12 Best Transcription Services in 2023 [TOP SELECTIVE ONLY]

Read, review, and compare the Top Translation services company in the market to select the best Transcription Services of your choice based on your needs.

Most of us have had to transcribe something at some point in our lives. Fortunately, this wasn’t a challenging endeavor as there were and still are many speech-to-text translation tools out there that get the job done. That being said, these tools might prove inefficient with regard to their accuracy or ability to cope with more sophisticated areas of work like those pertaining to the medical or legal sector.

This is where professional transcription services come into play. Some of the best transcription services provide a robust alternative to dictation services.

At a primal level, what you get is an AI-driven third-party platform that recognizes voice and readable text from it. What makes such a translation services company appealing, however, is the manual review process they offer to make sure the transcribed project is accurate.

Top Transcription Services – A Complete Review

The Best Transcription Services

Something that you just won’t get with a traditional speech-to-translation tool. Whether it is transcribing videos, or audio files, creating closed captions, or business meetings, you have professional transcription services out there that can assist you with all with the utmost accuracy.

As 2022 almost comes to a close, there are a lot more transcription services online than there used to be in the past. So it can become confusing to find the one service that is best suited to fulfill your requirements.

The Best Transcription Services

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I’ve written this article so you don’t have to waste time pondering over this question. Having used my fair share of transcription services in the past, I feel suitably qualified to recommend transcription services that I genuinely believe to be some of the best you’ll have the privilege of trying.

But first… let’s look at some interesting facts.

Market Trends: The transcription market is driven by both software and companies that offer transcription as a service. According to a report published by Grand View Research, it was found that transcription services possess a wider share of the market than transcription software.


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Expert Advice

  • The transcription service you choose should be able to capture a high-quality audio recording.
  • I strongly recommend laying heavy emphasis on how accurate the transcription service is in its delivery, especially if you seek the service for professional purposes.
  • Go for a service that allows you to revise or edit the transcription if needed.
  • Go for services that have a reputation for delivering the work at a faster turnaround time.
  • There are both expensive and cheap transcription services out there. If you go for a cheap one, you will probably get a service that isn’t exactly great when it comes to accuracy or turnaround time. So I would recommend paying a little more to get a quality experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is the Best Transcribing Service?

Answer: The answer to this question will vary from person to person. Some seek a medical transcription service while others want a robust conference call transcription service. There are those who wish for a quality podcast transcription service and then there are those that wish for an effective zoom transcription service.

Which transcription service you find best will depend on whether or not the service provider is able to meet your specific requirements. In my personal opinion, I feel ‘Trint’ is the best out there because of its ability to handle a large volume of work pertaining to varying use cases. Other services like Rev, Scribie, and Temi are also great for reasons I will get into in my detailed review of each tool below.

Q #2) Is Scribie or Rev Better?

Answer: Believe it or not but this is apparently the most frequently asked question among people looking to opt for an ideal transcription service. Both Rev and Scribie are great services, which is why they made it to my list of recommendations. However, if I had to choose between the two, then I would go with Scribie because of their pricing transparency.

Rev isn’t upfront with its transcription costs, which poses a challenge to those who wish to calculate the total cost to them before they can approach the service provider.

Q #3) How long does it take to transcribe one hour of audio?

Answer: The turnaround time for transcription will depend on the professional transcriber hard at work on your particular project. With an expert transcriber at the helm, one hour of audio can take 2-3 hours to accurately transcribe. I’ve witnessed some exceptional transcribers getting the same job done within 30 minutes.

Q #4) Are transcriptionists still in demand?

Answer: The rise of transcription software and third-party service providers has led to a decline in the demand for transcription-related jobs in several industries. Professionals can still try their hand at freelancing as many of these third-party service providers hire transcribers and pay them on a per audio-hour basis. There are also some industries where transcriptionists are still needed like the legal industry for instance. Legal transcription services are very much in demand.

Q #5) How much should you pay for transcription?

