10 Best Free Online Plagiarism Checker Tools Compared In 2023

Comprehensive Review, Comparison And Features of Top Online Plagiarism Checker Software To Help You Select The Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tool per your Requirements:

Plagiarism is defined as copying the content and viewpoints of another without authorization. The term means presenting other’s work without giving credit to the original author. There are serious consequences for plagiarism in both the academic and online world.

You can use a plagiarism checker software to detect copied content within a document or website. Students, teachers, scholars, and website owners can use the tools to ensure that the content is authentic. It will detect and identify passages in a text that have been copied from another source.

Top Plagiarism Checker Software

To help you save time in selecting the best plagiarism checker tool, we have reviewed the 10 best tools that offer great value for money. Here, you will also learn about the general features and uses of these applications.

Fact Check: The plagiarism market is expected to grow at a rate of about 12% between 2017 and 2022. The market is projected to increase by about $626 million during this period.


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Pro Tip: Check the features of plagiarism checker software. You should select an app that meets your requirements for verifying copied content in a document or on a website. It is important to note that not all plagiarism apps are effective. You should select one after trying the demo version to ensure that the app can correctly identify copied content.

FAQs About Plagiarism Checker Software

Q #1) What is a Plagiarism Checker tool?

Answer: This tool lets you detect copied content. The tool searches for similarities across millions and billions of online content. Using the tool helps ensure the originality of the work and prevents plagiarism. The plagiarism checking tool is considered important for students, educational institutes, and website owners.

Q #2) Why using a Plagiarism Checker app is important?

Answer: Checking content for plagiarized work is important before submitting or publishing content. Students and scholars need to make sure that the content is free of any copied materials.

Plagiarized content can lead to dire consequences for academicians, including being expelled from educational institutes and revocation of the thesis. Website owners also need to check online content for plagiarism to avoid the dreaded Google penalty.

Q #3) What are the general features of the tool?

Answer: All plagiarism checking applications check for plagiarized content. They scan the document in real-time and present the results on the user’s screens. The tools look for similar content in sentences and paragraphs.

Q #4) How do Plagiarism Checker applications work?

Answer: This software crawls the content to find out content similarity matches. They break the content into phrases and search each phrase in search engines. The application compares the text to find out similar fingerprints. If there is a match, the application will flag the word or phrase as plagiarized content.

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List of Popular Plagiarism Checkers

  1. ProWritingAid
  2. Linguix
  3. Grammarly
  4. Plagiarismdetector.net
  5. SmallSEOTools
  6. Dupli Checker
  7. Quetext
  8. Plagiarisma
  9. SearchEngineReports.net
  10. Prepostseo.com
  11. Plagtracker.com
  12. Edubirdie.com

Comparison of Top 5 Plagiarism Checker Tools

Best Plagiarism Checker ToolsFeaturesSupported Documents FormatsFree Plan LimitationPriceRatings

ProWritingAid Logo
- Grammar Checker,
- Style Editor,
- in-depth reports, etc.
MS Word, Google Docs, etc. No free planNo free plan4.8/5

AI-Based, browser extensions, content quality score, spell and grammar check, sentence re-writesGoogle Docs, Word, etc.Free plan availableFree to use, Pro: $30/month, Lifetime Plan: $108.4.5/5

Grammarly Logo
- Plagiarism check,
- Grammar check,
- Clarity and engagement,
- Browser extensions for Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, Edge,
- Word and Outlook add-on
Txt, Doc, Docx, RTF, ODT, Htm, HtmlGrammar check onlyGrammarly for individuals: $11/month.
Grammarly for business: $12.5 per user/month.

Plagiarismdetector_net Logo
- Deep search feature,
- URL/File uploading,
- Real advertising,
- Multiple file format support,
- Download PDF reports.
Txt, Doc, Docx1000 words per searchStudent: $20/month,
Institute: $40/month,
Enterprise: $80/month.

SmallSEOTools Logo
- Plagiarism checker API and Plugin,
- Available on Google Play, MacStore, and App Store,
- Download the plagiarism report.
Txt, Doc, Docx, PDF, Tex1000 words limit per searchFree 4.8/5
Dupli Checker

Dupli Checker Logo
- Plagiarism checker,
- API and Plugin,
- Grammar checker.
Txt, Doc, Docx, RTF, ODT, Htm, Html1000 words limit per searchFree


Quetext Logo
- Industry-leading privacy,
- Fast DeepSeach technology,
- ColorGrade Feedback,
- Interactive Snippet Text viewer.
Txt, PDF, Doc, Docx5-free checks per monthBasic: Free
Pro: $9.99 per user/month.

#1) ProWritingAid

Best for grammar checking, style editing, and plagiarism checks.

Price: ProWritingAid price starts at $20 per month. Its Plagiarism checks are available with Premium Plus plans, Monthly Subscription ($24 per month), Yearly subscription ($89), and Lifetime ($499 one-time payment).


