10 BEST Manual Testing Service Companies In 2021

This is a review and comparison of the best Manual Testing Service providers with their core services, clients, and charges. Select a suitable Manual Testing vendor from this list:

No matter what industry you’re in, the quality of your software matters to your customers. As a result, it makes sense to provide room in your budget for Quality Assurance and manual testing services. This will help your team ensure that you’re releasing high-quality products.

Manual testing provides flexibility throughout the QA process. It allows testers to find critical bugs using their experience and critical thinking. While doing manual testing, the QA tester interacts directly with the software and ensures that it is working as required.

Automation testing can save time, but automation can’t cover many areas and also the automated test results don’t provide user experience feedback. Manual testing is a necessity in most cases and should be a part of every team’s QA process.

Manual Testing Services

Manual testing services involve testing the website or mobile app from end to end manually. When working with experienced manual testers, you’ll get specialists with expertise in all types of software, and an advanced ability to find bugs.

This article will give an overview of some of the best QA companies that provide manual testing services. It will give you a better idea about the services provided, clients the company has worked with, and general info about the company. This can help you or your team select the right QA company to approach for manual testing (or other) services.

What Are Manual Testing Services

Manual testing services involve testing any and all sections of a website and/or app, manually looking for issues with functionality and design. Having this type of QA is one of the best ways to ensure that your software is user-friendly. Fixing issues found during manual testing can help keep your existing customers coming back and even help you convert new customers.

Companies often outsource their software testing needs to manual testing service providers, who can provide detailed bug reports and user experience notes.

Fact Check: The testing market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6% from 2021 to 2026. The market will be driven by agile testing and methodologies. Agile testing is the most popular form of software development for delivering high-quality mobile apps and websites.

Below is a testing market report:

testing market report

>> For more details, you can review Industry Trends

Pro Tip: As mentioned, automated testing is often in high demand–but many areas of a website or app can only be properly tested manually. When picking a company to test your software, it’s beneficial to take into account the experience and location of the testers, along with the browsers/devices they can test. While the budget is important, it can often be worth paying more for more experienced testers.

FAQs About Manual Testing

Q #1) What is manual testing in software testing?

Answer: Manual testing is when an experienced QA tester reviews your software and writes up bug reports and user experience issues. It can be done at any stage of a project, from pre-startup to a website that has been around for 15 years.

Q #2) What are the different types of manual testing?

Answer: Below is the list of manual testing types:

  1. Smoke & Sanity testing
  2. Regression testing
  3. System testing
  4. Integration testing
  5. Black box testing
  6. Exploratory testing
  7. Acceptance testing
  8. Beta testing
  9. Usability testing
  10. Cross-Browser testing

You don’t need to be familiar with all of these terms in order to get manual testing services. Any of the recommended QA companies can help meet your needs, even if you don’t know much about QA or different types of testing.

Q #3) Is there a future in Manual testing?

Answer: Yes, manual testing has a future–in many cases manual testing is inevitable. Most of the critical bugs identified during the QA process are found during manual testing. As a result, manual testing is important and should be used for many years to come.

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List Of Recommended Manual Testing Service Companies

Here is a list of top Manual Testing service provider companies:

  1. Mindful QA
  2. AMQA Experts
  3. QATestLab
  4. ShivLab
  5. QASource
  6. KiwiQA
  8. Softcrylic
  9. Belitsoft
  10. QAWerk
  11. TestingXperts

Comparison Of Manual Testing Services

Company NameHeadquarterEmployeesLocationsRevenueService cost
Mindful QA
Los Angeles, CA50 – 200100% located in USANDOn-demand hourly rates (Contact for pricing)
AMQA ExpertsIndia10 - 49Indore, IndiaNDHourly Rate - $25-$30/hr,
For detailed service costs, contact them for the quote.
QATestLabUkraine250+Ukraine$60 MillionContact them for the quote
QASourcePleasanton900+California$150 MillionContact them for the quote
TRANTORMenlo Park, California251 - 500Canada,
Chandigarh, India
Gurgaon, India
$10 MillionAverage: $21 - $50/hr
For detailed service cost contact them for the quote.
SoftcrylicMinneapolis, Minnesota278Princeton, NJ 
Chennai, India
$14 MillionContact them for the quote
$6 Million$25-$49/hr
For detailed service cost contact them for the quote
TestingXpertsLondon, UK and Harrisburg, PA in USA1000PA, US
Texas, US
London, UK
Chandigarh, India
Hyderabad, India
Bengaluru, India
$137 MillionAverage: $25-$49/hr
For detailed service cost contact them for the quote

Let’s review each of these Manual Testing vendors:

#1) Mindful QA (Recommended)

Mindful QA_homescreen

Headquarters: Los Angeles, California (all testers located in America)
No. of Employees: 50-200

Service cost/Package: Straightforward hourly prices with no long-term contracts required. Contact them via the contact form or email address on their site to find out hourly costs.

