Top 25 common programming bugs every tester should know

Just a quick note to share a useful resource with you. Just came across a good article 25 common programming errors for software programmers and software testers. Basically, this is more useful for programmers but I think software testers can get insight on how developers can unknowingly leave bugs in software programs.

Each bug listed in this resource can lead to serious software vulnerabilities if not fixed. The top 25 security bugs list will help programmers to avoid some common but serious coding mistakes. For software testers list will be useful as a security testing checklist for the Internet as well as for testing desktop application.

Here are few top security vulnerabilities discussed in detail in this article:

  •  Improper input validation
  •  Improper escaping of output or encoding
  •  SQL injection
  •  Cross-site scripting
  •  Race conditions
  •  Information leak in error messages
  •  Error while transmitting sensitive information
  •  Memory leak
  •  External control of critical data and file paths
  •  Improper initialization
  •  Improper authorization
  •  Client-side security checks

I think the most common security vulnerability mistake developers make is “Client-side enforcement of server-side security”.

Check out below article so that you can at least help developers for improving their code standards ;-)

Top 25 common programming Errors

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My estimate is that new programming languages or newer versions of the existing ones would address these programming errors in future. In the meantime, the programmers should be alert for these errors.

Inder P Singh

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This particular concept is giving the heads up to both the DEV & QA to minimize the defects and improve the qulity on common aspects.

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this is QTP

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Yes it’s really helpful to all, Actually i am already work on it. not our application is little bit safe but some time if system slow it’s throw server exception error where shows function or procedure name also i think it’s also harmful, but i am not prove it how it’s harmful so plz explain me if possible.

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I think SQL Injection is less common nowadays. How about wrong, misleading or security vulnerability error messages

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where can a iget document about the secuirty testing?

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Top stuff ! This website has all answers regarding s/w testing.

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