What Is Cost Of Quality (COQ): Cost Of Good And Poor Quality

COQ – Cost of Quality

This tutorial explains in detail what COQ is; costs of good and poor quality, cost of quality formula, examples, as well as ways to improve quality to optimize COQ:

Demands of the competitive global economy have placed a strong emphasis on quality across the IT industry.

In recent years, IT has been supporting the business in many ways and so its activities are being scrutinized by business executives in terms of added value i.e. larger profit margins, lower operational costs, faster software product delivery, etc.

The cost of quality in software development is a metric that could aid in turning software into a profitable tool for companies. Companies are looking at ROI i.e., the return to the organization from investment in software development.

Quality is gained at a price and the cost is called COQ or Cost of Quality.

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Practical Software Testing QA Process Flow (Requirements to Release)

Requirement to release A complete overview

A Complete Overview of End-to-End QA Software Testing Process Flow:

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The job of a software testing professional is not an easy one. It is filled with challenges, which are equally demanding as well.  Testers should be alert and enthusiastic in each and every phase of the application lifecycle.

Though there are challenges, there are several tremendous opportunities as well to learn and explore the various aspects of testing methodologies, processes, and of course the software in detail.

The role of a test engineer begins very early. And right from the conceptualization of the project, testers are involved in discussions with the product owner, project manager, and various stakeholders.

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Field Validation Table (FVT): A Test Design Technique for Field Validation

Field Validation Table

Here is a detailed overview of the Field Validation Table (FVT) test design technique:

In this digital world, the term that is widely used in any kind of industry is Quality.

Any organization for that matter always thinks and works on how a quality product can be delivered to their customers or how the quality of their product can be improvised? No matter whether it’s a customer or an end-user or common people, everyone expects quality in whatever they buy.

The prime goal of any organization is to serve the business with good quality.

But how can quality be ensured? The only answer to this is testing. Testing is the key factor with which companies can ensure quality.

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7-Step Practical Implementation of Manual Testing Before Production Release

Implementation of Manual Testing

In a previous post in this series around Manual Testing, I tried to throw as much light as possible on the basics of Manual Testing.

In case you missed it, you can read it here.

I hope it was successful in getting you as close as possible to the answers you were looking for.

With that said, wouldn’t you love to know more about the practical implementation of Manual Testing, how to get more familiar with it and how to start a career in it? 

This article will throw light on all these aspects.

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What Is Software Testing? 100+ Free Manual Testing Tutorials

Manual Testing Tutorials

A Complete Software Testing Guide with 100+ Manual Testing Tutorials with Testing Definition, Types, Methods, and Process Details:

What is Software Testing?

Software testing is a process of verifying and validating the functionality of an application to find whether it satisfies the specified requirements. It is the process of finding defects in an application and checking where the application functions according to the end user’s requirements.

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How Do You Decide Which Defects are Acceptable for the Software to Go-live?


While we want to make sure that everyone is working well, defects can still occur. But how do you determine which defects are acceptable before the go-live? Let’s find out.

Software Go-Live is always a big event for any software product. It is important to make sure that everything works and that we are releasing quality software to our users.

A bad, premature, unstable or difficult to use product can cause a lot of losses financially and could also make the user lose trust in the brand itself.

Many times, we hear that testing should be done until we meet the exit criteria and that defects have to be fixed to an acceptable level.

While these are great sounding guidelines, they are vague.

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