experience.


  • Money-back guarantee
  • Easy setup
  • Unlimited players
  • New hardware
  • Nodepanel
  • Free trial

Verdict: Do not mistake the simplicity of Nodecraft for a lack of functionality. It has excellent stability and speed, making for a fantastic gaming experience. They are currently working on adding live modification support. This would result in superior customer service than currently.

Price: Starting at $9.98/month

Nodecraft pricing

Website: Nodecraft

#16) Rule The ARK

Best for unique ARK cluster server.

Rule The ARK

Are you looking for a genuine one-of-a-kind PS4 ARK Cluster Server? The RuleTheARK is a great option for you; it is a PS ARK cluster server with up to x15 average enhanced rates, well-balanced, and well-maintained clusters.

It’s one of the finest ARKs out there with a well-structured setup and a committed team. They have a variety of options and configurations to make your experience on their servers as enjoyable as possible. It’s the ideal server for taking control of the ARK.


  • ARK cluster server
  • Structured setup
  • Dedicated team
  • Variety of maps
  • RTACoins as reward

Verdict: Rule The ARK has several servers for all the maps set up individually. Additionally, it offers average rates of x15, player tracking, teaming, custom-built challenges and events, and level-ups. All this makes it one of the best ARK survival evolved servers available today.

Price: Donations based server hosting

Website: Rule The ARK

#17) Low.MS

Best for excellent customer support.


Low.MS has invested in cutting-edge hardware for its servers. It comes with Intel’s latest 5 GHz CPU, powerful SSDs, and DDR4 memory. It has rapidly risen to become one of the most popular game host servers, serving thousands of players online.

Their customer experience is unquestionably unparalleled. All of your questions, no matter how difficult, receive immediate and timely responses. You will have a fantastic gaming experience thanks to the low number of plugins and excellent customer service.


  • DDoS protection
  • Excellent support staff
  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast response to queries
  • Many games

Verdict: LOW.MS is a fairly new company founded by an employee of perhaps the largest Minecraft game hosting company. Despite this, the level of service is outstanding. The helpful customer service team quickly resolves all problems and thoroughly answers all of your questions. This makes it a great ARK server.

Website: Low.MS


ARK survival evolved awakens the daring side, which gets bigger and better as you progress through the game. So, do not let lags and other inconveniences from bad networks spoil your gaming experience. The ARK servers on our list include some of the most powerful yet affordable ARK server hosting options available today.

We left out a lot of ARK servers from our list because they failed to offer what the above servers provided, i.e. multiple device compatibility, many server locations, great hosting speeds, easy-to-use control panel, efficient hardware, automated backups, and updates, and great customer support.

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These capabilities are why ScalaCube, HostHavoc, Survival Servers, Nitrous Networks, and Ping Perfect are amongst our top picks.

Research Process:

It took us almost 8 hours to come up with the list of the top 11 ARK servers available today. We vetted almost 20 different ARK server hosting solutions before short-listing them to the 11 best ARK servers reviewed above.

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