10 BEST Private Browsers for iOS & Android in 2023 [SECURE]

Compare the top Private Browsers for iOS and Android to identify the best private browsing apps as per the requirements:

Private browsing refers to the use of browsers or surfing the web in a way to not get tracked and traced. It erases the history & cookies of the sites you visited and erases the information you fed like password, username, etc.

Although the history and information got deleted and can not be seen by other people in general, they can be seen by some internet service providers, employers, and schools.

Need for private browsing:

  • It helps in preventing tracking through cookies and helps in blocking Ads.
  • It erases your search history so now you will not get the results of your web search related to your previous activity.
  • It enables you to automatically log off from your device when you close the tab.
  • Some private browsers provide a VPN feature that allows you to hide your identity and IP while using a web browser.
  • Some browsers enable the user to sync their profiles with compatible devices.

In this article, we are covering the meaning and need of private browsers along with a study on their market share with some advice on factors to be considered while selecting a private browser. We have compared the top private browsers and reviewed each browser in detail. The conclusion and review process is then stated.

Private Browsers for iOS and Android

Best Private Browsers For IOS And Android

Market Trend: According to research by Market Research.com, the market size of internet browsers worldwide was estimated at US $124.99 billion and is expected to rise to US $326.06 billion in 2026 with a CAGR of 17.33% during the forecast period.

Market Research.com

Expert Advice: To select the best private browser app you need to consider a few necessary things like its pricing, space it takes, speed it provides, VPN services, Ad Blocking, history deletion, HTTP option, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is a private browser app?

Answer: Private browser app refers to the interface wherein you can privately browse or do a web search without having a search history. It also gets you covered by the tracking. Different browsers have different side features. Some of them are Ad Blocking, history deletion, HTTP option, customizable screens, sidebars, VPN, sync profiles, and so on.

Q #2) Which mobile browser is the most private?

Answer: The best private browsers are:

  1. Aloha Browser
  2. Firefox
  3. Brave
  4. DuckDuckGo
  5. Ghostery Privacy Browser.

Q #3) Which browser has no history?

Answer: There are many private browsers that do not leave the search history traces. Some of them are Firefox, Brave, Ghostery Privacy Browser, and so on.

Q #4) What doesn’t a VPN protect you from?

Answer: VPN doesn’t protect us from malware or phishing attacks. However, some VPN services provide additional security features. VPN only helps us in hiding our identity or IP address (internet protocol) by encrypting the data.

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List of Best Private Browsers for iOS and Android

Some impressive and best Private Browser Apps:

  1. Aloha Browser
  2. Firefox
  3. Brave
  4. DuckDuckGo
  5. Ghostery Privacy Browser
  6. Onion Browser
  7. Snap Search
  8. Private Browsing Web Browser
  9. Avast Secure Browser
  10. SnowHaze

Comparison of the Best Private Browser Apps

SoftwareBest for Space requiredSupported platformsPricingRating
Aloha BrowserBuilt-in free VPN and AdBlock. 67MBWindows, iPhone, iPad and Android.Starts at $5.99 per month.2022-05-05 00:00:00
FirefoxEasy view of open tabs, past searches and favourite sites.74MBWindows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.Costs at $2.99 per month.4.9/5
Brave Brave rewards and Firewall + VPN.93MBWindows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.Firewall+VPN costs $9.99 per month4.9/5
DuckDuckGoPrivacy-focused search engine.23MBMac, iOS and Android.Free4.8/5
Ghostery Privacy BrowserGhostery insights and browser extension.76MBWindows, Mac and Linux.$4.99 per month.4.7/5

Detailed review:

#1) Aloha Browser

Best for built-in free VPN and AdBlock.

Aloha Browser

Aloha Browser is a private browsing app that provides internet privacy to users with a safe and private browsing experience. It is a simple and easy-to-use interface with features like ad blocking, secure downloads, a media player with VR, and more.

It provides free unlimited VPN service with military-grade encryption and enables you to access blocked sites in your region. It is available on the Google Play Store and App Store and supports versions of Android 4.4 & above and iPhones with iOS 9.0 and above.


  • Provides internet privacy with an exceptional private browsing experience.
  • Free VPN is available with military-grade encryption.
  • Secure photos, videos, and files with passcode and fingerprint options.
  • Private mode is available to browse safely and with no browsing history.
  • A media player is available that supports all formats.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) players can be used online or offline


  • Free in-built unlimited VPN.
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Built-in AdBlock is available.


  • The browser is slow compared to other competitors.
  • It is not open-source.

Verdict: Aloha Browser is recommended for its free, private, and secure browsing. It is best for its features like free VPN, media player with Chromecast support, tracking protection, and more. There are some of its downsides are that it is not an open-source platform and is a little slower than other related software.