Answer: The average pay for professional transcription work can range anywhere from around $1.5 per audio minute to $180 per audio hour. If you have special requirements like you want a faster turnaround time, then you’ll have to pay more.

Q #6) Which automatic transcription service is the best?

Answer: For an automatic transcription service to be deemed best, I would want it to be fast and accurate at transcribing whatever audio or video file you feed it. In my honest opinion, I believe that Trint is an undisputed champion in this department. Its AI-based transcription of audio and video files is nearly flawless. This is also why it is the number one recommendation on my list.

Q #7) Which is the Best GoTranscript or TranscribeMe?

Answer: Both GoTranscript and TranscribeMe are very good at transcribing. However, which one’s better is a question that ultimately boils down to each individual’s personal preference. I feel TranscribeMe is slightly better than GoTranscript because the former adheres to HIPAA guidelines. GoTranscript, on the other hand, may appeal to individuals who seek a transcription service that is completely human-based.

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List of the Best Transcription Services

  1. EaseText
  2. Trint
  3. Scribie
  4. Rev
  5. Amberscript
  6. Temi
  7. TranscribeMe
  8. Transcription Panda
  9. Sonix
  10. Speak
  11. GoTranscript
  12. GMR Transcription
  13. Otter.ai

Comparing Some of the Top Translation Services Company

Name Best ForNo of Languages SupportedFree TrialPrice
EaseTextAI-Based Transcription24Free with limited featuresStarts at $2.95/month
TrintHigh-volume transcription547 daysStarter: $48/user/month,
Advanced : $60/user/month,
Custom enterprise plan available
ScribiePay-as-you-go manual and automated transcription servicesOnly English--Automated: $0.10/min,
Manual: $0.80/min.
RevQuick Audio and Video Transcription1614 daysTranscription service starts at $1.50/minute
AmberscriptTranscribing and subtitling39--Pre-paid - $8 for 1 hour of video or audio,
Subscription based: $25 per month,
Manual services: $1 per minute.
TemiAdvanced Speech RecognitionOnly EnglishWork under 45 minutes done for freeStarting at $0.25 per audio minute

#1) EaseText

Best for AI-Based Transcription.


EaseText is a fantastic transcription service for Mac, windows, and android device. The solution leverages an advanced AI to accurately transcribe all forms of video, audio, image files on PC and Phone.

The software as of this very moment is capable of transcribing in 24 languages. It is also very fast in ability to extract text from the files uploaded. You can also edit the text like add comments and images to them before saving them on your device in multiple different formats.


  • AI-Based
  • Edit Transcribed File
  • Batch Transcription
  • Support transcription in 24 languages


  • Cross platform support
  • No transcription limit
  • Flexible pricing
  • Fast


  • Results are not always accurate

Verdict: EaseText is highly secure, superfast, and very easy to use. In just three simple steps, you’ll be able to extract quality text from any audio, video, or image file you upload.


  • Personal: $2.95/month
  • Family: $ 4.95/month
  • Enterprise: $9.95/month

#2) Trint

Best for One of the best business transcription services for teams who wish to transcribe a large amount of content.


Trint makes use of superior AI to convert any type of audio or video into the accurate text as quickly as possible. An aspect of Trint that makes it fantastic for business teams is the online collaborative tools it offers. You get tags, highlights, comments, and other such tools that can be used to efficiently collaborate on transcribed content from anywhere.

The fact that Trint can transcribe in over 30 languages is remarkable and also makes this service ideal for businesses that have a global presence. If you are a video creator on platforms like YouTube, then you can approach Trint to generate editable closed captions for your videos. Trint’s built-in security is also quite impressive.

You’ll experience no problem in managing user permissions or storing your content securely with Trint’s ISO-certified security system.


  • Easily transcribe content live from Zoom, Audio, and Video files.
  • A suite of collaborative and editing tools
  • Share transcribed content with anyone with a few clicks
  • Combine transcripts into a script


  • Quick turnaround
  • Capture content live
  • Edit simultaneously with your team
  • Adobe Premier Pro Integration


  • Advanced analytics and reporting are only available with the enterprise plan.

