Top 13 Best Ping Monitoring Tools [2023 SELECTIVE]

Explore and compare the top Ping Monitoring Tools and go for the best ping tool to monitor host availability, connection quality, status, etc:

Ping stands for Packet Internet or Inter-Network Groper. It helps in testing and verifying the status of a particular IP address.

Ping monitoring is defined as the process of checking whether the other device is available and also analyzing the status of the network. This is done by sending alerts to a device or network and checking its response to know the status and availability of the network.

The time difference between sending the ping and receiving the response is called ping time.

Let us review the top Ping Monitoring tools to monitor the tool and compare its features to understand it better.

Ping Monitoring Software Selection Tips

Best Ping Monitoring Tools

Market Trends: According to the research by Global Market Insights on Network monitoring, the market of network monitoring tools was more than 2 billion dollars and is expected to grow with a CAGR of 10% in the upcoming year between 2021-2027.


Expert Advice: To select a ping monitoring software for your organization, you need to analyze your requirements and your budget. As different ping monitors include different sets of features and provide different pricing plans. Some are good for small enterprises with minimal features and some offer features needed for big enterprises.

FAQs About Ping Monitors

Q #1) What is the best ping tool?

Answer: The best ping tools are:

  1. Spiceworks
  2. WhatsUp Gold
  3. Icinga
  4. Site24X7 Network Monitor
  5. Paessler PRTG

Q #2) What is ping diagnostic?

Answer: It is defined as the process of testing the network connections and status by analyzing the time taken by the ping to reach its destination.

Q #3) How can I monitor my ping?

Answer: You can monitor your ping by sending a ping to any specific device and observing the time taken by the device to respond back. Ping monitoring helps to get you to know about various metrics’ data, like minimum, maximum, or average ping logging response time, deviations, and more.

Q #4) What are the functions of ICMP?

Answer: ICMP or Internet Control Monitor Protocol helps in error reporting, testing, and network diagnostic. When one device sends a ping to another and the other does not get any data or delays in responding, ICMP generates an error to the sender.

Q #5) What is the difference between IP and ICMP?

Answer: ICMP stands for Internet Control Monitor Protocol and IP stands for Internet Protocol. ICMP is a part of IP. IP is a wider term. ICMP uses the support of IP. In ICMP, error reporting and testing are the main concerns and in IP, it is not.

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List of the Best Ping Monitoring Tools and Software

Here are some remarkably impressive ping tool list:

  1. SolarWinds Ping Monitor Software
  2. Spiceworks
  3. WhatsUp Gold
  4. Icinga
  5. Site24X7 Network Monitor
  6. Paessler PRTG
  7. EMCO Ping Monitor
  8. Observium
  9. Angry IP Scanner
  10. PingPlotter
  11. ManageEngine
  12. Zabbix
  13. Power Admin

Comparison of Some Best Ping Monitoring Platforms

SoftwareBest forDeployment SupportPricing
SolarWinds Ping Monitor SoftwareContinuous monitor device response time.Cloud-hosted and on-premise.Windows, Mac, Linux, Web-based.Starts at $1585.
SpiceworksReal-time website monitoring.Cloud Hosted
WhatsUp GoldMonitoring, notifying, and reporting the changes occurring in network connectivity.On-PremiseWindowsBetween $99-3,600
IcingaMonitoring the entire infrastructure with great flexibility.On-PremiseWindows
Contact for pricing
Site24x7Performance Monitoring for DevOps and IT Operations.Cloud Hosted
Open API
Between $9-449
Paessler PRTGEasy set-up, quick overview and prompt notifications. On-PremiseWindows
Windows Mobile
Between $1,750-15,500

Detailed reviews:

#1) SolarWinds Ping Monitor Software

Best for continuously monitoring device response time.

SolarWinds - Ping Monitoring Tools

SolarWinds Ping Monitor Software enables the users to monitor response time from any device by just selecting the device they want to monitor. It enables you to transfer monitoring data through text files and images or graphs through image files.

