13 BEST WiFi Companies: Top Internet Service Providers in 2023

This WiFi Companies review will help you choose the best WiFi network for your home and enjoy high-speed internet with no hassles:

A WiFi modem in your house has become a necessity at this point in time. If you survey and ask people their opinion on the said statement, eight out of ten people are going to agree with it and state it to be a necessity.

With the ever-growing need for high-speed internet in America, WiFi companies seem to be a sector that is experiencing rapid growth.

It started off with most telephone providers gradually expanding their forte into providing wireless internet. These days, there are WiFi companies that mainly focus on providing a high-quality network to the world.

BEST WiFi Companies – Complete Review

Best WiFi Companies

Here, we have listed the top WiFi Companies along with other useful information like core services, pricing, locations, etc for you to select good Wi-Fi companies near you.

Best WiFi Companies

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Market Trends: Out of all the Internet and WiFi users around the globe, America takes up almost 6.7% of it. The number of internet users has increased by 221.9% in the past two decades in America. Considering this statistical data, investing in a WiFi company might be very profitable.

Market Trends

Expert Advice: There are a lot of things that need to be kept in mind when you choose your internet provider. One of the main factors is the difference in the internet’s speed provided by each company. The customer service factors of the company also should be considered for Wi-Fi companies.

FAQs About Good WiFi Companies

Q #1) Which WiFi company is the best in the US?

Answer: The list provided in this article is a brief explanation and review of the best WiFi companies in and around the United States of America.

The prices, internet speed, and the reliability of the network provided by each company vary. Users can go through the review and choose which option is best suitable for them.

Q #2) Which company has the best speed?

Answer: To answer your question, there are mainly two companies which stand out only for the speed of their internet. They are Google Fiber and Xfinity.

Numerous speed tests have been conducted among the two of these companies to figure out which is the fastest, and Xfinity has always come across as the winner, making it one of the best WiFi companies. Even though they offer high-speed internet, the services provided by these companies are not affordable for everyone.

Q #3) Who has the cheapest internet?

Answer: Almost all WiFi companies mentioned in the review, except for a few, are fairly affordable and budget-friendly. There are one or two companies that stand out when it comes to affordability.

Out of all the companies, AT&T and Spectrum Internet are the cheapest options available. Both of these companies have special plans which are cheap and also do not compromise on speed and quality at the same time, making these companies the best for anybody on a budget.

Q #4) Which is the best WiFi for small-scale enterprises or small businesses?

Answer: AT&T and Frontier are the two best WiFi companies when you consider it from a small-scale enterprise point of view. Both these companies have a special affordable plan for small businesses to help them get started and get established.

The initial setup cost of WiFi can be high in most cases, and this might be a burden to most small business owners. This is the reason AT&T and Frontier came up with the idea of a separate plan for the small businesses altogether. The affordability factor without compromising the speed is one of the most attractive features of these plans.

Q #5) Is 1000 Mbps fast?

Answer: 1000 Mbps is generally considered very fast. When you go through the list of WiFi companies mentioned in the review, you can see that most companies offer internet less than the speed of 1000 Mbps. A few of them are more than 1000Mbps.

For example, Xfinity and Google Fiber offer internet with a speed of 2000Mbps. The problem here is that as the speed of the network increases, the cost of the services also increases a lot. Also, this might not be affordable to many people.

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List of Most Popular WiFi Companies

Popular and affordable best wifi companies list:

  1. Astound Broadband
  2. AT&T Fiber Internet
  3. Frontier Fiber Internet
  4. Verizon DSL Internet
  5. CenturyLink DSL Internet
  6. Cox Cable Internet
  7. Spectrum cable Internet
  8. Xfinity by Comcast Cable Internet
  9. Shentel
  10. Google Fiber
  11. Viasat
  12. HughesNet
  13. Mediacom

