15 Best Podcast Hosting Sites & Platforms in 2023

Read, review, and compare the top Podcast Hosting Sites to create and broadcast your content to your potential listeners:

For the better part of a decade now, Podcasts have emerged as a valuable platform for people to convey their ideas and become star influencers. Regardless of what your topic of interest is, whether it is news, sports, or entertainment, a podcast is undoubtedly one of the best ways to share your opinions with the world.

That being said, you can’t just wake up one day and launch a successful podcast. It will take a lot of planning and due diligence from your side.

Perhaps the most important decision you will make in the initial stages is to choose a podcast hosting provider. Such services provide podcasters with a platform to upload their audio episodes.

After automating RSS feeds, a podcast hosting service provider will automatically submit these uploads to directories such as Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, etc. As such, it is important that you only choose a hosting provider that serves both of the above purposes well. This is easier said than done as the podcast hosting market is extremely crowded.

Podcast Hosting – Review

Best Podcast Hosting Sites & Platforms

Having delved into the world of podcasts for a long enough time, we can now suggest hosting providers that are considered the absolute best in the podcasting community and can possibly appeal to your senses as well.

Best Podcast Hosting Sites & Platforms

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Market Trends: According to the most recent stats reported by The Infinite Dial, it was found that almost 57% of subjects in the US have listened to a podcast, at least once in 2021. This number has increased to 55% in the 2020s.

Stats on Podcasting

Expert Advice:

  • Go for podcast hosting platforms with a reported uptime of 99% and above.
  • Podcasts need a lot of storage space. We suggest you go for podcast hosting sites that offer you enough storage space to store both new and old files.
  • Podcast services that offer great analytical features will help you measure the performance of your channel and individual episodes.
  • Go for a hosting service that integrates seamlessly with your RSS and domain feed.
  • Hosting services that open possibilities for monetization is a huge plus.
  • Make sure you opt for a hosting provider that offers services at an affordable price.

FAQs About Podcast Distribution

Q #1) Do I need a podcast hosting service?

Answer: If you expect to run a successful podcast that reaches as many ears as possible, then it would be a wise option to opt for a podcast hosting service. This service will offer you the features needed to create and broadcast your content to your potential listeners.

Most podcasters aren’t technically adept and don’t know how to whittle an RSS feed. Fortunately, this is something a podcast distribution site will do well at your behest.

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Q #2) What is a podcast host?

Answer: Think of a podcast host as the middleman that bridges the gap between a podcast and its listeners.

Podcast hosts serve as platforms that store all of your podcast-related content. They will also help generate an RSS feed when you first upload your podcast file to the site. The RSS feed is a link that will alert all podcast directories whenever a new episode of a podcast is released.

Q #3) Do podcasters make money?

Answer: Podcasting is a lucrative business, provided you can amass a sizeable audience base. It is very easy to monetize a podcast once it blows up in popularity. Several successful podcasters make money via sponsorships, affiliate sales, or selling premium content for a subscription fee.

A successful podcast with a stable audience can easily rake in $100,000 per month. One of the biggest podcasts in the US right now – The Joe Rogan Experience, makes around $80000 per episode.

Q #4) Is Spotify Free for Podcasts?

Answer: Not many know, but aside from being a popular music streaming platform, Spotify allows you to list your podcast on the site for free. You will still need a podcast host here, but fortunately, it isn’t difficult to find free podcast sites that will serve you well.

Spotify is remarkable because of the access it grants to important analytical, demographic, and listener data.

Q #5) Which platform is best for podcasting?

Answer: Choosing the best podcast platforms is arguably one of the most challenging tasks you’ll have to undertake during the inception stage of your new podcasting venture.

For your reference, we have listed down the best podcast hosts that will give you exactly what you need to launch a successful podcast.

