How To Fix Fitbit Won’t Turn On [11 Simple Fixes]

A complete tutorial to walk you through the Fix for Fitbit Won’t Turn On. Explore the troubleshooting tips to deal with your Fitbit issue:

Everyone these days is getting worked up about their health. Apart from switching to a healthy diet and workout regimes, everyone is hooked on a fitness band or smartwatch.

To be honest, I love my Fitbit fitness tracker. It allows me to keep track of my calories and reminds me to stay hydrated and active as well. The pedometer in it tells me a lot about my health as well.

Recently, I came across someone who was having some issues with his Fitbit. His Fitbit didn’t turn on, and he was worried about it. He is ready to send it to the service center. However, I gave him some fixes to try first. And that brought me here.

Why Won’t My Fitbit Turn On

Why Fitbit Won’t Turn On And What To Do About That

In this article, you will understand how to deal with your Fitbit not turning on. You can also get familiar with the reasons for this and any troubleshooting tips that will work with all Fitbit models.

Why Fitbit won’t Turn on and What to do About That

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There are three most common reasons why your Fitbit bands or smartwatches won’t turn on.

  • Dead battery
  • Problems with charging
  • Software error

Some of these simple fixes can usually get your Fitbit up and running in no time. You have to try them before approaching the service center.

Simple Fixes for My Fitbit Won’t Turn on Issue

If your Fitbit doesn’t turn on, here are some simple troubleshooting tips you can try:

#1) Clean Your Fitbit

Sometimes, the charging pin of your Fitbit might get clogged up with all that dust and tiny debris from your everyday life. This will prevent it from charging. So, take your time and clean your Fitbit, all its nooks and corners you can access. Also, clean your charging cable. Then charge your device and see if the screen lits.

#2) Charge Your Fitbit 100%

Before using your new Fitbit, charge it for at least three hours. If you have already been using it, let it charge overnight. This might resuscitate your Fitbit tracker.

#3) Make Sure Your Fitbit Charges Correctly

Is your Fitbit getting enough power to charge? At times we don’t pay attention to the power outlet we are plugging our devices into for charging. Sometimes our devices malfunction because they aren’t being charged correctly. Plug your Fitbit into an AC wall adapter and let it charge for a few hours. Try turning it on again.

#4) Check Your Charger for Damage

Check Your Charger for Damage

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Sometimes, the charging cable gets minutely damaged that goes unnoticed. However, it affects the charging of the device. Check the charging cable on your fitness tracker. Make sure it isn’t damaged in any way. If it is, get a new charger and charge your Fitbit. Then turn it on and see if Fitbit is not turning resolved or not.

#5) Make Sure Your Fitbit isn’t in Water Lock Mode


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Ace, Inspire, Sense, Versa 3+, and Luxe versions of Fitbit come with water lock mode. This prevents the screen and buttons of your fitness tracker from responding to swipes and touches. To turn it off, dry your Fitbit and if you have Inspire or Luxe, double-tap your screen.

If you have Ace, Sense, or Versa 3+, long press the side button. It will turn off the water lock. You might have to repeat it a few times if your Fitbit Sense won’t turn on.

#6) Remove its Case and Screen Protector

The case or screen protector on your Fitbit might be blocking the ambient light sensor of your fitness tracker. The sensor is like a black dot on the side of your device. When it is blocked, the screen of your Fitbit dims automatically.

#7) Check the Display Brightness Settings

I remember this happening to me with my phone. The screen brightness was reduced to the minimum. I was unable to see anything in the sunlight. I thought my phone had died because it won’t turn on. Could this be the reason behind you thinking why won’t my Fitbit turn on. Check the display brightness of your Fitbit.

  • Open the Settings.
  • Select screen brightness.
  • Change it to max or turn off the dim screen option.


  • Also, turn off sleep mode.

#8) Set Screen Wake to Automatic

Setting the screen wake to automatic will turn on the screen when you turn or raise your wrist. If your wake screen settings are set to manual, you will have to tap on the screen to press a button to turn its display on.

  • Go to the Quick Settings of your Fitbit
    • For Ionic, Luxe, Versa, Versa Lite Edition, Sense 2, and Versa 2 or Versa 4- swipe down to the top of your Fitbit screen and select the quick settings icon.
    • For Sense and Versa 3- Swipe right.
    • For Inspire, Charge, and Ace – press and hold the button and tap on the screen wake.
  • Tap on the watch icon to set the screen wake to automatic.

