Top 10 FREE Online Proofreading Tools [2023 SELECTIVE]

A Comprehensive list of Top Free Online Proofreading Tools with Features, Pricing, and Comparison. Select the Best Online Proofreader for Error-Free Writing:

Imagine that you are writing a thesis for your degree and have toiled very hard to get it flowing well and driving your research to a powerful conclusion.

The last thing you would want is to get a poor score simply because the sentence structure, grammar, and spelling are not up to the standards. This would send your dreams to the graveyard too early in your career.

Luckily, several free online proofreading tools can be used to polish your thesis and make it error-free. These online proofreaders can help you deliver a thesis that will create a great impression and help you succeed in your preferred field of study.

Top Online Proofreading Tools

Online Proofreading Tools

In this tutorial, we will see some of the top online proofreading tools that can be used to polish any writing piece and make it error-free.

Fact Check: The productivity of any business with an online presence is directly affected by the communication they offer. The rapid growth of global innovations in connectivity has made it important for all the businesses – small or big, to have excellent English applied in their communications.

Poor communication in the USA and UK alone has caused losses topping $37 billion in 2018. This is mostly due to the language barrier in multicultural work environments.

Properly crafted English writing is critical as it is the preferred mode of communication across global business niches. This demand has led to a huge growth in people learning English as a second language (ESL).

Stats on English learning students

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Free online proofreaders are being used to bridge this gap, thereby people who have a poor understanding of the English language can still produce top-notch content.

Pro Tip: Free online proofreaders help to refine your writing into a high-quality piece. However, they cannot substitute the intent for writing your article, blog, or other literature; you must re-read your content after using any free online proofreading tool.

Online Proofreaders – FAQs

Given below are some important questions about free online proofreading tools.

Q #1) Are Online Proofreaders fully accurate?

Answer: Online proofreaders rely on AI to come up with suggestions for corrections that you should make. They are mostly accurate but sometimes they give false suggestions. Make sure you read your work after using one of these tools.

Q #2) What is the difference between free and paid tools?

Answer: The degree of accuracy does not differ. However, you will not have access to premium features such as the number of words that you can correct how many times you can use the tools in a specified period, etc. These features just make your work faster and regular but have no impact on the degree of accuracy.

Q #3) I have seen a typographic error that was not highlighted, why?

Answer: The tools are not fully accurate. They simply assist in the precision and reliability of the work. This is the reason for which you have to read the work even after using a free online proofreader.

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List of the Best Online Proofreading Tools

  1. ProWritingAid
  2. Grammarly
  3. Paperrater
  4. Typely
  5. Proofreading Tool
  6. Wordy
  7. Slick Write
  8. Ginger Software
  9. Proofread Bot
  10. Linguix
  11. Polishmywriting

Comparison of Top Free Online Proofreaders

Tool Name and DeveloperStarting PriceMain FeaturesUsability/ReliabilityOur Rating
ProWritingAidFree version. Price starts at $79/year. Grammar checks, spelling errors correction, real-time editing, etc. Powerful & easy to use.
20 powerful writing reports with the free version.
5 stars
($23.96 - Monthly)
($47.96 - Quarterly)
($111.96 - Annually)
Grammar Check
Plagiarism Detection
Reporting & Statistics
Text Editor
Spell Check
Style Check
Punctuation Check
Excellent on all levels.4 stars
($7.95 -Monthly)
($71.55 - Annually)
Grammar Check
Plagiarism Detection
Reporting & Statistics
Spell Check
Text Editor
Basics features on free version.
Premium version offers more features
3 stars
TypelyFreePunctuation Check
Reporting & Statistics
Spell Check
Style Check
Text Editor
Crucial features such as plagiarism check left out of free version
3 stars
Proofreading ToolOne Week Free Trial
($9.97 - Monthly)
($49.97 - Biannually)
($74.97 - Annually)
Grammar Check
Punctuation Check
Spell Check
Text Editor
A great tool to use.
Free 7-day trial of premium features
3.5 stars
WordyPay-as-you-go (per word)Grammar Check
Punctuation Check
Plagiarism Check
Text Editor
Spell Check
Human editing online proofreading service.
Easy-to-use and has a waiting period.
3 stars

Let’s start with the review of the top 10 Free Online Proofreaders!!

