6 BEST Online PDF Compressor Tools To Reduce PDF File Size [2021 LIST]

This review compares the best online free and paid PDF Compressor tools to help you select the right tool to reduce the size of a PDF file:

You must be living under a rock if you don’t know what a PDF file is in the 21st century. PDF has been around since days gone by, proving to be a very relevant and powerful file format to store your valuable files in. They are as popular and widely used today, as they were years ago when people were just getting used to computers being the new normal.

PDFs are a universally compatible file format and can be used across multiple platforms with no issue. PDF’s ingenious factors also make it one of the most convenient file types for transmission across mobile and computer devices via email or other methods.

Ways to Compress PDF Online

How To Reduce PDF File Size

With all its merits, users of PDF are often left scratching their heads when it comes to transferring PDF files which are simply too large. They are left with questions like ‘How to reduce the size of a PDF?’ ‘How can one bypass email size restrictions and other such issues to transfer a PDF file without hindrance?’

The solution lies in an array of online PDF compressors that reduce the PDF file size quickly to enable the easy transfer of files across multiple platforms. Large file size can consume a lot of your valuable time, as you will find the mere act of sending and receiving these files to be tedious and overwhelming.

A PDF compression tool can optimally reduce the size of PDF files without compromising its output quality for easy sharing between different parties online.

In this article, we will introduce you to six advanced online PDF compressors that will easily help you reduce your PDF file size.

Pro Tip: There are a variety of tools out there that get the job done, but many are safe spaces for malware and adware waiting to infect your file. Only choose PDF compressing tools that have a good reputation for backing them. Go for tools with a simple user interface. We don’t need confusing features for something as simple as PDF compression. You can also manually reduce the size of your PDF by using compressed images or reducing the use of graphics in your file.
Fact Check: According to Adobe’s database, over 250 million PDF documents were opened in the year 2019. According to a study published by Varonis, 60% of business files are shared only internally while 70% are not shared at all.

Adobe’s database

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FAQs About PDF Compressors

Q #1) Do PDF Compressing tools keep a copy of your PDF file with them?

Answer: Absolutely not, and you should stay away from tools that make copies of your PDF files without your knowledge. So choose tools that are reputed and have earned goodwill to their name. We will introduce you to some in this article.

Q #2) What are the basic system requirements for such PDF compressing tools?

Answer: Most online PDF compressors do not ask for much from your system. A simple Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browser is enough to get your job done.

Q #3) Can a PDF compressor tool also convert your file into an editable version of its former self?

Answer: That depends on the tool you are using. Most tools come with an added feature of PDF conversion, wherein PDF files can be converted into editable doc files for use.

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List Of Online PDF Compressors

Top online PDF Compressions Tools are listed below:

  1. Adobe PDF Compressor
  2. PDF2GO
  3. Free PDF Convert
  4. PDF Compressor
  5. iLovePDF
  6. Small PDF

Comparing Best PDF Compression Tools

NameBest ForFree TrialRatingsFees
Adobe PDF CompressorFree reading, compression, conversion and sharing of PDF filesNoneStar_rating_4_of_5Free
PDF2GoEditing, Conversion and Compression of PDF files NoneStar_rating_5_of_5Free
Free PDF ConvertOnline Free Conversion and Compression of PDF FilesNoneStar_rating_3.5_of_5Free
PDF CompressorSimple Batch PDF Compression across multiple platforms NoneStar_rating_3.5_of_5Free
iLovePDFFull Featured PDF Processing Tool NoneStar_rating_5_of_5Free
Small PDFAll in One Easy PDF Compression14 Day Free TrialStar_rating_4_of_5$28.5/month for 3 seats, $45/month for 5 seats, $90/month for 10 seats

Let us review these PDF Compressor Software Tools:

#1) Adobe PDF Compressor

Best for free reading, compression, conversion, and sharing of PDF files.