It provides a bundle of features including WAN Killer Traffic Generator, MAC Address Scanner, SNMP MIB Browser, Ping Sweep, Subnet Calculator, MIB Walk, Switch Port Mapper, and many more.


  • Enables monitoring ping response time with a simple and advanced engineer’s toolset.
  • Enables transfer of ping data via text files or image files.
  • Graphs can include ribbon, bar, column, step, or area charts.
  • Allows monitoring specific devices through its custom profile feature.
  • Resolves complex network issues with tools like Ping Sweep, DNS Analyzer, and TraceRoute.
  • Helps in managing and troubleshooting the network with network monitoring, diagnostics, configuration management, and more.

Verdict: SolarWinds Ping Monitor Software is recommended for its engineer’s toolset that provides more than 60 tools for network management and troubleshooting. Its best features are Custom profile, Ping Sweep, TraceRouter, network monitoring, and so on.


  • Starts at $1,585
  • A 14-days free trial is available.

#2) Spiceworks

Best for real-time website monitoring.


Spiceworks provides free online IT tools that help in managing users and networks. It helps in tracking your users’ tickets online, monitoring IT infrastructure with a connectivity dashboard, supporting users with remote support, tracking vendors’ contracts, and managing the company’s assets with an inventory.

It also provides some network tools to set up, track and troubleshoot, like IP Lookup, website down checker, and Subnet Calculator.


  • Real-time website monitoring is available to check up/down status and alerts.
  • Helps in monitoring infrastructure through its dashboard feature, where devices are automatically set up on it for monitoring.
  • Generates real-time email alerts at the time the devices go down.
  • Can be integrated with Spiceworks IT management cloud tools suite.

Verdict: Spiceworks provides services for IT professionals like sysadmins, network engineers, and technicians. It is best for monitoring IT infrastructure with a Connectivity Dashboard.

Pricing: Free

Website: Spiceworks

#3) WhatsUp Gold

Best for monitoring, notifying, and reporting the changes occurring in network connectivity.

WhatsUp gold

WhatsUp Gold of the software progress is a ping monitoring platform that enables the users to monitor, notify and report any change happening in network connectivity with any device. It supports both IPv6 and IPv4 ICMP necessary to monitor devices enabled with both versions.

It is helpful in evaluating the status of any device by providing statistics data of metrics like uptime, lost packets, failed pings, maximum/minimum, and average roundtrip times for the ICMP packets.


  • Verifies network connectivity with the use of ICMP protocol packets.
  • To check network availability and status ping, enhanced ping, SNMP ping, proxy ping, and graphical ping are used.
  • Enables you to monitor uptimes, connection state, and statistics.
  • Configurable statistics are provided to the administrator as timeout, payload size, etc.
  • Supports IPv6 and IPv4 ICMP for comprehensive monitoring.
  • Includes robust alerting and notification system.
  • Provides various licenses and editions.

Verdict: WhatsUp Gold is best for its features like enhanced ping, SNMP ping, proxy ping, and graphical ping, to evaluate network availability and status. It is helpful in verifying networks, monitoring statistics, and more.


  • Editions- Premium, Distributed and MSP edition- contact for pricing.
  • Professional services- Between $500 – $3,600.
  • Training- Between $99 – $1,995.
  • A free trial is available.

Website: WhatsUp Gold

#4) Icinga

Best for monitoring the entire infrastructure with great flexibility.


Icinga is software that monitors the entire infrastructure of its user. It covers all aspects of monitoring. It provides flexible infrastructure monitoring and full visibility of all aspects. Other features include monitoring automation, cloud monitoring, and so on. It is trusted by leading companies like Adobe, SIEMENS, Vodafone, and more.

Icinga stack spans six core strengths, namely: infrastructure monitoring, automation, cloud monitoring, metrics and logs, notifications, and analytics.


