What makes a good test engineer?

If you are a tester, QA executive or want to come in testing field, see in which of following qualities describes you.

What makes a good test engineer?

A good test engineer has :

  • A ‘test to break’ attitude,
  • An ability to take the point of view of the customer,
  • A strong desire for quality, and an attention to detail
  • Tact and diplomacy are useful in maintaining a cooperative relationship with developers,
  • An ability to communicate with both technical (developers) and non-technical (customers, management) people is useful.
  • Previous software development experience can be helpful as it provides a deeper understanding of the software development process, gives the tester an appreciation for the developers’ point of view, and reduce the learning curve in automated test tool programming
  • Judgment skills are needed to assess high-risk areas of an application on which to focus testing efforts when the time is limited.

What makes a good Software QA engineer?

The same qualities a good tester has are useful for a QA engineer.

Additionally :

  • They must be able to understand the entire software development process and how it can fit into the business approach and goals of the organization
  • Communication skills and the ability to understand various sides of issues are important
  • In organizations in the early stages of implementing QA processes, patience and diplomacy are especially needed. An ability to find problems as well as to see ‘what’s missing’ is important for inspections and reviews

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#1 Mark Michaelis

I think you made some good points about what is a tester/QA engineer. Thanks for this!

#2 ilyas

hi suresh
i saw ur answers regarding testing tools i am appreciate a lot , can u help me out .
Right now i am in australia pursuing diploma in computer field but not related to PR so i am deciding to comeback to india (some family problem) and do some course in testing tools what u think , i have some knowledge about computers i have done Bsc (2005) after that i am not taken any interested in doing job in india wasting my precious time by going abroad. I am 29 now i am sorry what i have done. Can u please suggest me that its good to do testing tools on this age.But i know that its difficult for me to go form the scratch but i can do, if u suggest good reply for my future.
By reading all this u get the idea what guy i was,from the bottome of my heart i am very regret what i have done, Now i am realised that how important the career is please please suggest me what to do , i am interest in computers field.
Thanks for ur preciuse by reading this.
One important think my english also not so good .

#3 Aj@y Gaur

Hello, myself in Btech electronics& comm. eng. 2nd yr
under krukshetra university from SIET college .
wanna to have some guidance abt career.

#4 Sakthi

Hai I am Sakthi, I had finished my studies at 2005 and I like to do the testing Course presently i am in chennai.Can U help by giving suggestion about Testing Course. For that what i want to do and what are portion that testing course will complete plz

#5 wajid

how to find the Bug as many as possible with in the limited span of time

#6 vasanth

wat is testing?

#7 surendhar

i have interest in s/w testing since my first job experiance is realetd to website certification proces..later my interest in s/w testing is in good height..but wat certification shud i study first…how far i can reach my goal..

#8 UK Tester

Try an ISEB/ISTQB Foundation certificate in Software Testing. In the UK it costs about £600 for the short course and every QA job here requires it.
Otherwise, learn QTP as a automated testing tool, its based on VBScript and you can get a job with it.

#9 Tanzeem Akhtar

Nice thoughts.
Surely it will help much to those who looking career in Testing.

Thanks for sharing this.

#10 harikumar

hi my nameis harikumar i completed my B.E(ECE)2OO9 PASSED OUT . I NEED SOME GUIDENCE ABOUT CAREER. m palning to do testing tools course

#11 chethan

Dear All,

I am chethan. I have completed my final semester BSc IT through correspondence. And also my main problem is, when I was in PUC on my final exam I got failed in Computer Science subject and i discontinued my studies till two years and then after that I got interested in studies and passed the remaining exam and finished the PUC. And then i joined for BSc IT. So my doubt is when I join for any company will it be a big reason and based on that i will be not getting any chance to work in company ha?.

And then I am planning to join for Software Testing as my career. So please send me full details like which all the courses i need to take up and only QTP is enough or any other additional courses i need to take up with QTP and also can I get a job whn after completing my course with certification?

Please help me step wise what all i need to take and also where i need to take up this course. Hence i request you to send me all the details due to I am so much interested in software testing of QTP.

Hence please send me your details and your suggestion to my mail-id [prchethankumar@gmail.com].


#12 Diya

Thanks a lot 4 sharing this..

#13 A.Sai Sandhya Rani

hi i am sandhya,i got 75% above marks in education.I want job in ur organigation.

#14 Mayasen

Hi Sai,

It is not the organization to provide job. Its a forum to support, share and guide the people who are in or coming into testing field.

Even in your posting you didn’t mentioned any more details. Browse the articles in this site to check the freshers support.


