18 Best Website Checker Tools [Legit, Traffic, Down, SEO]

Here is a comprehensive list of the best website checker tools to check and analyze your website. These are free website down checker, traffic stats checkers, check if the website is safe, legit and secure for browsing, and website SEO, rankings, links and accessibility checking tools.

Every business needs an up-to-date website to excel in the digital era. These websites must be designed with various considerations and should meet certain requirements to be successful. This includes high uptime, safety measures, SEO optimization, good rankings, and accessible content.

Website owners can check each of these using different website checker tools. There are many such tools available, so we have compiled two of the best website checker tools from the following categories:

  • Website Down Checker
  • Website Traffic Checker
  • Safe Website Checker
  • Website SEO Checker
  • Website Legit Checker
  • Website Ranking Checker
  • Website Name Checker
  • Website Accessibility Checker
  • Website Links Checker

Best Website Checker Tools

Review of the Tools to Analyze Your Website

Market Trends: 51% of website traffic comes from organic searches, making SEO optimization vital for business websites.

The image below shows the source of Website Traffic:

Source of Traffic SEO

Expert Advice: Choose a website link checker based on your exact needs. For example, if your website contains hundreds of links, it is best to go with a service that checks link status in real-time and informs you as soon as any of them goes down.

FAQs About Web Hosts

Q #1) What is a website down checker?

Answer: Website down checker monitor the status of a website and inform you if they are down. This tool is useful for website owners who want to ensure that people can access the website and browse its content.

Q #2) What is a safe website checker?

Answer: A safe website checker checks to see if a certain website or URL is “safe”. This safety check can be important for users who intend to enter sensitive information, such as their address and credit card number on the website.

Q #3) What does a website SEO checker do?

Answer: A website SEO checker audits your website and points out areas that need to be optimized for SEO. This tool is useful for website owners who would like to improve their ranking in search engine results.

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Q #4) What does a website name checker do?

Answer: A website name checker will tell you if a certain domain name is available for you to use. Companies that provide such tools also allow you to rent the domain and use it for your website.

Q #5) What are the best website security check tools?

Answer: The best website security check tools are Sucuri SiteCheck and Mozilla Observatory.

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List of the Best Website Checker Tools

Here are some impressive website analysis tools:

  1. Sitechecker
  2. Website Planet’s Is Your Website Down Right Now?
  3. SEM Rush’s Traffic Analytics
  4. Similarweb
  5. SSLTrust
  6. Trend Micro Site Safety Center
  7. Ahrefs
  8. SEOptimer
  9. ScamAdviser
  10. VirusTotal
  11. Similarweb Ranking Checker
  12. KeywordTool Google Ranking Checker
  13. Hostinger
  14. GoDaddy
  15. WAVE
  16. Pa11y
  17. Dead Link Checker
  18. Dr. Link Check

Comparison Table of the Best Website Checking Tools

Website Checker Tool NameTool TypeBest ForAccount RequiredPrice
SitecheckerWebsite CheckerWebsite owners who want to track downtimes and other website events.Yes? Basic: $23/month
? Startup: $39/month
? Growing: $79/month
? Enterprise: $499/month

SEM RushWebsite Traffic CheckerWebsite owners seeking detailed analysis of their website’s traffic.Yes? Pro: $119.95/month
? Guru: $229.95/month
? Business: $449.95/month
SSLTrustSafe Website CheckerInternet users who would like to learn if a website is safe.NoFree
AhrefsWebsite SEO CheckerWebsite owners who need an in-depth look at their website’s SEO and to locate issues.Yes? Lite: $99/month
? Standard: $199/month
? Advanced: $399/month
? Enterprise: $999/month
ScamAdviserWebsite Legit CheckerInternet shoppers who want to check if an online store is safe.NoFree

Detailed reviews:

#1) Sitechecker – Best Website Down Checker

Best for website owners who want to track downtimes and other website events.


Sitechecker’s website monitoring tool allows you to track your website’s uptime. This tool is handy because it sends you a swift email update whenever your website goes down. It also offers a detailed breakdown of uptime and downtime events.

Sitechecker also helps you learn about different types of events beyond downtime events. You can track their occurrence history and understand the changes they have made to your site. This can be useful if you have freelancers, subordinates, or plugins working on your website.

This tool can’t protect your website from hacking. However, it can inform you about suspicious code changes that might indicate hacking attempts. You can then act to secure your website using other tools.


