UPDF Review: The Top PDF Editor 2023

This tutorial reviews the desktop features of UPDF in detail. You will also get to understand the comparison of UPDF to its rival – Adobe Acrobat:

Over the past few years, Portable Document Format (PDF) files have become more and more common. Because of their durability and dependability, they are employed in practically every professional digital paper while sharing documents over multiple workstations and the cloud.

However, once produced, PDF files can be challenging to alter. This is so that you understand how trustworthy PDFs are. Due to this issue, PDF editors were created.

A PDF editor is a tool that can assist diverse users in managing their PDF files.

Understanding UPDF – A Perfect Review

UPDF Review The Top PDF Editor 2023

There are a lot of PDF editors available for everyone. UPDF – one of the most notable PDF editors, is the standard for conventional and everyday use. To fully satisfy its consumers, UPDF promotes a variety of tools. This article will review the desktop features of UPDF and compare it to its rival, Adobe Acrobat.


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Key Features of UPDF

#1) Edit All Elements in PDF

The ability to edit all elements of PDF files is one of UPDF’s most promising features. Text, pictures, links, watermarks, and backgrounds are all parts of this functionality. The drag-and-drop tool is one of the strongest tools in UPDF to significantly simplify editing. It is this strong feature that really sets UPDF apart from other PDF editors.

This feature allows the addition, deletion, and modification of any text in the PDF. The attributes that can be manipulated are text size, font, and color.

Same with text, pictures can be added, deleted, or modified. This feature also has several tools. A user can rotate, resize, crop, insert, and export images because of this.

Edit All Elements in PDF

Also, pages in a PDF can be rotated, reordered, inserted with new pages, extracted, deleted, and replaced easily. UPDF also allows you to adjust the visible PDF page area by controlling the margin and resizing the cropped page.

Users can also add watermarks to their documents, UPDF lets you edit the watermark’s properties that include ratio, opacity, and more, enhancing the watermark’s appearance.

Lastly, it lets the user modify the entire background of a page or page. This includes modifying its ratio and opacity with interactive sliders.

interactive sliders

#2) Blazing: Fast Read and Annotate PDF

UPDF allows users to view and annotate PDF files. When a user wants to remark but does not want to modify the entire file, annotation might be useful. UPDF will provide you with a robust PDF Annotator in collaboration. You can efficiently add comments, highlight text, underline, strikeout, box text, and add sticky notes in your PDF.

Furthermore, they offer 100+ different stamps and stickers to choose from and add to your PDF. You can also make and add your own custom stamp, moreover, signatures to your document for authentication, and add shapes and change their style, thickness, border, fill colors, and opacity.

UPDF also allows you to personalize your reading experience by changing the PDF background or switching between Day mode & Dark mode

Blazing- Fast Read and Annotate PDF

#3) A Good PDF Converter for Exporting PDFs in Clicks

Additionally, UPDF can convert PDFs between various file formats including office, image, text, HTML/XML, PDF/A, and editable OCR format.

Furthermore, they offer PDF to Office files (Word, Excel, CSV files, PowerPoint), Image files (PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF), Text files (Plain Text file, RTF), HTML/XML, PDF/A, and OCR format.

#4) Decent Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Another noteworthy feature of UPDF is its ability to transform PDF files using OCR. This sophisticated tool allows users to copy text from an image in a PDF file. With this, you may create searchable or editable files from scanned or image-based PDFs. 208 languages can be recognized by UPDF’s OCR.

Decent Optical Charactor Recognition (OCR)

#5) Sign a PDF

Adding a signature to a PDF file is a simple and convenient way to sign and verify important documents without having to print, sign, and scan them.

Digital signatures allow you to sign documents electronically, and they ensure that the document remains tamper-proof and secure. These signatures can be handwritten using a trackpad, mouse, or keyboard.

#6) Reliably Protect PDF

Encrypting PDFs is a process of converting sensitive information contained within a PDF document into a code that can only be decrypted and read by someone with the proper authorization.