#1) ProWritingAid

Best for Fiction/Nonfiction Authors, Bloggers & Content Writers, Students, and Business Writers, etc.


Price: ProWritingAid offers a free version.  There are two premium plans, ProWritingAid Premium ($79 per year) and ProWritingAid Premium+ ($89 per year). Its monthly, yearly, and Lifetime subscription plans are also available.

ProWritingAid Pricing

ProWritingAid is an all-in-one solution that includes a grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor. It will provide several benefits such as improving efficiency, enhancing your reputation, maintaining brand consistency, and developing skills & capability. It provides suggestions for repeated words and phrases.

ProWritingAid can be used for free online. It provides 20 powerful writing reports. The premium version offers the desktop application and integration with browsers & other apps. It supports MS Outlook, MSWord, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, OpenOffice, Scrivener, and Google Docs.


  • ProWritingAid will identify clichés, redundancies, overused words that make sentence construction awkward.
  • It will help you with correcting Grammar and spelling errors.
  • It can provide suggestions for real-time editing.
  • The Summary reports will give you statistics of your writing.
  • Writing Style Report will highlight several areas of writing that need to be revised and hence the readability will be improved like passive & hidden verbs, over-reliance on adverbs, repeated sentence starts, etc.


  • The free version can edit only 500 words at a time.
  • Even with the Premium+ plan, it has limitations on plagiarism checks.

Verdict: ProWritingAid is powerful and easy to use. Its Writing Style Report is a popular and comprehensive one. With premium plans, there will not be any word limit.

You will get a desktop version and integration with various applications with the premium plans only. Premium+ plan includes some advanced features like plagiarism checking.

#2) Grammarly

Best For: Entry to advanced level writers.


Price: Grammarly has both free and premium options as shown in the image below.


Grammarly offers a wide range of free online proofreading features. Check your documents for spelling, structure, and grammar mistakes. The tool also checks for plagiarism in your text.

Advanced features are available only in the premium versions, but the free version is quite advanced and will give excellent results. There are three premium plans for individual users and one for business users, such as a company.


  • Grammar and Spell Check
  • Highlighted Writing Suggestions that you correct just by simply clicking.
  • Scoring and Reporting
  • Places correction on a list that allows you to click on each to correct and skip those that should remain as they are.

Cons: Advanced proofreading checks are only available in the premium versions.

Verdict: Grammarly is a great free online proofreader. It scans through the document within seconds and gives you the results in a list that you can scroll through, by making corrections wherever you need them. It allows you to upload and store documents on their servers so that you can access them later on.

#3) Paperrater

Best For: High school students and entry-level writers.

paperrater screen

Price: Free basic option with limited features. Premium version costs $7.95/month (25% discounted) and has a free trial period.


Paperrater is a free online proofreader that allows you to check your writing for spelling and grammatical errors. It provides suggestions where errors are found. Unfortunately, you have to activate the plagiarism checker whenever you use Paperrater as it is not a standard feature.

The basic option allows you to check 50 documents of max 5 pages per month, but for a minimum discounted fee of $7.95/month, you can check up to 200 papers of max 20 pages per month and have access to its premium features.


  • Grammar and Spell Check
  • Writing Suggestions
  • Automated Scoring
  • Advanced Plagiarism Checker (Premium)
  • File Upload (Premium)

Cons: Too many features left out of the basic version, making it unsuitable for advanced proofreading purposes.

Verdict: The free Paperrater option comes with basic features for simple writing and is not useful for advanced proofreading tasks. The plagiarism check feature is not available in the basic option. This tool is ideal for high school papers and entry-level writing.

