Top 11 Web Accessibility Testing Services Companies In 2023

Explore the top listed Web Accessibility Testing Services Companies with features, pricing, and comparison to help guide you in your selection:

Accessibility Testing is a type of software testing that validates the system’s abilities for users with specific disabilities. It identifies the website or mobile application’s capacity to be understood, navigated, and used by these specially-abled people.

Accessibility Testing Service Provider Companies

Accessibility Testing Services

Web accessibility testing services ensure that the websites and applications are providing full functionality access to differently-abled people. The adoption of accessibility services has increased in IT technologies because of various laws, standards, regulations, and guidelines. It helps to expand the user base. It enhances automation, and it pushes your app beyond compliance.

Fact Check: Internet is an important resource. New services & products are delivered through the Internet and hence it must be accessible to everyone. According to QualityLogic research, in US, approximately 20% of the population has some kind of disability and 10% of cases are severe.

As the dependency on mobile devices & Internet is increasing day-by-day and also based on the QualityLogic statistics, it is expected that the demand for accessibility testing will increase. Straits Research says that the global accessibility testing market is $481 million and is growing at a CAGR of 4.5% from 2019 to 2026.

CAGR Statistics

Pro Tip: While choosing the Accessibility Testing Service Providers, you can look for factors like expertise in major assistive technologies and whether the company is providing complete testing & certification for WCAG 2.1 AA & AAA & ADA Section 508 compliance.

The accessibility testing service provider company should not only help you to meet the compliance but exceed the compliance levels. You can also look for the knowledge of the WAI-ARIA suite (Web Accessibility Initiative-Accessible Rich Internet Applications). For dynamic content and advanced user interface control, this suite can be helpful.

General Factors

Let us see some general factors that should be considered while evaluating Software Testing companies:

  • Location of the software testing team.
  • Experience of the company of handling the project like yours.
  • Is the company having a flexible service model?
  • Response time of the company. How much time will the company take to respond to your queries?
  • The actual cost of the service.

Major Assistive Technologies

JAWS, NVDA, Voiceover Screen Readers, Android Talkback, ZoomText & Magic Screen Magnification, Microsoft Narrator, etc. These are all major assistive technologies. While choosing the accessibility testing company, you can check its expertise with these technologies.

Thorough Accessibility testing

In-depth accessibility testing will validate that your website or app can work across a broad range of platforms with all popular assistive technologies.

These include the following steps:

  • Automated Accessibility Testing: There are some specific automation tools to test your website. These tools can detect issues like contrast errors, structural issues, and common HTML bugs.
  • Manual Accessibility Testing: These are performed by a team of WCAG test technicians. This team uses the tools that are required by specially-abled people. This way, most likely the issues can be identified.
  • Remediation and Regression Testing: The third type of testing that needs to be performed is regression testing according to the compliance reports.
  • Accessibility Certification: Provides the certificate for full WCAG compliance.
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List of Top Accessibility Testing Services

Here is a list of popular Web Accessibility Services Companies:

  1. QualityLogic (Recommended)
  2. Applause
  3. QA InfoTech
  4. Magic EdTech
  5. TestingXperts
  6. QA Consultants
  7. TFT
  8. Etelligens Technologies
  10. A11Y® Compliance Platform
  11. A-Tester by Evaluera

Comparison of Best Web Accessibility Testing Services

CompaniesOur RatingsHeadquarterFounded InLocationsRevenueEmployees

5 StarsBoise, Idaho.1986Idaho$5-$10 million per year51-200

5 StarsFramingham, Massachusetts.2007Massachusetts, Berlin, Philadelphia, and San Mateo$84 million per year201-500
QA InfoTech

4.5 StarsNoida, UP2003Michigan, Noida, and Bengaluru.$370 million per year1001-5000
Magic EdTech

4.5 StarsNew York, NY1990New York$10-$25 million per year201-500

4.5 StarsMechanicsburg, Pennsylvania1996Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, London, Melbourne, Vancouver, & Amsterdam.$1 to $5 billion per year1001-5000

Let’s review the service providers in detail below.

#1) QualityLogic (Recommended)

QualityLogic is a Software Testing Company that provides the services to help you deliver high-quality software. It has experience of 30 years with QA services. It provides various testing services along with an Accessibility Testing service. It will ensure that your web application or mobile app is easy to access for people who are visual, hearing, or mobility impaired.


Founded In: 1986
Employees: 51-200 employees
Locations: Idaho, US.
Revenue: $5 to $10 million per year.
Core Services: Testing services, Test Tools, Training, etc.
Clients: AT&T, Canon, Hightail, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, etc.


  • QualityLogic validates whether your website or mobile app is easy to understand, navigate, and use.
  • It has expertise in all major assistive technologies like JAWS and NVDA.
  • It performs in-depth accessibility testing.

#2) Applause (Framingham, Massachusetts)

Applause provides the services of remote digital testing. It has a SaaS platform that will seamlessly integrate with your existing SDLCs & tools. Applause offers various solutions to multiple industries, including Accessibility testing. It can provide a full suite of accessibility testing and training services.