#15 paramesh

hi suresh,
I have one year experience in testing field with manual testing.now i want to be improve my skills and get good job.so can u suggest me which tools i have to learn to get a good job

#16 raja

Thanks for your answers…
i have 7 plus years of exp in sales and application support ….with the ece background with an MBA

can you tell me the possibility and chances for becoming BUSINESS ANALYST IN software field ….

what will be positve sign for get into that….

#17 Jaya

I am not good at development. can i be best in testing?

#18 tulasi

any one can ans to me.
Here what is ‘attention to detail’is one of characteristic of good test eng.
pls rpy fast

#19 shafi

Dear Sir

Basically i have done post graduation mca and graduation b com. Upon completing studies in 2001,i worked as faculty in a college in chennai for a year.

Then moved to dubai working in a mnc from last 9years and now i want to move to india.kindly guide me in regard to the software testing jobs and its demand in the job market.

Kind Regards – Shafi

#20 Mahesh

That’s really good points mentioned above, keep good work going on….

#21 Surya

I am working in a MNC in Hyderabad from 4 yrs. I am working as a mainframe developer. I no more want to work on platform that includes coding. Kindly suggest me whether I can opt for testing or not ??

Thanks in advance

#22 jj


#23 Manish

Hi Guys,

For all the people planning to make a move in IT ,should go for either the system level support or development.
Testing /QA in today’s market is not at all appreciated.
I am not talking about exceptional people ,i am talking about everyone in general.
You go to any job portal and search for Testing/QA jobs and there you will find something which i guess is too much to expect from a developer himself.
Eg. Python,Ruby,Shell Scripting ,QTP and the list goes on.
If you noticed the above examples there is one important observation , companies are asking for developers who can test not the testers or QA guys.
Actually the fact is IT was never a core Business , it is a support business.So if the core business go down , so will the support business that is IT.
Hence companies want people who have multiple skill set.
That is a developer can do both the things test as well as develop but for a tester it is too much to ask for till the time someone don’t put some extra effort .
Moroever in IT world there are very rare examples when QA is actually taken very seriously.People know if they make bug free application how will they get the support contract.
Hence my suggestion is if being a tester you are expected to do development(write codes to test the application) then why not to be a developer only.
I apologies if i hurt someone from Testing community but this is what i have faced on my own in IT being a testing guy.

#24 Karthick

What is the basic difference between Agile and Cloud testing???

#25 lipeng

I want to find a job about testing,

#26 Harsh

Manish, I agree with what you say. I am also working in QA for the last 5 years and what I face is boredom and stagnancy due to the reduntant nature of job. Furthermore, I am not interested in coding.
About you comment on the “QA people not taken seriously” I dont think thats true in Product Companies. I work in CAD/PLM product company where QA comments are respected and implemented.
But I do believe that one must learn QTP etc to gain higher grounds.

#27 Phaneendra

Hi all, on the first day of my joining i m very very happy because i joined as a Automation Developer using Selenium.

but till now i m doing Manual not now from the past 4 months ,i m too vexed because from the past 4 month my knowledge growth is nill, except the functional knowledge.
i want to learn more tools as u already said we should learn more tools to increase our ability ,so can u plz give me suggestion about the tools which i can learn i have enough knowledge in core-java,good knowledge in Selenium Automation.

#28 Ccc Rrr

QAs do not “test to break”. We do not actually “break” anything. This is a misnomer and something that needs to be eradicated from the testing community. The developers create the quality (at least the initial quality) of the code, while ww as testers simply expose the areas that are broken (i.e. the developer broke it, and we’re finding that out). Think of it like a cake. The developer makes a cake. There might be air bubbles in this case, and it is up to us as testers to find those, and make the development team aware. A semantic, but I felt it needed clarification. A tell-tale sign of someone who has not been a tester for that long, or has an undeveloped mindset is when (in the interview) they say, “I like to break things” in response to the question “What do you love about testing?”

#29 mahesh

i think patiency is the major quality for tester.put on keen concentrate on documentation then only give efected output to clients.and also they have do notonly testing butalso prepare test plan and test stratogy like these things. and onemore thing every tester have maintain programing knowledge.tester must and should have good communication skills otherwise he si not unfit for testing thankig you……………

#30 safik khan


#31 ashok kumar

i am searching job on software testing . but i have a communication problem in english . how can i get a job as a tester . please give me a suggesstion to me.

#32 Padma

I am 59 yrs. Can I get job in software testing area. For sure I am knowledgeable, only bothers me that employers hire for that age group. Please let me know so that I can try seriously.

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