Prominent of these sites are as follows:

  • Buzzsprout
  • PodBean
  • Libsyn
  • SoundCloud
  • Anchor
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List of the Best Podcast Hosting Sites

Here are some really impressive and popularly known podcast hosting platforms:

  1. Buzzsprout
  2. PodBean
  3. Captivate
  4. Transistor
  5. Castos
  6. Resonate
  7. Libsyn
  8. SoundCloud
  9. Anchor
  10. Audioboom
  11. RSS.com
  12. Spreaker
  13. Blubrry
  14. Simplecast
  15. Fusebox

Comparing Some of the Best Podcast Platforms

NameStorage SpaceBandwidthFree PlanPrice
BuzzsproutUnlimited250 GB per monthAvailable for 2-hour upload each month$12/month to upload 3 hours each month, $18/month to upload 6 hours each month, unlimited hosting
$24/month to upload 12 hours each month,
PodbeanUnlimitedUnmeteredAvailable with 5 hours of storage space and 100 GB monthly bandwidth$9 to 24 per month with unlimited storage and bandwidth.
CaptivateUnlimitedUnmetered7 day free trial$17 per month for a personal plan.
$44 per month for a professional plan.
$90 per month for the business plan.
TransistorUnlimitedUnmetered14 day free trialStarter: $19/month, Professional: $49/month, Business: $99/month
CastosUnlimitedUnmeteredYou can sign up for free$19/month for the Starter plan
$49/month for the Growth plan
$99/month for Pro Plan.
ResonateUnlimitedUnmetered14 day free trial$25/month for basic podcast hosting
$49/month for premium podcast hosting.
Libsyn3000 MBUnmeteredNA$5 per month for 162 MB storage,
$15 per month for 324 MB storage,
$20 per month for 540 MB storage,
$40 per month for 800 MB storage
SoundCloudUnlimitedUnmeteredUpload up to 3 hours each month for free$144 per year: Pro Unlimited plan.
AnchorUnlimited250 MB at a timeFreeFree

Detailed review:

#1) Buzzsprout

Best for automatic podcast optimization and is simple to use.


Buzzsprout is a number one choice by a long mile simply because of how easy it is to use. In fact, its adherence to simplicity while not compromising on performance makes it an ideal choice for beginners with ambitions to start their own new podcast.

Buzzsprout is bound to win you over with how automated the platform is. All you have to do is upload your podcast here and let Buzzsprout do the rest. Buzzsprout will submit every podcast episode you upload to all the popular directories out there based, of course, on the publishing schedule that you dictate.

As far as its core features go, it allows users to add chapter markers to their episodes. This affords listeners the flexibility they need to jump back and forth between different segments as per their wishes.

The cherry on top of this sumptuous cake is definitely the advanced podcast analytics that the platform provides. You will get direct insights into total downloads per episode, who your listeners are, and where your podcast is most popular.


  • Get podcasts listed in all the top directories like Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, etc.
  • Advanced Podcast Statistics.
  • Automatic Podcast Episode optimization upon upload.
  • Add/remove pre-roll and post-roll segments with dynamic content.
  • Transcribe your episodes inside Buzzsprout.


  • There is a free plan.
  • The pricing plans are also very affordable.
  • Very easy to use and ideal for beginners.
  • Accommodates unlimited team members.


  • The analytics presented can be a bit difficult to comprehend.

Verdict: With Buzzsprout, you get a podcast hosting platform that is easy to use, comes loaded with free learning material, and offers excellent customer support. This, along with its many features, makes the platform one of the best podcast hosting platforms being actively used today.


  • Free Plan – Can upload 2 hours each month. Episodes will last for 90 days.
  • $12/month – Can upload 3 hours each month, unlimited hosting
  • $18/month – Can upload 6 hours each month, unlimited hosting
  • $24/month – Can upload 12 hours each month, unlimited hosting.

#2) PodBean

Best for Podcast promotion and monetization.


With PodBean, you get a complete podcasting solution with features aimed at helping podcasters create, promote and monetize their content. This is perhaps why it boasts a massive subscriber base that now touches 600,000 worldwide.

PodBean arms podcasters with applications like live-streaming and podcast recording, both of which work seamlessly in helping you make podcasts the way you like. There are absolutely no limits on how much you can download or record with this platform. Plus, you also get a free podcast website that you can customize to fit your brand’s unique style.

It is easy to get episodes listed on sites like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more. Moreover, PodBean automatically shares all uploaded episodes to your social networks if you’ve integrated them with the platform. This makes it easier to promote your podcast and expand its reach.