Comparison of the Top WiFi Companies Near me

Name of the companyInternet speedBest forUnlimited plans Founded in
Astound Broadband 500 MbpsBoth small, medium, and enterprisesStarting $24.99/month2018
AT&T Fiber Internet1 GbpsSmall enterprises Starting $35/month1983
Frontier Fiber Internet 1000 MbpsSmall enterprises Starting $37.99/month1935
Verizon DSL Internet 900 Mbps Large enterprisesStarting $70/month2000
CenturyLink DSL Internet 940 Mbps Large and small enterprisesStarting $50/month 1968

Detailed review:

#1) Astound Broadband [Washington, USA]

Astound Broadband

Astound broadband is an award-winning telecommunications and WiFi company located in the United States of America. Their basic philosophy is to help people connect with each other better. They are best known for their smart WiFi and the high-speed internet they provide.

One of the most remarkable features of the company is the amazing customer service they provide. Their customer service executives are available for service throughout the U.S. 24/7. In addition to WiFi services, the company also provides business solutions.

Founded in: 2018
Employees: 1001-5000

Locations: New York, Chicago, Lehigh Valley, Luzerne County, Austin, Delaware City, Auburn, Arlington, Missouri City, and Seattle.

Core Services:

Pricing: Ranges from $19.99 – $54.99

Website: Astound Broadband

#2) AT&T Fiber Internet [Downtown Dallas, USA]

AT&T Fiber Internet

AT&T fiber internet, which is originally called American Telephone and Telegraph Company, is a telecommunications company headquartered in Texas. They provide their customers with high-speed internet. They also advertise their company to be affordable and budget-friendly, making it one of the best options.

The price of their internet plans changes according to the speed of the internet you choose. It can range from 300mbps to 1GIG. The company also uses some very creative promotional techniques. For example, they provide a free HBO Max subscription with their high-priced internet plan.

Founded in: 1983
Employees: 261,410
Locations: Dallas, California.

Core Services:

Pricing: Ranges from $55 – $80

Website: AT&T Fiber Internet

#3) Frontier Fiber Internet [Connecticut, USA]

Frontier Fiber Internet

Frontier Communications is an American Based telecommunications company that started out its operations in rural parts of the country and then later entered developed cities. The company is famous for its 100% fiber-optic network, which has a very high, 99.9% to be exact, network reliability.

The internet plans for this stand out from other WiFi companies because they also provide a WiFi router.

Another thing that the company is best known for is its excellent customer service. Their customer service is available 24/7 in all the regions they operate in. The company also claims that there are no hidden claims involved in their internet plans. Besides their internet services, they also provide television and phone services.

Founded in: 1935
Employees: 11,566
Locations: Tampa, Akron, Plano, Garland, Lakeland, Los Angeles, and Saint Petersburg.

Core Services:

  • Wireless Internet
  • Television services
  • Mobile phone services

Pricing: Starting from $37.99/month

Website: Frontier Fiber Internet

#4) Verizon DSL Internet [New York, USA]

Verizon DSL Internet

Verizon is a Wireless Internet provider based in America. The company used to operate as a separate division of Verizon Communications earlier but is now an independent company of its own. The company claims to give you the internet at the highest speed with very high network reliability, making it one of the best WiFi companies in the US.

The network they provide is a little on the expensive side and is suited for usage in large enterprises. The company also provides their customers with 5G internet. The goals of the company are also focused on sustainability and social advancement.

Founded in: 2000
Employees: 132,200
Locations: Irvine, San Jose, Dublin, Amsterdam, Prague, Warren, Alpharetta, and London.

Core Services:

  • Cable television
  • Digital Media
  • Mobile Phone
  • Landline

Pricing: Starting from $74.99

Website: Verizon DSL Internet

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#5) CenturyLink DSL Internet [Louisiana, USA]

CenturyLink DSL Internet - WiFi Companies

CenturyLink (currently known as Lumen Technologies) is an American company that offers communication and network services. The company advertises its internet packages to be affordable, budget-friendly and claims to have very high speed. Another thing about the company is that their internet plans are unlimited.

