What is the Best Way to Make Developer and QA Relationship Healthy?

Again, I want to share my experiences with you on an interesting Software Testing topic. It’s a hot topic in any organization, yes as a tester or QA you can guess it, nothing other than – Testers vs. Developers.

Testers The Troublemakers

It’s funny, how almost everywhere Developers consider Testers as the troublemakers.

Actually, it’s not their fault, no one like to hear faults in his/her own baby. And the same thing which we (tester) are doing, of course, the intention behind that is to deliver quality output to the client. Constantly there is bitterness at some point in the game between these two roles.

Wonder why? It’s the genre and responsibility of these two roles.

What is the Best Way to Make Developer and QA Relationship Healthy_

When bug count increases or bugs are severe and it’s causing difficulty for the developer to solve that bug, the developer gets frustrated at the count and even at the person as well. The understanding level between these two roles conflict not only in one place but in many areas.

So how to make a good and understanding relationship between Testers and Developers?

My experience says that teamwork and friendship are the best solutions.

If you could be a good friend of developer then you can challenge him to issues, and for sure that person takes it positively and work better. It’s the responsibility of both to ensure that the ultimate output is to work at its best. While the developers should ensure that there are no bugs out of what they develop.

The testers should ensure that if there are bugs, those should be given, handled at the correct time and scope, where completion comes in.

When you are a QA and working with a team for a long time, the relationship between you and developers becomes friendlier.

As a team, you are able to work together finding defects beforehand, which is appreciated always. Not only that, sitting together in a discussion of designs and solutions can make the developers be aware of the different issues and areas to improve quality, thus taking the quality mindset a step further.

As a tester, you find the Defects but it’s always good to share some tactics with Developers on how to test the application.  Maybe, this will help the developers to test better before delivering the product. But this can work only if everyone is co-operative enough to look the final target i.e. “to deliver with quality”.

Let’s Share Your Thoughts

What do you think is the best way to make developers and QA relationships healthy?

Few of my thoughts on this are:
#1) Share your strategy with developers. Don’t keep it in mind thinking that you will mark it as an issue at the later stage.

#2) Try to build friendly relations with developers, so that they can feel comfortable to share anything with you.

#3) Keep your issue reporting style positive, it should not hurt someone’s feelings.

You might be a developer or QA, let’s add your thoughts in this discussion. So that our ultimate aim of “delivering quality output” will be achieved together.

About Author: This is a guest article by ‘Tejaswini Patil’. She is working with an E-learning organization as an Associate Manager QA.

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71 thoughts on “What is the Best Way to Make Developer and QA Relationship Healthy?”

  1. Hi All,
    What I said about relationship of Tester and Developer, I am working as a Tester since 3.4 Years but I know how to make work from developer cause Tester always find fault in developer work and nobody wanna bad stuff in his/her own baby. So I would suggest to all Tester be make fruitful relation to developer.


  2. i want to ask a doubt please …..how about (mainframe testing and mainframe admin )……….and how about software testing …..plz give me the correct differences. AS a fresher I m really confused to choose my career i have completed mainframe admin but no hope for openings now and I have decided to start my career as tester …….but only one doubt is ….after 2 year will it be possible for me to shift my career from normal testing to (mainframe either admin or appl .).or else to developer .in any field ..since I m really interested in mainframe i ask this question ……..plz help me out …im really confused and also I m making u people to get confused i suppose :-P…..and what shld i chose ….regarding the salary package ..etc etc

  3. Actually, we in our org follows the same strategy, making friendship is the very good way for handling the developers. Also If we QA guys tell the in very quiet mode, then he/she will understand it soon..


  4. I haven’t read all comments so some one must have covered it, but I want to make some points here.

    As everyone said Testers are always rival of Developers…. is it true, as long as you will point out their (developers) faults in form of Bug, Defect, Issue and whatever u call, they will think that you are their enemy.

    But if you know how to present your issue in front of them then you can solve many problem their itself.

    So how to do that? (It my or you can say RC’s technique)
    Always present your defect in term of inconsistency in the workflow as a user point of view and not as a defect.

    Rather than saying this is defect, say if user will do this then he will get this so do you think this is right?
    After this he him self will say no this is a defect please log it. (Tht’s it your job is done.)

    Another Scenario:
    Rather than filing defect in a system if you are seating close to developer always say that it is very hectic to log a defect in system and track it, it will consume both of our time so can you please try to fix it if possible. Most of the time developers will agree to this kind of situation because they also don’t want more defects against their own developed area.

    Please try these technique and let me know if those are working for you.


    Ritesh Chandwar

  5. @Ritesh Chandawar
    Your second scenario is not permitted, as I know in many companies. When testers got faults, they should log it somewhere, like in VSTS, so that the manager can trace the advancement of given faults.

  6. Bullcrap! Testing is so boring and too small of an activity to be a job. you just have to use and find defects in software that programmers create. There is nothing new you’d be using same tool all the time be it QTP etc. No use of technology & no power to create.

  7. Create the environment where the collaboration is carried our with mutual professional respect, no private agendas, and the ties are developed. To testers, do your homework, don’t just flag things because you don’t understand the functionality. To the developers, when your QA asks for time/meeting, make it happen; a tester seeking answers is a bug resolved before it happened.

    I can see same pattern in UAT participants and tech team…it doesn’t have to hostile if both are working with a sense of cooperation and open communication.

  8. An issue I as a project manager have experienced many times. I think the bottom line is most comments here are aimed at massaging developers egos and the main issue is developers think they are superior to testers. QA is now a well established profession and as they become more professional, they will hopefully get more respect.

  9. Professionalism should be the mandatory thing. In my company, currently i am facing issues with the Development team. I tried to make the process as much as professional as it could be. QA team used to add very genuine issues, but developers directly reject most of them as “Not a Bug” and they do comment as “We don’t want to fix this issue” without proper explanation. But they do fix it from there side. Developers comes to the desk of the QA team member and started shouting very unprofessionally. I tried convincing them that take everything professionally rather than personally, but they do not understand. What to do in such situation ? I raised this issue to the Directors of the company, and directors used to say that they are your brothers and sisters. So you please behave politely, does not matter how do they behave with you.

    Need your help. How can I improve the relations ?

    • I hope one method could be, to present the issue as neutral and with as many evidence as possible in form of a question. Is that, what WE have intended? Include yourself and them in the development-process. Make clear, you see the team-work here. Together you are building an excellent software not apart. Appreciate their work and ask for respect for your work in a calm manner. It is tough to stay calm, when somebody comes to your desk and yells at you. Make clear you have a problem with the manner not the topic. Look out for something called “nonviolent communication”. That might help.

      Asking questions instead of making allegations helped me a lot with my team. Some QA-people don’t behave kindly either.

    • It sounds like you’re the one taking it personally instead of professionally. If they tell you a bug is lacking an explanation, think of this as them reaching out to you for more help instead rejecting their legitimate concerns.

      It’s not enough to call yourself a professional. Be the professional that you think they are.

  10. It’s very difficult to maintain healthy relationship between coder and tester. coder job is hide bugs from tester whereas tester work to find as many.

    • That’s not a coder’s job at all, and that’s not even a tester’s job.

      Both of their jobs is to deliver quality to the end user.

  11. I cannot agree more that the best way is to become a good friend with devs. A nice lunch can sometime clear the relationship problem. However, this is a bit difficult for remote devs and testers, where we never be able to physically interact with each other. Yes, we may have a chit chat using skype or hipChat or else. But, that will not be as powerful as offline interaction. Any idea?


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