  • Website downtime checker
  • Email updates during downtimes
  • Event tracking


  • Informs when your website goes down.
  • Tells you about suspicious code changes.


  • Expensive.

Verdict: Sitechecker’s Website Down tool is useful for any website owner who wants to be notified the minute their website goes down. Event history logging also makes the tool invaluable for website owners concerned about others making changes to their website.


  • Basic: $23/month
  • Startup: $39/month
  • Growing: $79/month
  • Enterprise: $499/month
  • Free Trial: 7 days

Sitechecker price

Website: Sitechecker

#2) Website Planet Is Your Website Down Right Now?

Best for website owners seeking a free website down checker.

Websiteplanet Down or Not1

Website Planet Is Your Website Down Right Now tool is a simple website down checker without any added bells or whistles. The tool is quite straightforward. Enter the website URL in the search field and hit “Check”. It will then inform you if the website is up or not.

This tool lacks the added features, such as event tracking and email notifications that Sitechecker offers. However, it is completely free.


  • Website downtime checking
  • Instant results
  • Simple configuration
  • Mobile Accessible
  • Real-time website tracking


  • No account required
  • Free


  • Doesn’t offer email tracking

Verdict: Website Planet Is Your Website Down Right Now tool is an excellent choice for any website owner who would like to check their website’s status at any given time for free. It is simple and straightforward to use and doesn’t require you to sign up or create an account.

Price: Free

Website: Website Planet Is Your Website Down Right Now?

#3) SEM Rush’s Traffic Analytics – Best Website Traffic Checker

Best for website owners seeking a detailed analysis of their website’s traffic.

SEM Rush1

SEM Rush’s Traffic Analytics tool provides a comprehensive breakdown of your website’s traffic metrics. This includes stats such as:

  • Total number of visitors
  • Number of unique visitors
  • Number of pages each visitor browsed
  • Average visit duration
  • Bounce rate

You can also learn where your traffic originated from and gain audience insights using traffic analysis. This information can help you reevaluate your web strategy to boost website traffic.

You can use SEM Rush’s Traffic Analytics tool for free if you register at the website. However, the free version allows you to view only ten traffic reports per day. The paid plans offer unlimited reports and more in-depth analytics features.


  • Metrics tracking
  • Learn your traffic’s origins
  • In-depth metrics breakdown


  • Gain valuable insights into your web traffic
  • The free version is available


  • Pricey

Verdict: SEM Rush’s Traffic Analytics tool is perfect for website owners who would like to learn exactly where their web traffic originates from and get a detailed insight into visitors. They can use this tool to optimize their web strategy. However, the price tag might be steep for small business websites.


  • Pro: $119.95/month
  • Guru: $229.95/month
  • Business: $449.95/month
  • Free Trial: No

SEM Rush2

Website: SEM Rush’s Traffic Analytics

#4) Similarweb – Check and Analyse Any Website

Best for website owners seeking a free traffic analytics tool.


Similarweb offers many premium digital tools for website analysis and optimization. Their website traffic analytics tool offers key information, such as:

  • Total visits
  • Bounce rate
  • Pages per visit
  • Average visit duration

You can also learn which countries your traffic originates from and discover the gender distribution and age distribution of visitors. This tool is also completely free, making it an excellent choice for website owners who require traffic analytics services without spending extra money on them.


  • Basic visitor metrics tracking
  • Simple interface


  • Free
  • Valuable metrics are available without registering


  • Offers only basic metrics

Verdict: Similarweb’s traffic analytics tool offers valuable information for website owners on a budget. This tool is great if you need basic analysis.

Price: Free

Website: Similarweb

#5) SSL Trust – Best Website Security and Safety Checker

Best for internet users who would like to learn if a website is safe.

SSL Trust1

SSL Trust’s website safety and security check tool checks websites against databases from over sixty companies to determine if it is safe to visit. It checks for viruses and malware, roots out spam, detects expired SSL certificates, and determines if the website has been blacklisted.

You don’t need an account to use this tool. Simply enter the website URL in the search field and the tool will perform a quick malware, spam, trust report, and SSL/TLS report analysis.

All these features are available for free, making SSL Trust a fantastic choice for internet users who would like to learn if a website is safe before visiting it.


