How To Get Free SSL Certificate For Website [Top 9 Providers]

Here we will discuss SSL certificate, their types, pricing, and will also explore different companies to get Free SSL Certificate:

Your website is a lot more than just a service-providing host, and along with high-quality services, it also provides trust and security to its users. People feel secure in sharing their credentials on these trusted websites, therefore, one must ensure that all the precautions are taken to make data sharing secure.

In this article, we will discuss one such caution known as SSL certification and will learn how to get a free SSL certificate for your website.

What Is An SSL Certificate

How to Get SSL Certificate for Free

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and it is a protocol that ensures the safety and security of data over the transmission. SSL certificate ensures the data shared between the server and the user is encrypted and secure.

You can easily check the Secure Socket Layer certificate of any website by clicking on the lock button while searching it. SSL makes the exchange of data between the user and the server more secure and trusted.

SSL Certificate

Why Do You Need An SSL Certificate

These certificates are crucial for websites because these certificates make it easier for companies to establish trust among users. Users believe their data will remain safe. This data may include sensitive information like passwords and bank details.

There are some crucial uses and we have listed these below:

#1) Earlier Google allowed users to access websites without SSL certificates but soon they realized that some websites which did not have certificates were stealing users’ data. Therefore, Google started flagging these websites as insecure websites.

Whenever you will try to access a website that does not have an SSL certificate then it will display a pop-up stating that the website is insecure and also if your website does not have a certificate then you won’t be able to rank your website higher on Google Search.

#2) Various payment companies like Paypal, Paytm, Google Pay do not accept payment from these insecure websites. If your website does not have an SSL certificate, then these payment companies won’t accept payments from your website.

#3) These certificates help the company establish trust among the users and make the website more legit, so it is suitable if your website possesses a Secure Socket Layer certificate.

How Does An SSL Certificate Work

There are a series of steps and procedures that are followed by the users, which makes it easier for them to establish the connection to the website via Secure Socket Layer certification.

  1. Enter the domain name of any website in the search bar and open that website on your browser.
  2. The website will send its SSL certification and your system verifies it and if it is legitimate, then the connection is established between the server and the user.
  3. Then the system and user will both settle upon a private key which is used to decrypt data at the user’s end.
  4. Now the data is transferred from the server in the encrypted form and, at the user’s end, it is decrypted with the private key.

This procedure makes it easier to keep the data sharing secure, and it makes the network safe.

Types Of SSL

Secure Socket Layer certificates are further classified based on encryption and security.

#1) Domain Validated Certification

This is the most common form of certification and this certification is to declare that the specific domain name is registered to a user. The verification of such certifications is configured via DNS records and email verification.

#2) Organization Validated Certification

This is another advanced level of SSL certification and in this certification, the user can log in and share their sensitive information over the platform, which is completely safe and secure.

The verification of these certifications is done via agents and this certification inquires about the address of the company and various other details.

#3) Extended Validation Certification

This is the highest level of certification and in this form of certification, it is specified that the website uses the advanced form of encryption. Also, this certification allows the website to accept users’ payments and investments regarding the website.

The verification of these certifications is done via agents and also a thorough check is made by verifying the financial statement and legal claims.

Secure Socket Layer Certificates Cost

The charges may vary upon the duration of the certification, along with the level of encryption required for the website. Sometimes the charges of these certifications may reach from $50 to hundreds of dollars.

Some companies also ask for a security deposit which goes around $1000+, so SSL certificates do not cost much, but the security deposit may cost a hefty amount.

Get Free SSL Certificate

Various companies offer the best free SSL certificates with their hosting plans. These are listed below:


domain name generator is a domain registry and a platform that offers hosting services to its users. Along with a domain name or the hosting plan you subscribe to, you’ll get a free SSL certificate that can secure your website 24/7.

#2) Nexcess


Nexcess, which is now a part of Liquid Web, offers excellent eCommerce hosting services. Besides being speedy, secure, and scalable, you also get a free SSL certificate with each hosting plan. The service is further bolstered with 24/7 support delivered by a team of technical experts. Plus, there is a 30 day money back guaranteed on each premium plan you choose.

