What is the Best Way to Make Developer and QA Relationship Healthy?

Again, I want to share my experiences with you on an interesting Software Testing topic. It’s a hot topic in any organization, yes as a tester or QA you can guess it, nothing other than – Testers vs. Developers.

Testers The Troublemakers

It’s funny, how almost everywhere Developers consider Testers as the troublemakers.

Actually, it’s not their fault, no one like to hear faults in his/her own baby. And the same thing which we (tester) are doing, of course, the intention behind that is to deliver quality output to the client. Constantly there is bitterness at some point in the game between these two roles.

Wonder why? It’s the genre and responsibility of these two roles.

What is the Best Way to Make Developer and QA Relationship Healthy_

When bug count increases or bugs are severe and it’s causing difficulty for the developer to solve that bug, the developer gets frustrated at the count and even at the person as well. The understanding level between these two roles conflict not only in one place but in many areas.

So how to make a good and understanding relationship between Testers and Developers?

My experience says that teamwork and friendship are the best solutions.

If you could be a good friend of developer then you can challenge him to issues, and for sure that person takes it positively and work better. It’s the responsibility of both to ensure that the ultimate output is to work at its best. While the developers should ensure that there are no bugs out of what they develop.

The testers should ensure that if there are bugs, those should be given, handled at the correct time and scope, where completion comes in.

When you are a QA and working with a team for a long time, the relationship between you and developers becomes friendlier.

As a team, you are able to work together finding defects beforehand, which is appreciated always. Not only that, sitting together in a discussion of designs and solutions can make the developers be aware of the different issues and areas to improve quality, thus taking the quality mindset a step further.

As a tester, you find the Defects but it’s always good to share some tactics with Developers on how to test the application.  Maybe, this will help the developers to test better before delivering the product. But this can work only if everyone is co-operative enough to look the final target i.e. “to deliver with quality”.

Let’s Share Your Thoughts

What do you think is the best way to make developers and QA relationships healthy?

Few of my thoughts on this are:
#1) Share your strategy with developers. Don’t keep it in mind thinking that you will mark it as an issue at the later stage.

#2) Try to build friendly relations with developers, so that they can feel comfortable to share anything with you.

#3) Keep your issue reporting style positive, it should not hurt someone’s feelings.

You might be a developer or QA, let’s add your thoughts in this discussion. So that our ultimate aim of “delivering quality output” will be achieved together.

About Author: This is a guest article by ‘Tejaswini Patil’. She is working with an E-learning organization as an Associate Manager QA.

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69 thoughts on “What is the Best Way to Make Developer and QA Relationship Healthy?”

  1. best as always.

    battle between tester and developer will continue. it should be always in positive directions. don’t take things personally.

    what else i can say?
    best luck testers!

  2. Great article with which I can only agree completly. Similar conflict problems you find between Project Managers and Test Managers and in my experience the same general tricks works in these cases. Clear and anticipated comunication. Strong friendly relationships and try to be a nice guy. :)

  3. Addtional to mentioned points:
    Whenever they deserved it is good give appreciation words for their work… I personally experienced all developers like this and hav gud relationship with us(testers)

  4. Friendly relationship with developers is the best way to keep your relationships cool with the Development Team. This can be done by sharing our time and Lunch box in Lunch break . This will help you to make our relationship better with Developers.
    Sharing the Test cases some time can harm your incentive parameters so keep both the things in balance and try to improve your relationship instead of sharing our test cases prior to execution!!
    There are few more things:
    1. Wish good morning to colleagues, when you come to the office.
    2. Wish good evening while leaving the office.
    3. Don’t forget to send greetings on birthday and marriage anniversary.
    4. Appreciate their good work in Interface.
    5. Suggest and help the trainee developers to write their code better. This will help you to improve your relationship better in present and future also.

  5. Yeh! I am agree to the points mentioned by Tejaswini, However would like to add some points to the above list..

    There could be time when clients wants a software to be developed by keeping the end user in mind and developers may develop it accordingly.

    In such a scenario, Its developer to explain how a particular functionalities is to be tested and its a QA to understand the needs of the client to test the same in required fashion.

    Again, once the bug is raised, developer should first think from QA perspective and then act according instead of directly jumping to the battle if any :o).

    It is really important for both to understand the real need of how and where the quality of software should go.

  6. @ Motiram Patil

    Very valid points, both should understand their responsibilities. I know Motiram, and being a developer he posted very positive comment for this article.
    Thank you so much.

  7. Good article Tejaswini,

    I have read few more articles about developers and testers relationship before. The fact is that the project/product goal should be clear to all team members. If a product is delivered with high quality and within the time line, testers only are not creditable for that; developers and whole team is equally shares the credit.
    Basically it’s a learning process, developer learns to write efficient, optimized and quality code; testers learn how, when and what to trace for the bug; and ultimately it becomes the practice for both. So there is no issue of conflicts between each other. But still all this is an ideal scenario.