  • Schedule your podcast posts for convenient publication on time.
  • Create stunning podcast cover art with tons of fonts, images, and template options to choose from.
  • Get stats on download numbers, listener demographics, etc.
  • List podcasts on PodBean’s special advertising marketplace to find sponsors.
  • Chat and interact with audiences in real-time with PodBean’s live streaming application.


  • The dedicated advertising marketplace makes monetization simple.
  • The customization options are truly fascinating.
  • The free plan.
  • iOS and Android mobile applications.


  • Some features are missing in the cover art creation department.

Verdict: PodBean caters to podcasters who want to embrace podcasting as a viable career. It does so by offering intuitive monetization tools and tons of customization options for branding.


  • Free Plan: 5 hours of storage space with 100 GB monthly bandwidth
  • $9/month: Unlimited storage space and bandwidth
  • $29/month: unlimited storage space and bandwidth
  • $99/month: unlimited storage space and bandwidth.

#3) Captivate

Best for a comprehensive visual dashboard.

Captivate - Podcast Hosting Sites

Captivate boasts of an easy-to-use dashboard, which can be leveraged to do everything from launching a podcast to analyzing each episode’s performance. You get to create unlimited podcasts with no limit to how much you can upload and store. As far as features go, it allows you to add call-to-action prompts directly within your podcast.

Captivate also features analytical capabilities that are advanced but never at the cost of being tough to understand. Podcasters will get industry-standard stats that make studying a podcast’s performance extremely simple and efficient.


  • Private podcasting.
  • Embeddable website, social media, and playlist player.
  • Completely customizable links.
  • Transcription support.


  • IAB Certified Analytics.
  • Unlimited podcast upload and storage.
  • Support all popular podcast streaming apps.
  • Dedicated International Customer Support.


  • Very limited customization capabilities.
  • No free plan.

Verdict: Captivate is another great platform for private podcasting. It is costlier but more than makes up for its high fee with unlimited storage capabilities, excellent transcription support, and an easy-to-use dashboard.


  • $17 per month for a personal plan.
  • $44 per month for a professional plan.
  • $90 per month for the business plan.

#4) Transistor

Best for comprehensive advanced analytics.

Transistor - Podcast Hosting Sites

While using Transistor, there were two things that stood out the most. It’s amazing analytical capabilities and the ability to host private podcasts. This makes the site ideal for those who want to nurture members that do nothing other than listen to their content. It is also suitable for businesses that wish to share secure content with their shareholders or employees.

As far as analytics, you get an in-depth breakdown of your listening audience. Information like current trends, downloads per episode, and subscriber count are all presented visually comprehensively. The platform also pulls valuable data from all listening apps that have your episodes listed, thus giving you greater visibility into your podcast’s overall performance.


  • A built-in website customized according to your podcast’s brand.
  • Create multiple podcasts under one roof.
  • Embed podcasts on your social channels, blogs, and website.
  • Detailed podcast analytics in the form of visual charts and graphs.


  • Superior analytical capabilities.
  • Private podcasts for those who wish to share information securely.
  • Host multiple shows without limitations.
  • Simple podcast management.


  • The absence of a free plan really sticks out.
  • Your downloads will be affected by multiple shows.

Verdict: Superior analytics and the ability to host private podcasts were enticing enough factors for me to include this platform on my list. Aside from that, however, you also have an excellently functioning podcast hosting platform that is rich in features.


  • $15.83 per month for Starter Plan
  • $40.83/month for Professional Plan
  • $82.50/month for an annual contract

#5) Castos

Best for creating unlimited podcasts.


Regardless of what plan you subscribe to, Castos will still allow you to create and publish unlimited podcast episodes. There is no storage cap here. You can launch as many shows as you like, test varying styles, and conjure longer episodes without any restrictions.

Castos also excels with regard to monetization support. It allows you to directly collect donations from your listeners, which increases your profit margins. Aside from easily distributing episodes across multiple apps, Castos also does a phenomenal job of pulling data from these platforms to help you better analyze the performance of your podcast.


  • Get a website that complements your podcast.
  • Automatic podcast transcription.
  • Podcast auditing.
  • YouTube republishing.