  • Enables monitoring of the whole infrastructure in one place through a flexible setup.
  • Provides efficient workflows through monitoring automation.
  • Cloud monitoring is also available to monitor private, public, or hybrid clouds.
  • Integrations are available that allow collection, storing, visualizing, and combining data simultaneously.
  • Generates meaningful visualizations by creating reports of different aspects.
  • Generates helpful alerts or notifications to resolve the issue on time.

Verdict: Icinga is best for its stack of six core strengths, including automation, cloud monitoring, and more. It helps in providing efficient workflows, generating visuals and alerts.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

  • Icinga subscription
  • Repository subscription
  • Support subscription
  • Subscription to Newsletter

Website: Icinga

#5) Site24X7 Network Monitor

Best for performance monitoring for DevOps and IT Operations.

Site24X7 Network Monitor - Ping Monitoring Tools

Site24x7 is one of the best ping monitoring tools as well as a network monitoring tool that includes website monitoring, server monitoring, cloud monitoring, application monitoring, and so on.

It also helps manage cloud costs to let the user take data-driven decisions and reduce AWS costs further. Other features include RMM for MSPs and CSPs, log management from the cloud, public status pages, and more.


  • Helps in monitoring websites by identifying and fixing issues of the network.
  • Monitors servers, application performance, web transaction monitoring, and so on.
  • Real User Monitoring (RUM) is available to ensure a seamless user experience.
  • Manages cloud cost and helps in making data-driven decisions.
  • Remote monitoring is available to Managed Service Providers and Cloud Service Providers.
  • The use of AIOps, averts downtime, automates remediation, and reduces MTTR.

Verdict: Site24x7 is best for simply monitoring availability and end-user experience for DevOps and IT Operations. It helps in fixing issues of the network, proving a seamless user experience, managing costs, and reducing MTTR.


  • Website monitoring- Starting from $9 per month.
  • Infrastructure- Starting from $9 per month.
  • APM- Starting from $35 per month.
  • All-in-on- Starting from $35 per month.
  • MSP- Starting from $45 per month.
  • 30-days free trial is available.

Website: Site24x7

#6) Paessler PRTG

Best for easy set-up, quick overview, and prompt notifications.

Paessler PRTG

Paessler PRTG is a network monitoring platform that helps in checking all available network devices. It provides an option of notification where you can be promptly alerted of any problem arising related to the network. Its dashboards give you a quick overview of your infrastructure.

For ping monitoring, it provides three sensors, namely: Ping-Sensor, Ping Jitter Sensor, and Cloud Ping v2 Sensor. A free ping time test is available that shows you how to fix high ping times.


  • Manages everything from servers to routers, switches, and uptime to cloud connectivity.
  • A customizable built-in alarm feature is available to notify you of problems.
  • Provides a dashboard for a quick overview and can be accessed from smartphones as well.
  • Provides an easy setup by immediately setting up initial monitoring.
  • Can easily be upgraded and provides its basic features in a free trial.
  • Provides three sensors, including a ping sensor, ping jitter sensor, and cloud ping v2 sensor.

Verdict: Paessler PRTG is best for its ping sensors for ping monitoring that help in displaying ping time, packet losses, and statistical jitters. Some of its best features include managing cloud connectivity, customizable alerts, easy setup, and more.


  • PRTG 500: $1,750 per server license
  • PRTG 1000: $3,200 per server license
  • PRTG 2500: $6,500 per server license
  • PRTG 5000: $11,500 per server license
  • PRTG XL1: $15,500 per server license
  • Unlimited version is available for 30 days.

Website: Paessler PRTG

#7) EMCO Ping Monitor

Best for monitoring host availability and connection quality.

EMCO Ping Monitor

EMCO Ping Monitor is a platform that helps the users in generating detailed reports by gathering host performance in any historical period. The metrics that are usually collected include uptime, outages, average latency, latency deviation, and so on. It helps in detecting connection problems through automatic ping hosts.

It supports Windows Tray, email, and sound notifications. The features provided include built-in reporting, easy customization, flexible notifications, and more.