Founded In: 2007
Employees: 201-500 employees
Locations: Massachusetts, Berlin, Philadelphia, and San Mateo.
Revenue: $84 million
Core Services: Crowd testing and digital quality.
Clients: FOX, Google, Uber, Microsoft, AT&T, Airbnb, Walmart, etc.


  • Applause’s team of experts will help you identify weaknesses in digital experiences, resolve issues, and integrate best practices.
  • It follows a human-led approach and provides actionable insights.
  • Applause team has deep knowledge of accessibility guidelines.
  • Applause Accessibility tool can help you identify and resolve issues while coding.

Website: Applause

#3) QA InfoTech (Noida, UP)

QA InfoTech is an independent software development & testing services. Along with the other testing services, QA InfoTech provides the services of Accessibility Testing. It will validate your product for full accessibility to the specially-abled people. Its services are available across the globe. QA InfoTech provides services with the right balance of manual and automated accessibility testing.


Founded In: 2003
Employees: 1001-5000
Locations: India, and US.
Revenue: $370 million
Core Services: Quality Engineering, Quality Assurance, Software Development, Digital Assurance.


  • QA InfoTech’s special pair testing team has normal as well as differently-abled engineers.
  • Its accessibility testing services are available for product-companies in several domains like BFSI, retail, media, etc.
  • QA InfoTech provides 24*7 support.

Website: QA InfoTech

#4) Magic Ed Tech (New York, NY)

Magic EdTech has Digital Learning products and solutions. It can provide manual as well as automated accessibility testing services for websites and apps. QA consulting services will discover the accessibility limitations of your website and app.

Its software accessibility testing and consulting services will be with you to overcome application failures and ensure QA across the full span of the SDLC.

Magic Ed Tech

Founded In: 1990
Employees: 201-500 employees
Locations: US
Revenue: $10 to $25 million per year.
Core Services: Digital Accessibility Solutions, Immersive Learning Solutions, Digital Content Services, etc.


  • Magic EdTech provides services with 20% cheaper pricing as it makes use of reusable frameworks.
  • It has certified accessibility professionals.
  • It has testers who are differently-abled and has accessibility testing experience.

Website: Magic Ed Tech

#5) TestingXperts (Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania)

TestingXperts is a quality assurance and software testing services provider for global clients. It provides services to several industries. It also offers web Accessibility Testing services. It has experience of serving more than 260 clients globally. It has 6 test labs in US, UK, & India and 11 global offices.


Founded In: 1996
Employees: 1001-5000 employees
Locations: US, UK, and India.
Revenue: $1-$5 billion per year.
Core Services: Functional Testing, Non-Functional Testing, Specialized Testing, including Web accessibility testing services.
Clients: UiPath, Docfinity, Measurement Incorporated, HP, Flight Centre Travel Group, etc.


  • TestingXperts will validate your application with regulations like W3C’S WCAG 1.0/WCAG 2.0, BITV 1.0, Section 508 & Stanca Act.
  • For accessibility testing, it makes use of industry-leading tools like JAWS, AChecker, and WAVE & Web Acc Checker.
  • Its testing team has differently-abled team members who have accessibility testing experience.

Website: TestingXperts

#6) QA Consultants (Toronto, Ontario)

QA Consultants is a software testing and quality assurance company. It can provide the services of on-demand testing. It has industry experts and can identify your customized testing solution. Along with the other testing services like Security Testing and Automation Testing, QA Consultants provides the services of Accessibility testing.

It will ensure the compliance of your website and mobile app with WCAG 1.0 and WCAG 2.0.


Founded In: 1994
Employees: 201-500 employees.
Locations: Ontario
Revenue: $45 million
Core Services: Test automation, Mobile testing, Security Testing, Accessibility testing, etc.
Clients: Fidelity, Aviva, Supervalu, Amazing Race, Symcor, etc.


  • QA Consultants will test your website and provide comprehensive reports demonstrating your organization’s intent to meet the compliance requirements.
  • It will work with your in-house development teams and outside vendors to help you with correcting non-accessible web-pages and interfaces.
  • It offers manual and automation accessibility testing services.
  • It will test the compliance of your website with the help of skilled people, software, diagnostic tools, systems, and hardware platforms & devices.

Website: QA Consultants

#7) TFT (Gurgaon, Haryana)

TFT accessibility testing services are available for website & Apps, desktop apps, mobile apps, and PDFs. It follows WCAG 2.0/2.1, Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, AODA, PDF/UA, and ADA standards. It has experienced accessibility testers.

TFT’s accessibility testing team has expertise in providing various services like manual test scripting, assistive testing, automated reporting, accessibility consulting, detailed code inspection, and web accessibility evaluation.


Founded In: 2006
Employees: 210-500 employees.
Locations: India, US, Israel.
Revenue: $5 to $10 million per year.
Core Services: Development and Software Testing.


  • TFT accessibility testers will go through your site and will provide the first-glance problems.
  • It selects the appropriate tool according to the particular accessibility standard. E.g. ATRC Web Accessibility Checker.
  • It identifies the potential issues and then they are validated by manual testers to flag them appropriately.
  • It makes use of tools like AChecker, JAWS, NVDA, SortSite, and Wave.