  • Host unlimited podcast episodes.
  • Detailed listener analytics.
  • Republish videos on YouTube.
  • Get consultations from experts.


  • Relatively pricier than other top podcasting services of today.

Verdict: There is a great podcasting platform here if you are willing to pay the steep price that’s attached to Castos. You get to host unlimited episodes, get insightful analytics, and have experts consult you on how to improve your podcast’s performance. This makes the platform worth the price of admission.


  • $19/month for the Starter plan
  • $49/month for the Growth plan
  • $99/month for Pro Plan.

#6) Resonate

Best for one-click podcast publication.


Resonate, is one of the best podcast hosting sites that allows you to distribute your podcast automatically across multiple listening apps with the help of a single click. All you have to do is upload the episode, set the publication date, and let Resonate do the rest.

You also get access to a live visual dashboard, which presents you with a detailed breakdown of your podcast’s performance based on several parameters. You’ll also get a dedicated podcast player that can be added to your website, social channels and blogs for more traction.


  • Get online with an automatically created Podcast microsite.
  • Podcast embed player that integrates well with the website and pages.
  • Review detailed stats with insights dashboard.
  • Add and manage podcast ads.


  • $25/month for basic podcast hosting
  • $49/month for premium podcast hosting.

#7) Libsyn

Best for video and audio podcasting for beginners and experts.


Libsyn has been around since 2004. The fact that it is an old service that can still give many podcast sites of today a run for their money is precisely why it is so high on the list. The platform is ideal for both beginners who are just breaking into the podcasting world and experts with an already established audience base.

Our platform shines with regard to the unlimited bandwidth and excellent customer support it offers. Distribution to popular podcast streaming sites like Spotify and Apple Podcasts is extremely simple with Libsyn. You also get in-depth audience analytics and stats that are IAB V2.0 certified. Its dashboard is also something to behold.

You have access to core podcast uploading, publishing, listening, and scheduling options right at your fingertips.


  • Advanced Advertising Industry Standard analytical reporting.
  • Host and distribute audio, video, and PDFs.
  • 100% compliant RSS feed with all major podcast streaming platforms.
  • Apps for iOS and Android are customized according to your podcast’s brand image.
  • Access to multiple monetization tools.


  • Unlimited bandwidth and reach.
  • Customer support is reliable.
  • Custom HTML5 media player.


  • Pay extra to avail the monetization features.

Verdict: With crystal clear audio and visual quality alongside excellent customer support, Libsyn is one of the podcast hosting sites that both amateurs and experts in the field will admire.


  • $5 per month for 162 MB storage
  • $15 per month for 324 MB storage
  • $20 per month for 540 MB storage
  • $40 per month for 800 MB storage

#8) SoundCloud

Best for simple to use free Podcast site for beginners.

SoundCloud - Podcast Hosting Sites

SoundCloud is arguably one of the best free podcast hosting sites out there. SoundCloud fares just as well with podcasts as it does with music. It is considerably simple to just upload your podcast episode to SoundCloud’s whopping 175 million unique monthly visitors.

SoundCloud allows you to upload 3 hours of content each month without charging a dime. You also enjoy some basic reporting benefits. You also get access to other valuable features like timed comments, Twitter cards, embedded players, etc. if you opt for SoundCloud’s hosting service. Of course, the platform is even better if you go for its paid subscription plan.


  • Unlimited upload time with a paid plan.
  • Easily schedule podcast episode releases.
  • Multiple monetization options.
  • Embed control.


  • Very easy to upload and share the podcast.
  • Free Plan is quite compelling.
  • The paid subscription plan is affordable.


  • It is lacking in features, especially when compared with other sites on this list.

Verdict: Aside from being a good platform for sharing music, SoundCloud also comes jam-packed with features that can help you launch a successful podcasting career. It is affordable and offers tempting monetization options.


  • Free Plan: Upload up to 3 hours each month
  • $144 per year: Pro Unlimited plan.

Website: SoundCloud

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#9) Anchor

Best for Podcast distribution and analytics.

anchor - Podcast Hosting Sites

With Anchor, podcasters get built-in recording and editing tools that make it considerably simple to publish, promote and monetize a podcast. The platform allows you to host unlimited podcast episodes for free and helps you reach a wider audience with the help of quick one-step distribution to apps like Spotify.