Website: Paperrater

#4) Typely

Best For: Writers of all levels.

Price: Completely free for an unlimited number of documents.


Typely is a feature-rich free online proofreader that allows you to customize proofreading settings to meet your exact needs. The tool gives you the statistics by showing your rating, word use, punctuation, etc., among other parameters.

You can export the document to your desktop or Google docs for storage once you are done with correcting typos, grammar, and other mistakes. Typely is still “young” when compared to other online proofreading tools, with frequent updates thereby making it excellent for checking your work.


  • Grammar and Spell Check
  • Highlighted Writing Suggestions
  • Set Scoring and Reporting

Cons: The tool does not have a plagiarism checker and does not have a feature to upload a document; you have to copy and paste your text on the interface.

Verdict: Typely, though advanced in its grammar and spell check algorithm, it does not allow for plagiarism checks. This is a crucial feature while writing for the web or academic purposes. Typely is fully free and does not limit the documents that you can check, but the number of characters is capped at 50,000.

Website: Typely

#5) Proofreading Tool

Best For: Grading essays and business communications.

Proofreading tool

Price: 7-day trial of advanced features.

proofreading tool-pricing

The proofreading tool comes with advanced editing features. It can check your document for punctuation, verboseness, colloquialism, difficult phrases, and a lot more.

The spelling and grammar check is fast, thereby allowing you to quickly make changes to your document. You can correct words or sentences by clicking on the highlights to get suggestions.


  • Grammar and Spell Check.
  • Click highlighted words and sentences to get suggestions.
  • Scoring and Reporting on a wide range of issues on the document.
  • Grades your work by enabling you to improve on a lot of issues on the document.
  • Download your document to your desktop or save it on their server to continue editing at a later date without starting all over again.
  • Paste or upload documents for proofreading.

Cons: You have to register to use the tool.

Verdict: The proofreading tool is excellent for grading, correcting, and improving your writing. It highlights areas that could do with improvement, which you can change or ignore.

The grading system allows serious writers to fully edit their work to top-notch quality. The simple and robust interface allows you to do your editing at one convenient place.

Website: Proofreading Tool

#6) Wordy

Best For: All levels of writing, especially advanced writing projects.


Price: Pay-as-you-go pricing structure which you can pay using various payment processors.


Wordy is not a completely free online proofreader. It has a fixed rate per word. The process is not automated and you may have to wait for more than an hour to get your document back. The tool is multi-lingual and can proofread documents in up to 15 different languages.


  • Pay-as-you-go pricing structure.
  • Edit in the exact format, E.g. Finance, Corporate, Academic, Health, etc.
  • Editing is done by human editors.

Cons: There is a lengthy waiting period to get your document back.

Verdict: Wordy is great for serious writers. The Pay-as-you-go structure may not appeal to those who do not want to spend a lot on proofreading. The editing is done by human editors which accounts for the waiting period before you get your document back.

The advantage here is that you get your document edited correctly according to the subject matter.

Website: Wordy

#7) Slick Write

Best For: Real-time writing, article checking, and formatting.

slick write

Price: Completely free but comes with a tip jar, where you can leave a tip for the developers if you enjoyed using the tool.

Slick Write Tipping1

Slick Write is a customizable free online proofreader, that allows you to select the subject matter before you make corrections. You can also write on the tool, and it will remember all the text that you input, even if you have to stop and continue later.


  • Quick and easy grammar and spell-check.
  • Create graphs and other charts from the data you use.
  • Customize the feedback.
  • Extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

Cons: The tool for creating metaphors is inaccurate.

Verdict: Excellent tool for all types of writing assignments. It allows you to customize the settings so that you get feedback according to your needs and create graphs using the data you input. Although it is free, you can give a tip if you enjoyed the experience.

Website: Slick Write

#8) Ginger Software

Best For: Real-time writing using extensions and correct as you go along.