ProWritingAid is a platform for checking grammar and style. It offers plagiarism checking capabilities with the Premium Plus plan. Your work will be checked for plagiarism against over a billion web-pages, academic papers, etc.


  • ProWritingAid allows 60 plagiarism checks per year.
  • Free access to the writers resource library.
  • In-depth report to strengthen your writing.

Verdict: ProWritingAid can be integrated into Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, Google Docs, Firefox, etc. There will be no word count limits with ProWritingAid. It can help you with creative writing, business writing, and academic writing.

#2) Linguix

Best for AI-based paraphrasing

Price: Pro Plan will cost $30/month whereas a lifetime plan will cost you $108. You can use the tool for free or also opt for the business plan by requesting a custom quote.


Linguix is a writing tool you can use for grammar verification, paraphrasing, and plagiarism checking. That said, the plagiarism checker isn’t free. Linguix works best as an AI-based paraphraser and proofreader that can enhance your content’s quality tenfold. It makes suggestions that can improve your content based on readability, correctness, and style metrics.


  • Spell and grammar check
  • Team style guide
  • AI-based paraphrasing
  • Content quality score

Verdict: Easy to use and driven by an advanced AI, Linguix will serve you well as a plagiarism checker if combined with its core content-enhancing features.

#3) Grammarly

Best for comprehensive writing feedback including plagiarism, grammar errors, and word use.

Price: The basic version is available for free that only checks the content to detect grammar errors.

The premium version’s price starts at $11.66 per month that includes a plagiarism checker, advanced writing feedback, and more. Grammarly for Business starts at $12.5 per user per month for teams of 3 to 149.

Different price packages and features targeted to different users:

Grammarly Pricing


Grammarly offers more than just plagiarism checking. The tool is a complex writing feedback tool that checks grammar errors and provides feedback to improve the tone, readability, and clarity of the content. This tool is suitable for students, scholars, website owners, and content writing agencies.


  • Plagiarism check
  • Grammar check
  • Clarity and engagement
  • Browser extensions for Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, Edge
  • Word and Outlook add-on

Verdict: Grammarly is an affordable online tool that is used to check plagiarized content and improve one’s writing style and content. You can download the Grammarly app or check the content online.

#4) Plagiarismdetector.net

Best for detecting unique content of up to 1000 words for free, online. Pro version works with no word limit and doesn’t display any ads.

Price: The basic version of the online plagiarism software is free that allows checking up to 1000 words at a time. The Pro version doesn’t have any word limit and displays no ads. The paid version of the app is available in three categories that are targeted for Student, Institute and Enterprise versions.

Pricing details:

Plagiarismdetector_net Pricing1


Plagiarismdetector.net uses an advanced algorithm to search for duplicate content. The app analyzes content based on word-choice, lexical frequencies, and matching phrases. This tool will run the text through millions of sites to check the plagiarized content. It supports documents in Txt, Doc, and Docx formats.


  • Deep search feature
  • URL/File uploading
  • Real advertising
  • Multiple file format support
  • Download PDF reports

Verdict: Platgiarismdetector.net is best for students, teachers, and writers. The software supports full data encryption that is best for people who are concerned about data security.

But one limitation with the app is that it has limited words per search. The free version allows only 1000 words while the paid version allows checking of 6,000 words per search. So, the application is not suitable for scholars or authors who want to check their thesis or book for plagiarism.

Website: Plagriasimdetector.net

#5) SmallSEOTools

Best for checking plagiarism, spell checking, rewriting articles for repurposing content, counting words, and changing text cases for free. You can also use tools for domain analysis, website tracking, backlink and keyword analysis, and more.

Price: Free


SmallSEOTools is a comprehensive tool that lets you perform various tasks to optimize your website. The tools are targeted to website owners. This tool allows you to check 1000 words per search. You can copy and paste content, enter URL, or upload documents from local drive, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

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  • Supports different file formats including PDF, RTF, Doc, Docs, Tex, and Txt
  • Plagiarism checker API and Plugin
  • Available on Google Play, MacStore, and App Store
  • Download plagiarism report

Verdict: SmallSEOTools is best for website owners. This online tool allows you to check your document for plagiarism and more. And the best thing is that you don’t have to pay a single penny to use all the different tools to optimize your website content.

Website: SmallSEOTools

#6) Dupli Checker

Best for examing grammar and plagiarism for free, online. There are also a plethora of tools targeted to website owners and digital agencies, including a paraphrasing tool, spell check, change text case, MD5 generator, image to text, and more.

Price: Free

Dupli Checker

Dupli Checker is another free plagiarism checker that lets you inspect duplicate content for free. The software is targeted to website owners. You can check the content by pasting the URL link or uploading a document stored on the local drive.

Additionally, there are also different free Dupli tools including a spell checker, word counter, change text case, merge words, grammar check, and many more.