Core Services: Manual testing, Website testing, Mobile App testing, Automated testing, Performance testing, QA consulting, Regression testing, User experience, and more.

Prominent Clients: Google, Taco Bell, Microsoft, Snapple, BMW, Hulu, H&R Block, PetSmart, Zillow, and many more.

Verdict: 100% of Mindful QA testers are highly experienced and located in America. They offer flexible, on-demand services with a minimum of only 20 hours per engagement. They have straightforward hourly prices, with no long-term requirements. Mindful QA is also a carbon-neutral company and gives 10% of profits to charity.

#2) AMQA Experts

AMQA Experts_homescreen

Headquarters: Indore, India
No. of Employees: 10-49

Service cost/Package: Hourly Rate – $25/hr

For detailed service costs, contact them for the quote.

Core Services: Manual testing, Test Automation, Performance testing, Security testing, Usability testing, Digital testing (Web & Mobile), DevOps and Agile testing, Mobile testing, Accessibility testing.

Prominent Clients: SEMYOU, Work App, Colabo, Inspyr, Touch Note, Brainy Kids, The Lost treasure island, Ganja farmer, Dream Quest games, emailready, WINDMILL DESIGN, brandwatch, etc.

Verdict: AMQA is a software testing company with expertise in Manual/Automation/Performance testing and has served 150+ clients in 10 years.

Website: AMQA Experts

#3) QATestLab


Headquarters: Kyiv, Ukraine
Revenue: $60 Million
No. of Employees: 250+

Service cost/Package: To find the service cost user can fill the form provided in the Contact Us page or “Get Quote” under try it now in the footer of the website.

Core Services: Manual testing, Test Automation, Managed testing, Test Documentation, Consulting, Quality Assurance.

Prominent Clients: Accounting seed, Techinline, global QUEST solutions, Geo Synergy, C2call, G5 Games, Loomia, noddus, papertrail, ECMASoft, BOSCH, ewave, ComWise, etc.

Verdict: QATestLab has a team of experienced QA testers who work with the trending tools to enhance the quality of the project. They follow the testing processes and go out of the box to test the application. QATestLab was founded 15 years back.

Website: QATestLab

#4) ShivLab


Headquarters: Ahmedabad, India
Revenue: $9 Million
No. of Employees: 100-250

Service cost/Package: Average hourly rate: $21-$50

To get the service cost user can fill the form by clicking “Get a Quote” in the Contact Us page or “Free Estimate” at the top right of the website.


Core Services: Software Development Services, Quality Analysis and Testing Services, E-Commerce Development Services, Digital Marketing Services, UI/UX Designing Services.

Prominent Clients: Glownight Games, Saltriver Infosystems Private Limited, Success Pure Tradinz, Divi Modelling Agency.

Verdict: ShivLab is more into Software Development and provides services for almost every industry. It gives the product after QA verification only. It is providing services since 2015.

Website: ShivLab

#5) QASource


Headquarters: Pleasanton, California
Revenue: $150 Million
No. of Employees: 900+

Service cost/Package: To get the service cost/packages, form can be filled by clicking “Get a Free Quote” at the top right of the website.

QASource_free quote

Core Services: QA Services – Automation Testing Services, Manual Testing Services, API Testing Services, Mobile QA, Security Testing Services, Performance Testing Services, QA Analysis, Salesforce Testing Services, Crowdtesting, Self Service on demand.

Prominent Clients: eBay, Ford, IBM, Oracle, Facebook, TechSmith, JIGSAW, looksmart, MassMutual, telespree, etc.

Verdict: QASource has expertise in testing experts, DevOps, and Artificial Intelligence. They have specialization in API testing, automation testing, Cloud testing, Compatibility testing. They have been providing their services for 17 years.

Website: QASource

#6) KiwiQA


Headquarters: Ahmedabad, India
Revenue: $7 Million
No. of Employees: 51-100

Service cost/Package: $25/hr

To get the service cost packages, the user can contact them for the quote.

Core Services: Manual testing, Mobile testing, Security testing, Code Verification, Automation testing, Performance testing, Test centre and consulting.

Prominent Clients: Aquire Learning, Wilson Parking, MYOB, BetterWorks, KINNOV, Cnergyis, GENIX, AZOX, TUNE SPRING, dipolar.