Verdict: Trint is a transcription service you can approach to cover any type of video or audio file into accurate textual content. It is affordable, the turnaround time is brisk, and its collaborative features are some of the best I’ve experienced in the market. As such, Trint has my highest recommendation.


  • Starter: $48/user/month,
  • Advanced: $60/user/month
  • Custom enterprise plan available
  • A 7-day free trial is available

Website: Trint

#3) Scribie

Best for Pay-as-you-go manual and automated transcription services.


Scribie is a service provider online that you can approach for both manual and automated transcriptions services. A highlight of its service is its promise of 99% work accuracy and a turnaround time that does not exceed 36 hours. I am glad to state that Scribie leaves up to both of these promises.

The pricing is flexible. For instance, transcriptions of clear audio files with an American voice are cheaper than transcribing a heavily accented and broken audio file. The process of acquiring Scribie’s services is also very smooth. You upload your file, choose your plan, make the payments, and a text file in Doc format is returned to you before the set deadline.


  • Browser-based content editor
  • SRT/VTT Files provided
  • Audio Time coding
  • Speaker tracking


  • 99% Accuracy rate
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Option to choose between manual and automated service


  • Only English transcription services

Verdict: Unlike Trint, Scribie only transcribes in the English language. That said, it promises 99% accuracy and a faster turnaround time. You also get an option to choose between manual and automated services. As such, it earns this coveted position on my list.


  • Automated: $0.10/min
  • Manual: $0.80/min.

Website: Scribie

#4) Rev

Best for Quick Audio and Video Transcription.


With Rev, you get a wide range of transcription services. You can choose Rev to get work done on translations, subtitles, captions, and much more. Rev can transcribe pretty much any type of audio or video you bring to it. Both the accuracy rate and turnaround time are great, which is perhaps why many gravitate toward it.

Rev also happens to be one of those rare services that offer foreign subtitles for videos. You can order subtitles from Rev in 16 languages, which makes Rev ideal for movie buffs and video creators who wish to capture a global audience.


  • AI-Powered Automated Transcription
  • Live caption for Zoom
  • Global Translated Subtitles
  • English Closed Captions


  • High accuracy
  • Get subtitles in 16 languages
  • Fast turnaround


  • It may be expensive for some

Verdict: Rev is a very popular transcription service that has evolved in many fascinating ways over time. It is one of the few services I know of that provide global subtitle translating services. This along with fast turnaround time and low error rates make this a pretty solid transcription service.

Price: Transcription service starts at $1.50/minute, a 14-day free trial is also available.

Website: Rev

#5) Amberscript

Best for Transcription and subtitling.


Amberscript is yet another service that offers both error-free transcription and subtitling services. You can approach Amberscript to convert audio and video files into clean texts. As of this day, the service is capable of transcribing in more than 39 languages. The files you get to come with time stamps, thus making it easier for you to review them.

You also get the privilege of sharing, customizing, and editing your transcripts within Amberscript’s cloud-based environment. Besides transcription, Amberscript also specializes in providing both captions and subtitles in more than 39 languages. As captions and transcripts are created with AI assistance, you can rest assured of your work being delivered on time.


  • Automated and Manual Transcription
  • Manual and Automated Subtitling
  • Edit and Customized Transcribed Text
  • Secure Storage of content


  • Both automated and manual options for transcribing provided.
  • Provides its services in 39 languages
  • Fast turnaround


  • You may encounter problems with heavily accented audio content.

Verdict: With an option to choose between both manual and automated transcribing and subtitling, Amberscript covers a lot of ground as a full-featured service provider. The fact that you get support in over 39 languages alone makes Amberscript a worthwhile transcription service to have by your side.


  • Pre-paid: $8 for 1 hour of video or audio
  • Subscription-based: $25 per month
  • Manual services: $1 per minute

Website: Amberscript

#6) Temi

Best for Advanced speech recognition.


