Manual and Automation Testing Challenges

Software Testing has a lot of challenges both in Manual as well as Automation.

Generally in the Manual Testing scenario, developers go through the build to the test team assuming that the responsible test team or tester will pick the build and come to enquire what the build is about? This is the case in organizations that are not following so-called ‘Processes’.

Tester is the middleman between developing a team and the customers, handling pressure from both sides. We assume most of our readers are smart enough to handle this pressure. Aren’t you?

This is not always the case. Sometimes testers may add complications to a testing process due to their unskilled way of working.

In this post, we have added most of the testing challenges that are created due to testing staff, developing staff, testing processes and wrong management decisions.

Manual and Automation Testing Challenges

Manual and Automation Testing Challenges

So here we go with the Top Challenges!

#1) Testing the Complete Application

Is that possible? That’s indeed impossible. There are millions of test combinations.

It is not possible to test each and every combination in both Manual as well as Automation Testing. If you try all these combinations you will never ship the product :-)

#2) Misunderstanding of Company Processes

Sometimes you just don’t pay proper attention to what the company-defined processes are and for what purposes they are.

There are some myths in testers that they should only go with the company processes even if these processes are not applicable for their current testing scenario. This results in incomplete and inappropriate Application Testing.

#3) Relationship with Developers

It’s indeed a big challenge. It requires a very skilled tester to handle this relationship positively and even by completing the work in a tester’s way.

There are simply hundreds of excuses that the developers or testers can make when they do not agree with some points. For this, the tester also requires Good Communication, Troubleshooting and analyzing skills.

#4) Regression Testing

If a project continues to expand, then regression testing work simply becomes uncontrolled. There will be pressure to handle current functionality changes, previous working functionality checks, and bug tracking.

#5) Lack of Skilled Testers

This could be called as a “wrong management decision” while selecting or training testers for their project task in hand.

These unskilled fellows may add more chaos than simplifying the testing work. This results in incomplete, insufficient and ad-hoc testing throughout the Testing Life Cycle.

#6) Testing always under Time Constraint

Hey tester, we want to ship this product by this weekend, are you ready for completion?

When this order is from the boss, the tester simply focuses on task completion and not on the test coverage and quality of work. There is a huge list of tasks that you need to complete within the specified time. This includes writing, executing, automating and reviewing test cases.

#7) Which Tests to Execute First?

If you are facing the challenge stated in point no 6, then how will you decide which test cases should be executed and with what priority? Which tests are more important than others? This requires a good experience to work under pressure.

#8) Understanding the Requirements

Sometimes testers are responsible for communicating with customers to understand the requirements.

What if the tester fails to understand the requirements? Will he be able to test the application properly? Definitely not! Testers require good listening and understanding capabilities.

#9) Automation Testing

Many sub-challenges – Should automate the testing work? Until what level, should automation be done?

Do you have sufficient and skilled resources for Automation? Is time permissible for automating the test cases? The decision of Automation or Manual Testing will need to address the pros and cons of each process.

#10) Decision to Stop Testing

When to stop testing?

This is a very difficult decision. Requires core judgment of testing processes and the importance of each process. It also requires an “on the fly” decision ability.

#11) One Test Team under Multiple Projects

It is quite challenging to keep track of each task. Communication challenges are also involved. Many times, it results in failure of one or both the projects.

#12) Reuse of Test Scripts

Application development methods are changing rapidly, thereby making it difficult to manage the test tools and test scripts. Test script migration or reuse is a very essential but difficult task.

#13) Testers Focusing on Finding Easy Bugs

If the organization is rewarding testers based on the number of bugs (very bad approach for judging Testers Performance) then some testers only concentrate on finding easy bugs that don’t require deep understanding and testing.

Hard or subtle bugs remain unnoticed in such a testing approach.

#14) To Cope with Attrition

Increasing salaries and the other benefits make many employees leave the company at very short career intervals. Management faces hard problems to cope with the attrition rate. Challenges – New testers require project training from the beginning, as complex projects are difficult to understand, thereby leading to delay in shipping date!

These are some of the top Software Testing challenges that we face daily. Project success or failure depends largely on how you address these basic issues.

For further reference and detailed solutions to these challenges, refer to the book “Surviving the Top Ten Challenges of Software Testing” written by William E. Perry and Randall W. Rice.


Most of them are working on the Manual and/or Automation Testing field. Although we have addressed many of the above challenges in our previous tutorials, we want your views on handling these Software Testing challenges.

Feel free to express your views in the comment section below.