Set Screen Wake to Automatic

#9) Force Restart

This is the most common solution to most problems on most devices. If you are still wondering why is my fitbit not turning on, try force restarting your Fitbit.

Here’s how to turn on Fitbit charge 4 and other Fitbit devices with a force restart:

Force Restart

For Smartwatches Like the Fitbit Sense Series, Versa Series, Ionic, and Blaze

  • Press and hold the button or back and bottom buttons for 10 seconds.
  • Release the buttons when the Fitbit logo appears.

For the Charge Series, Alta, Ace, or Inspire and Similar Fitbit Trackers

  • Plug the tracker into the charger.
  • Long Press the button on your Fitbit for a few seconds, preferably 5-10.
  • Release the button when you see a smiley face or Fitbit logo on the screen.

For the Charge 5 and Luxe

  • Press the button on the charger thrice.
  • Pause for one second between each press.
  • Wait for the Fitbit logo to appear or for your tracker to vibrate.

For Fitbit Charge 2 or 3

  • Connect the device to its charger.
  • Hold down the button for 15 seconds.
  • Release the button.
  • Disconnect the device from the charging cable.
  • Wait for a few seconds.
  • Reconnect your Fitbit Charge to its charger.
  • Wait for the smiley icon on the screen.

#10) Change the Clock Face of Fitbit to Default

If your Fitbit doesn’t turn on but connects and communicates with the app of your Fitbit, changing the clock face might solve the problem.

  • Put your Fitbit close to the device using the Fitbit app
  • Tap on the Today tab
  • Tap on your profile picture
  • Select your Fitbit
  • Select Gallery
  • Select the clock from the top tab
  • Pick a clock face from by Fitbit section


  • Tap on install
  • Select sync now and see if your Fitbit screen responds

#11) Reset Your Fitbit

Your Fitbit doesn’t turn on still? Are you still facing a blank screen problem? You can reset your device. However, not all Fitbits come with a physical method of resetting the device. Also, when you perform a reset, you will lose all your data that wasn’t synced with Fitbit Connect or Fitbit app.

Reset Your Fitbit

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Reset Fitbit Versa

  • For hardware reboot, press and hold all buttons for 10-15 seconds.
  • Release the bottom right button when the logo appears and disappears.
  • Release the remaining buttons when your device vibrates.
  • Fitbit logo will appear again and you will see

Reset Fitbit Ionic

  • Delete Iconic from your account.
  • Remove Bluetooth pairing.
  • Long press all the buttons until you see the Fitbit logo.
  • Then let go of the bottom right button.
  • Release the other buttons once your device vibrates.
  • Fitbit logo will appear again and you will see

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Why is my Fitbit screen black and won’t turn on?

Answer: It could be because the battery is down or maybe the screen brightness is extremely low. It could also be because of an issue with your Fitbit tracker.

Q #2) Why has my Fitbit suddenly stopped working?

Answer: There could be a number of reasons why your Fitbit suddenly stopped working. It could be:

  • A drained battery
  • A software update
  • Dusty hardware
  • Weak connection to the phone
  • Incorrect file format for music
  • Corrupt software

Q #3) Why won’t my Fitbit turn on or charge?

Answer: If the USB port or outlet is faulty, your Fitbit might have an issue charging. That’s why your Fitbit doesn’t turn on or charge.

Q #4) How do I revive a dead Fitbit?

Answer: Hard reboot or restart your Fitbit. Also, make sure it is fully charged. Often the Fitbit tracker dies because the battery is drained.

Q #5) How many years does a Fitbit last?

Answer: The average lifespan of a Fitbit tracker is 2 years if maintained properly and cared for.

Q #6) Why won’t my Fitbit turn on even though it’s charged?

Answer: You may need to restart your Fitbit to make it accept charge and turn on. If you restart and charge your device thrice and yet it doesn’t respond, factory reset it. That should work.

Q #7) How do I fix my Fitbit when the screen is black?

Answer: Charge it fully and make sure it isn’t in the water lock mode. Also, check the brightness of your display. If nothing works, reset it.


One or a combination of a few solutions might fix the issue. However, if you have tried everything and yet your Fitbit doesn’t turn on, you must take it to the Fitbit customer support center.

If your device is under warranty, reaching out to Fitbit support is your best option.