  • Provides enterprise-ready monitoring with a limit of up to 32,000 hosts.
  • Latency measurement is available between 1ms-0.01ms with high precision.
  • Monitors host availability for any selected time range.
  • Finds reasons for network problems by analyzing host performance for any historical period.
  • Assesses connection quality in real-time as well, warning, bad or critical.
  • Other services include detailed statistics, raw ping reply data storing, flexible notifications, easy customization, and more.

Verdict: EMCO Ping Monitor is recommended for its features like performance analysis, detailed statistics, monitoring connection quality, and host availability. It helps in monitoring up to 32,000 hosts. It can access connection quality and can measure latency precision.


  • Free Edition- Free
  • Professional Edition
    • Single copy: $199
    • Unlimited copies: $455
  • Enterprise Edition
    • Single copy: $445
    • Unlimited copies: $995

Website: EMCO Ping Monitor

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#8) Observium

Best for extensive device support and traffic accounting.


Observium is a simple and intuitive interface for network monitoring that supports various devices and operating systems like Cisco, Windows, Linux, Netscaler, and so on. It helps in providing the status of your network simply.

Traffic accounting is available that eases the process of tracking customer bandwidth usage. It can integrate with various third-party applications like Apache, BIND, DRBD, Memcached, MySQL, NFS, and others.


  • Expands visibility by collecting and displaying all network data.
  • Facilitates easy planning by presenting long-term metric collection and performance data.
  • Improves network reliability by enabling you to proactively respond to issues.
  • Extensive device support is available with professional and community editions.
  • Traffic accounting is available for tracking and billing customer bandwidth usage.
  • Other features include external integrations, threshold alerting, and more.

Verdict: Observium is recommended for its simple yet powerful features, including threshold alerting, traffic accounting, and vast device support. It helps in expanding visibility, easy planning, improving the network’s reliability, and so on.


  • Community: Free
  • Professional: $280 per year
  • Enterprise: $1400 per year

Website: Observium

#9) Angry IP Scanner

Best for quickly scanning IP addresses and their port.

Angry IP Scanner - Ping Monitoring Tools

Angry IP Scanner is an open-source, fast and simple network scanner that scans local networks and the internet. It does not require any installation and can be accessed anywhere.

It helps in ping monitoring of any device and checks its availability. It creates separate scanning addresses for different IP addresses and follows the multithreaded approach.


  • Helps in scanning any range of IP addresses and ports.
  • Supports file formats like CSV, TXT, XML or IP-Port
  • Uses a multi-threaded approach to increase the speed of scanning.
  • Supports different platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac, and more.
  • Other services include NetBIOS information, favorite IP address ranges, customizable openers, and more.

Verdict: Angry IP Scanner is best for scanning networks, exporting results in any format, and extensible with many data fetchers. It is recommended for its features like customizable openers, a multi-threaded approach, and so on.

Pricing: Free

Website: Angry IP Scanner

#10) PingPlotter

Best for faster problem solving and better communication.


PingPlotter is a network troubleshooting management software. It provides solutions for infrastructure monitoring, end-user support, network validation, and troubleshooting. It has four products including PingPlotter Cloud, Professional Edition, Standard Edition, and PingPlotter Sidekick.

In its Pro edition, it provides local network troubleshooting service with simplified diagnostics, advanced metrics, an intuitive web interface, and so on.


  • Provides faster solutions for network issues.
  • Provides industry-standard metrics including latency, packet loss, jitter, and so on.
  • Visual diagnostics are provided to simplify the communication issues.
  • Proactive tools like custom alerts, notifications, or triggers are available.
  • Results generated can be shared with anyone with ease.
  • Helps in checking the network with each device’s specific perspective.

Verdict: PingPlotter is recommended for its features like solutions for network issues, industry-standard metrics, and more. It is best for its features like visual diagnostics, custom alerts, shareable results, and more.


  • PingPlotter Cloud: Contact for pricing
  • Professional Edition: $29 per month
  • Standard Edition: $6.99 per month
  • PingPlotter Sidekick: $20 for 28 days
  • A 14-days free trial is available.

Website: PingPlotter

#11) ManageEngine

Best for free ping and traceroute.