  • Scans website safety against databases from sixty companies.
  • Antivirus and malware scanning.
  • SSL certificate expiry detection.


  • Free
  • Doesn’t require an account.


  • Can check only one URL at a time.

Verdict: SSL Trust is a smart option for users who would like to quickly verify if a specific website is safe to visit.

Price: Free

Website: SSL Trust

#6) Trend Micro Site Safety Center – Website Safety Center

Best for users seeking a free and basic tool to check if a website URL is safe.

Trend Micro1

Trend Micro’s Site Safety Center is another free tool for assessing website safety. This tool works identical to SSL Trust in that you don’t need to sign up or create an account to use the website safety checker function.

The Site Safety Center doesn’t give you much information about the site you are looking up. The only assessment results published are the following safety ratings:

  • Safe: The website doesn’t contain malicious software or phishing.
  • Dangerous: The website contains malicious software or phishing.
  • Suspicious: The website has been compromised in the past or may send spam emails.
  • Untested: The website hasn’t been tested yet.


  • Simple website safety check interface.
  • Website safety rating with a breakdown.


  • Free
  • Easy to use


  • The breakdown isn’t very in-depth.

Verdict: Trend Micro’s Site Safety Center is simple, but doesn’t offer much information about the website’s actual safety.

Price: Free

Website: Trend Micro Site Safety Center

#7) Ahrefs – Best SEO Tool to Grow Your Traffic

Best for website owners who need an in-depth look at their website’s SEO and to locate issues.


Ahrefs offers numerous SEO-related tools for your website. This includes a dashboard that offers a high-level overview of your website’s SEO performance and progress.

Ahrefs also stands out for its Site Audit tool. This tool automatically scans your website for SEO issues and compiles a comprehensive report. This report includes a health score, charts, and SEO issues, and offers recommendations for correcting issues.

The service currently checks for over a hundred pre-defined SEO issues. This includes issues related to performance, social tags, HTML tags, incoming links, outgoing links, and external pages.


  • Tracking SEO performance.
  • Site audit with automatic website scanning.
  • Generates reports.
  • Checks websites against 100+ pre-defined SEO issue.


  • In-depth SEO scanning.
  • Automatic website scanning for audits.
  • Generate comprehensive reports.


  • Expensive.

Verdict: Ahrefs is a comprehensive tool that is perfect for setting insight into your website’s SEO performance and how you can improve it. The price tag may be somewhat steep for some people, but the SEO benefits it provides are well worth the cost.


  • Lite: $99/month
  • Standard: $199/month
  • Advanced: $399/month
  • Enterprise: $999/month
  • Free Trial: No


Website: Ahrefs

#8) SEOptimer – Best SEO Audit and Reporting Tool

Best for small business website owners seeking an affordable tool to improve their SEO.


SEOptimer’s SEO Audit & Reporting Tool performs a quick website audit and provides a straightforward and actionable list of recommendations to optimize your website’s SEO. This includes recommendations related to links, on-page SEO, tap targets, and inline styles.

The tool’s paid version includes task recommendations, content management system guides, and issue progress tracking. When used correctly, this tool can help you optimize your SEO and improve your ranking in search engine results.


  • Basic website audit..
  • Provides an actionable list of SEO optimization recommendations
  • Content management system guide.


  • Comes as both free and paid versions.
  • Affordable.
  • Recommendations are described in simple steps.


  • The audit isn’t very in-depth.

Verdict: SEOptimer is an affordable tool that offers a wide range of SEO insights as well as actionable steps. This tool would be invaluable for any small business owner seeking to improve their website SEO on a budget.

Price: $19/month

Free Trial: 14 days

SEOptimer price

Website: SEOptimer

#9) ScamAdviser – Best Website Legit Checker

Best for internet shoppers who want to check if an online store is safe.


ScamAdviser is a free tool that aims to answer one question: Is this website or online store safe? The tool uses an algorithm to assess whether websites are “legit”. It can detect if a particular website is full of fake reviews, contains a phishing scam, or is selling fake products.

It summarizes its findings using a “Trustscore” out of 100. It also provides a breakdown of the website’s positive and negative qualities that led to its score.

The ScamAdviser tool is incredibly popular and receives over 3 million users per month. Its database contains over 22 million websites, and it has detected over 1 million scam websites to date. The website also contains tips and tricks to help you stay safe while shopping online and making investments.