Adobe PDF Compressor

Adobe is perhaps the most popular and widely used tool on this list. Almost everyone has an adobe reader in their computers or mobile, allowing them to easily read and manage PDF files. However, you can also use Adobe’s online free tool to perform a variety of functions to manipulate your PDF file.

Adobe reduces your file size within seconds without breaking a sweat. You get an option to directly compress your PDF file from the browser itself. It also provides you with a simple drag-and-drop feature to make the process all the easier to understand.

Compression on Adobe is very simple and can be done by any laymen with no knowledge of using the software.

Steps to reduce the size of a PDF on Adobe:

#1) Click the Select a file button on the dashboard, you can also drag and drop your file here.

#2) After uploading the file, the file will automatically start compressing.

file will automatically start compressing

#3) Finally, you have to sign in to download the compressed file or share it online.

download the compressed file


  • PDF compression
  • Drag and drop feature
  • Convert files into PDF
  • Easily share online

Verdict: PDF compression with Adobe is a piece of cake. The tool is free and the user interface is a treat to the eyes. If you want a quick solution to your PDF conversion woes, then we suggest you try Adobe’s PDF Conversion tool.

Price: Free PDF Compressor

Website: Adobe

#2) PDF2Go

Best for editing, conversion, and compression of PDF files.


PDF2Go greets its visitors with a jarring user interface, bombarding with all its features and boasting about all the things it can do to your PDF. If you can tolerate the shoddy design, then this is a very competitive free PDF compressor. It allows you to upload PDF files from the computer, drive, or drag and drop them onto the dashboard.

Steps to compress PDF in PDF2Go

#1) Upload the file you want to compress


#2) Select the method of compression

  • Basic compression gives you medium size with high quality.
  • Strong compression gives you a small size and medium file quality.
  • You also have the option to choose from a plethora of preset compression methods.

Basic Compression

#3) Click Start when you are done uploading and selecting the method, your file will be saved in your desired folder.

Your file will be saved in your desired folder

You also get the option to turn images in your file to grayscale to further compress your files.

Apart from compression, PDF2Go is also great for a number of other features to manage your PDF Files. You can convert your PDF files in a number of formats which include Docx and JPEG, you also get to edit your PDF, rotate upside down files from any device in your possession.


  • Compress PDF
  • Choose from multiple preset methods of compression
  • Split and merge PDF
  • Convert PDF
  • Edit PDF

Verdict: PDF2Go is a great tool for several reasons, performing each of its many PDF manipulation features with panache. This tool is fast, intuitive, and best of all, absolutely free to use.

Price: Free PDF Compressor

Website: PDF2Go

#3) Free PDF Convert

Best for online free conversion and compression of PDF files.

Free PDF Convert

This tool has been a prominent Free PDF compressor for a very long time now. The online software is easy to use, super-fast in yielding the results you desire, and also free for use. The PDF files compressed in this tool seldom lose their original quality while in the process of compression. Perhaps the best part of this tool is the emphasis it puts on the safety and security of your data.

Free PDF convert refrains from duplicating your files and goes so far as deleting any residue of your uploaded document. It encrypts all uploaded PDF documents with 256-bit encryption, making it impossible for anybody to break in and steal information held in the documents uploaded.

You can access this software from any device, all you need is a good Internet connection. Apart from free PDF compression, the tool also offers features like merging and splitting of PDF files, PDF file conversion, and much more.

Steps to compress PDF in Free PDF Convert:

#1) Select the file you would like to compress.

#2) The uploaded file will automatically start compressing


#3) Download and save the successfully compressed file.


  • PDF compression
  • Compatible across multiple devices
  • PDF converter
  • Split and merge PDF files

Verdict: Free PDF Convert is very simple to use and gets the job done in no time. Unlike PDF2Go, it does not offer any option in controlling the compression quality of your video, but it still more than makes up for it by delivering good quality compressed files.

Price: Free

Website: Free PDF Convert

#4) PDF Compressor

Best for a simple batch of PDF compression across multiple platforms.


