Alexa Not Connecting to the Wi-Fi Internet – Quick FIX

Through this tutorial, you will identify and understand some effective ways to Fix Alexa not Connecting to Wi-Fi Issues:

I have a third-generation Amazon Echo and I use it for various things, like a speaker for my TV, alarm, smart devices in my house, and so on. Sometimes it goes all red and says “I am having trouble connecting to the internet” and I can’t work with any smart device or rely on its alarm until it does.

Some of my readers have been bothered by this Alexa not connecting to the Wi-Fi issue, so I have gathered some resolutions for this problem.

Here, in this article, you will find various ways to resolve Alexa won’t connect to WiFi and Echo Dot not connecting to WiFi problem.

Alexa Won’t Connect – Know How to Fix

Ways to Fix Alexa not Connecting to Internet Issue

Getting Alexa Back Online

Sometimes Alexa not connecting to Wi-Fi because your device has gone offline. In such cases, all you have to do is try to get it back online.

Here are a few ways to get your Alexa device online:

#1) Restart the Device

This is the basic solution to most of the problems with devices. Restarting them resolves most issues. Then restart your Alexa device and see if it is connected to the internet now. Switch off the device, wait 10 seconds and switch it on.

#2) Check Wi-Fi Connection


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Have you paid your Wi-Fi bill? Make sure your internet is working before you launch into detailed troubleshooting. Talk to your internet service provider to find out if there is an ongoing issue with connectivity. Test your internet connection on other devices to make sure it is working.

#3) Restart Your Router

Sometimes, routers and modems need the magic of restarting. Just unplug your device, wait for 10 seconds, and plug it back in. Once it reboots, wait for your Alexa device to connect to the internet. This could be the answer to your question “why won’t my Alexa connect to Wi-Fi”.

#4) Change the Position or Location of your Alexa Device


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If your Alexa not connecting to internet, it could mean it cannot maintain a reliable internet connection. You should keep your Alexa device within 30 feet of the signal. Also, interference can shorten the length of the signal.

If you are still wondering “why won’t my Alexa connect to wifi”, try changing the location of your device so that it is in proximity to your router or modem without any interference between them.

#5) Factory Reset Your Alexa Device

The factory reset procedure is different for different Alexa devices. If you have a first-gen Echo speaker, find the factory reset button at the back of the device. Insert a finely pointed object and hold down the reset button for a few seconds for the light to turn off and on again.

For second-gen Echo speakers, press and hold the volume down and microphone off button at the same time. Wait for the LED light to turn orange. For third and fourth-generation speakers, hold down the action button for 25 seconds. Once the ring glows orange, your device will reset.

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You can also factory reset your Alexa device using the Alexa app. Follow the steps below:

  • Launch Alexa app
  • Go to Devices


  • Select the Echo and Alexa icon at the top


  • Tap on the device you want to reset.
  • Scroll down and select factory reset.


  • Confirm your choice.

Confirm your choice

Reconnecting Alexa to WiFi

If your Alexa can’t connect to Wi-Fi, you might need to reconnect your Alexa device. If you are thinking about how to connect Alexa to wifi without the app, let me tell you- you can’t.

Here’s how to connect the Echo dot to WiFi:

#1) Check Your WiFi Credentials

If still Alexa won’t connect to the internet, you might want to check your WiFi credentials. Here’s how to do it.

  • Open Alexa app
  • Select Devices
  • Tap on the device you are having issues with
  • Go to Settings
  • Next to the Wi-Fi option, tap on Change.

CHANGE - Alexa Not Connecting to the Wi-Fi

  • Follow the instructions.
  • Check your WiFi details if they are correct.

This is how to connect Alexa to the internet if your Echo dot 3rd gen won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

#2) Change Your Router’s Band

Change Your Router’s Band for Alexa Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

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If your internet connection is working just fine and yet you are wondering “why won’t my Alexa connect to WiFi”, it could be because of the band it is using. Most routers come with multiple band options, the most common ones being 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

If your router has this facility, try changing your band and see if your Alexa device is then able to connect to the internet. You will find the band information in your Alexa app device setting the beside Wi-Fi option.

If nothing works, I think it’s time you get in touch with Amazon Customer Care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) How do I get my Alexa back online?

Answer: Try rebooting your Alexa device to get it back online. If it doesn’t work, try rebooting your WiFi router. This should get your Alexa back online.

Q #2) How do I reconnect my Alexa to Wi-Fi?

Answer: You can reconnect Alexa to WiFi using the Alexa app. Open the app, tap on devices, and select the Alexa device you are having issues with. Go to settings and tap change next to WiFi. Follow the instructions that appear online to reconnect your Alexa to WiFi.

Q #3) Where is the reset button on an Alexa?

Answer: In the devices section of the Alexa app, tap on the Alexa device you want to reset. Scroll down and tap on the factory reset option.

Q #4) How do you connect Alexa to the Internet without the app?

Answer: Without the Alexa app, you can connect Alexa to the internet using the Amazon website or app.

  • Go to
  • From the left sidebar, choose settings
  • Under devices, click on set up a new device
  • Select the device to connect
  • Turn on the device, it should have an orange light ring
  • Select WiFi with the name starting with Amazon
  • Select Continue
  • Select the Wifi network and enter the password to connect

Q #5) Does Alexa automatically connect to Wi-Fi?

Answer: Alexa can connect to WiFi, but not without the help of your tablet or smartphone.


In this article, all possible solutions for Alexa won’t connect and things you need to check if your Alexa not connecting to Wi-Fi have been discussed. Rebooting the device generally works in most cases.

However, if you are still facing issues, you may have to reconnect your device to Wifi. If nothing works, there is always Amazon customer service support you can turn to.