Soft Skill for Testers: How to Improve Communication Skill

Have you been facing problems in Interviews? Do you fear to deliver any speech? Do you hesitate to speak at your company meeting? Do you have problems explaining your views to others? Do others disagree with you even though you are right?

If answers to these questions are ‘yes’ then it's time to improve your Communication Skill. You should be perfect in all ways of communications like verbal, presentation skill and written communication.


Poor communication generally leads to disagreement and misunderstandings. Even in a romantic relationship if you are poor at communication, chances are high that you will break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Good Communication Skill is a must for Software Testers. You might have seen this line in every job requirements especially openings in QA and testing field. As testers require communicating with different project team members including clients, communication skill plays an important role.

If you want to win the arguments (I mean arguments that are right) and find the common solution for your problems with your subordinates then you should be able to express your views effectively.

As a part of ‘Soft Skills for Testers' article series, I am sharing a detailed powerpoint presentation on “How to improve Communication Skill”.

Keep in mind these simple rules for Effective Communication:

  • Listen carefully when others are clarifying their thoughts. Don't interrupt others in-between.
  • Do not speak too fast. Slow down while speaking.
  • Speak clearly. Your pronunciation should be loud and clear.
  • Make eye contact with whom you are speaking. This increases the chances of mutual agreement.
  • Read, read and read. For better communication and effective words in your speech, your vocabulary should be very strong. Reading more and more will increase your vocabulary.

Besides these 5 golden rules for Effective Communication here is a PPT presentation on improving your communication skill.

Main topics covered in this PPT:
1) What makes a good communicator?
2) Process of communication
3) Active listening
4) Using non-verbal communication effectively
5) Presentation skill while appearing for an interview.

Watch The Slide On Communication Skills

=> Click here to download this PPT on Communication Skills

Watch The Slide On How To Improve Communication Skill At The Workplace

Hope this tutorial will help in improving your Communication Skills and make you perfect in all ways.

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  3. it is very useful and awesome for beginners to improve their communication skills. Post even advanced articles. Nice…!

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  5. i read every object which described in presentation so communication skill not only depend on ur grammer or vocubalory power….its depends on ur skill what u have…

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  9. it’s a good article but there is no link for “PPT” if possible please include in the PPT how to improve written skills as well, so that it will be useful when we send emails to client(or) any other team member

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