#3) Zero SSL

Zero SSL has made the certification process much easier as it provides users with easy verification and issuing of the SSL certification.

Zero SSL

Website: Zero SSL

#4) SSL for Free

This is a non-profit organization that aims to provide a secure server for users along with a secure network. These certifications last up to 90 days and then they need to be renewed.

SSL for Free

Website: SSL for Free

#5) Let’s encrypt

Let’s encrypt was established by Linux Foundation and was backed up by various technical giants. It offers free SSL certification for 3 months and then it can be renewed again for the next three months.

Let's encrypt

Website: Let’s encrypt

#6) SSL

It provides its users with a free trial certification for 90 days and if it satisfies the users with the service and security provided by them, then they can make the purchase. It is a free SSL certificate authority.

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Website: SSL

#7) Cloudflare

Cloudflare is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) and it provides its users with an SSL certificate free and also protects it against brute force attacks and various malicious attacks on the website.


Website: Cloudflare

#8) BlueHost

BlueHost provides its users with an SSL certificate free along with their hosting plans. They make sure that their users are getting software updates and can advance further with the secure transmission layer.


Website: BlueHost

#9) HostGator

Currently, HostGator provides its users with free SSL certifications along with their hosting plans. Also, in their premium plans, they offer more services like warranties, higher domain limits, and many more.


Website: HostGator

#10) SiteGround

Just like various other hosting companies, SiteGround also offers its users free SSL certification with the hosting plans. Besides this, it also offers its users with online threat protection, which makes its usage much more secure.


Website: SiteGround

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Step To Install the SSL Certificate

There are a few steps that need to be followed to install the SSL certificate for your website.

Step 1: Select the appropriate certificate for your site

Various websites offer varying levels of security, so first, select the certificate you want. Also, there are various free SSL certificate providers which can make things easy for you.

Step 2: Generate Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

After selecting the certificate for your website, generate a Certificate Signing Request, which is exactly like filling a nomination form where you have to mention basic details. These basic details include the Domain name for which the SSL certificate has to be issued.

Step 3: Complete the Order Process

After the CSR process, you will then receive the order confirmation report in your mail and you need to verify the order for further proceedings.

Step 4: Validation by your chosen Certificate Authority

After you have verified your email, your request will be checked and the levels of checking will be based on the certificate ordered by you. After the request is checked, your certificate will be released.

Step 5: Install the SSL/TLS Certificate on your server

After receiving the SSL certificate and key, you can install the certificate on your server. After installing the SSL certificate, activate it from your website Dashboard, as displayed in the image below.

Install the SSL/TLS Certificate on your server

[image source]

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) How can I get a free SSL certificate?

Answer: Various organizations can provide their users with the best free SSL certificates for 90 days and then they need to be renewed. Some of these are listed below:

  1. ZeroSSL
  2. SSL
  3. Cloudflare

Q #2) Do Google Domains come with SSL?

Answer: No, the SSL and domains are to be bought separately, whereas some companies offer the feature of free SSL certification in the domain name that is purchased for a year. There are free SSL certificates on Google for buying hosting plans.

Q #3) Is SSL for free safe?

Answer: Yes, free SSL or the paid ones provide almost the same amount of encryption, but the only advantage of the paid ones is that it insures you in case of any data breach.

Q #4) How do I get HTTPS?

Answer: To get HTTPS, users need to make sure that they have an SSL certificate.

  1. Get an SSL certificate.
  2. Install SSL certificate
  3. Update your site to enable HTTPS.

Q #5) How much does an HTTPS certificate cost?

Answer: HTTPS certificates may cost varying from $8/yr to 100/yr depending on the hosting plan and services.


Nowadays, security and maintaining the privacy of the data is extremely crucial and various data breaches and cybercrimes have made people cautious before entering their sensitive information on any website. Therefore, it is extreme;y important to ensure that the website on which you are providing your details is secure and your data will remain safe.

So in this article, we discussed how to make the website secure using a free SSL certificate and also learned how to get an SSL certificate free.