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152 thoughts on “Manual and Automation Testing Challenges”

  1. To be frank, I do not have any knowledge of testing but want to join any Testing Institute.

    Please help me how to get a job as a tester after these many years as a BPO employee

    • Well maybe gain some knowledge of testing first? Do some projects outside of work which enable you to learn the basics of testing and then demonstrate the understanding at an interview for a junior testing position?

  2. Hello friends,
    I work as a STE in an in-house product of our company and would like introduce testing metrics to measure the quality and other aspects of our product.
    I came across somewhere that not all metrics will be useful at the early stages of metrics introduction, and that different metrics can be introduced when the existing ones prove to be worthy / useless for the project, i.e., basically a trial-error method.
    I would like to know any site or blog or anywhere, where I can get the list of metrics (with their formula) that are prevailing / commonly used in the industry. I would also like to know how to interpret the result of the metrics.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Take Care..

      • I disagree. If you do it right, manual testing is not simple. Just following a pre-written test script, yes, that’s easy – but when you think deeply about how to break the software you can uncover bugs the developers would never have considered, even those deep in supporting systems like databases and network APIs.

        I’ve been a freelance tester for 30 years and have worked on systems where the client has engaged nothing but automated test engineers and yes, they have comprehensively covered the system in tests that prove it does what it should, however, one or two weeks of proper manual (exploratory) testing and I can usually throw up 50 to 100 defects of which 10% might be critical under the right circumstances.

        The other mistake I see often is over use of UI level automation, ignoring API tests. Lots of my clients have invested heavily in Selenium and use it to test every function of the SUT. This leaves them with a brittle framework that is expensive to maintain, when exercising the APIs directly by chaining requests can perform end to end tests to fully cover basic API contract requirements.

        Yes of course Selenium has its place for exercising the UI, but I would expect a 75/25 ratio in favour of API tests (maybe using REST-Assured, Postman etc.) building on the base of Unit tests created by the developers. Often I see either the reverse of that ratio or 100% UI automation tests.

    • Jagadish,

      Slowly develop your skills on automation, this will help you in the long run. Manual testing job is very easy and juniors will be given preference for it. As you grow in your career, Automations skill will give you upper hand.
      Initially while learning you may feel it challenging, but just dont give up. In no time youll get hold of it. Choose opensource automation tool like Selenium, youll get lot of free online support to learn it. Just take up one tool and grasp all the concepts in it. Thats it and youll be able to easily switch to any other tools if required as the concepts will remain the same irrespective of tool.

  3. sir i am working in small company and my designation is project tester and i am testing only php web development how to develop my skills plz help me

  4. Hi ,
    Im new to testing can anyone help me by providing me with real time testing problems and the solutions to those problems. Preferred for commercial insurance application ( insurance domain) and mortgages ( banking domain). I would really appreciate if i could get at least 4-5 problems and solutions for each domain. I would really appreciate this help given to me. Thank you

  5. Stubs and Drivers
    stubs are used in top down integartion. It simulates the activity of a lower level component.
    Drivers are used in bottom up integration which simulates the activity of a higher level component

  6. Actually what is the use of QTP? i am working as a software tester,i do with mannual testing only,i tried to study QTP,but it seems so useless

  7. hi,
    Could any one suggest me which one is best “Manual or Automation”. Currently i am in Manual Testing. Or else i want to switch over to Automation.

    • Kavitha, there is no doubt, you got to focus on gaining your skills on automation, with time and experience manual testing jobs will be easily done by juniors. Automation skills will definitely help you in the long run.

  8. Hello Sir,
    Thank you for the post. We have found it very useful as we have faced most of the points mentioned above in daily testing.

  9. As a manual tester I’m facing most of the challenges mentioned by you in day to day testing activity, I just wanted to share few challenges:
    1) Testing new technology/domain: My company has entered into SharePoint domain (developing Intranet sites), before switching to SharePoint I was into web application testing. so once I switched to SharePoint, initially it was a new technology & lack of experienced staff for sharepoint , as a tester I struggled a lot to get to know actually what is sharepoint testing?
    2) Inadequate requirements from stakeholders/Project managers: Few of my projects were not organized properly, as few projects doesn’t have BRS or FRS documents, Project managers/leads used to interact with clients directly & gathered the requirements with no proper document/ sometimes used to give us requirements orally. Due to this testing team had no proper document to refer & need to interact with project managers/leads on regular basis & gather requirements.

  10. Hi..Great study. I am a B.E student really it was very useful for me to gain at least some hint like knowledge… But can you please help me by making me understand how Testers will handle a complex situation I mean a bigger Manual test. Will they be using any algorithms ?? If so which is preferred EA or ACO? And Why?

    Thanks… :)

  11. Hi,
    I am in testing field for past 6 years. I am ready to give training in testing field even I can help you with the interview process and procedure. If anyone interested mail me to “”.