    A healthy relationship between whole team can deliver a good product as team work for a common goal.

  8. hi everyone,
    It was nice to read something which is very common it industry and no one try to share their thoughts on this perspective.Great to have so many comments related to this.I am a QA person as always i give high priority for quality.Regards to the concept,i would like to say that it all depends on team work.IF testers do their job well and developers do their job well,with no doubt quality comes into place at the right time.Its good have a good understanding between two different and very challenging category.I would like to suggest that ,it will be nice to have a debate on the project which they handle ,once in a month,i feel it will be nice and really challenging and everyone will get a chance to raise their voice.cool.Thats about it.Thank you for spending your precious time on reading this.good luck.Last but not the least,Testers,”you just rock”.

  9. @ adithya
    yeah… you are right. but this article is more concern about overall relationship than project debate relationship or project quality. As u said QA member should be aggressive on them but at same time we have to maintain good relationship apart from meeting room battle. we have to remember, developer also working hard for the project.
    @ times, both tester and developer do silly mistakes.

    Thanks Tejaswini for ur post.

  10. Hey Tej! Good Article! I agree to what you say, building a good relation within the team is a must, more over one should have a general conversation apart from project. It’s a human tendency not accept negative feedback or review, but if one as a developer takes negative view as positive this will enhance the product development but also his development skills for the next assignment….keep writing such good articles…Hat’s Off!

  11. Hi, Tejaswini, it’s very good article and all well said, as long as we approach the developers in friendly manner and patiently explaining the issues, we can maintain the good relationship with them. We do this way in our team, and we always have good relationship with development team. Thanks for your article. Keep writing more articles like this.

  12. Hi All,
    In today’s Agile world there is no separate development team and the test team..There is only one team that is Product team.. This team contains number of developers, testers, BAs, Db people etc.,etc..Final goal of the Product team is to deliver the quality product on time and in budget.

    Now days to bring the different team together so many companies allowing the members of one team to work in other teams, it not only cross skill the employees but also help to understand the challenges of other team…
    SO I think we are all belongs to only one team, that is Product team and our goals is to deliver the quality product and hence make our client happy.

  13. Good topic Tejaswini, I feel it’s also good act to have some kind of best practice incorporated as part of project management process. Having a formal discussion set on board, discuss all aspects of what developer understand and tester understand from client requirements, keeping in mind the actual purpose of “Why client asked this requirement?” .To get the value out of this meet some one should surely break the ice, either it be tester / developer and make other think and speak-out. Reason of having such discussion is making those who are not going friendly with cross teams and not sharing their value added thoughts wrt preventive action; make them involved as part of job. So formally having such process will make them practice this and first successful project release will surely have its impact left. And appreciating the individuals for their insight and reasoning skills is must, as this is default motivating factor irrespective of in which profession one is. What all it takes to make customer delighted, manager/management should think, consider, promote and encourage value added process refinements in team . As in past now also detection act hold more visibility then prevention act, this is one possible cause why individuals are not focusing on teamwork/being friendly to other teams, as all done as part of prevention are always considered unseen efforts. But if management gives proportionate value to both preventive and detections acts, more value added services can be assured for client and even every individual will be left with good feel EOD from their services offered.

  14. To add to the topic, one most important thing is that how we put the defect or report the defect in tracker(excel or tool) means the description matters in keeping the developers acceptance with easy. for example : use words like, it would be ideal to have the validation……, we suggest to have the alignments taken care….

    It would be ideal to share the logical flows and validations discussed in the presence of dev and testing team along with tech leads.

    Keep posted unclear cases in common place and get clarified in common meetings.

  15. Thats a fantastic article Vijay,.Friendly relationship with developers is the best way to keep your relationships cool with the Development Team.

  16. Very nice article.
    friendly relations in developers and testers can solve many problems.

    BTW photo is quite interesting :)

  17. Yes, the battle between these two clan is inevitable. But there are other aspects to it.
    1. There are people who take it so seriously that next time when his/her module come for test. It becomes challenge for tester to come up with bugs.
    2. There are people who instead of working on their work/code comes up with fault in the bug report. test cases, or any mistake that does not fall into development domain.
    3. There are people who does not bother at all. They leave it to the tester to find bugs, clarify the requirement to development team, and at times they just don’t bother to listen to what testing team has to say about the bug. Their intention is to let the bug be identified by the client and then I will fix.

    These are some of the situations that I have faced during my years of testing careers.

