C# To VB.Net: Top Code Convertors To Translate C# To/From VB.Net

List of the Top and Most Popular C# To VB.Net Code Translators with Features. Learn More About These Powerful Tools to Convert C# Code to/from VB.Net:

While working with the .Net environment you may find yourself in a position where you may need to convert your existing VB.Net code to C# or vice versa. But before you jump into making a decision on converting code from one language to another, just ask a simple question as does it really need to be translated?

The foremost requirement is to understand your code. The best practice is to translate your code manually. Sequential code translation produces the most accurate results. However, it is quite cumbersome if you have a large chunk of code that needs to be translated.

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C# To VB.Net Code Translators

If you have a really small piece of code then it is recommended to translate it manually and quickly. But if your code is quite large then it may be impossible to translate everything manually and it may take a huge amount of time to do that.

In case if you really need to translate it, then there are several options available for translation.

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List Of The Top C# To VB.Net Code Translators

Enlisted below are some of the most popular code translators that are used worldwide.

Let’s Explore!!

#1) Telerik Code Converter

Telerik code converter is one of the most widely used code converters for converting C# code to VB.Net and vice versa. Telerik code converter relies upon the open-source converter from iC#code for conversion.

The website is developed using Telerik’s trademark Kendo UI to deliver a highly responsive, intuitive and high-performance web application for conversion.

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#2) Code Translator

This tool translates the code from C# to VB.Net and vice versa. It can be used by typing the code in the online code editor or the user can upload a file for converting code. It supports the translation from VB.Net to C# and from C# to VB.Net.

The converter can be used in the following ways:

  • By copy-pasting your code snippet
  • By typing your code
  • By uploading a file to the code translator

The code translator doesn’t copy any of your code and all the translation happens directly at the server memory and is displayed in the browser immediately.

=> Link to Code Translator

#3) Developer Fusion

If you are looking for a no non-sense code converter then Developer Fusion is something you should look for. It offers a wide range of converters that are useful for converting C# to VB.Net and vice versa, C# to Python, C# to Ruby, etc. Developer Fusion is quite easy to use and it automatically converts your code without charging you anything.

Features of Developer Fusion:

  • Easy to use interface.
  • A wide range of converters.
  • Free to use.

Developer fusion doesn’t store any of your data. Once the conversion operation is complete, the code is sent directly to you without storing any. It can be accessed by using the following link for converting VB to C#.

=> Link to Developer Fusion

#4) Instant C#

Instant C# is the tool from Tangible Software Solutions. It helps the user save precious time by automatically converting the code to C#. Instant C# is available in two editions i.e. Free Edition and Premium Edition.

The free edition as the name suggests doesn’t cost anything. It offers a high degree of conversion but has a cap of 100 lines of code per file or per code block. The premium Edition although costs around $119 USD per year, offers high-quality code conversion with no limit on the amount of code you need to convert.

It is very useful if you are in the process of converting a huge code snippet or file. It also offers a 15-day money-back guarantee, if you don’t like the product or are not satisfied with its performance. Although code conversion is quite accurate some manual intervention may be required to correct the code later.

=> Link to Instant C#

#5) VB Conversions

Another tool that is quite useful in converting VB.Net to C# is VB Conversions. It offers conversion from all types of project and all VB versions are supported. It allows you to keep a check on the converted code and you can keep on making tweaks to the code to make improvements. You can choose to convert either a single project or several projects together.

The interface is quite easy to use and its side by side display of both C# and VB code helps the users in identifying potential risks during conversion and hence saves your valuable time.

It comes with a monthly subscription that will cost you $49.50 to start with. The seamless support and huge amount of testing have made sure that no compiler errors are recorded in the converted code. Users can access VB Conversion by using the link given below.

=> Link to VB Conversions


As a developer working in the .Net framework at some point in time you might require to convert code from VB.Net to C# or from C# to VB.Net. There are several tools available in the market that allow users to do it. We have discussed some of these tools in our tutorial.

All these tools are powerful enough to make the most precise conversions but are not always 100 percent accurate.

Some amount of manual intervention is always required to make sure that all the converted codes compile and perform their designated functions. These tools may not achieve the success rate as a manual conversion but they surely do help in reducing the overall conversion effort.

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