  • A free version is available.
  • Prices for Aloha Premium start at $5.99 per month.

Website: Aloha Browser

#2) Firefox

Best for easy view of open tabs, past searches, and favorite sites.


Firefox is a simple private internet browser that automatically deletes your browsing history the second time you open the browser, prevents trackers, blocks ads, and ensures fast browsing. It is one of the best private browsers Android and iOS users can have.

It offers features like ad blocking, dark mode, automatic filling out forms, voice search, spell check, and many more. It provides the best syncing and privacy features among its competitors. It is available for desktop, Android as well as iOS.


  • Private mode is provided with just one tap.
  • Blocks ads & trackers and enables you to enjoy lightning-fast page loads.
  • Place the search bar as per your choice on the home screen.
  • Enables you to pin videos to the screen and simultaneously watch them while doing other things.
  • Available for desktop, Android, and iOS.
  • It monitors emails and generates alerts for new breaches.


  • Offers extensions to browsers.
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Ad blocking is available.


  • Some compatibility issues were reported.
  • Takes a lot of memory storage from a computer.

Verdict: Firefox is recommended for its effective products including Firefox Monitor, Mozilla VPN, and Firefox Relay. They enable you to have control of your data through breach monitoring, provide a fast and secure network and protect email addresses by generating email masks automatically.


  • A free version is available.
  • Firefox private network costs $2.99 per month.

Website: Firefox

#3) Brave

Best for Brave rewards and Firewall + VPN.


Brave is a private browsing app that enables you to browse faster and safer. It loads pages three times faster, easily switches browsers with old settings, enables safe browsing, and lets you earn rewards by watching Brave ads of your favorite content.

It offers a bundle of features including a built-in password manager, ad-blocking, browser playlists, private windows, installing IPFS node quickly, quick access to the wallet, night mode, VPN, and many more.


  • Firewall plus VPN is available that encrypts everything on the internet and protects users’ activities.
  • Custom backgrounds are provided that let you easily add, change, crop, resize or edit the images.
  • Easily sync profiles between devices (desktop, Android, and iOS).
  • Brave rewards are provided by watching private ads and tipping your favorite creators.
  • Security features include a password manager, autofill forms, clearing browsing data, and more.
  • Other features include a sidebar, address bar, night mode, speed reader, search, and so on.


  • Blocks ads and trackers automatically.
  • Built-in cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Provide tokens by watching Brave ads.
  • Chromium-based user interface


  • Updates are infrequent.

Verdict: Brave is recommended for Brave rewards and Brave Firewall + VPN (powered by Guardian). It lets you earn rewards by viewing their private ads. It does not share users’ data with third parties and provides enhanced security and privacy.


  • A free version is available.
  • Brave Firewall+VPN is chargeable for iOS and Android. It costs $9.99 per month with a 7-day free trial.

Website: Brave

#4) DuckDuckGo

Best for privacy-focused search engines.


DuckDuckGo is a simple privacy control interface founded by Gabriel Weinberg in 2008 that enables you to have control over your information on the internet. It lets you browse safely without getting tracked by advertising trackers or providers themselves.

It shows the worth of the website even before applying for privacy protection. It includes features like maps, Wikipedia references, currency conversions, question-and-answer references, and so on.


  • Shows the worth of the website before and after the protection is applied.
  • Protects user data by encrypting connections and hiding the IP address.
  • Blocks advertising trackers from the site.
  • Keeps the search history private.
  • Generates unfiltered results regardless of cultural bias, demographics, or preferences.
  • Uses sources like Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc to provide search results.


  • Unfiltered and unbiased search results are provided.
  • Simple interface.
  • Encrypts everything and provides absolute privacy.


  • The basic search algorithm generates limited results.
  • No viruses or malware protection.

Verdict: DuckDuckGo is one of the most popular browsers in the US and holds a 0.68% market globally. Its advertising is cheaper than Google’s. There are more than six million users on its Chrome extension app. They provide some additional and bonus features including shortcut commands, language & region localization, and customizable themes.

Pricing: Free.

Website: DuckDuckGo

#5) Ghostery Privacy Browser

Best for Ghostery insights and browser extensions.

Ghostery Privacy Browser

Ghostery Privacy Browser helps its users in taking control of their online activities by protecting and educating them. It lets users block the forces that lurk behind their screens.

It specializes in digital experience management, Ad blocking, private search, and privacy. It is 100% open source with full transparency. It provides faster page loads by smartly blocking ads and optimizing page performance.


  • Blocks various trackers including advertising, social media, and more.
  • Customizable browsing options are available with advanced privacy protection.
  • Shows the performance of every site or page along with reporting and alerts in real time.
  • Ad-free browsing with no traces of search history is provided.
  • Forensic tracker analysis helps in tracking and managing the tags on the site.
  • Other features include custom blocking, faster page loads, private search, tracker analysis, and more.


