10 BEST Remote On-Demand QA Testing Service Providers In 2023

Compare and select the best provider from this in-depth review of top Remote On-Demand QA Testing Service Providers:

Remote on-demand QA testing is the service provided by the companies for performing the end-to-end functional testing of websites and apps.

These services make use of robust automation tools and have a crowd of professional testers. They can provide results in real-time and can be integrated into the CI/CD workflow.

Review of Remote On-Demand QA Testing Services

Remote On-Demand QA Testing

Remote On-Demand QA Services can scale on-demand QA without raising the headcount. These services can offer solutions that can be integrated into your workflow. These services are available for testing mobile apps, SaaS, desktop apps, or any sort of program.

Fact Check: According to the WBOC, the global crowdsourced testing market size was $1085.5 million in 2020. It is growing at a CAGR of 5.6% from 2022 to 2027. It is expected to reach $1640.1 million.

The below image shows the statistics telling about the importance of crowd testing:


Pro Tip: While choosing the remote on-demand testing service provider, check the crowd of testers they have and whether the provider can provide the scaling on-demand QA. Another significant factor to consider is the seamless integration of the solution into your DevOps, CI/CD, or workflow and the cost of the solution.

When to choose the remote on-demand QA testing?

Below mentioned is the list of scenarios. If the companies are facing these challenges, then they should consider choosing the right remote on-demand QA testing service:

  • The in-house QA team is struggling to complete the testing of the product before the launch.
  • If you have smaller QA teams.
  • If you have irregular testing needs.
  • Companies that have limited testing bandwidth.
  • The complexity of the product is increased, and it is difficult for the in-house testing team to cover all the test scenarios.

dedicated testing vs managed crowd testing

Crowdtesting vs Outsources Testing

When organizations give the responsibility of all the testing to a third-party company, then it is called outsourced testing. The complete process, including the resource allocation and feedback, is handled by the third-party company.

When a crowd of testers performs the testing at different locations, it is crowd testing. The most beneficial part of this type of testing is that the testers are available on-demand.

With outsourced testing, the companies have to pay the testers involved irrespective of the output, but with crowdsourced testing, testers will be paid for the bugs found.

Remote Testing Services and Types

The below image shows the various types of remote testing services:

Remote Testing Services and their types

[image source]

Advantages Of Crowdtesting

Speed of the testing is one of the crucial factors with the CI/CD software development practices. Crowdsourced testing provides the speed to projects. It can deliver results faster than the in-house teams. Crowd testers are available on-demand. This testing removes the concerns of recruitment, training, holidays, sick pay, and the cost of overheads, etc.

You can deliver quality products as crowd testers don’t belong to the organization. They provide unbiased feedback. Crowdtesting can provide better device coverage. There is an involvement of individuals from various global locations that can be helpful for translation and localization testing.

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List of Top Remote On-Demand QA Testing Service Providers

Here is the list of popular On-Demand QA Testing services:

  1. Global App Testing (Recommended)
  2. QAlified
  3. TestDevLab
  4. Testlio
  5. QA Mentor
  6. Testing Xperts
  7. Qualitrix
  8. Empirix
  9. QA Consultants
  10. KiwiQA
  11. QA Madness
  12. Applause

Comparison Of Best QA Testing Services

Service ProvidersFounded InEmployeesLocationsCore Services
Global App Testing201351-200 employeesLondonCrowdtesting, Mobile App testing, etc.
QAlified199251 - 200 employeesCalifornia (US) and Uruguay (LATAM)Software QA, Application Testing, Test Automation and Performance Testing.
TestDevLab2011500-1000 employeesLatvia (Europe), Estonia (Europe), Lithuania (Europe), Malaga (Spain), Skopje (North Macedonia)Test Automation, Manual Testing, Performance Testing, Accessibility Testing, Security Testing, and ISO Advisory Services.
Testlio201251-200 employeesTallinn, Austin, Palo Alto.Client services, fully-managed testing, co-managed testing, etc.
QA Mentor2010201-500 employeesNew YorkQA Audit, On-demand Testing, etc.
Testing Xperts20131001-5000 employeesMechanicsburg, Vancouver, Chandigarh, London.Functional & Non-functional testing, NextGen Testing, Specialized Testing, etc.
Qualitrix20021001-5000 employeesBangalore, Billerica, Zurich.User Testing, Testing-as-a-service, test automation, etc.