  18. Excellent article indeed. the earlier it is realised by both tester and developer that they are on the same side, the better it will be for both. and both will benefit in the process. when i was a product developer, and qa came up with defects or comments, i used to get stubborn and etch for a fight. but now years later, we have become good friends, and i have realised how he has helped me become a good developer.
    Congratulations, Tejaswini on this small but very good write up. do write more.
    and yes the picture is also good.

  19. Nice Article Tej.
    My few cents
    –embrace each other with warm welcome.
    –don’t forget to write appreciate word for eachother work.
    -last but not least clear and anticipated communication

  20. i want to test one application which is same as appli itunes.. i want to know some quality test cases scenerios for that application

  21. I am also working with an E-learning organization as an Associate Test engineer. I want some suggestions from Tejaswini patil. Can u pls give me email address of her?

  22. What is/Is there any difference between development and testing environment.

    Ex: With same application (AUT) development will find less defects but testing find more defects. what is the cause does the environment impact pls let me know diff b/w dev and testing environment

  23. @ Dimple

    Development and testing environment will always be the same. Yes, it may happen that tester will find more defect and development will less. Coz it’s tester job to find defects and it’s developers job to review his/her work.

  24. Tejaswini,

    Infact i also answered same as u mentioned by stating only diff would be login credentials from dev to testing…but interviewer was not convinced…no idea if they were looking a specific term/explaination called IDE :-(

  25. Tejaswini,
    Thanks for the info……could be they were expecting something particular stuff that has been followed in their company…:-)

  26. Thanks to Tejeswani and others. Becaus i am fresher and i have no idia about software Testing. But while i saw information about this topic from you, i really happy and its intresting. And i try to become a Software Testing Engineer….Thank you.

  27. I wish if there was machine / deivce which could display the metric on processing capabilities of mind.This would
    have reveled that mind processing required for architecturing the complex testing environment and writing complex algorithm is the same.So lets not compare.Making imagination to work is for both the people.


  28. the best way is to make it friendly but with some type of kindly formality.
    testing/QA managers contributes towards the organization strategy.
    and i love the challenge way but if it is not controlled it will diverse from required objectives.
    and last thing to say it is professionalism in work, understanding of rules and wise management is the best

  29. You said a software developer can be a tester, but I must say software tester cant be a good software developer. There is no comparison between software tester and developer. Software Tester are nothing before software developer. A developer uses whole of the mind, techniques, effort to write a piece of code to develop a software or application, and what a tester does, just test that and find bugs, if this work is assigned to another developer, he can easily do testing because a developer can be a good tester, but a tester cant be a good developer.

  30. huh frienshippppp… It reminds me dialogues from Dr. Asthana ( Movie: Munna Bhai M.B.B.S) “If I’m to operate my dughter; my hands will tremble because I love her”.. In the same way if I’m developer’s friend I may have some soft corner for his work in my heart and I may not be aggressive against the work product.
    I think instead of friendship we need professionalism. Make developers realize that Quality is the common objective and common responsibility and Testers work to find bugs in work product and not in developer; so it should not be taken personal.

  31. @shakti gupta totally disagree… a good tester can always be a good developer, a good developer will not be always a good tester, there are certain skills that you can’t learn in a book. You can always read about how to implement a better algorithm but you will never find a book about “where are the bugs”.

  32. I am the only tester in a team with 3 developers. All it takes to have a good relationship are these:

    1. Always judge objectively.
    2. Report professionally.
    3. Discuss openly.

  33. Awesome!! the comparison between Dev and QA but practically this comparison may not true because the developer and tester both have their respected responsibilities and they are following their standards, the friendly relationship may the causes the exceptions and enemy relationship creates the out of bound so my opinion is there should not be any comparisons between devs and QA that is their duty

    and other thing is developer will implements by learning bu the QA will test by thinking….

  34. I have always been an SQA ever since I started working, and yes developers and QA’s always tend to repel each other. Most developers have positive mindsets whereas we QA people have negative mindset. Oftentimes it’s hard to point out several defects to a developer who is not that open to accept that his work is not defect free, but as long as you communicate it in a friendly, professional manner, try to make it look like you’re doing him a favor or help (because the documented defect won’t reach the client anymore, that’s bigger trouble), always make sure you can backup your statements and provide screenshots, and even videos so that there is always proof.

    I think chatting and spending time with developers where the topic is not about work also helps you become a little bit more closer to them. Try to always greet them whenever possible, ocassionally ask for their input or help and praise them when it’s due.

  35. A good article……..i have very good relation with developers………We always appreciates each others work and helping to understand or describe the problem. The best example is that we are indulge in buddy testing.


  36. For all Testers:

    The best tester isn’t the one who finds the most bugs or embarrasses the most developers. The best tester is the one who gets THE RIGHT(not most) bugs fixed.


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