Verdict: KiwiQA is one of the leading software testing companies which outsource QA and has good expertise in the same. They have been providing their services for 11 years. KiwiQA has been featured on “TOP TESTING SERVICES COMPANY” and “TOP SOFTWARE TESTING COMPANIES 2019” (Clutch).

Website: KiwiQA



Headquarters: Menlo Park, California
Revenue: $10 Million
No. of Employees: 251-500

Service cost/Package: Average Hourly Rate: $21 – $50

For detailed service costs and packages, customers can contact TRANTOR through their website.


Core Services: Software Testing, Mobile Application Development, Ecommerce Development, Big Data, Software Development.

Prominent Clients: BANK OF THE WEST, Google, CAN CAPITAL, Fry’s electronics, NorthAmerican BANCARD, speazie,

Verdict: TRANTOR is providing Manual, Automation, Security, API, Full life cycle testing, and other services for the last 12 years and is one of the leading software companies.

Website: TRANTOR

#8) Softcrylic


Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Revenue: $14 Million
No. of Employees: 278

Service cost/Package: For service costs and packages customers can contact Softcrylic for the quote.

Core Services:  QA Services – Manual testing, DevOps, Analytics, Marketing, Data Visualization, etc.

Prominent Clients: Microsoft, SIEMENS, SAMSUNG, IHG, Alcatel Lucent, Calvin Klein, DELTA, credit karma, EMC publishing, petfinder, Relevent SPORTS GROUP, WeightWatchers, etc.

Verdict: Softcrylic provides services in multiple areas like software testing, software development, data analytics, virtualization, etc. The company was founded in 2000. They provide services “Managed services” and “Augmentation” for manual testing.

Softcrylic_Manual services

Website: Softcrylic

#9) BelITsoft


Headquarters: Minsk,BY
Revenue: $6 Million
No. of Employees: 250+

Service cost/Package: $25-$49/hr

For detailed service costs and packages, customers can contact Belitsoft for the quote.

Core Services: Quality Assurance – Manual Testing and Automated Software Testing, Web and Mobile App Development, Maintenance and Support, Consulting.

Prominent Clients: LMS365, Insly, Crimson, Honeywell, IDT Corporation, Parrot, ticken, Berkeley, NEDAP, etc.

Verdict: BelITsoft was founded in 2004 and since then it has partnered with all sizes of companies, enterprises and has provided their services as required. In their 15+ years of services, they have successfully delivered 70+ large projects.

Website: BelITsoft

#10) QAWerk


Headquarters: Kyiv, Ukraine
Revenue: $8.8 Million
No. of Employees: 50-249

Service cost/Package: $25-$49/hr

To get the detailed cost – click on “Get Quote” provided on the top right of the website. The software testing calculator will open to provide the cost as per the requirement provided in the form.

AWERK_testing calculator

Core Services: Web Application testing, Game testing, Mobile application testing, Ios/Android app testing.

Prominent Clients: station, Unpakt, Elsewhen, loaded, hitcents.com, thirdfort, EVOLV, octi, STRONGLIFTS.

Verdict: QAWerk provides all types of testing services and is trusted for QA outsourcing worldwide.

Website: QAWerk

#11) TestingXperts


Headquarters: London, UK, and Harrisburg, PA in USA
Revenue: $137 Million
No. of Employees: 1000

Service cost/Package: Company can be contacted for the quote.

Core Services:  Manual Software testing services, Automation testing services, Performance, Load, Security, Usability testing services, Consulting.

Prominent Clients: Pay, Invesco, ABN AMRO, AMD, hp, Paloatlo, FLIGHT CENTRE TRAVEL GROUP, CMIS Group, Fortis, LOCKTON, SG gaming, etc.

Verdict: Testingxperts was founded in 1996, since then the company is providing its services with excellence. As manual testing experts, they take responsibility for end to end processes and provide progress through dashboards and reports on a regular basis to the client. TestingXperts is an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 certified company.

Website: TestingXperts


Automation testing is growing rapidly–but manual testing can’t be replaced with automation in many scenarios. Many QA companies provide manual testing services that play a vital role in launching or maintaining successful products.

Companies like Mindful QA, TestingXperts, and QASource are recommended by some world’s biggest companies.

Mindful QA is our top recommendation, as their testers have extensive experience and are all located in America. Those aspects and their flexible service model make them the best choice for your manual testing services needs.

TestingXperts provide their services with very competitive cost and also ensures that there is no compromise in quality. They have a global presence throughout the nation and have partnerships with companies like Microsoft, QuerySurge, Perfecto Mobile, and SmartBear.

QASource has completed more than 100 successful engagements, and 85% of its clients are market leaders. They provide their services, keeping the cost low and quality high.

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