The company does not do annual contracts or any other promotional plans, which tend to expire after a few months of usage. The WiFi modem that CenturyLink provides is quite extraordinarily advanced. The mobile app makes it so much easier for the customer to recharge their internet plans.

Founded in: 1968
Employees: 29,058
Locations: Las Vegas

Core services:

Pricing: Starting from $50/month.

Website: CenturyLink DSL Internet

#6) Cox Cable Internet [Georgia, USA]

Cox Cable Internet

Cox cable is an American telecommunications company and a television cable provider and is one of the best WiFi companies in the US. The company provides high-speed 5G internet, and it is reliable and fiber-based internet. One of the best things about this company is that the customer can change their internet plan whenever they want to.

The company tried to bring about a whole new concept into the market. They have introduced internet plans which start as low as $0.99/month. Cox cables are currently the third-largest television cable provider in the United States of America and one of the best WiFi companies in the state.

Founded in: 1962
Employees: 15,042+
Locations: Arkansas, Louisiana, Nevada, Atlanta, and Phoenix.

Core services:

  • Cable Television
  • VoIP
  • Internet
  • Business services

Pricing: Starting from $29.99

Website: Cox Cable Internet

#7) Spectrum Cable Internet [Stamford, USA]

Spectrum Cable Internet - WiFi Companies

Spectrum Cable Internet is an American commercial cable television and internet provider. It is a subsidiary of Charter Communications. The company provides a high-speed network for all your devices with very high reliability. This WiFi company makes sure that its consumers can claim their services without any hassles.

The WiFi offered by them has excellent bandwidth and can help you stream, download, and play at high speed. They have introduced an internet plan called the Spectrum Internet 200, which is cheap and affordable for everyone. However, this plan only provides the customer with 30 Mbps of internet service.

Founded in: 2014
Employees: 73,256+
Locations: Stamford, Texas.

Core services:

  • HDTV
  • Home security
  • Wireless Internet
  • VoIP Phone

Pricing: Starting from $49.99/month

Website: Spectrum Cable Internet

#8) Xfinity by Comcast Cable Internet [Pennsylvania, USA]

Xfinity by Comcast Cable Internet

Xfinity is an America-based Internet and network provider which is run by its parent institution called Comcast Cable Communications Ltd. The company provides its users with a very secure and powerful network. They provide very reliable and high-speed internet to their users.

The company’s customer servicing policy is another notable feature of it. They ensure that they attend to their users 24/7, one out of many reasons making it the best WiFi company near me. Their internet systems also have in-home WiFi support. Their pricing range is also quite affordable and budget-friendly.

Founded in: 1981
Employees: 70,342+
Locations: New York, Philadelphia, Miami, London, and Sunnyvale.

Core services:

  • Consumer Cable television
  • Telephone and internet services.
  • Wireless services.

Pricing: Starting from $39.99/month

Website: Xfinity

#9) Shentel [Virginia, United States]

Shentel - WiFi Companies

Shentel (or Shenandoah) communications is an American telecommunications company that is publicly traded. The company mainly focuses on providing proper internet access to rural areas more than metropolitan areas. They aim at improving the rural market by providing high-speed internet to these areas, making it a very good WiFi company.

The company directs on providing reliable, scalable, and high-speed internet to its users. They have their operations mainly focused on Virginia and Maryland. The prices offered by this WiFi company for their internet packages are also quite affordable since they mainly focus on the rural area. They have helped in developing the market and the business in many rural areas.

Founded in: 1902
Employees: 1,000-1200
Locations: Edinburgh, Farmville, Rustburg, Charlottesville, and Weston.

Core services:

  • Internet services
  • Home phone
  • Fiber optic Internet
  • Cable television
  • Digital phone

Pricing: Starts from $19.99/month.

Website: Shentel

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#10) Google Fiber [California, USA]

Google Fiber

Google Fiber is part of Alphabet Inc. and was earlier under Google Inc. They aim at providing high-speed internet to many locations even though they are set up small. The basic motto behind this is “connected without interruptions,” which essentially means to provide their users with high-speed internet without any hassles.