You are also serenaded with IAB 2.0 certified analytics, which you can rely on to get valuable insight into the performance of your podcast. The monetization tools are also quite compelling with my personal favorite being the “Listener Support”. With this feature, you can add a small button to your Anchor profile that allows listeners to directly donate money to you.


  • Easy one-step distribution to app listening apps.
  • Get certified metrics on a single visual dashboard.
  • Get audience breakdowns on specific demographics.
  • Email subscribers directly for the subscription.


  • Free, Unlimited Hosting.
  • Works great on Spotify.
  • Easily create subscription pricing structures for monetization.
  • Record audio ads in your own voice.


  • As the tool is free, you have no rights or control over your content.

Verdict: With Anchor, you get a simple platform to create, publish and manage your podcast catalog. You get unlimited storage, an amazing UI, and simple monetization capabilities without paying a dime.

Price: Free

Website: Anchor

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#10) Audioboom

Best for importing existing podcasts via RSS.

audioboom - Podcast Hosting Sites

Audioboom is another podcasting platform that is really admired, especially since it is one of those rare sites that allow you to easily import an existing podcast through RSS. The site arms you with all the tools needed to create, manage, and monetize a podcast.

Aside from all the generic features that one can expect from a tool of Audioboom’s caliber, you also get a platform that allows you to manage multiple podcasts from a single unified dashboard. It is for this reason alone that Audioboom is widely regarded as one of the best podcast hosts for podcasting networks, radio groups, and casual independent creators.


  • Quick distribution of listening apps like Apple Podcast, Deezer, Google Podcast, etc.
  • Add podcast players to websites, social media, or blogs.
  • Get advanced analytics into podcast performance.
  • Manage permission and invite people to collaborate on podcasts.


  • Manage multiple podcast channels from a single platform.
  • Optimize revenue with intuitive monetization tools.
  • Seamlessly integrate podcasts with your blog, social media, and websites.
  • Target audiences in real-time with dynamic advertisements.


  • Pro plans with advanced features can only be availed by podcasts with more than 10000 plays per episode.

Verdict: Audioboom makes podcast migration appear. You will have no issue migrating an existing podcast catalog onto this platform or distributing your episodes quickly to popular podcast listening apps like Spotify and Deezer.


  • $9.99 per month and $99.99 annual plan for podcasters.

Website: Audioboom

#11) RSS.com

Best for automatic episode distribution.


RSS.com boasts a powerful and easy-to-use interface that makes setting up and publishing podcast episodes look like child’s play. The site presents you with a number of customization tools that you can use to create custom podcast covers and design stunning episodes and chapter art.

RSS.com also makes it easier to share podcast episodes with your social networks by seamlessly integrating with almost all social channels in existence today. The podcasts you create can also be embedded into your website or blogs.

Perhaps RSS’s most compelling feature is its ability to automatically distribute uploaded episodes to all popular streaming apps like Spotify and Deezer. All you have to do is upload your episodes to RSS, set scheduling preferences, and let the hosting site do the rest.


  • Facilitate cross-platform analytics.
  • Unlimited episode uploads.
  • Accommodates unlimited duration.
  • Automatic social media sharing and episode distribution.
  • Episode scheduling.


  • Just submit episodes once and let RSS distribute them automatically across multiple apps.
  • No limit to episode duration.
  • Get a free website for your podcast.
  • A custom-tailored plan is also available.


  • You need to pay higher fees for dedicated 24/7 customer support.
  • Only free for one episode.

Verdict: RSS shines because of its ability to facilitate cross-platform analytics, unlimited storage, superior automation, and excellent customer support. The tool is especially ideal for young students who want to kick start their podcasting career at an earlier stage in their life.


  • $4.99/month for students and NGOs.
  • $8.25/month All-in-one podcasting plan for small and medium enterprises.
  • A custom plan is also available upon direct contact.

Website: RSS.com

#12) Spreaker

Best for Sophisticated Analytics and intuitive mobile applications


Spreaker makes it to my list because of its easy-to-use and navigating interface. Regardless of whether you have any prior experience in podcasting, you will have no problem creating, publishing, managing, and monetizing your podcasts with this platform.