If you are looking for automated transcription services that are cost-effective, then Temi should be at the top of your list. Temi is a service that has been used by some of the biggest names in the corporate world. This popularity can be attributed to Temi’s phenomenal advanced speech recognition system.

Just 5 minutes is how much time it takes for Temi to convert speech into clear text. It can take any video or audio file and turn it into highly accurate textual documents. The documents returned come with timestamps and speakers. As such, it is very easy to review and edit these files.


  • Online Editor
  • Custom timestamps
  • Speaker identification
  • Transcript exporting


  • Great mobile app
  • Easy editing
  • Download transcripts in multiple formats


  • Not as accurate as some of the tools I’ve already mentioned above it.

Verdict: Temi’s quick advanced speech recognition system makes it a fantastic online transcription service. You can use it to extract clear text from even the most unclear and heavily accented videos. The accuracy rate is around 90-95%, which may not be as impressive but Temi makes up for it with robust editing tools.


  • Starting at $0.25 per audio minute
  • Free trial transcript under 45 minutes

Website: Temi

#7) TranscribeMe

Best for HIPAA-Compliant Transcription Services.


TranscribeMe offers HIPAA-compliant transcription services, which is an aspect of its offering that the company wears as a batch of honor. This makes TranscribeMe one of the best services for the medical industry which want crucial content transcribed. TrancribeMe’s service is a hybrid of both AI speech recognition and human intervention.

This combo allows the company to offer high-quality work in less time and cost. Moreover, TranscribeMe provides its services in more than 14 different languages, thus making it a suitable transcription service for businesses with a global presence.


  • Machine learning and AI-based Transcription
  • Timestamps and Speaker IDs are available
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Data Annotation

Verdict: Fact that it is HIPAA compliant and uses both a human workforce and smart AI, TranscribeMe is able to deliver highly accurate work at a very affordable rate. It is a service I can recommend for a variety of use cases ranging from legal and medical to market research-related transcription.

Price: Contact for a quote

Website: TranscribeMe

#8) TranscriptionPanda

Best for Impressive transparency with regard to service and pricing.

Transcription Panda

TranscriptionPanda is another very popular professional transcription service out there that offers high-quality work to non-profits, media corporations, law offices, hospitals, and other such entities. They harbor a seasoned team of transcription professionals who work round the clock to deliver error-free transcripts on time.

TranscriptionPanda offers a service that is completely manual. They have a very good system in place where every transcript goes through multiple quality checks before it is eventually handed over to the client. They accept all kinds of audio and video files. Furthermore, they will also help you with captioning YouTube videos.


  • 98-100% Accuracy
  • Turnaround within 2 business days
  • Audio translation
  • Verbatim Transcription

Verdict: TranscriptionPanda takes a completely manual approach to their transcribing. The work is delivered within 5 days and is mostly error-free. This along with the fact that the company is outright transparent with its pricing makes TranscriptionPanda one of the best video and audio transcriptions services out there.

Price: Starting at 0.79 per audio minute.

Website: TranscriptionPanda

#9) Sonix

Best for Full-featured audio and video transcription services.


Sonic is a business transcription service that comes jam-packed with features. With fantastic automatic transcription capabilities, Sonix can be approached to convert any type of video and audio into readable text. It is also very easy to share, play, and edit the transcripts using this service.

Currently, Sonix is capable of transcribing in over 30 languages. You can also approach Sonix to get automated subtitles for video content, which can be edited and refurnished as per your preference. It also integrates very easily with many third-party tools like Zoom, premiere pro, etc.


  • Automated Transcription
  • Automated Subtitle creation
  • Online Editor
  • Amazing collaborative tools

Verdict: With Sonix, you basically get a complete package that delivers with regard to quick automatic transcription. The fact that it also integrates with other third-party tools makes it a fantastic video, audio, and music transcription service that I would recommend to businesses and content creators alike.