Encrypting PDFs can provide an extra layer of security, help prevent unauthorized access, and simplify the process of sharing sensitive information between parties. UPDF allows you to encrypt your PDF file to ensure confidentiality.

UPDF vs Adobe Acrobat, Which One to Choose

The company that created PDFs, Adobe, also makes the most widely used PDF editor. However, not everyone will find Adobe Acrobat beneficial, even though it may already have a solid reputation in the industry.

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Why UPDF is a Great Alternative

One of Adobe Acrobat’s rivals is UPDF. UPDF has most of the tools available in Adobe Acrobat at a fraction of the price. Let us take a closer look at how different UPDF vs Adobe Acrobat.

#1) Better User-Interface Design

A software’s User Interface (UI) has a great impact on the user’s experience. A well-designed UI will make the tool easy to navigate and use, while a poorly designed UI can make it difficult for users to complete tasks and can cause frustration.

Comparing Adobe Acrobat and UPDF’s tools layout, you should prefer a well-organized layout with clear, easy-to-find buttons and menus that will make it easy for users to access the features they need. A clean and simple design can help users to focus on the task at hand.

Since Adobe Acrobat’s UI is dedicated to professionality, its layout is cluttered and confusing, making it difficult for users to find the features they need and can slow down their workflow.

Better User-Interface Design1

#2) Faster Performance

Performance is an important aspect to consider when evaluating PDF tools. Before picking a PDF tool, users should consider a PDF tool that can quickly open and save documents, as well as perform tasks such as editing and converting, which will save users time and increase productivity.

UPDF is built with the most optimal algorithms to minimize processing times without sacrificing the quality of the output. Since it is a lightweight program compared to the premium version of Adobe Acrobat, it loads and finishes tasks more quickly even when you open big and complex PDFs.

Additionally, UPDF’s stability is also a key aspect of performance. A stable tool will not crash or freeze, which can cause users to lose their work and can be frustrating. Reliability and performance go hand in hand, a reliable tool should not fail in the middle of important tasks.

#3) Device Compatibility

Using such a tool, especially on a daily basis, requires easy accessibility. It is a crucial aspect when it comes to using it day-to-day and accessing tools on different platforms. Users need to consider device compatibility when selecting a PDF tool to ensure that it meets their needs and allows them to work efficiently.

A user only needs to purchase one time to use UPDF on all platforms. One of the few things that a user cares about is versatility. Both UPDF and Adobe Acrobat offer cross-platform functionality, however, only UPDF can do so without charging customers for the premium version.

Additionally, one UPDF license is shared across four devices running Windows, iOS, MacOS, and Android.

#4) More Cost-Effective

There are two subscription options for Adobe Acrobat: Standard DC and Pro DC, with the vital distinction being that Standard DC only supports Windows while Pro DC supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The annual membership cost for Adobe Acrobat Standard DC is $155.88, whereas that of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is $239.88.

For most individuals, both of these memberships should be more pricey.UPDF, on the other hand, simply charges a membership cost of $49.99 for lifetime access or $29.99 per year. The total cost of all subscription options is $50. UPDF is a fantastic option and reasonably priced when you take into account the capabilities offered by both PDF editors.

More Cost-Effective

#5) Responsive Customer Support & Customer Reviews

Responsive Customer Support is important, especially for a PDF tool to assure a user’s issues and problems with the tool are quickly resolved. Users should consider a PDF tool with multiple channels for users to seek help, prompt and accurate responses, troubleshoot problems, and offer solutions.

Responsive Customer Support

Responsive Customer Support

Even though certain functionalities are still exclusive to Adobe Acrobat, UPDF is making great efforts to provide more functionality. There is an update every week, often to add new features and remove issues. When a user has recommendations for how to make the editor better, these regular updates are also beneficial.

It is anticipated that all the missing functionality will be added over the next three months thanks to the ongoing upgrades. UPDF will be the ideal replacement for Adobe Acrobat once all the features are included.


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UPDF may be more useful to you than you realize. Don’t pass up this chance to get the advantage you need to succeed and save your hard-earned money with unique deals and access to effective tools and resources.

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