PDF Compressor is as simple as a file compression tool can get. It doesn’t assault you with needless information, or other features (apart from PDF conversion) that you usually find complimenting a PDF compression tool. It provides users with a tool wherein they can upload their PDF files, compress it, and save wherever they desire in the system.

Perhaps its salient appeal is the fact that it allows for batch uploading of PDF files. It can take up to 20 PDF files at a time.

Steps to compress PDF File:

#1) Upload a PDF file from the system or simply drag and drop it on the dashboard.

#2) The PDF will automatically start compressing.

#3)Download compressed files. For multiple files, you can download them together via a zip archive.

multiple files


  • Free PDF compression
  • PDF conversion
  • Batch processing
  • Comprehensive user interface

Verdict: PDF Compressor is a very simple compressor for those who want a quick solution to their large file size problem. It is very easy to use and also fast in its processing.

Price: Free

Website: PDF Compressor

#5) iLovePDF

Best for full features PDF processing tool.


iLovePDF, as the name suggests, is a full-featured PDF manipulation tool that takes care of editing your PDF file according to your wishes. You want to merge or split your PDF file, iLovePDF is the tool for you. You want to convert your PDF file, the tool is at your service.

Its PDF compression software is a thing of practical magnificence, providing an easy on the eye interface that compresses your file while giving you the power to decide the final quality of your file.

Steps to compress PDF on iLovePDF:

#1) Upload PDF files from drive or computer system, you can also drag and directly drop your file in the tool.


#2) Once uploaded select a compression method

  • Less compression: Subtle compression, high quality.
  • Recommended compression: Decent quality, good compression.
  • High Compression: Heavy compression, lesser quality.

Compression level

#3) Once processed download your file in your desired folder in the system.

After uploading the file


  • Free PDF compression
  • PDF conversion
  • Split and merge PDF files
  • Organize PDF files

Verdict: If you want a tool that can do a lot more with your PDF then simple conversion, then this tool is for you. It has a beautiful interface and fantastic processing speed to give you the desired results.

Price: Free

Website: iLovePDF

#6) Small PDF

Best for all in one easy PDF compression.

Small PDF

Small PDF is again a great full-featured PDF processing tool that offers its users with more than just a good PDF compressor tool. The PDF compression tool is easy to use and extremely fast in its execution. It offers its users a 14-day free trial to try their intuitive PDF compression along with other functions. However, you have to pay a small amount to unlock its advanced features.

Features such as eSign, file conversion, desktop, and mobile app access, etc are all worthy features to have if you opt for Small PDF’s premium version.

Steps to compress PDF on Small PDF:

#1) Choose a file you want to compress from desktop or Google drive.

#2) Select the compression method to decide the final size and quality of your file.


#3) Download and save the file in the desired destination.


  • PDF compression
  • PDF conversion
  • Split and merge PDF files
  • Organize PDF files
  • Browser extension

Verdict: We will recommend Small PDF to those users who don’t mind paying a small fee to get access to all of its features. The tool does have some great features that are only unique to it. It is fast, comprehensive, and delivers results without compromising on the video’s overall quality.

Price: 14 Day Free Trial, $28.5/month for 3 seats, $45/month for 5 seats, $90/month for 10 seats.

Website: Small PDF


We all need to compress files for a variety of reasons, whether it is to share files conveniently or make space in our own databases. The influx of data experienced today is a bit overwhelming and thus organizing it can become chaotic. Therefore, you need a great tool that can compress files to make sharing of files easier between your friends and colleagues.

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As for our recommendations, if you are looking for a full-featured PDF compression tool that offers much more than just compression, then do opt for iLovePDF or PDF2Go. For quick temporary compression of the file, the Online Adobe PDF compressor will do just fine.

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Research Process:

  • We spent 5 hours researching and writing this article so you can have summarized and insightful information on what PDF compressor tool will best suit you.
  • Total tools researched-10
  • Total tools shortlisted-6
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