  • Assesses websites using an algorithm.
  • Assigns a Trustscore out of 100.
  • Offers tips and tricks for staying safe online.


  • Free
  • Helps you stay safe in multiple ways.
  • Easy-to-understand trust score.


  • Doesn’t offer an in-depth assessment breakdown.

Verdict: ScamAdviser is a helpful tool for staying safe while shopping online or making investments. The tool itself is easy to use and the website’s content related to protecting yourself from online scams is invaluable for people concerned about safety.

Price: Free

Website: ScamAdviser

#10) VirusTotal – Best Website Malware Scanning Tool

Best for Internet users who want to protect themselves from dangerous websites and files.


VirusTotal is another free tool for assessing whether a website is safe. The tool analyzes IPs and URLs for malware and other types of breaches that could threaten visitors.

VirusTotal typically retrieves information about these sites from its database. If you ask the tool to look up a new website, it will send it to its security experts for further analysis. This tool also takes things a step further by allowing you to upload suspicious files and determine if they are safe.

All these features make VirusTotal an excellent free tool for staying safe during different types of online activities.


  • Website safety check.
  • Information retrieval from the database.
  • Security expert analysis.


  • Free
  • Check with a security expert if your website isn’t already in its database.


  • Safety ratings aren’t updated regularly.
  • Can only check one website at a time.

Verdict: VirusTotal is the perfect free tool for filtering out dangerous websites and files. Get results in seconds and continue with your web browsing activities safely.

Price: Free

Website: VirusTotal

#11) Similarweb – Best Website Ranking Checker

Best for website owners who want to look up their website’s ranking quickly.

Similarweb1 - Website Checker

Earlier, we ranked Similarweb as one of the best website traffic checking tools. However, this tool can tell you a website’s rank. Simply enter the URL in the search field and hit “search”.

The tool displays the website’s global rank, country rank, and category rank. You can also look up the top websites in each of these areas to learn who your competitors are.

Verdict: Similarweb offers a quick and easy way to learn your website’s ranking. You can then use this information to decide whether you need to apply a better SEO strategy to get ahead of competitors.

Price: Free

Website: Similarweb

#12) KeywordTool’s Ranking Check Tool

Best for website owners interested in learning how their website ranks for different keywords.

Keywordtools Ranking Check Tool1 - Website Checker

KeywordTool’s Ranking Check Tool offers another simple way to look up your website’s ranking. This tool differs from SimilarWeb in that you can look up your website’s ranking for specific keywords.

This makes the tool invaluable for online marketers who formulate marketing strategies to improve their website’s rank for different keywords in their brand’s product or services category.

The website also offers helpful tips for turning off personalization to get more “neutral” and objective rankings for keywords.

Verdict: KeywordTool’s Ranking Check Tool is an excellent tool that lets you look up your website’s ranking for different keywords. This information is invaluable for digital marketers developing marketing strategies for their brand’s online presence.

Price: Free

Website: KeywordTool’s Ranking Check Tool

#13) Hostinger – Best Website Name Checker

Best for business owners interested in looking up and renting domain names for their websites.

Hostinger1 - Website Checker

Hostinger allows you to tool up domain names and learn if the one you are seeking is available. You can then rent available domain names for a fee.

They offer the following domain extensions:

  • .com
  • .online
  • .store
  • .live
  • .tech
  • .info
  • .shop

The website also offers the ability to transfer your existing domain name to Hostinger. You can also get a free domain name if you choose to use Hostinger for web hosting.

Verdict: Hostinger is a straightforward domain checker and provider. Their prices are reasonable and the company is happy to help users select suitable domain names for their website.


  • .com: $0.99/year
  • .online: $0.99/year
  • .store: $0.99/year
  • .live: $3.50/year
  • .tech: $0.99/year
  • .info: $3.99/year
  • .shop: $0.99/year
  • Free Trial: No

Website: Hostinger

#14) GoDaddy – Best Domain Name Search Tool

Best for business owners who want to purchase or auction domain names.

GoDaddy1 - Website Checker

GoDaddy is known as one of the leading web hosting service providers globally. The company also offers domain services. You can perform bulk domain searches on the website, purchase domain names, protect your existing domain names, and transfer your domain name to GoDaddy.

