HP ALM 12.X Certification Guide (HP0-M101, HP0-M46 Quality Center QC Certification)

HP ALM 12.x Certification Guide

As observed during my professional journey, people appear for certifications to strengthen their resume. There may be some who opt for the same for knowledge purpose too.

Whatever may be the reason, those who appear for the certification, gaining the grip on the subject will be an add-on for their technical career. 

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To get the latest “HP ATP – Application Lifecycle Management v12” certification you need to pass the exam

HP0-M101: HP Application Lifecycle Management ALM 12.x.

This is the latest HP ALM certification.

Exam Guide:

Certification code: HP0-M101 

Exam duration: 2 hours

Total 75 questions and passing score 60%

You should have hands on 3 to 6 months experience on HPE ALM 12.x Software.

Exam sections:

Exam Registration Steps:

HP ATP – Application Lifecycle Management v12″ is the basic, or, the first level of certification. The next level in this series is “HP ASE – Application Lifecycle Management Implementation v12.

Certification Upgrade path:

If you had HP AIS – Application Lifecycle Management v11 (now inactive) certification you can upgrade to HP ATP – Application Lifecycle Management v12 certificate, exam id: HP2-N51.


Check below the general exam guide and preparation tips. It also includes information on the earlier inactive QC ALM certifications.

Quality Center is a web-based test management tool used to maintain, save and document all the details such as requirements, test cases, bugs etc., that are included in the process of the application testing based on our convenience and usage. QC acts as an intermediary for interaction between many teams like testing teams, developers, clients etc.

QC has the following features:

HP QC Software Certifications:

Coming to Quality Center certifications, there are two levels of HP QC certifications.

You will be eligible for ASE certification only when you have successfully qualified the first level i.e., AIS certification.

What You Will Learn:

History of QC/ALM Certifications:

Earlier, to be certified as Accredited Integration Specialist (AIS) in HP Quality Center v9 you have to clear both the exams:

HP Quality Center 9.2 Software – Exam Code HP0-M15 (Mandatory)

HP QuickTest Professional 9.2 Software – Exam Code HP0-M16

(Note: You may refer to this link for HP QTP Certification Exam Complete Guide:)

Later in QC 10.0 versions also people used to get the AIS HP Quality Center v10 certificate only when they complete both HP QTP 10.0 (Code HP0-M9) and HP QC 10.0 (Code HP0-M31) certifications. You can take these exams in same or different settings as per your convenience and availability of slot at the examination/Prometric center.

HP QC ALM Certification Introduction:

HP Quality Center 11.0 version is now termed as Application Lifecycle Management 11.x software (ALM). From the latest version of Quality Center i.e., QC v11.0 only one core exam (Code HP0-M46) needs to be taken by the individuals to get the HP Quality Center AIS certificate.

Minimum Qualifications:

To clear this exam, it is recommended for the individual to have at least 2 to 3 months hands-on experience with HP ALM because the exams are based on the industry standards which can be gained only through proper training and hands-on.

How to apply or enroll:

At first, you need to apply for the HP Learner’s ID. The HP learner ID is your unique identification within the ExpertONE certified community. With this unique ID, you can take multiple exams related to HP and achieve as many certifications as you want.

Registration for all HPE Certifications and Learning exams can be completed at pearsonvue.

Or a direct link here can be used.

You can select your specific region or country and continue with the further process. You will be prompted with a form with few fields like First Name, Last Name, Email etc., Input all the mandatory data and proceed further.

Within 3 days you will be receiving your HP Learner ID and next you can apply for your desired certification (example: Code HP0-M46 for Quality Center ALM 11.x) through Pearson Vue.

After that you can take the exam at any Prometric center (Provides services for assessments and conducts the AIS certification exams on behalf of HP) now known as Pearson VUE Test Centers, can be located through this link.

Exam Pattern:

No. of questions: 63

Questions type: multiple choice (single response), multiple choice (multiple responses) and drag and drop

Passing Score: 74%

How to Prepare for the certification

1. Basic tip for preparing for the certification is to have a free flow hands-on experience on QC ALM 11.0 Like modules, the navigation paths, menu options in all available menus, items in all tabs etc..,

2. Taking up any pieces of training on Quality Center 11.0

3. After following the above steps, going through some sample or mock papers of ALM 11.0 will be useful.

4. Prepare for some scenario based questions too.

Syllabus for the Certification exam:

Example questions on modules, tabs, and scenario based of QC: (Answers in bold)

Q #1) Tests to a test set can be added to the test lab module from which of these below tabs? (Select Two)

A. Testing Tree tab

B. Requirements Tree tab

C. Test Plan Tree tab     

D. Releases Tree tab

E. Cycle Tree tab

Q #2) Which of these below modules has the Auto mail customization feature?

A. all licensed modules

B. only Test Lab and Defects

C. only Defects   

D. only Requirements, Test Plan, Test Lab, and Defects

Q #3) Which tabs are available in the right pane of the Requirements Details view? (Select two)

A. Requirements Traceability 

B. Test Coverage

C. Requirements Coverage

D. Test Plan Description

E. Linked Test Unit

Q #4) A tester faces a problem that the HP Sprinter is not allowing him to attach a movie of the test run to the defect he is logging. What is the solution for this problem?

A. Adjusting the options in the HP Sprinter user interface

B. Re-establishing the connection of HP Application Lifecycle Management

C. Project administrator enabling the ‘allow attaching movies to defects?’ option on the Customization > HP Sprinter page

D. Project administrator enabling the ‘allow attaching movies to defects?’ option for the user group on the Customization > Groups and Permissions > Defects page

Q #5) Which of the following is a prerequisite for using the Business Models module?

A. Models must be created in standard BPMN or EPC modeling tools.

B. Models must be created using RUP. C. Models must be created in Excel.

D. HP Application Lifecycle Management Modeling Manager must be implemented.


That is all about HP ALM 12.x certification I wanted to share with you. Before appearing for the exam make sure you have sufficient information and knowledge regarding the HP ALM 12.0 software.

Good Luck!

Please feel free to post your comments, questions and/or clarifications below :)