Let us review the service providers.

#1) Global App Testing (London, Greater London) (Recommended)

Best for software quality and speed to market solutions for CTOs, QA professionals, etc.


Global App Testing is the Remote on-demand QA testing services provider. It combines crowd testing & intelligent automation and offers the best-in-class functional web & app testing in your workflow. The platform is developed and presented on Amazon Web Services and hence a suitable solution for security-sensitive organizations.

Founded In: 2013
Employees: 51-200 employees
Locations: London, Greater London
Core Services: 24/7 functional scripted and unscripted on-demand testing in 189+ countries integrated with Jira, TestRail, GitHub, Zephyr Squad, and more.
Clients: Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Instagram, BBC, TripAdvisor, Booking.com, WhatsApp, Spotify, etc.


  • Rapid on-demand test execution directly from commonly used tools including Jira, GitHub, TestRail, Slack, Zephyr Squad, and other DevOps and CI/CD tools.
  • Localized app testing with real users (60,000+ vetted testers) on real devices around the world (in 189+ countries worldwide).
  • Exploratory testing and test case execution – over 100 test case results in 3-4 hours and runs customized tests in as little as 30 minutes.
  • Initial results were received within minutes of launching a test, with full bug reports delivered in 4 hours
  • Usability testing for delivering frictionless experiences to end-users.

Pricing Information: Global App Testing offers the QA solutions with three pricing plans, Base, Localized, and Enterprise. You can get a quote for pricing details.

#2) QAlified (USA)

Best for managed testing and QA services for long-term engagements.


QAlified is a software testing and quality assurance company specialized in solving quality problems by reducing risks, maximizing efficiency and strengthening organizations.

An independent partner to evaluate software quality with experience in different technologies for any type of software.

Founded in: 1992
Employees: 51 – 200 employees
Locations: California (US) and Uruguay (LATAM).
Core Services: Application Testing, Performance Testing, Test Automation, Security Testing, Usability Testing, Accessibility Testing, Consulting, and Workshops.
Clients: More than 100 worldwide clients and 600 projects in Banking, Financial services, Government (Public sector), Healthcare, and Information Technology.


  • Testing across different platforms, browsers and device combinations.
  • It has tested hundreds of complex systems and apps for clients across industries, ranging from small start-ups and non-profits to enterprises.
  • Flexible on-demand testing engagement options.
  • ISTQB Gold Partner with certified testers.

Pricing: Pricing model based on hourly packages. Contact the company to get a tailored quote.

#3) TestDevLab (Riga, Malaga, Lithuania)

Best for software testing services of all scopes and complexities.


TestDevLab has highly experienced software testing experts on their team, providing software testing services for digital solutions across various industries.

The company has over 10 years of experience helping both Fortune 500 companies and startups worldwide outperform competitors and improve their software quality.

Founded in: 2011
Employees: 500-1000 employees
Locations: Latvia (Europe), Estonia (Europe), Lithuania (Europe), Malaga (Spain), Skopje (North Macedonia)
Core Services: Test Automation, Manual Testing, Performance Testing, Accessibility Testing, Security Testing, and ISO Advisory Services.
Clients: Discord, Pinterest, Orange, Twilio, WorldRemit, Ubiquiti, Omio, Koa Health


  • Effective testing expertise across various platforms, browsers, and device configurations.
  • Extensive experience in testing software applications for different industries.
  • Flexible working hours and engagement options tailored to specific testing requirements.
  • Dedicated team of 500+ ISTQB certified engineers.

Pricing Information: TestDevLab offers a personalized pricing model. Reach out to the company to receive a custom quote that meets your exact needs.

#4) Testlio (Tallinn, Austin, Palo Alto)

Best for remote, flexible, and on-demand testing and QA.


Testlio has a global network of expert testers as an originator of networked testing. It provides flexible, on-demand, services in any location and has a strict selection process and less than 3% of applicants got selected.

It has more than 10K expert testers and 150 tester countries. It has 1200+ devices covered around the globe. Testlio has completed more than 30K test runs.

Founded In: 2012
Employees: 51-200 employees
Locations: Tallinn, Austin, Palo Alto.
Core Services: Fully-managed testing, Co-managed testing, client services, etc.
Clients: AMEX, CBS, Microsoft, Netflix, SAP, etc.