Its sleek, modern interface is its defining characteristic. It also features a system that facilitates the one-click distribution of your podcast to multiple streaming apps. The site offers a free plan, which will last you a lifetime. However, you will only be able to upload 10 episodes and get stats reporting with only 6 months of progress.


  • Customizable RSS feeds.
  • Enhanced Private Podcasting.
  • Automatic one-click distribution.
  • Ad Campaign Manager.


  • Free lifetime plan with limited features available.
  • $8/month for an On-Air talent plan with basic statistics.
  • $20/month broadcaster plan with advanced stats.
  • $50/month Anchorman plan with full statistics and advanced features.
  • A custom publisher plan is also available upon contact.

Website: Spreaker

#13) Blubrry

Best for simple Podcast Episode migration.


Blubrry boasts of all podcast publishing, recording, and monetization features that are required to be a part of my list. You get unlimited bandwidth with all of its pricing plans. Furthermore, WordPress users will find the site very compelling as Blubrry provides its subscribers with a free WordPress website.

On the downside, Blubrry doesn’t really fare well with storage. The platform only offers you 100 MB of storage per month, which could easily amount to only 4 hours of audio content for most podcasters. Although, Blubbry won’t charge you if you exceed 25% of the monthly storage limit.


  • Custom Embed Player.
  • Free WordPress Site.
  • Free Episode migration.
  • Share and collaborate on episodes with multiple team members.


  • $12 per month for the standard plan.
  • $40 per month for the Advanced plan.

Website: Blubrry

#14) Simplecast

Best for multi-member podcasting teams.


After a brief tryst with Simplecast, we can confidently claim that this site puts user efficiency above everything else. It is very simple to create and manage podcasts using this platform. It is especially ideal for podcasts, which are spearheaded by multiple members.

Like most decent podcast hosting sites, Simplecast too facilitates the one-click distribution of podcast episodes across multiple popular applications like Spotify, Deezer, Google Podcasts, etc. In addition, advanced analytics and integrations make Simplecast a worthy podcast hosting platform to try your luck on.


  • Unlimited storage and upload.
  • Embeddable podcast web player.
  • Advanced listener analytics.
  • Advanced team collaboration tools.


  • $15 per month for the basic plan.
  • $35 per month for the essential plan.
  • $85 per month for the growth plan.

Website: Simplecast

#15) Fusebox

Best for integrating each webpage with a smart podcast player.


Fusebox is for those who wish to embellish their website with a podcast player, thus allowing visitors to instantly listen to your latest podcast episode. The player you get comes loaded with features and displays your entire podcast catalog for visitors to browse through and listen to.

If you are using Fusebox on a WordPress website, then you can also enjoy its Transcript plug-in, which will display your podcast episode’s entire transcript with just a single click. Fusebox integrates easily with the most popular websites and page builders of today, which is one reason why we feel it deserves a coveted spot on this list.


  • Full-page archive player with Playlist.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Transcript plug-in for Word-Press.
  • Easily add a call-to-action button.


  • Free for up to 10000 monthly views.
  • $15.83 per month for Fusebox Pro.

Website: Fusebox


Launching a successful podcast isn’t simple. Aside from a strong plan, you will also need a good hosting platform to help reach your prospective audience and monetize your content. Fortunately, there is no shortage of such podcast hosting sites as you can see from the long list of recommendations that we conjured for you.

Regardless of what topic your podcast delves into or who your audience is, the above list will help you choose the best podcast hosting platform to cater to that caters to your specific requirements.

You will be able to easily distribute your episodes to apps like Google Podcast, Spotify, etc., and reach a wider audience in the process with any one of the above sites as your hosting partner.

The podcast hosting sites above will also ensure you have accurate insights into your podcast’s performance. Now, for our recommendations, if you are seeking fully-featured podcast hosting sites that are also affordable, then go for Buzzsprout or PodBean.

Research Process:

  • We spent 25 hours researching and writing this article so you can have summarized and insightful information on which one will best suit you.
  • Total Podcast Hosting Sites Researched: 33
  • Total Podcast Hosting Sites Shortlisted: 15
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