  • Detailed tracker analysis has been provided.
  • Private search is available with Ad-blocking.
  • Shows page performance.


  • Tracker analysis and some premium features are useless for general users.

Verdict: Ghostery Privacy Browser is recommended for its features like private search, smart A-blocking, and tracker analysis. These features let the users browse freely with faster page loads by blocking Ads and trackers.

Pricing: $4.99 per month.

Website: Ghostery Privacy Browser

#6) Onion Browser

Best for the highest standards of privacy with super fast and secure access to popular sites.

Onion Browser - Private Browsers

Onion Browser is a free and open-source platform. It provides a safe and secure web browser with encrypted traffic, online privacy, no tracking, no surveillance, and no censorship. It enhances the privacy and anonymity of the users through its essential features.

It is a simple, easy-to-use, compatible, and feature-rich browser with integrated privacy-related tools. A minimum of 80 MB of space is required in the drive for its installation.


  • Private browsing with encrypted traffic and an automatic history delete option is available.
  • The highest standards of privacy are provided where your location and browsing history do not affect your web search.
  • Super safe and secure browsing as they provide sites that can only be accessed in Tor.
  • A customizable security option is provided where you can adjust your security.
  • All features are provided free of cost and it is an open-source platform.
  • Other services include encrypted traffic, no surveillance, no censorship, etc.

Verdict: Onion Browser has been featured in The New York Times, The Guardian, LifeHacker, and more. It is entirely free and more secure than other regular sites. There are some of its downsides include slower loading speed, disabling certain online features, and so on.

Pricing: Free.

Website: Onion Browser

#7) Snap Search

Best for super Incognito Mode, search on the web without getting tracked.

Snap Search - best Private Browsers

Snap Search is an easy-to-use private browser. It is very light in size and requires only 6.14 MB of space for your device. This includes Ad Blocking, privacy features, zero permissions, etc.

With its Find on Page feature, you can find everything on the currently opened page. There is a clipboard option under which anything you type is copied and can be used elsewhere. It provides a secure web search through incognito mode search. The download option is absent for the free version.

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  • Easy-to-use interface. You just need to download the app and start browsing, no need for any further sign-ups.
  • Does not require permission from your device.
  • Search history gets deleted automatically and leaves no trace of any activity done online.
  • Block Ads and trackers automatically with in-built Ad Blocker and tracker blocker features.
  • Can be used with other apps simultaneously like a floating bubble.
  • Other features include an integrated VPN proxy, TOR mode, reader mode, and more.

Verdict: Snap Search is best for its incognito mode search and some of its features like small file size, automatic history deletion, dark mode, pop-up window, and so on. These all features make it a secure privacy browser.


  • A free version is available.
  • The subscription cost is $2.99 per month.
  • Buying an app permanently costs $32.99.

Website: Snap Search

#8) Private Browsing Web Browser

Best for complete private browsing with 13% more viewing area.

Private Browsing Web Browser

Private Browsing Web Browser is one of the best private browsers iOS users can use to secure their web privacy. It is a free private browser app iPhone users can get with complete full-screen private browsing.

It has a similar UI as the Safari browser and has a backend engine based on Safari. It takes very little space as it can be downloaded with very tiny space. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac. 17+ age users have unrestricted web access.


  • Needs a tiny space of 2 MB on the device.
  • Enables users to view websites privately with history, cookies, and cache deletion options.
  • It shows the results in a full screen which takes 13% more area than others.
  • Provides a familiar interface such as Safari.
  • It is completely free.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Verdict: A Private Browsing Web Browser is best for showing a page in full screen by using every single picture and is 13% bigger than what standard Safari produces. It does so by hiding status bars and navigation controls.

Pricing: Free.

Website: Private Browsing Web Browser

#9) Avast Secure Browser

Best for pin-lock or fingerprint-lock on browsing history.

Avast Secure Browser

Avast Secure Browser is one of the best private browsers Android and iPhone users use to secure their personal information, as well as activities, are done on the web from trackers.

It offers a free unlimited VPN with a feature to hide all or some ads and block trackers. The bank mode option safeguards your personal information while using browsers for online banking or shopping. It stops trackers and hackers from tracking your information by encrypting all your data.


  • It hides the web search from trackers and safeguards your sensitive data.
  • With its anti-phishing technology, it secures you from malicious websites and downloads.
  • The band mode option enables users to hide their passwords, credit card details, and other personal information from hackers.
  • Enables you to easily manage the privacy and security settings from one location.
  • An uninterrupted browsing experience is provided by blocking unnecessary ads.
  • Helps in syncing encrypted browsing data that can be used across all devices.