The company also offers auctions for highly-sought after domain names. They offer the following domain extensions:

  • .cloud
  • .net
  • .live
  • .casa
  • .com
  • .cc
  • .co
  • .fitness

GoDaddy is pricier than other domain providers. However, they offer many sought-after domain extensions that would be useful for certain types of business websites.

Verdict: GoDaddy offers many rare domain extensions that may help certain types of business websites get an edge over competitors. Their prices may seem high, but they do offer certain types of domain extensions at affordable rates.


  • .cloud: $1.99/year
  • .net: $14.99/year
  • .live: $1.99/year
  • .casa: $2.99/year
  • .com: $2.99/year
  • .cc: $5.99/year
  • .co: $0.01/year
  • .fitness: $9.99/year
  • Free Trial: No

GoDaddy2 - Website Checker

Website: GoDaddy

#15) WAVE – Best Website Accessibility Checker

Best for website content creators seeking to make their content more accessible.

Wave1 -Website Checker

WAVE contains numerous evaluation tools to assist web content authors in making their content more accessible for site visitors with disabilities. It identifies accessibility errors according to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and also uses human evaluation methods to evaluate web content.

You can use the WAVE evaluation tool by entering the website URL in the web page address field. Alternatively, you can download a browser extension to check accessibility issues on different websites through your browser.

You can improve your website’s ranking by making its content more accessible. So consider trying out this tool if you want to implement a new kind of SEO strategy.

Verdict: WAVE is an easy-to-use free tool that offers valuable insight into your website’s accessibility. Web content authors can easily identify inaccessible content and alter it accordingly to improve their search rankings.

Price: Free

Website: WAVE

#16) Pa11y – Best To Find Accessibility Issues

Best for website owners who want to identify accessibility issues and track changes over time.

Pa11y1 -Website Checker

Pa11y offers a suite of tools to make website content more accessible. This includes:

  • Pa11y: A command-line interface to load up web pages and identify accessibility issues. This tool is great for testing web pages.
  • Pa11y Dashboard: A dashboard that tests web pages for accessibility problems daily. It also tracks accessibility changes and presents the information as graphs.
  • Pa11y Cl: A command-line tool that checks web page lists and highlights different accessibility issues.

Verdict: Pa11y offers many ways to test websites for accessibility and tracking improvements. These tools are an excellent choice for website owners who would like to make their site content more accessible.

Price: Free

Website: Pa11y

#17) Dead Link Checker – Best Link Checker

Best for users who want to identify dead links automatically.

Dead Link Checker1 - Website Checker

Dead Link Checker is a useful tool for users who want to identify dead links quickly. You can look up whether a URL link is dead for Free by entering it in the website’s search field and hitting “check”.

You can also look up whether multiple links are dead at once by subscribing to a premium plan. These plans also allow you to use the tool to track when certain links go dead. The tool then informs you about these dead links through an email report.

Verdict: Dead link checkers are a fantastic tool for website owners who want to check multiple URLs and keep track of them regularly.


  • Standard: $9.95/month
  • Premium: $39.95/month
  • Professional: $79.90/month
  • Free Trial: No

Dead Link Checker2 price - Website Checker

Website: Dead Link Checker

#18) Dr. Link Check – Best Broken Link Checker

Best for website owners with websites containing hundreds of links.

Dr Link Checker1 - Website Checker

Dr. Link Check is another tool that helps you locate non-working links. The tool’s bot looks through your website’s HTML and CSS code and assesses each link it finds. This includes links to internal pages, outbound links, style sheets, resource files, and images.

Users can configure this tool to perform daily, weekly, or monthly checks to ensure all the links on your website are up and running. You can customize the tool to check specific links that may help you save on costs.

Verdict: Dr. Link Check is an excellent tool for website owners who would like to schedule dead link checks regularly. The service is affordable and could be useful for anyone with a large website containing hundreds or even thousands of links.


  • Lite: $0/month
  • Standard: $19/month
  • Professional: $39/month
  • Premium: $129/month
  • Free Trial: No

Dr Link Checker price - Website Checker

Website: Dr. Link Check


As you can see, there are plenty of excellent website checker tools out there. So consider reviewing the above list if you are looking for any useful tools to help you optimize your website for SEO, traffic, links, or safety.

Research Process:

  • Time taken to research this article: It took us approximately 10 hours to gather the above list of the best website checker tools. We compiled the best options from nine different categories.
  • Total tools researched: 36
  • Top tools shortlisted: 18
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