Price: Free to use with limits on the number of corrections per week while using the extension. The online version is always free. Premium plans are shown below.


Ginger is a fantastic free online proofreading tool, that has extensions for Microsoft Office and most browsers. You get real-time suggestions as you go through your document. It also has an online interface where you can paste the text for corrections.


  • Real-time grammar and spell-check using extensions.
  • Register to use some of the advanced features.
  • Proofreads online content such as emails that you send.

Cons: Sometimes the server fails especially when many people are using the tool.

Verdict: A great tool for fast and easy grammar, spell, structure checking, etc. It is robust and has several features geared to make your work shine.

Website: Ginger Software

#9) Proofread Bot

Best For: Entry to intermediate level of writing

Proofread bot

Price: Free to use with advanced features boxed up in premium packages as shown below.


Proofread Bot is a free grammar checker that is suitable for entry to intermediate writers. The free version is similar to the spell checker on Microsoft word.

The tool allows you to “teach it” some words that you will be using regularly and are not in the English language, E.g. colloquial words and slang. You can get advanced features when you purchase proofread bot packages.


  • Grammar and spell checks with suggestions are provided.
  • Simple uncluttered interface.
  • It allows you to teach the bot unfamiliar words that you would like to use.
  • Buy proofread bots for advanced features.

Cons: Basic version offers very little above Microsoft Word i.e. you have to purchase proofread Bot packages for advanced proofreading services.

Verdict: This is a tool that offers more when you purchase the proofreading bots. The free version is extremely basic.

Website: Proofread Bot

#10) Linguix

Best For: All forms of writing and subject matters.


Price: It has a free plan and three premium plan variants.


Linguix has a very basic free online proofreading plan. It highlights spelling mistakes and gives you suggestions when you hover over the highlighted text. The premium plans offer a lot more, such as proper grammar check, etc.


  • Grammar and spell checks with suggestions are provided.
  • Simple uncluttered interface.
  • It allows you to teach the bot unfamiliar words that you would like to use.
  • Buy proofread bots for advanced features.

Cons: The free version performs poorly when it comes to grammar checking. It only corrects spelling mistakes. The sentence in the screenshot is intentionally wrong and the “You gone get….” (You’re going to get…) is not highlighted, and is marked for editing in the premium version.

Verdict: Great tool if you are only interested in spelling mistakes and basic grammar corrections. If you want advanced editing, then you need to buy one of the premium versions and unlock more features.

Website: Linguix

#11) Polishmywriting

Best For: Spell checking, grammar corrections, style checking, etc.
Price: Completely free open-source online proofreader.


Polishmywriting, rebranded to “After the Deadline” is an open-source free online proofreading tool. It is still under development and will assist in some basic proofreading tasks. Advanced users can download the program and tweak it to meet their needs. Coders can also contribute to the development of the tool.


  • A functional style, grammar, and spell checking.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Allows developers to contribute to the open-source code.
  • Add-ons that can be used for several platforms.

Cons: This is a basic tool for carrying out simple proofreading tasks.

Verdict: The tool is ideal for basic proofreading tasks. It is under development and is still not yet robust to compete against other free online proofreading tools. You can download the add-ons to use in various settings, but these are not supported by “Automattic”, the developers of the tool.

Website: Polishmywriting


Unique and interesting content is crucial to the success of a business, academic pursuit, or career growth, and free online proofreaders provide an important lifeline for those who are not fluent in English.

The free Grammarly tool rates your work and gives it a score by indicating how engaging your content is. Grammarly is excellent in both the free and premium versions and is a great all-round proofreading tool.

Paperrater also gives you plagiarism checks, grammar correction, reports, and statistics, thereby making it great for proofreading your content at no cost. For expert features, you will have to buy the premium version.

Research Process

  • Time Taken To Research And Write This Article: 22 hours
  • Total Tools Researched Online: 15
  • Top Tools Shortlisted For Review: 10

Have you chosen one from the above list to polish your writing?

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