Website: TFT

#8) Etelligens Technologies (Ellicott City, Maryland)

Etelligens Technologies is a software development company. It provides the services of consulting, development, testing, etc. It has accessibility testing services for websites and mobile applications. It can provide a manual as well as automated web accessibility testing services. It can perform mobile accessibility testing.

It can perform the accessibility testing for Document Section 508 Compliance and Usability & Section 508 Compliance.


Founded In: 2014
Employees: 51-200 employees
Locations: Maryland, Florida, and India.
Revenue: $8 Million
Core Services: Software Development, UI/UX Design, Testing, Consulting, etc.
Clients: Sikka, Boston Scientific, EY, etc.


  • Etelligens Technologies has trained and certified software testers to perform accessibility testing.
  • Its accessibility testing services are available for each phase of the project from designing to maintenance & QA.
  • It makes use of tools like JAWS, WAVE, NVDA, Opera, etc.

Website: Etelligens Technologies

#9) (Chicago, Illinois)

Dynomapper is a website discovery, planning, and optimization platform. It will let you organize website projects using visual sitemaps, content inventory, content audits, etc. It is also the provider of the services of Website Accessibility Evaluation to test the accessibility of any public or private website or online application.


Founded In: 2014
Employees: 1-10 employees.
Locations: US
Revenue: $10 million
Core Services: Website Accessibility Testing, Sitemap generator, Keyword tracking, etc.


  • Dynomapper performs the accessibility testing according to the local and international guidelines like WCAG 2.0, BITV1.0 (Level 2), Section 508, etc.
  • It has a Visualize feature to view accessibility tests live in a browser. It indicates the known, likely, and potential issues with icons on the live website image.
  • There are no monthly limitations on the number of tests to perform on the domain.

Website: Dynomapper

#10) A11Y® Compliance Platform (East Greenwich, RI)

Bureau of Internet Accessibility offers the A11Y® Compliance Platform tool. It is a web-based testing platform. It provides administrative access to the tool to clients that require a more self-service approach. It can be used for published websites or development pages. It allows the remediation team to check their work for WCAG 2.1 AA compliance.


Founded In: 2001
Employees: 51-200 employees
Locations: US
Core Services: Automated Accessibility Audits, Manual Accessibility Audits, On-Site training, Remediation Services, etc.


  • Administrators just have to specify the website or webpage URL and initiate the scan.
  • BoIA can constantly monitor your website for accessibility issues.
  • It will identify issues & prioritize them according to the compliance risk factor and report them to administrators.

Website: A11Y Compliance Platform

#11) Web Accessibility by Level Access (A-Tester)

Web Accessibility by Level Access is the continuous Accessibility Testing tool. It can be used for free to test up to five individual pages. It tests the web pages against WCAG 2.0. It identifies accessibility violations. It provides tools like Continuum Explorer. It is a browser extension. It will help you to check your code for accessibility.

Web Accessibility

Founded In: 1997
Employees: 51-200
Headquarter: Vienna, Virginia
Locations: Virginia, California, and Manchester.
Revenue: $25 to $50 million per year.
Core Services: Digital Accessibility services,
Clients: Well Fargo, Adobe, Aetna, CapitalOne, University of Virginia, etc.


  • It provides an overall accessibility compliance rating.
  • It will allow you to save/download the test results that will help you to determine your plan of action and remediate accessibility issues.

Website: Web accessibility by Level Access

#12) QAlified

QAlified is a software testing and quality assurance company specialized in solving quality problems by reducing risks, maximizing efficiency, and strengthening organizations.

An independent partner to evaluate software quality with experience in different technologies for any type of software.

QAlified Accessibility

Founded in: 1992
Employees: 51 – 200
Locations: California (US) and Uruguay (LATAM).

Core Services: Application Testing, Performance Testing, Test Automation, Security Testing, Usability Testing, Accessibility Testing, Consulting, and Workshops.

Clients: More than 100 worldwide clients and 600 projects in Banking, Financial Services, Government (Public sector), Healthcare, and Information Technology.


  • Automatic revision tools are used to both evaluate the implementation of a solution and carry out a technical diagnosis.
  • With the purpose of evaluating the system’s correctness, test scenarios are executed for different types of disabilities, simulating the user’s interaction.
  • To carry out these types of evaluations, international standards such as the «Web Content Accessibility.


Hundreds of millions of users are visual, hearing, or mobility impaired worldwide. Your web and mobile application must be accessible to such people. Accessibility Testing will ensure that your website or mobile application can be understood and navigated by specially-abled people, regardless of the platform or technology.

Quality Logic, Applause, QA InfoTech, Magic EdTech, and TestingXperts are our top five recommended Accessibility Testing Service Providers. Quality Logic is our first choice, as it has 30 years of experience in providing testing services. Also, it offers flexible, scalable, and cost-effective testing services.

We hope this article will help you to choose the right Accessibility Testing Service provider Company.

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