Way to become a good tester:

Remember these ten rules and I am sure you will definitely gain very good testing skill.

1. Test early and test often.
2. Integrate the application development and testing life cycles. You’ll get better results and you won’t have to mediate between two armed camps in your IT shop.
3. Formalize a testing methodology; you’ll test everything the same way and you’ll get uniform results.
4. Develop a comprehensive test plan; it forms the basis for the testing methodology.
5. Use both static and dynamic testing.
6. Define your expected results.
7. Understand the business reason behind the application. You’ll write a better application and better testing scripts.
8. Use multiple levels and types of testing (regression, systems, integration, stress, and load).
9. Review and inspect the work, it will lower costs.
10. Don’t let your programmers check their own work; they’ll miss their own errors.

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#1 Vishal Budhwant

Very Good Testing Basics

#2 Eswar

Please explain how to write the Testcase for date,month and year

#3 Ashwini

explain testing methodologies in brief

#4 tulasi

Expalin me about difference between vershion and build.

#5 kishore

Dear Member,
kindly do let me know about javascript validation. If possible mail me the list of javascript validation checklist.


#6 thangavel ks

1 date should be in numbers
2 that numbers should be 1 to 31
3 any special characters should not allow in middle &
front of the date digits eg…,1.3,1*2,1$7,&30,^7

same as date but month should be 1-12

#7 Manish Srivastava


it will help alot to know d basics of testing for everybody

#8 G.Saritha

I am very new to the testing .Plz anybody give me the list of sites which give the full details of software testing along with all the tables for test cases bug repot tables etc.All in order


#9 lalit

Please tell me what is boundary values regarding software testing

#10 senthil

plz tell me what is Agile testing

#11 selvam

Hi All, I am very new to the testing .Plz can anybody give me the list of sites which give the full details of software testing along with all the tables for test cases bug repot tables etc. though i had learned some basics about testing i lack the real time exposure ,can anyone help me?????????

#12 Amutha

Useful site for software testing professional

#13 Raby Whyte

Wow dont bombard the expert with questions! Good article btw (:

#14 rashmi

How does product testing is carried out in an company? as the enhancements are added to product what are the things to tested?

#15 Suresh Balakrishnan

Hi Saritha,

These sites are escpecially for Software testing beginers i have mentioned software Testing sites as given below:
please let me know if u have any clarifications.

#16 Suresh Balakrishnan

Hi Ashwini,

I have Mentioned Software Testing Methodology as given below:

software testing methodology is applied in four distinct phases: unit testing, system testing, integration testing, and acceptance testing.

Unit Testing—The programmers conduct unit testing during the development phase. Programmers can test their specific functionality individually or with other units. However, unit testing is designed to test small pieces of functionality rather than the system as a whole. This allows the programmers to conduct the first round of testing to eliminate bugs before they reach the testing staff.

System Testing—The system is tested as a complete, integrated system. System testing first occurs in the development environment but eventually is conducted in the production environment. Dedicated testers, project managers, or other key project staff perform system testing. Functionality and performance testing are designed to catch bugs in the system, unexpected results, or other ways in which the system does not meet the stated requirements. The testers create detailed scenarios to test the strength and limits of the system, trying to break it if possible. Editorial reviews not only correct typographical and grammatical errors, but also improve the system’s overall usability by ensuring that on-screen language is clear and helpful to users. Accessibility reviews ensure that the system is accessible to users with disabilities.

Integration Testing—Incremental integration testing involves continuous testing of an application as new functionality is added. This requires that aspects of an application’s functionality be able to work separately before all parts of the application are completed. Full integration testing tests combined parts of an application to determine if they function together correctly.

Acceptance Testing—The software is assessed against the requirements defined in the system requirements document. The user or client conducts the testing in the production environment. Successful acceptance testing is required before submitting to the client for approval.


#17 Beena

Only 10 rules r thr……..?

#18 vinay

when i was browsing randomly on the net i found this site which is very useful thaks alot…..

#19 hi

wts diff between testing and bugs ?

#20 Priya

hi suresh,

I want sample test cases for any projects and also for c or c++ programs if u can plz mail me to my id .

#21 priya

hi suresh,

I want sample test cases for any projects and also for c or c++ programs if u can plz mail me to my id .

#22 Vivek Inge

Thnx a tonn, Very Very Good Site to learn the Basic Steps of Software Testing……

Thnx Agian

#23 Priya Shah

Very Informative and useful site. Thanks .

#24 Neelima

nebdy cud xplain TESTING PARAMETERS..plz

#25 Jagdish Reddy

Yes Neelima…send test mail to my mail ID. i WILL send the doc

#26 Neelima

plz let me knw ur mail id…

#27 david

Hi tulasi,

Afer completion of develpoment, develpoment team sent exe file(build) ll sent to QC team. Build is every time develpment team after fixing the bug they ll sent new build for testing team. Buid having version ex 3.1,3.2,3.3……

version is when ever the new future added with exiting application or advanced version of application

Ex word 98 (98 version) word 00 like this

#28 Jagdish Reddy

Hi Neelima,

Itz :

#29 Jagdish Reddy

Hi Neelima,

send ur mail id

#30 Neelima

@ jagdish
i hav sent a test mail..plz do reply…

#31 Pratap

Gr8 thnxs 4 d post

#32 Roshin

Good One..!!!!!!!!

Happy Testing!!!!!!

#33 waseem Khan

Hi lalit
If ur input is a range of values say A to B (A-B)
then derive values for A, A+1, A-1 & B,B+1, B-1

Guys if am wrong den correct me

#34 Rati

Hi Suresh,

Its a grt site for people wana learn testing. Thankxxx.
I am new in this field & want to make my carrier in testing field but dn’t hav any xperince. can get a job in testing as a fresher? I really wana knw. i reading abt testing. I wana kw how to make test cases or write dem. can send me some samples in my mail id. Also wana knw wat is load testing & cyclomatic testing & y v use it. as name is really complex. it is complex as name.

Do reply….Thanx

#35 vijay krishna

i am very much interested in software testing, i have some theoretical knowledge about testing.

what to do to get real time exposure, so that i can apply as if i have 2.5 years of experience.
please send any standard sample files or templates in testing.
Can anybody help me? please…

#36 vijay krishna

My mail-id is:

#37 vijay krishna

Can anybody tell me, what’s the difference between SRS, CRS, FRD, BRS?

If anybody have any sample files of these, please let me see and go through?

#38 Anudeep

Hi Guyz,

If any one is in need of testing material, ping me on my email ” “. I am sure that the material that I Provide may be 99% useful for yout to learn testing easily and if you have any doubts you can follow me with the same mail.

With Regards,

#39 kadir

hi …i would like to start my next job in testing so can u plz guide me a primary step and more website tht’s y i can get a job with some basic ctc.thanx

#40 Akshay Wagh

Thanks for such good information..

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