  • Testlio has freelancers in over 150 countries.
  • It supports more than 130 tester languages.
  • It has the experience and completed 30K+ test runs.

Pricing Information: You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Testlio

#5) QA Mentor (New York )

Best for customizable testing processes and software QA services. It follows a hybrid approach.


QA Mentor is a multi-award-winning provider of QA testing services. QA Mentor has 12 testing operation centers in the US, UK, India, France, Romania, Ukraine, Tunisia, and Thailand. It has 12000 crowdsourced testers.

It has economical services offerings. It provides QA education through e-learning and corporate training and follows a goal-oriented approach and provides a customized solution based on the client’s unique challenges.

Founded In: 2010
Employees: 201-500 employees
Locations: New York
Core Services: Crowdsourced Testing, Testing On-demand, QA & Testing, QA Audit & Process Improvement, etc.
Clients: QA Mentor has 437 happy clients.


  • QA Mentor is a provider of 30+ QA testing services.
  • It covers all time zones.
  • It has highly driven experienced people, subject matter expertise, and worldwide locations.
  • You will get proven processes and best practices with QA Mentor.

Pricing Information: QA Mentor’s website testing packages start at $499, economy packages start at $15 per tester-hour, mobile testing packages start at $699, automation testing packages start at $999.

Website: QA Mentor

#6) Testing Xperts (Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania)

Best for the comprehensive testing services suite.


Testing Xperts is the provider of a comprehensive testing services suite. It includes test advisory, functional & non-functional testing with automation, RPA, blockchain, DevOps, etc.

It has a global pool of skilled testers and in-house testing solutions and follows the specialist testing approach and global delivery model. It is an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 certified company.

Founded In: 2013
Employees: 1001-5000 employees
Locations: Mechanicsburg, Vancouver, Chandigarh, London.
Core Services: Functional & Non-functional testing, NextGen Testing, DevOps, Specialized Testing, etc.
Clients: Spotify, AMD, Frontier Communications, Veracode, etc.


  • Testing Xperts completes the projects in stipulated time frames as well as budget.
  • It has experienced test professionals with expertise in technology and vertical domains.
  • It has a global presence with offices in multiple countries.

Pricing Information: You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Testing Xperts

#7) Qualitrix (Bangalore, Karnataka)

Best for 100% real-world coverage that will assure you that the apps are completely reliable.

Qualitrix is a global on-demand software testing company. It provides test automation & crowdsourced testing services for web and mobile apps. Your apps will get evaluated on 100+ device models, system configuration, locations, etc.


Qualitrix can provide a ready-to-use, test automation solution to test frameworks and bot-based solutions. These solutions will help you with the evaluation of consistency, usability, performance, and content of the apps in the test and live conditions.

Founded In: 2002
Employees: 1001-5000 employees
Locations: Bangalore, Zurich, Billerica.
Core Services: Crowdsourced testing, Mobile app testing, User Testing, Test Automation, market analysis, surveys & audits, ethical hacking, etc.


  • Qualitrix has over 15000 crowd testers.
  • It has crowd testers in more than 60 countries.
  • You will get 100% real-world coverage with its testing-as-a-service.
  • It has a dynamic test center that gives on-demand access to the talent for the software testing requirements.

Pricing Information: As per reviews, Qualitrix has an hourly rate of less than $25 per hour. You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Qualitrix

#8) Empirix (Billerica, MA)

Best for providing the testing services that will help you improve the customer experience.


Empirix is the provider of automated VoIP, contact center, and unified communications testing services. It performs end-to-end testing from the customer as well as agent perspectives. It follows an end-user-focused approach towards testing and hence offers reliable, repeatable, and aim measurements. This gives visibility to the user’s QoS.

Founded In: 1992
Employees: 201-500 employees
Locations: Billerica, Maidenhead, Gurugram, Tokyo.
Core Services: Self-service test automation, hybrid cloud-based solution, solutions for communication service providers, proactive CX Monitoring, etc.
Clients: Charter Communications, Impact Telecom, etc.


  • Empirix offers test automation over the full DevOps lifecycle and communications technology stack, such as call recordings, voice biometrics, chatbot, etc.
  • It has a flexible and powerful approach to test design & execution.
  • It can provide cloud-based, hybrid, or on-premise solutions.