They first introduced it in the city of Kansas in the United States of America, and they called this an experiment. The experiment has turned out to be quite successful as of now and is slowly expanding into different parts of the country. They believe in providing people with reliable, high-speed internet at very reasonable prices.

Founded in: 2010
Employees: 10,000+

Locations: Santa Barbara, Atlanta, Chapel Hill, Chicago, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Berlin, Oslo, Moscow, Zurich, Bangalore, Bangkok, Dubai, Istanbul, and Tel Aviv.

Core Services:

  • Broadband Internet
  • IPTV
  • VoIP telephone

Pricing: Ranges from $70-$100

Website: Google Fiber

#11) Viasat [Carlsbad, USA]

Viasat - WiFi Companies

Viasat Inc. is an American network and telecommunications company that aims to cover both the commercial and military markets. They aim to provide something much better than the usual WiFi broadband network. Their company offers home satellite internet to their users. The normal cable internet cannot always reach everywhere. Thus, Viasat introduced home satellite internet.

Their services cover most of the continental US and also most parts of Hawaii. One of the most remarkable things that the company has done is the introduction of In-flight internet, one of the first WiFi companies to do this. They have also been trying to expand their business outside the United States of America to grow more into an international business.

Founded in: 1986
Employees: 5900

Locations: Washington, Carlsbad, San Jose, Huntsville, Tempe, Englewood, Melbourne, Tampa, Duluth, Boston, Marlborough, Germantown, Linthicum Heights, Spring Lake, Cleveland, Austin, and College Station.

Core services:

  • Military communication equipment
  • Secure networking
  • Satellite internet access
  • Antenna systems
  • VSAT networks
  • Broadband networks

Pricing: Starting at $39.99/month

Website: Viasat

#12) HughesNet [Maryland, USA]

HughesNet - Wifi Companies

HughesNet is an American satellite network provider. If you are searching for a decent WiFi company near you, then HughesNet is the answer for you. They provide their users with fast and reliable internet and do not charge them with any hard data limits.

They have introduced the Bonus Zone. Here you’ll get almost 50Gb of extra data during peak hours, which is from 2 am to 8 am. It also acts as a data saver by automatically limiting the quality of the videos you stream. They can bring the internet to places where cable or fiber cannot reach.

Founded in: 1971
Employees: 2613
Locations: California, Michigan, Utah, Mexico, Washington DC, Peru, Brazil, Bangalore, Dublin, and Sofia City.

Core services:

  • Global communications
  • Satellite Internet

Pricing: Ranges from $64.99 – $159.99/month.

Website: HughesNet

#13) MediaCom [New York, USA]

MediaCom - Wifi Companies

MediaCom is a television cable and internet provider in the US and is currently the fifth most popular TV cable provider. MediaCom aims to provide its users with high-speed, reliable internet.

The company not only focuses on the cities but also gives its focus to the rural areas, making it the best WiFi company near me. They provide their services at very affordable and budget-friendly prices. The customer satisfaction and the performance of the service they offer are quite high.

Founded in: 1995
Employees: 9227
Locations: New York, Mexico, UK, and Singapore.

Core services:

  • Broadband internet access
  • Cable Telephony
  • Cable television

Pricing: Starting from $9.99 – $30.99/month

Website: MediaCom


This was in-detail research to find out the best WiFi company in the United States of America. We compared the most popular companies and weighed the pros and cons of each. We can conclude that each company excels in its own forte.

People looking for an affordable option and who are willing to compromise on the quality can go for options like Astound and AT&T, whereas people who prefer a very high-quality network can choose the more expensive options. There are, in fact, options that are a perfect balance of both. Select your best WiFi company based on what your preferences are.

A few other best options to go for might be Xfinity, Google Fiber, and Viasat.

Our Review Process:

  • Time Taken To Research And Write This Article: 27 hours
  • Total Tools Researched Online: 20
  • Top Tools Shortlisted for Review: 12
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