18 Tips to Handle Any Job Interview Successfully

This is a guest article by Megha S. – A Career Counselor.

Interviews have always been a nerve racking experience. A situation where you are judged on your performance for a job. Everybody gets the jitters when it comes to interviews. Relax! Don’t panic. You need to overcome the nervousness.

Job Interview Tips and advice Applicable for Any Job Seeker Looking for a Dream Job.

No matter which career path you want to choose below are the best tips to help you land your dream job.

1. Always do your homework well before walking into an interview. Make sure you have complete knowledge about the company and the role.

2. Know yourself. Remember first impression is the last impression. Demonstrate your capabilities and qualities and how well you can serve them. Don’t be overconfident and aggressive.

3. You should know your competency and transferable skills. Competency skills are the skills matching your job profile and transferable skills which you acquired through other jobs, personal activities.

4. Social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, Linkedin can be used for work opportunities and conversing with other people improving your interpersonal skills.

5. Be clear about what you want to achieve in life and about your career objective. It will keep you focused. You don’t have to do anything for the heck of it.

6. Your CV is vital for a successful interview. Never bluff, include all your skills and experience to give you a competitive edge.

7. Prepare well for an interview. You can make notes of interview questions which are most likely to be asked. Practice your answers. This will boost your confidence.

8. Work on your communication skills. Remember having a good technical knowledge without effective interpersonal skills will not take you anywhere. Be expressive and a good conversationalist. Dazzle the interviewers with eloquent speech.

9. Make sure you can support your strengths by giving examples. You can prepare before but don’t falter while talking. It will not create a good impression.

10. When asked about your weaknesses acknowledge them. If you are not able to describe, it signifies that you lack self awareness. You can’t be perfect in everything.

11. Always be presentable while dressing for the interview. Your attire should be according to the role, culture and yourself. Please no tacky and brash clothing and accessories. You don’t need to be glammed up.


12. Spend time on personal grooming. This will keep you calm. You don’t have to present yourself as a person full of nervous energy and fidgets.

13. On the D day, relax. Be comfortable and wear a smile. And Voila! You will definitely crack the interview.

14. Your body language is very important. Your facial expressions, hand movements, posture, voice and pace should send the same message.

15. Don’t forget to make an eye contact. Your voice should be enthusiastic and do not stammer. Lack of enthusiasm will put off the interviewers.

16. Keep all your documents well organized in a folder. Also be on time, preferably 15 minutes before so you get time to settle down and calm your nerves.

17. Interview manners are very important. Bad manners will definitely be a turn off. Don’t bang the door, shake handily firmly, ask if you can take a seat, sit up straight and do not slouch.

18. When asked about remuneration. You don’t have to be blunt. Instead you can say that you expect a fair raise in terms of qualifications and experience proportionate with peers.
Now that you have some good interview tips. Be confident, gear up and don’t let yourself down. Remember this is not the end of life if you don’t get through to the process. It’s just an interview. Good Luck!

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Social networking will play major role in future. Companies are preferring their employees to refer candidates instead of running advertisements on job sites.

Nice and to the point tips must read for all job seekers. thanks.

#6 Kiran k on 03.05.11 at 12:04 pm

I’m struggling to get job in testing despite of required expertise. Don’t know whts going wrong but everytime i fail to clear the final rounds. may be I have the required skills in testing but don’t have other skills like communication. ur points are very clear simple and effective for me.

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Can anyone suggest how to test a newsletter section?? I am testing newsletters but I want the perfection so that it will help for the best product. Will be thankful for the suggestions :)

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Hi I want To get software Tesing Job easily how anybody give useful tips and i have one doubt Is testing Evergreen
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