  • Standard: $10/hour pay as you go
  • Premium: $5/hour
  • Custom enterprise plan available

Website: Sonix

#10) Speak

Best for Embeddable Video and Audio recorder.


With Speak, you get multiple ways to upload and convert your video/audio files into clean, readable text. The best part about this tool is the fact that it allows you to create embeddable audio and video recorders. You can use these recorders to directly record in the app.

You can also create custom repositories where you can securely store all your transcripts. Speak integrates well with third-party platforms, and as such, is capable of directly transcribing content on YouTube, Vimeo, Zoom, etc.


  • AI Analysis
  • Embeddable audio and video recorder
  • Shareable media repository
  • SWOT analysis

Verdict: Speak is an automatic transcription service that provides you with various ways to convert audio and video files. You can record directly in the app or upload your files from the system. Plus, it offers seamless integration with various content platforms out there, thus making transcription all the more simple.


  • Starting at $8/month
  • Premium plan: $468/month
  • The custom plan is also available

Website: Speak

#11) GoTranscript

Best for Enterprise-grade transcription service.


With GoTranscript, you get a transcription service that is 100% human-based. Their accuracy rate is beyond the roof and the turnaround time can be as fast as 6 hours. They have trained staff working across the globe, which allows GoTranscript to transcribe accurately in multiple languages.

The pricing itself is both affordable and flexible. You can get content transcribed at relatively low costs if you can compromise with a long turnaround time.


  • Human Generated Transcripts
  • Time Stamping support
  • Speaker tracking
  • Good editing and collaborative tools

Verdict: GoTranscript’s commitment to being 100% human-based works strongly in making its service one-of-a-kind. Everything from their turnaround time to the pricing structure and accuracy is top-notch.

Price: Starting at $0.77/minute

Website: GoTranscript

#12) GMR Transcription

Best for Spanish Transcription.

GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription is a US-based transcription company that combines automation with human review to offer quality transcription services. It is best known for its Spanish transcription offering.

They also specialize in converting paper-based documents into electronic alternatives. Besides this, GMR Transcription also provides subtitle services as well.


  • Automated and Human-based transcription
  • Subtitle Creation
  • Translation Services
  • Proofreading services

Verdict: GMR Transcription is a service I would recommend if you are looking for a Spanish transcription service operating within American borders. It is able to combine the best of human and automated transcription to offer a satisfying customer experience.

Price: Starting at $1.25

Website: GMR Transcription

#13) Otter

Best for Business meeting transcription.


Otter isn’t your typical transcription service. This one particularly serves only business teams trying to record the minutes of their meeting. It will record conversations live and automatically generate a summarized version of them.

It features powerful collaborative tools, which allow teams to collaborate on a meeting transcript from anywhere. They can tag, highlight and comment on a particular recording with ease. It also helps that Otter integrates seamlessly with Zoom, Google Meet, and other video conferencing solutions.


  • Real-time meeting transcription
  • Automated summary generation
  • Single-Sign-On
  • Organization-Wide deployment

Verdict: Otter is a transcription service that you can use to automatically generate summaries of your recorded meetings. When it comes to business and free transcription services, Otter is one of the best there is.


  • Free basic plan
  • Pro: $8.33 per month
  • Business: $20 per month
  • Custom enterprise plan available

Website: Otter


There are many reasons why transcription is important. From creating searchable text to creating closed captions for videos, transcription services today are instrumental for a wide range of use cases. The process of transcription itself can be tedious and frustrating. Thankfully, there are multiple service providers today that offer these services with impeccable finesse.

Some of these names have made it to my list here. Whether you are looking for automated transcriptions services, manual alternatives, or a mix of both, you’ll find a tool mentioned above that’s capable of meeting your specific requirements.

As for my personal recommendation, I would suggest going with Trint to transcribe audio and video files quickly in more than 30 languages.

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Research Process

  • We spent 11 hours researching and writing this article so you can have summarized and insightful information on which Transcription services will best suit you.
  • Total Transcription Services Researched: 25
  • Total Transcription Services Shortlisted: 12