  • Supports different file formats including PDF, RTF, Doc, Tex, and Txt
  • Plagiarism checker
  • API and Plugin
  • Grammar checker

Verdict: Dupli Checker tools allow website owners to optimize web content. The tool offers basic plagiarism checking that is great for website owners. However, students and scholars should look elsewhere for plagiarism checking.

Website: Dupli Checker

#7) Quetext

Best for checking webpages, academic sources, and news sources for plagiarized content for free.

Price: The basic version is free that supports 5 free checks, contextual analysis, fuzzy matching, color grade feedback, and conditional score. The Pro version costs $9.99 per month that comes with additional features, such as citation assistant, downloadable originality report, interactive snippet and more.

Quetext Pricing

Quetext plagiarism checking

Quetext is an advanced plagiarism checking tool that is best for students, teachers, bloggers, and website owners. The online tool supports advanced DeepSearch methodology that performs contextual analysis and word placement using smart algorithms. The tool checks and grades the content, allowing users to know about the extent of plagiarized content.


  • Industry-leading privacy
  • Fast DeepSeach technology
  • ColorGrade Feedback
  • Interactive Snippet Text viewer

Verdict: Quetext is an affordable plagiarism checker that is particularly suitable for students and teachers. The tool can also be used by website owners to check for plagiarized content.

Website: Quetext

#8) Plagiarisma

Best for plagiarism checking for free that can be used by teachers and students as an alternative to Turnitin and Copyscape.

Price: Free


Plagiarisma is a good tool for students and academicians to check content for plagiarized content. A unique feature of this software is that the support for a large number of documents. There is also no word limit per search with this plagiarism testing tool.


  • Supports TXT, RTF, MS Word, PPTX, XLS, PDF, EPUB, FB2, and ODT
  • Available on Moodle, Google Play, and Blackberry
  • Supports over 190+ languages

Verdict: Plagiarisma is one of the best free plagiarism checking tools for students, scholars, and educational institutes. The best feature of the tool is a large number of supporting documents. Additionally, the tool supports hundreds of languages, making it great for international students belonging to non-English speaking countries.

Website: Plagiarisma

#9) SearchEngineReports.net

Best for free plagiarism checking of up to 2000 words per search.

Price: Free


SearchEngineReports.net supports plagiarism checking of over 2000 words. This online tool lets you check plagiarized content by pasting the text, entering a URL, or uploading files from DropBox or local drive. You can also use the tool for checking grammatical errors in the content.


  • Support 2000 words per search
  • Check grammar
  • Sentence-wise results
  • View matched results
  • Download plagiarized report

Verdict: SearchEngineReports.net plagiarism tool is great for anyone that wants to check documents for duplicate content. The free plagiarism checking app is best for authors, reporters, bloggers, teachers, students, and professors.

Website: SearchEngineReports.net


Best for plagiarism checking of up to 1000 words for free. The premium package supports plagiarism checking of up to 25000 words at a time.

Price: Free plagiarism checker supports up to 1000 words at a time. If you want to check more words, you can opt for premium packages.

Premium package pricing details:


PrePostSEO check plagiarism

PREPOSTSEO is yet another great tool for academicians and website owners alike. The premium version supports multiple files uploading at the same time. You can check between 1,000 to 25,000 words per search, depending on the selected package. The tool also supports APIs that allow you to integrate the tool with your application.


  • Multiple file uploading
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Deep Search
  • API Support

Verdict: PREPOSTSEO is a great tool that is suitable for multiple users. The online tool supports premium features at affordable prices.


#11) PlagTracker

Best for fast plagiarism checking of content in multiple languages for free.

Price: Free


Plagtracker is an easy online plagiarism checking tool. The online tool can check plagiarism, fix grammar errors, and also proofread the document. Publishers and site owners can verify that the content is original before publishing them.


  • Multiple language support – English, German, French, Romanian, Italian, and Spanish
  • Large database of academic papers
  • Easy plagiarism reports

Verdict: PlagTracker is great for publishers, academicians, and site owners. The online tool can detect plagiarism for free.

Website: PlagTracker

#12) EduBirdie

Best for checking academic and website content for plagiarized content for free online.

Price: Free


EduBirdie is a free online tool that lets you check online content for plagiarism. The tool lets you check essays and website content. You can paste content or upload documents stored on local drives. You can also hire editors for rewriting or editing at about $13.99 per page.

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  • Check essays and website content
  • Hire real editors to check documents

Verdict: EduBirdie is a great online tool that lets you check your essay, resume, or website content for free. This tool is targeted at students and teachers.

Website: EduBirdie


You can find many different types of plagiarism checking tools online. The tools come with varying features that suit different purposes.

If you want a tool for simple plagiarism checking of the website content, the best free tools include Dupli Checker, SmallSEOTools, and Plagiarisma. For students and teachers, the best plagiarism checking tools include Grammarly, EduBirdie, and Quetext.

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Research Process:

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  • Total tools researched: 20
  • Top tools shortlisted: 10
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