Verdict: Avast Secure Browser has been awarded the top position in the Anti-Phishing comparative test by AV-Comparatives and for the best private browser in 2022 by PC MAG.com. It is best for its fast, private, and fully encrypted browser.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Avast Secure Browser

#10) SnowHaze

Best for toggles for separate tabs and the VPN.

SnowHaze - Private Browsers

SnowHaze is open-source and one of the best private browsers iOS users can have. This includes tons of customizable settings, scripts, and content blocking along with the utmost security and privacy services. It provides its browser free of cost and its VPN service is chargeable monthly, yearly or weekly.

It requires 110MB of space and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touches. Its privacy features include tracker blocking, forcing HTTPS, content, script blocking, and search options.


  • Options are available to block different types of trackers.
  • Enables you to connect to more secure websites by forcing HTTPS i.e., sites with HTTPS encrypt the data on the web server.
  • Content and script blocking options are available where you can block certain images or fonts from being downloaded.
  • Provides utmost security with features like app locks, warnings, updates, etc
  • Built-in VPN service is available as a premium feature.
  • Customization options are available for different settings.

Verdict: SnowHaze is recommended for different settings for different tabs and built-in VPN. The customization experience and script blocking is best although it does not provide information regarding blocked trackers or HTTPS upgrades.


  • The browser is free.
  • Its VPN costs $7.24 per month.

Website: SnowHaze

Other Noteworthy Browsers

#11) Microsoft Edge

Best for productivity and shopping features.

Microsoft Edge is a fast and simple interface that enables users to browse safely by protecting their data with the help of effective features it provides.

It offers features like managing mobile passwords, finding deals with coupons, earning cashback, startup boost, sleeping tabs, and so on. Its security features include phishing and malware, a kid-friendly browser, tracking prevention, and password monitoring.

You can sync your password and profile settings across devices including Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android.

Website: Microsoft Edge

#12) InBrowser

Best for agent cloaking and tabbed browsing.

InBrowser is one of the best secure web browsers for Android and iOS. It enables users to browse freely and securely with its private/incognito browser.

It offers a bundle of effective features including deleted history, airplay, and Bluetooth monitoring, Ad Blocking, Agent cloaking, video support, and more. It comes with a minimalistic design without extra bars and junk and gives maximum space for browsing. It provides all its features free of cost for both iOS and Android devices.

Website: InBrowser

#13) Dolphin

Best for smart voice search and customizable gestures.

Dolphin Browser is one of the fastest and smartest internet browsers with free, effective, and friendly features. It comes with a personalized home screen with customizable gestures, smart voice searches, sidebars, and more.

It allows you to share and sync your data across devices and platforms like Facebook, Evernote, and more. It enables you to enhance your Dolphin experience with add-ons that you can have from a third party. It includes Sonar which eases your search through smart voice search.

Website: Dolphin

#14) Opera Browser

Best for fast, secure, connected, and customizable.

Opera Browser is a private browser that comes with a bundle of innovative features to enhance the browsing experience. It provides a free VPN that provides true privacy and prevents trackers through ad blocking.

It includes various desktop and mobile browsers including Opera Crypto Browser, Opera GX, Opera Mini, and more. It enables you to organize tabs in customizable workspaces. Other features include sidebars, a snapshot tool, a video pop-out, a unit converter, and many more.

Website: Opera Browser

#15) Cake Web Browser

Best for private Time Bomb and group searches.

Cake Web Browser is a private browser that provides fully integrated privacy with novel features to smoothen the browsing experience for its users. It needs 10MB of space in the device for its installation.

This allows you to adjust your privacy settings as per your requirements, including enabling HTTP only where the browser will not open non-HTTP websites. This includes features like Do Not Track, private time bomb, group search, passcode protection, and so on.

Website: Cake Web Browser


Throughout the whole research, as we discussed the best private browser Android and iOS users can use, we concluded how essential a private browser can be. It lets you browse freely without getting tracked along with various other essential features like screen customization, night mode, enabling HTTPS, reader mode, VPN, Ad Blocking, and more.

As discussed above, every browser has its own different set of features along with providing a private/incognito web browser. Some support iOS and others support Android devices.

Some are good for free VPN services like- Aloha, Opera Browser, Firefox, Brave, and so on. Some are good for enabling HTTP options like SnowHaze, Cake Web Browser, etc. In this way, they all provide effective privacy features and smoothen the browsing experience of the users.

Our Review Process:

  • Time taken to research this article: We spent 33 hours researching and writing this article so you can get a useful summarized list of tools with a comparison of each for your quick review.
  • Total tools researched online: 25
  • Top tools shortlisted for review: 15
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