ManageEngine - Ping Monitoring Tools

ManageEngine is one of the most popular Ping Monitoring Tools that help in tracking and monitoring servers, routers, switches, websites, mail servers, and hosts. It includes services like ICMP Ping, Traceroute, DNS Lookup, HTTP Performance Monitoring, and Website & Server Performance Reporting.

It enables you to monitor 10 servers at a time, fetch Round trip time, packet loss percentage, and the number of hops. Other services include Disk Monitor Lite, EC2 Health Monitor, Exchange Health Monitor, Hyper V Configuration, and so on.


  • Generates ping to servers and devices to know their availability and round trip time.
  • With its traceroute, you can trace the path of the server and the number of hops.
  • Provides DNS Lookup that enables fetching up DNS records of various websites.
  • Helpful in performance monitoring and provides visual of TCP connection time, redirection time, and response time of websites.
  • Generates reports of the performance of websites and servers.
  • Enables you to send the reports to others in PDF format.

Verdict: ManageEngine is best for providing ping monitoring and traceroute services free of cost. It is also recommended for its features like PDF support, generating reports, and more.

Pricing: Free

Website: ManageEngine

#12) Zabbix

Best for a single pane of glass view of the whole IT infrastructure stack.


Zabbix is a network management tool that monitors everything including network, server, cloud, and applications. It is trusted by famous global brands including Dell, Salesforce, ICANN, and so on.

It provides unlimited scalability, distributed monitoring, and safe & secure storage with a high availability solution. It can be integrated with various alerting, ticketing, IoT, and ITSM systems.


  • Visualize the whole stack of infrastructure in one place.
  • Monitors the network’s performance and health and allows you to configure changes.
  • Monitors everything from network to server and from cloud to application.
  • Provides safe and secure storage of your valuable information.
  • With a high availability solution, it ensures 24/7 uptime.
  • Other services include flexible working, partner, and vendor-backed monitoring support.

Verdict: Zabbix is recommended for monitoring the entire IT infrastructure stack, including network, server, cloud, and applications. It is best for visualizing the entire stack in one place, enables network configuration, ensures 24/7 uptime, and more.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Website: Zabbix

#13) Power Admin

Best for free remote support, uptime monitoring, and ping monitoring.

Power Admin - Ping Monitoring Tools

Power Admin is one of the well-known ping monitoring tools that allow free self-hosted remote support and unattended access, free uptime monitoring, and free unlimited ping monitoring.

It provides a fully secured and safe interface that does not store the user’s data or any information related to them, as they don’t have central servers that store any of your monitoring data.


  • Free uptime monitoring is available that detects the availability of any device.
  • Provides unlimited ping monitoring.
  • Free self-hosted remote support and remote unattended access are provided.
  • With the SNAP tunnel feature, users can securely tunnel requests.
  • Through optional alerting, the ping monitor option can be automatically added.

Verdict: Power Admin is best for providing remote support and access, uptime monitoring, and ping monitoring without any cost. It also provides SNAP tunnel features through which the users can safely tunnel requests.


  • Some features are free (Uptime monitoring, ping monitoring, and more).
  • Subscription pricing: Starts from $6 per month
  • Perpetual licensing: Starts from $12 per month

Website: Power Admin


Through the research, we came to know the importance and need of ping monitoring tools or network monitoring tools. From small-sized enterprises to large enterprises, everyone needs to have network monitoring software.

There are various ping utilities that help in many ways, like monitoring host availability, connection quality, response time, uptime, status, and so on. Every tool has its own set of features with different pricing plans. Some are good in assessing connection quality- EMCO Ping Monitor, WhatsUp Gold, and so on.

Some Ping Monitoring Tools are good at generating alerts – Spiceworks, Icinga, and more. In this way, they help the organizations to a greater extent.

Research Process:

  • Time Taken to Research and Write This Article: 47 Hours
  • Total Ping Monitoring Tools Researched Online: 20
  • Top Tools Shortlisted for Review: 13
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