Pricing Information: You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Empirix

#9) QA Consultants (Toronto, Ontario)

Best for offering the cost-effective solution for the short-term QA needs.


QA Consultants is the provider of software testing and quality assurance solutions. It has experience in providing services to private, public, and non-profit sectors.

It has completed more than 10000 mission-critical projects. It has testing solutions for various industries such as banking, insurance, retail, government, etc.

Founded In: 1994
Employees: 201-500 employees
Locations: Toronto
Core Services: On-Demand Testing, Test Automation, Performance Testing, Data Testing, etc.
Clients: Aviva, Teachstone, United Technologies, SweetLabs, Metrolinx, Fidelity Investments, etc.


  • QA Consultants provide the services that will help you with reducing the cost, meeting the production deadlines, and improving the quality.
  • It assigns a proven team that has relevant experience.
  • It supports JIRA or ALM for the test asset deliverables, like test scenarios, stories, test cases, etc.
  • It provides a solution that is cost-effective and based on the low-risk approach.

Pricing Information: You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: QA Consultants

#10) KiwiQA (Sydney, NSW)

Best for an array of software testing services. It provides unmatched efficacy.


KiwiQA is the provider of crowd testing services. It provides services to startups & small businesses and enterprises. The services are available for several industries, such as the retail & sales sector, e-commerce & auction, finance & banking, and many more. It is partnered with Global App Testing to provide unbeaten crowd testing services.

Founded In: 2009
Employees: 51-200 employees
Locations: Sydney, Ahmedabad.
Core Services: Crowdtesting, Automation Testing, Compatibility Testing, Security Testing, etc.
Clients: ZingHR, Abacus, Kinnov, Wilson Parking, Accorin, etc.


  • KiwiQA provides the services that will help you deliver top-notch products in the estimated time frame.
  • It has qualified testers, an internal testing team, and powerful tools.
  • It provides detailed reports to give better insights into applications.
  • It has 40K+ vetted testers worldwide.

Pricing Information: KiwiQA offers services at reasonable prices. You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: KiwiQA

#11) QA Madness (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Best for offering a wide range of software testing and quality assurance services.


QA Madness is a software testing company that will assist you with improving the quality of the product. It follows a proactive approach and provides reliable services with sticking to deadlines.

It offers services with effective communication and competitive prices. It has expertise in GUI testing, functional testing, regression testing, acceptance testing, end-to-end testing, etc.

Founded In: 2008
Employees: 51-200 employees
Locations: Vilnius
Core Services: Web Application Testing, Mobile Application Testing, Desktop App Testing, etc.
Clients: DevPocket, Media, Wezz, Fight Camp, etc.


  • QA Madness has a wide range of testing services and solutions.
  • It has a highly professional team and offers top-notch QA testing services.
  • It has experience in testing 2K + projects in the US.

Pricing Information: You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: QA Madness

#12) Applause (Framingham, Massachusetts)

Best for crowd testing and digital quality.


Applause is the provider of distributed, remote, and on-demand crowd testing services. It is a perfect match solution for digital innovators. Applause offers a scalable solution and can be scaled up or down as per the requirements of internal teams & end-users.

Founded In: 2007
Employees: 201 to 500 employees
Locations: Framingham, San Mateo, Philadelphia, Berlin.
Core Services: Crowd Testing, User Experience Testing, Automated Functional Testing, Integrated Functional Testing, etc.
Clients: Ford, Fox, Google, Dow Jones.


  • Applause offers the services with a full suite of testing and feedback capabilities.
  • It chooses the crowdsourced testing team as per the client’s requirements regarding demographic, location, language, etc.
  • Crowdsourced testers have expertise with a full suite of testing solutions.

Pricing Information: You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Applause


Businesses want to deliver the application or tools within the estimated time without compromising the quality of the products. They face several challenges and can be unable to keep up with the go-to-market timelines.

The challenges could be talent shortage, lack of domain expertise, etc. Remote On-Demand QA testing services can help businesses to overcome these challenges and deliver the products in time and maintain quality.

We have shortlisted the top remote on-demand QA testing services companies like Global App Testing, Testlio, QA Mentor, Testing Xperts, and Qualitrix. We hope this article will help you find the right remote on-demand QA testing services company.

Research Process:

  • Time taken to research and write this article: 26 Hours.
  • Total companies researched online: 34
  • Top companies shortlisted for review: 10
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