  12. Hello sir,
    iam pavan btech ece 2012 passed out now iam doing a job in small company as a manual tester were iam only one tester in my company doing only the functionality part testing so as a manual tester there will be no growth so now i deceided to move to automation by keeping 2+ fake experience so for that wat should i learn iam a ece student no programming knowledge so please give me suggestion that whether i should continue in this small company or i should go by keeping fake experience to other company because in my company iam only single tester there is no test lead so whether i can gain knowledge by staying in this company by only testing functionality part please tell me iam in full confusion reply to my mail sir

    • Hi Bro;
      As a manual tester there is no growth but some company needs manual tester also .if you are looking for a career opportunity first go thru the automation testing in java/python any institute who provides placement . Then apply for job
      Don’t go thru with fake certificate other wise you will be in trouble every company will verify your background if they not catch you after joining they will ask you to write a code script at least you have knowledge on that because 2years of experience is not a less time so think twice before taking any action

  13. Hello,

    I like your article.

    Apart from challenges mentioned I would like to add two more challanges which I faced.

    1. Data Assertion Criteria.How Much data will be sufficient to test is always difficult to decide.

    2. Second one is difficult to Automate the ETL testing.


    • Selenium, it is open source tool which when integrated with TestNG, Appium,RestAssured it would allow you test mobile based and API testing as well.

  14. Questioned that were asked in exams plz help:

    1. Which are the fallowing procedures are related to review in veloci-Q ?
    a. Proposal/ Contract review
    b. Release review
    c. Review
    d. All of the above

    2. The highlight of acceptance testing are:
    a. Check the system against requirement specification
    b. Testing done by customer and not by developer
    c. Focuses over whether the system delivers what was requested and is informed by the business
    d. All of the above

    3. Test audit observation should be captured in ____________
    a. Test audit report
    b. Test report
    c. Test observation report
    d. All of the above

    4. ___________ can be done with checklist, issues list, walkthroughs, and inspection meeting
    a. Validation
    b. Verification
    c. Inspection
    d. Testing

    5. In the table review, who records the defects and classified errors
    a. Review reader
    b. Recorder
    c. Reader
    d. Author

    6. ___________ testing should be carried out if there are multiple module in the projects
    a. Unit
    b. Build
    c. Modules
    d. Systems

    7. ___________ is used to test operation and input output data to ensure that software is performing well
    a. Review techniques
    b. Verification
    c. Software testing
    d. All the above

    8. ___________ are conducted to eliminate and find errors/defects in the early stage of development
    a. Review and testing
    b. Review
    c. Validation
    d. All of the above

    9. Why is multiple round of testing recommended
    a. Accommodate bug fixes and eliminate maximum defects
    b. Shortage of resources to complete testing in one round
    c. Set of test cases can be executed in each round
    d. For testing basic requirement, implied requirement, performance measures in various round

    10. The challenges in testing are :
    a. Lack of testing tools
    b. Often development effort increase and there is very little time for testing
    c. Generation of adequate test cases
    d. All of the above

  15. Hi,

    I like to share some of my personal difficulties here.i have 2.7 years of experience in testing.yesterday i had a interview with the client?what are all the difficulties which you face in testing?
    My answer is 1)reopening the defects again
    2)Not understand the requirements/brd is missing in our concern
    can any one agree what i said???

  16. Hi,

    I have a windows based tool which I need to automate by UFT or any other automation tool, but the problem is I am not able to identify the objects of that tool, the tool is developed in openInsight technology.
    Please help


  17. Great article! These are the exact challenges we are trying to overcome at Testing Algorithms, LLC. by innovating various algorithms. So far we have come up with a modelling approach that helps in reducing the impacts of point 1, 4-10 & 12. With this solution, behavior of a software application can be captured using a model, that can be automatically converted to prioritized and optimized test cases in no time. Request you all to visit and share your feedback.

  18. Invaluable analysis ! I loved the details ! Does someone know if I might acquire a blank a form example to work with ?

  19. I need few blogs and podcasts to listen to improve the quality of my work as a Quality Engineer. Also, need training on how to train other team members to use Git and Gherkin training. Someone please help, I will highly appreciate your help.

  20. i am working as BA & also involved in testing . So i want to know how to handle the complex scenarios in testing ? for example if we testing a module which will be consisting of too many data and within less amount of time we need to prepare test cases and test the entire module.

  21. I do not have problems with manual testing but do have automation testing problems
    1.Automating Apps that have more than one modules, e.g admin and customer modules that relates with each other
    2. Compiling testcases to be automated across the modules. once i get to these point,i get overwhelmed

    i feel like there’s something wrong with my automation learning i need a guidance of an instructor..please help fams


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